A Full Moon Phase Ch. 07


"Aah!" he screamed, but not in pain. Pleasure shot through his system with such intensity that he lost consciousness. She pumped enzymes into the wound through her fangs while following his body down.

"Ooh," she moaned, pulling her cunt off his erection. Kneeling over it and rubbing it, she spoke to it. "All mine, you beautiful cock. So beautiful and so strong just like your owner." She rubbed across Heinrich's taut abdomen and subtly muscled chest. Her claws scratched but didn't draw blood. Her bloodied fangs did penetrate his nipples with a pin prick. She breathed in the scent of his blood before sniffing at his underarms. "Mmm" she purred, lapping at the tiny rivulets of blood oozing from his nipples. While admiring him, her body changed, becoming a black panther in seconds. She scented the scent of her mate and lunged for his scrotum, piercing both testes with her two fangs and excreting enzymes into them. A claw entered his anus and penetrated his prostrate.

"Oh fuck," he murmured in his sleep.

Squeezing his cock with her paw, her rough tongue lapped up the bead of pre-cum. "Yum," she purred. Transformed to human form and stretching her luscious curvy body against her love she slept.

A little over an hour later, he awoke to a kiss, feeling stronger and hornier than he ever felt. "Fuck me good, my love," she purred. "Fuck me hard. Give me kittens." Turning over, she lifted her perfectly round ass up in the air and waved it at him, her legs spread wide to open up her pink cleft.

His enthusiastic roar made her chuckle. His cock sunk deep into her made her moan. Grabbing her hips, perfect handles, he began to retreat slowly. His glans peaked out from her blood thickened labia before he thrust even harder into her depths. "Yes!" she roared. Again he retreated and again he thrust. Repeating, the retreats quickened and the thrusts intensified until it became a continuous in and out motion.

Her breath filled with high pitched moans at each thrust. Lifting her torso, wanting his skin against hers, she led his hands to her two handful sized breasts to squeeze with just enough pressure to threaten pain. His mouth came down to the base of her neck. "Bite me!" she exclaimed. "Right there! Make me your cunt...your slut...your fucking mate forever!" Words separated by the impact of his thrusts. His teeth extending into fangs penetrated. She shouted an elongated, "Yes!"

After releasing his fangs and licking the wounds which she had demonstrated when she closed his, they remained open and bleeding for a moment. "Keep lapping it up. Isn't it sweet?" she murmured between thrusts.

"Yes. Deliciously sweet, my love," he breathed. She leaned back and their mouths met and sealed while her wounds disappeared.

His thrusts quickened, hips slapping against butt, and his hands pulled harder on her nipples. They both panted, approaching explosion. "Close," she murmured

"Me too," Heinrich answered breathlessly.

"Fill me!" Bobbie exclaimed. "Fill me now!"

Squeezing her nipples hard and pulling her down on top of him as he collapsed back, his thrusts became short and rapid, ending with a continuous push pressing his glans against her throbbing cervix, opening, beckoning his sperm to her needy egg, her tunnel milking all of his seed as his cock throbbed and pumped it out of his infected testes. Seeds found their home, making kittens, creating a litter.

Still sealed together, his cock still hard, they transformed. "It hurts," he complained.

"I'm sorry," she cried. "Soon it won't. Soon..."

Transformation complete, neither could speak anymore. They heard a thud and the door slammed closed. "Flesh!" roared the strangely blond colored panther. Not a word. Not even quite a thought. More an intention. The blond sensed another intention, a counter intention. Somehow its source came from his mate.

"No! Smell!"

It smelled delicious. It smelled like fear. And something else.

"Mate," the intention claimed. "Bite. Taste blood. Don't kill."

Shaking in fear, her naked body contained by duct tape at wrists and ankles and mouth, Hilda's wide eyes watched the two beautiful large cats she somehow knew had once been her lovers tease her with bites and licks, never deadly. "Just kill me," she thought. "Get this fucked up life over with." Instead they bit, hurting her but not terribly, and licked. The blond cat licked her nipples. She could see his erection grow. The black one pressed her big head into her lap and licked. Suddenly she felt what she dreaded and hoped for. Fangs sunk into her neck. She screamed within her gag and passed out.

"Smoke," exclaimed Bobbie's intention.

"No fear. Play dead. Wait."

The big cats laid down in fake death and waited. The scalpel rending the skin at the back of his neck signaled the end of the deception. Both cats attacked the two scientists simultaneously, mouths at the weak humans' necks, blood spurting, lives ending.

"Eat," Bobbie communicated happily, eviscerating her scientist, the abdomen open and spilling guts and organs.

"Yum," Heinrich returned, copying his mate with the other corpse, munching on raw flesh.

"Yum," Bobbie agreed.

"Human Father?" asked Bobbie.

"No. Smell."

Bobbie sniffed and returned to her favorite repast.

Once sated, they glanced at an awakened and still frightened Hilda. Bobbie's fangs took hold of the gag and pulled it off. Her claws sliced through the restraints. Each cat licked across the human's lips.

With shoves, Bobbie guided Hilda to her dress still in the kitchen and waited impatiently for Hilda to put it on, impatience communicated by the slap of her tail. Hilda pulled on the dress. "Shoes?" she said to the cats. Bobbie pushed her towards the stairs. She ran up, shod her feet and returned. Getting the message, she let them outside, the Colonel having locked the door, and followed them down the street to a small, quaint bungalow. Bobbie scratched at the door and led Heinrich several paces away. An old lady opened the door only slightly.

"Oh, my poor dear. Come in. You're safe with me. Come in."

Barely opened enough to slide through, Hilda turned towards the big cats and nodded curiously before slipping through the narrow gap, the door slamming quickly behind her.

"Come play," Bobbie communicated to her mate and immediately ran towards the woods.

When he finally caught up to her under the dark canopy of the Black Forest which his cat eyes could see through as clear as day, they played hard like especially resilient children and scents guided them to other weres, both wolf and cat, and they played with them as well. Bobbie growled, swiped at and bit at a couple wolves who played too hard with the new cat causing his first painful scars. Watching them heal instantaneously to scar tissue actually made it worthwhile to Heinrich.

Later, Bobbie taught Heinrich to hunt boar. Sated from the human flesh, they ate little of the two carcasses, the second proudly killed by Heinrich, though the goring had hurt a bit. At least the pain and the wound disappeared completely shortly afterward.

The dawn threatening, Heinrich followed his swift mate barely keeping up until they arrived at the house she shared with her brother. Going through the open door, they entered her bedroom and transformed back to human shape, naked and, despite the pain of transformation which Bobbie reminded him again he'd get used to, thoroughly ecstatic.

"I never had much fun as a child," said Heinrich to his mate lying on him in her bed, both still gloriously naked, "but if I had, I can't imagine it would come anywhere near the fun I had tonight."

The giggle Bobbie made thrilled Heinrich. He had never heard such an innocent sound from his terrifying mate. He embraced her lovingly. "I'm glad," she said and kissed him softly, pulling the sheet and blanket over them.

He became more serious. "What happened...?"

"Ssh," she interrupted and kissed him again. "Tomorrow. We need to rest."

He kissed her and sighed and his smile returned. "Okay."


Hours earlier, after taping Hilda up, her wrists behind her and a piece across her mouth to keep her quiet, something he never did before, loving the sound of a woman's scream, but he didn't want to disturb the important event happening in the neighboring suite, the Colonel tortured Hilda's nipples while she rode him hard. He knew she wanted it over with quickly and that didn't bother him. He wanted the same thing. And her talented inner muscles stimulated him quite wonderfully. Finally he came and tossed her off the bed onto the floor, taped her ankles together, dressed and left her in the suite. He headed to the lab in the vitamin manufacturing building on the opposite edge of the small village.

Informing two of his three dedicated research scientists of the chance to extract a newly formed gland as well as a second one inflamed by mating, the two men headed back to the lodge. Eva, the third of his four scientists walked with him to the meeting hall which the troupe of actors occupied. Along with a couple of pistols loaded with silver bullets, she carried the containers of mixtures of wolf bane and night blooming cirrus and the rare bloom of the corpse flower and other mysterious elements which combined produced a smoke which put transformed weres into comas. She also carried the antidote.

With the unexpected events involving his son, Kat's unavailability made him even more frustrated. Her brilliance and long dedication to research and to him caused her sudden and inexplicable lack of response to his calls and her not being at the lab where she belonged and the Colonel hoped she'd be since she often worked in Nachtstadt and had a residence nearby because of it though she never gave him the address, insisting it was her last bastion of serenity from the world whatever that meant, caused confusion along with the frustration. "She's missing out," he shrugged and moved on.

All the walking inflamed his multitude of scar tissue reminding him for the millionth and hopefully nearly last time how much he needed to become transformed. Getting to the tour bus he lay down hidden in the small enclosed bedroom in the back relieved to be at rest. The steps up into it were perhaps the worst torture. Settling into the small bed, he waved away Eva, Kat's replacement in his bedroom/torture chamber who had lost the pleasant firmness in her body as she reached middle age but sustained a pretty face unlike Kat so she still pleased him sucking him. She moved towards his crotch before he denied her his pleasuring. Trying to hide the relief in her eyes, he still saw it and it amused him. If nothing else, forcing women to confront his ugliness when he demanded sex thrilled his sadistic nature.

The door of the bedroom muffled voices of passengers entering the bus. He recognized the low sexy voice of Maria calming the whining voices of a man, Karl presumably and an unknown woman. After the long journey from Berlin they needed rest, but instead got herded back on the bus. "Tough shit," thought the Colonel, the grin stretching the tight skin of his face. "But you haven't quite arrived at your destination."


Two tired troupers huddled together at the back corner of the bus. "Fucking cots," Esther whined.

"I know," Karl responded. "I thought they'd be a little more prepared. And before we can even relax, we're shuffled off again to who knows where. God I could use a beer."

"And who are these fucking thugs," Esther whispered, glaring at the tall, broad shouldered blonds looking like successful products of Nazi master race breeding. "I know. Stasi. But why are they all on the bus?"

"One's still back guarding the theater," Karl countered.

"And three guard us? And Maria?"

After whispered conversation at the front of the bus, Maria joined them. "What's going on?" Esther demanded.

Maria raised an eyebrow and put on a half smile. Her mistress demanded an answer. "Visiting friends," she explained cryptically.

"Your friends or ours?" asked Esther.

A fake pout formed on Maria's beautiful face. "Am I not your friend?"

"You know what I mean," rasped Esther quietly.

"Both," Maria answered.

Karl figured it out. "Gretchen and Wolf."

Maria nodded. "Very good."

A nervous sigh and a flash of discontent in Esther's eyes amused Maria, but she hid it well. Esther croaked through a tightened throat, "Why? She made her choice. She abandoned the troupe."

"Don't be stupid," Karl responded, surprising Maria and hurting Esther. "It's why we're here, right Maria?"

With a nod and a semi-comforting grasp of Esther's cool hand, Maria explained, "We need to...neutralize the threat of Wolf going rogue. He has too many secrets regarding the Stasi. And Gretchen...she's the leader type, a potential disrupter of the regime. With the right backing she could become the face and voice of rebellion."

"Neutralize?" Esther gasped.

"We want him back," Maria responded. "He's a brilliant agent. And Gretchen...we're hoping Karl can convince her to return to the fold."

Tension increased in Esther's face as she scoffed, "Like that's going to happen. She's a stubborn bitch. It's like she always got her way."

"Like a spoiled brat," Maria agreed. "You know she's from wealth and an only child."

"Makes sense," said Esther.

Karl added, "You know she's studied Beijing Opera and Gamelan and Indian dance all at the source while her diplomatic parents traveled the world."

"So what?" Esther grumped. "We're a German group. The German theatrical tradition and our contemporary advances make for enough riches without borrowing from the fucking Orient. It's just too precious and stylized. It diverges from the point of our work."

"Proselytizing and Polemics and Propaganda," Karl sighed bitterly.

"Well, yeah," said Esther, "but artistically. What's harder than that? And your play does it brilliantly."

Karl chuckled. "Whatever."

"Karl?" worried Esther.

"Never mind," Karl smiled. "We'll blow them away."

Esther relaxed a little. "With you at the helm, it's inevitable."

"Thanks, sweetie," Karl replied.

Maria suppressed a chuckle and the rolling of her eyes was strictly internal. She sighed in relief when the bus turned onto a narrow road off the rural highway and into the woods. Red and deep blue skies had turned rich purple as the sun retreated under the horizon and the full moon took over lighting the forest as it rose big on the opposite horizon.

"Perfect timing," thought Maria, tense and anxious and just a little uncharacteristically frightened.

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