tagGay MaleA Full Moon Ch. 05

A Full Moon Ch. 05


I woke wondering what to do with Dylan when I went to work when said answer came knocking at my door. I grumbled, which woke the other two with a start. "Someone is at the door." Dylan nodded and rolled over to go back to sleep. Slipping into my room I pulled on some shorts and went down stairs to the front door. I opened it to a surprise. "Mr. Andrews?"

"Sorry about the early time, Jonathan, but I figured you may need someone to watch the young man until after you get home from work." He stood there looking like every other well built middle aged man. With a halo! A shiny halo of happiness because I didn't have to find a sitter.

"I was just thinking about that. Come in please. I'll tell Patrick to put some pants on and see if Dylan's okay with a Lupus baby sitter." He stepped inside and I hung up his light sweater. Patrick was already coming down stairs, Dylan yawning and rubbing his eyes behind him. "Guess you heard me, huh."

"Smelled him. Morning Dad." Patrick gave his dad a one armed hug and me a kiss on the cheek. "Dylan, this is my Dad. He's the big Lupus that made the other scared so bad they peed on themselves." There was a merry twinkle in both of their eyes.

"How are you, young man?" Mr. Andrews knelt to look up at him, something a Dad would do but not a leader.

"Tired, sir. You look nicer as a human." Dylan yawned.

"Actually I'm meaner. Growl," the man said with a fake sneer and Dylan smiled. "Why don't you head back up to bed. If you want I can tell you a bit more about werewolves when you wake up." That got a big nod and Dylan went upstairs to fall, literally, back into bed. "Poor kid. You two get ready for work. Angus will want to talk to you, Pat. Jonathan, I suggest you ignore anything that happened and if anyone asks say Dylan is staying here as a favor to your OA who has no idea how to deal with a kid."

"Which I really don't. I was never a normal boy. I'll see you later, Dad." Patrick went back up stairs, me admiring the easy grace ... and his butt.

"I see the pendant worked." I turned back to the former leader and narrowed my eyes. "It's called blessed silver and it's something a few humans have been working on for situations like yours. With Patrick as the one who turned you, and the fact that his own adaptability is quite rare, we could try to see if we could give you at least partial immunity to silver. You can touch it, which is good."

"Sneaky, Mr. Andrews. And you never told Patrick." He shook his head. "Well, if Patrick turns anyone else you can try again to see if I was a fluke." He nodded and I went upstairs to get dressed.

Work was one big fiasco since not only did the incident happen and everyone was walking on pins and needles, they were exhausted from their own changes from the moon...and I was handing out my evaluations this week. Any of the three would make the company a bit ragged for a day or two...all three would turn it on its head. Patrick and I walked in lock step to the elevator and more than one worker scurried out of my wake. They knew I meant business because I was dressed in a black suit when I normally did not, shined shoes, hair done perfectly. The silver pendant hung in plain sight as the elevator door slid shut. One of the Lunais from the seventh floor had gotten on just before us along with a few others. "Good morning, Mr. Davenport. Morning Patrick."

"Good morning, Mr. Walters," I said with a perfunctory nod, but my eyes held the actual greeting since he could not smell me too easily with the pendant on. I was happy to see my own kind...now that I had a kind. "Are you ready for your inspection today?" I said it simply, letting the gossip be spread about that today was inspections day.

"I believe so, Mr. Davenport." I smelled him get nervous along with the rest of the car. Even Patrick got a bit nervous.

"Then you should not worry because of over confidence or self deprecation. Just do your job and do it well and I doubt you will ever have to worry about a bad report." I included everyone with my eyes. That way they would not know I was playing favorites even if they suspected it. It also let them know I knew their names...and now their scents.

We got off the elevator and marched to my office where Patrick closed the door. "That will spread around that inspections will be handed out today."

"I know. This way, with the lethargy of the filing day blues, they should be less inclined to react." I sat at my desk and uploaded all of my emails to be sent out on the company server. I also added something in there that let me know when it was read as I was fifteen minutes early and if they read it later than I believed necessary, the time would be recorded for the next inspection. "Go check your emails, Patrick." He nodded and left the office. I had to send out two gray emails today and they would be meeting later with the heads. Five yellow slips, three for Lunais and two for non-Lupus Lycanths, twelve red ones that all but two were for Lupus, and the rest were white. I could not just hand all the Lunais and non-Lupus promotion emails, so I planned to do it slowly.

Patrick came back in as I watched almost 95% of the emails had been read in a matter of minutes after the company officially opened. Some I knew were part-timers and would not read them until later so I did not count it against them. "At least it's not red or gray," he said with a smile.

"Well, you 'exhibit the lack of managerial skills necessary for advancement' enough to keep you as my OA and keep Angus off my back. I did ask to give you a small raise though for your hard work and dedication to the company." It was 50 cents an hour which was not much, but since he logged well over 80 hours a week, he would get close to and extra two hundred a month.

"Do you think Mr. McLeod would promote me anyway?" he asked and grinned.

"Nope, but this way he can see I'm not playing favorites but I do like the work you do for me." I reached over to snag the phone when it rang. "Jonathan Davenport."

"Mr. Davenport, this is Evan Hanson over in distribution. I would like to set up a time for my appointment." I could hear the nervousness in his tone and knew this was one of my gray emails.

"Of course. I am free after 3pm today if you can arrange it with the others mentioned in your email. Did you have any questions about it?" Pat left with a nod and shut my door quietly.

"May I ask why I got a gray one? It says 'unsatisfactory performance', but I am doing the best I can." I knew this man was a hard worker and he deserved something more.

"I know you are. If you recall the other part of a gray emails is reassignment. I don't think you're cut out for distribution, Evan. I will be recommending transferring you laterally to the supply office since there should be a position opening there."

Could smell transfer through the phone cause I swear I smelled him get happier. "You mean I'm not getting fired?"

"Not if I can help it. I went over every employee's records and saw that they had thought your current job was a promotion. I can see the error in your numbers. You like the supply room and I hope Mr. McLeod will agree with me that you are better suited for the assistant director job there."

"Really? Mr. Davenport I don't know what to say."

"It's not set in stone, Evan, but I will do what I can. Any other questions?" There was an negative and I said my good bye because my other line was flashing. "Jonathan Davenport."

"You measly ingrate! How dare you send me a gray email!" I listened to this asshat totally bitch me out and I was totally recording the message too because I had recommended him for termination due to too many complaints about his behavior and temperament. In short the guy was a mondo douche and needed to be canned before someone killed his dumb ass.

"Goodbye," I said after two minutes of nonstop bitching and then attached the phone audio file to an email to his head and Angus. Let him get out of termination now. I did dial an extension myself.

"Kelly Hartland." I had never met Miss Hartland, but her own records showed why she was the director of distribution. Exemplary record, no reports or even a bad word, she was the type of employee all companies wanted.

"Hi, Miss Hartland, this is Jonathan Davenport. I am calling to set up and appointment for 3pm with you and Mr. McLeod to go over Mr. Hanson's status with the company. Will that be okay?" I was smearing on the honey and knew if she was here she would be trying to jump my bones cause it also came with a look and smile.

"Of course. Evan called me a few moments ago to set it up. He seemed a bit happy to get that email." I could tell she was confused.

"I want him to be transferred to a place more suited for his talents. Supply. I told him that was the reason for the email, a fully documented recommendation. I would like your input and help if I can."

She went clicking away on her keyboard. "Ah I see why you're doing this. His work has been a bit lower than the others but he puts in so many more hours to get them this high. He is an excellent employee but yes, not in my department. You have my support for transfer."

"Thanks, Kelly. This should help the company a lot. Do you have any other employees that may fill his slot or ones you recommend personally for promotion with him leaving?" She gave me a list of names, only two, and I had sent both of those yellow slips. "Think about either more and let me know as soon as you can which you want more. I'll back you with the Boss."

I had one last phone call to make. "McLeod."

"Howdy Angus, it's Jon."

"Ah. I got your emails summing up everything."

"Good. Can we have the meetings today at 3pm, if that's good for you? Soonest done is soonest ended."

I could hear him cover the receiver and tell someone something in his office. "That would be fine. I noticed two grays."

I told him of Evan and what I was recommending with the backing of his current head. Angus agreed right there he would do the switch but we would still meet for the formality. "And the other?"

"Well, with a lot of thought...namely about two seconds, I recommend Mr. Earl for termination."

"Why? His record is good."

"Listen to the email I sent and read my summation." I waited and then heard Angus gasping and chuckling at some of the anatomically impossible things Mr. Earl was threatening to do to me for this outrage.

"I see. Hmm. Well, that meeting we're going to hold definitely and if he says one wrong word he's canned, but I would rather transfer him to some other satellite office than lose him."

"Your choice ultimately, but he is not suited for this office in my opinion." After I hung up I called my supervisor for sales and asked if he was available for another quick session of him looking over my shoulder.

"No helping just observing," I said at last and he agreed for a one hour observation before lunch. "Thanks. I think I can do this fine, but I would like to be double checked to your standards."

3pm rolled around and I sat in the conference room with Angus and the two heads I had asked to be here. Miss Hartland was tall, stunning ginger of a lady in her late forties but with a sexy body I could not help but admire from afar. Mr. Stevens was an older gentlemen in his seventies who was looking tired but relatively content with life. "So, good news first to put us in a nicer mood for Mr. Earl, or save Mr. Hanson for the second to get us out of what I think will be a sour one?"

"Earl first." Angus pushed the intercom button and Miss Hartland took a seat in a chair at the end of the table since this was not her department.

Mr. Earl came in with a sneer on his face but it was gone when he saw Angus's dark look. He could not hide the stench of his rage that he was being fired and it filled the room with an odor akin to vomit. "Please have a seat, Mr. Earl," I said evenly and professionally. Since I was the heavy I was in charge of these sessions nominally. "I believe you know Mr. Stevens, the head of supply, and Mr. McLeod." Earl nodded tightly to both. His entire posture said he was pissed off but his face was a mask of composure. "This hearing is being held to determine your status in this company, whether it be termination or transference to a different location. At the current time my recommendation is for the former, but you may give this committee reasons why we should not let you go."

Oh it rankled him that I was in charge. I was pleased as punch cause I knew I could get his goat if I wanted. I wanted this asshat fired cause he was one of the worst when it came to bad treatment of the non-Lupus employees. Earl began to tic of his good points, all of which were valid, but he did them on his fingers and in a voice that was just one nudge away from belligerent. After two points Angus was getting annoyed, even I could smell it and my nose was not all that good compared to the Lupus in the room. "Furthermore..." he went on but I raised a hand. He gagged on what he was going to say but he went silent.

"All valid points, but I don't not believe they overshadow not only your record of sowing discord among the other employees in lower paid positions, which there are thirty-one documented incidences, also the manner in which you behaved yourself today."

"You little..."

Angus cleared his throat. "The ultimate decision is mine, Ted, so please moderate your tone."

Earl took a breath. "Those allegations were never proven and I do hope you can understand my emotive response to this after working for this company for twenty-two years." He was back to being a calm man just waiting to explode.

"Yes, of course I understand a little unrest, Mr. Earl, but your language when you called to ask for my thoughts this morning was less than civil."

He then did the stupidest thing I had ever seen. "You have no proof." I pressed a button and his own voice blared in the room, his foul words being trumpeted right back at him.

"I recorded it. Handy little invention." I was ready for it and sure enough Theodore Earl launched himself at me, but he did not get far as Angus's mitt of a hand grabbed him out of thin air and tossed him like a rag doll against the wall.

"Consider yourself fired, Ted. You have one hour to collect your things and get the hell out of my building." Angus was livid and got more so when Ted looked him dead in the eye for more than a few seconds time...challenge. But his eyes dropped when Angus growled too low for a normal human to hear and god the stench of musk that Angus put out nearly made me vomit. Earl got up and slinked out of the room. "I am sorry it came to that, Jon."

"Me too. I was hoping for something a little more peaceful. Thanks for taking over. I'm a decently built guy but he would have hurt me a lot." Angus smiled and this time it did touch his eyes. He had enjoyed tossing that shit around.

"Think nothing of it. You were doing your job, even if you purposely antagonized him."

I grinned and nodded. "But..." I said with a finger raised as if making a dramatic point, "I did it within the bounds of my job and professionalism." Miss Hartland chuckled from her seat.

"Bullshit, Jon. You were so annoyingly nice to him that I wanted to thump you one." I laughed and nodded.

"Kill em with kindness, that way they hang themselves. Now, shall we make a man happy?" Kelly joined us at the table and Angus called Evan in. His posture was hopeful but ready to be let go. "Please have a seat, Mr. Hanson." I liked this one first off. He was no Alpha at all but he was a decent man and not one person had anything wrong to say about him except when it came to his overall numbers. "You know all of the members of the board." He nodded. "Good. Mr. Stevens is joining us for his input. This hearing is being held to determine your status in this company, whether it be termination or transference to a different location. It is my recommendation, as well as the recommendation of your current head that you be reassigned to the supply department. In a prior conversation Mr. McLeod has agreed this is best." Evan sat up straighter and his handsome features turned boyish with that smile.

"Really?" I nodded.

"Yet, it is now up to Mr. Stevens whether he will accept you." Evan looked at the man, imploring him to accept.

"Lad, you know you are always welcome in supply. Never had a better worker than you. But I don't think you should be assistant." Evan nodded, still too happy to care what his job was just so long as he was in a job in supply. "Angus, I think this would be a good time to retire. I'm too old to worry about this any more and it is my recommendation that Evan here take my old job."

I sat there stunned.

Kelly was speechless.

Evan nearly fainted.

Angus nodded. "You're sure of this, Michael?"

"Positive. I was just waiting until someone showed promise and I could put my last two cents worth in. Evan is the best man for the job." Mr. Stevens smiled a kindly, wrinkly smile and Evan was tearing up. This was a great way to end this meeting.

"Very well. With your two cents, Evan you are promoted to Director of Supply, effective tomorrow. Michael will stay on for one week to ensure you know your responsibilities and to fill out the necessary paperwork for his own retirement." Angus's scent now was actually one I liked. He was happy to see someone was getting what they deserved, but unhappy to lose someone he obviously admired.

"Thank you. Thank you all." Evan shook all of our hands and even gave Michael a big hug. "I'll miss working for you, sir."

"Naw, I'll probably still put my two cents worth in if I feel you need it." Evan laughed and left to go clear out his own things to move.

I stuck my hand out for Mr. Stevens. "I would have liked you, I think."

"Naw, I'm a cranky old coot. You though will be good for this company. Shake things up a bit." He left to gather his things. "Angus, keep this boy around. He is upper management material if he can do this in two weeks." With those parting words he left.

"Awesome dude. I miss him and I never knew him. Oh, Angus." I handed him the official papers. "These need your signature for all the copies. Kelly is promoting someone to take Evan's old spot." He nodded and signed them without even reading them. "Great. Here you are Kelly." She took them and went to give the good news to the other employee. "Also, if you could go over the list..."

Sir, Mr. Andrews is on the line.

Angus looked annoyed. "I'll take it in here. If you'll excuse me, Jon..." I nodded and left in a kind of a hurry. I had a feeling I knew what this call was about. It would be best if I was gone from the office, so I called the front desk and told them I would be gone for the rest of the day with family matters.

I drove home and entered to see the little dude was boxing with Mr. Andrews. "Keep your guard up, kid." He threw a very slow punch and Dylan ducked and got him in the gut. "Oooo you got me." He fell over with a fake grunt and Dylan was grinning ear to ear. "Ah, Jon, you're home early."

"Got to handle the cops. So...Angus was not too pleased to hear from you." I was grinning and so was the former leader.

"I told him about Dylan and that I would be paying closer attention to him. He is not officially leader for another four years." He got off the floor with a pat to the little dude's head. "You be a good boy now, Dylan. If you're lucky they'll let you stay here for awhile. If you're not...they'll let you stay here forever."

"How's that a bad thing?"

"All those shedding seasons all over you bed. Catching the boys kissing." Dylan just shrugged. "Hey it's your therapy bill." I laughed and gave Mr. Andrews a firm handshake.

"Thanks for keeping the little dude company."

"My pleasure." I escorted him to the door and his car. "Take good care of that boy. He seems to trust you two and I think he likes me, but no other Lupus should get near him. He can tell us all apart even if we're not in lunar form." I raised a brow. "He's a Lycan fanatic. He knows about the ferals and even has more knowledge on an almost extinct Lycan breed no one has heard from in a hundred years."

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