tagAnalAdventures of Eric and Shannon Ch. 02

Adventures of Eric and Shannon Ch. 02


Chapter 02: A Fun Time

She lays on the bed with her head hanging off the edge of the bed. He stands in front of her and rests the tip of his cock on her lips. He presses forward and watches his cock parts her lips. She starts to suck on his cock until he's about to cum then he push his cock all the way down her throat and cums.

He can feel her lips on my cock as he starts to slide his throbbing cock out of her mouth. Her mouth is doing everything it can to keep Him in her mouth. Finally as he fighting the suction of the grip she have on his cock, it comes out of your mouth with a loud popping sound. She takes a deep breath of air, grab ahold of his hips and pull him and rams his cock back down her throat. "Oh you want more?" he says.

"I know you have another load for me" she says. As she pulls his throbbing cock down her throat, he lowers his head between her legs and lightly starts to lick her pussy lips.

He starts to move his tongue in a circular motion. He can hear her gargled moans come from her mouth. He starts to press down harder on her clit. She gets more excited and starts to move his cock in and out of her throat faster. The faster he licks her the wetter she gets. He feels a gush of liquid hit his face. He pulls back to take a breath and sees a steady stream of liquid running out of her pussy. He takes a deep breath and returns to licking. She keeps picking up the speed. She pulls his cock out till she can feel the head of his cock touch her lips then shoves it back down her throat. The orgasms she's having from him licking her pussy are just too much for her to take. This time when she slides his cock out of her mouth she tell him she need him to fuck her. She says "I need you to fuck me, I mean fuck me hard. I want you to fuck my ass! Get that cock in me now, my ass needs your cock. Please daddy, please fuck my ass."

She turns around and gets on her hands and knees and looks over her shoulder at him. She wiggles her butt at him and tell him to hurry up. He gets behind her and lines his cock up with her ass. He puts his hand on her hips and as he presses the tip into her, she collapses her arm so she falls forward and takes him with her. When they fall to the bed his cock slams into her and is buried deep into her. She lets out a loud scream. From her little trick he can tell she wants to play rough

He gets on his feet so he's kinda standing straddling her, all this without removing his cock from her ass. He starts to slide his cock out, she makes a pleasurefull sound. He slides it out until he can start to see the head of his cock then rams it back into her. She lets out a loud moan. He does it again and again and with each thrust she lets out a louder moan. He starts to pump his cock faster in and out of her, her moans turn into screams. Now he's really slamming his cock hard and deep into her ass and she's screaming "harder daddy, fuck me harder" he's pounding hard into her and each time his testicles slap loudly against her ass. With each thrust she's pushing back against him trying to get more of his cock into her. "oh daddy, I love your cock daddy, fuck my ass with your huge cock, I want your cum, give me your cum," she says. He Pushes his cock deep into her and she pushes back and grind on his cock.

She feels his cock swell and start to pulsate inside of her. She moans as his cock rapidly twitch in her and her ass start to fill with his cum. He thrusts in her a couple more times and she feels his cum squirting out of her ass and down her leg. He holds his cock deep in her until his cock stops twitching. When he feels that he's all done, he pulls his cock out of her and watches his sperm come pouring out of her and run down her thighs and onto the bed. He rolls over and flops down on the bed and she snuggles up to him and gives him a kiss "thank you daddy" she tells him.

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