tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersA Fun Afternoon In The Park

A Fun Afternoon In The Park


The other day I decided to head out for a couple of errands and some pictures. I dressed in a nice white sweater, a new blue denim miniskirt, and tan thigh highs. I wore my favorite 4" red patent peeptoe slings. I put my 36C forms in a black lacy bra and wore a sexy pair of black satin bikinis. I did my makeup very carefully – liquid foundation and matching powder, just a hint of blush on my cheeks. Eye shadow and long dark mascara, and some new bright red lipstick I'd bought with a sealer. I painted my fingers and toes a rich burgundy, put on some gold hoop earrings and snapped my anklet on my right leg. I felt ready to shine. I'd also just bought a new pair of black leather spike heel boots, and I wanted to get some pics in those, too.

I started out with a stop at the ATM for some money, then at the gas station to top off my tank. Made eye contact with a cutie at the gas station – not sure if I was made or not, but I got a big smile...

Then I headed out to a county regional park – it's really big, and has running and cycling trails through it. I knew of a secluded area of the park away from the popular trails where there wouldn't likely be anybody, and I could take some nice pictures in private. I set up my tripod and using the timer took several in my red shoes, posed on picnic tables or by trees. I then changed into my new boots and did some more. I wanted some of my panties, so I took off my skirt and took a few suggestive shots in the boots, then changed back into my red shoes for a few last shots before the afternoon light faded under the trees.

Just as I took a shot in my panties on top of one of the picnic tables I saw a jogger out of the corner of my eye, running all alone. I quickly scrambled down off the tabletop, found my miniskirt and slid it up my legs. I hoped he hadn't seen me with it off – I like to show off, but I like to do it legally...

Just as I got the skirt up over my ass I glanced his way again, and now he was jogging towards me. I disconnected my camera from the tripod and carried it over to the car – I just got it in the trunk when he approached and said "Hi". I said "Hi" back, and he said that he'd seen me taking pictures and wanted to get a closer look. He said he liked what he saw.

I said that I was a little embarrassed that he'd seen me photographing myself, but he said I shouldn't be. Then he said that he'd seen me take the last shot with my skirt off and I knew he'd busted me. He said that he'd been pretty turned on by that picture, and then without another word he leaned in. His right hand caressed the side of my face as our lips met. We kissed lightly, and then he pulled away just long enough to whisper how much he liked the taste of my lipstick before he went back in, harder this time and with tongue.

My arms went around his neck as I kissed him back, and I felt his left hand caressing my rear through my little miniskirt. Then he lifted it up and started petting my panty covered rear.

I reached down with one hand and felt his hardness. I broke the kiss and dropped to my knees before him, pulling his jogging shorts down. He said "taste it, slut...you know you want to." And he was right...I kissed just the tip, then licked along it's whole length before taking him into my mouth. He put a hand on my head and moved me back and forth as he fucked my face. I had one hand around his cock and one on his ass, and I was in heaven, feeling like a total slut for sucking this stranger's cock out in the open.

He started to move his hips faster, and told me he was going to come. He shot his first jet into my hot little mouth, and then he pulled out and started jacking his come into my face, hitting my cheek and firing one shot right at my left eye where it got stuck in my mascara. He told me how hot I looked with his come on my face, and then told me to take off my skirt and lay down on my back on a picnic table with my legs hanging over and my heels on the bench.

I did as he asked, and he picked up my left foot, slipping off my shoe and kissing the bottom of my stocking covered foot and sucking my red toes into his mouth. He then replaced the shoe and repeated the process on the other foot, staring into my eyes all the time. I was rock hard from this treatment, and leaking onto my panties. He noticed, and pulled my panties off. Then he went down between my legs and started giving me fabulous head. As he was sucking, he fingered my ass, getting me totally hot.

He stopped and stood up before I came, and I was a little disappointed until I saw he was hard again. He positioned me with my ass right at the edge of the table, and said he wanted to be inside me. I reached for my purse and pulled out a little bottle of skin lotion and told him to spread it around – it'd be better than nothing. I also had a lubricated condom and asked him to wear it. He raised my legs until my feet were on his shoulders and started rubbing the lotion on my tight little hole and on himself. He slid a lotion covered finger into me, and slid it in and out.

Then he pulled out his finger and asked if I was ready...I told him to do it. He started slowly, sinking into me a little at a time. He said again how slutty I looked with his come on my cheek, so I wiped off a blob with my finger, then put the finger in my mouth and sucked it clean. That got him moving a little faster. He took off my heels again and as he was sliding in and out he was kissing and licking my feet and ankles, telling me how he loved the smell of my slightly sweaty stockinged feet.

He also told me again what a slut he thought I was for fucking a stranger in the park. He said he was glad that he had decided to run a different route so he could get a piece of this slutty bitch. I felt him tighten up, and then he said he was coming inside me. That put me over the edge and I shot my own load all over my belly. He scooped it up and spread it on my lips, and told me to lick them clean. Before I got it done his face was in mine and he was tasting the cum and my lips again.

He softened and pulled out of my ass, told me that I'd better get cleaned up before somebody else came along and used me, pulled on his shorts and took off, all without even saying his name. I realized that I'd been in the same spot way too long, and that I was lucky nobody else had come along. The next person might not be so nice, I thought, as I pulled on my skirt, wiped the rest of the cum from my face, sat my sore ass in the car and headed home, a big smile on my face.

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