tagInterracial LoveA Gaijin's Tale Ch. 3

A Gaijin's Tale Ch. 3



Working alongside Hideki, we gradually grew to be friends. He would invite me to his home, and his wife, Susaki, was very pleasant and welcoming. It's something that a foreigner abroad working far away from home, let alone Japan, certainly appreciates. As our business relationship developed, so did our personal friendship. But I was surprised to learn that Hideki had a mistress, a young college girl. Every couple of days Hideki would revel in reporting his sexual exploits with the girl. I must admit I was somewhat jealous, but also confused, as Susaki was extremely attractive. One wouldn't expect her mate to want to stray.

Hideki would report on the role playing games he and the girl engaged in. That led to light bondage. As the girl was young, she was not beyond dressing in a school-girl uniform, as many Japanese men have fantasies about fucking your girls on their way to school, and every day a number of girls were accosted on the the Tokyo subway trains. I tried to smile, non-committally, all the while with a growing hard-on, as Hideki would regale me with his lusty doings.

One day my inquisitiveness got the better of me. "What kind of bondage are you talking about?"

"Oh, nothing too extravagant. Just handcuffs and such. I took some photos; you would like to see, maybe?"

"I would," I said. That day at lunch, Hideki produced a folder with some grainy black-and-white images of his young mistress, spreading her cunt for the camera.

"I took them with the digital, and only printed them on the laser printer. Not very good quality photos I'm afraid."

They were good enough for my cock to grow rigid. Hideki had some extreme close-ups of the girl's pussy. "Very nice," I said.

"You should come meet her sometime," Hideki offered. "I'm sure she wouldn't mind a third. I fact, I would love to watch her get fucked by another man, and maybe my good English friend is just the fellow, eh?"

"What about Susaki" Does she have any idea of what's going on?"

"Gaijin-san," he explained, "a good Japanese wife doesn't ask questions about her husband's private affairs, even when that means affairs of the heart. But of course, the heart is not the organ that this affair is about. Besides, she is a modern woman, my Susaki, and I don't doubt that she finds ways of enjoying herself in my absence." I thought about that for a while, and wondered if that was another kind of invitation. If so, it was a most interesting one. But for now, the focus was on the mistress.

A few weeks later, the opportunity presented itself. Hideki and I had a large project which kept us working late into the night and on weekends for the better part of a month. Finally, we were finished late one Friday night. It looked as though we would have the weekend free. As we rode down on the elevator, Hideki said"

"I have told Susaki that we would need to finish up tomorrow. Do you have any plans? If not, we could have a relaxing day with Shinkiro at her place."

"That's a very generous offer," I told him. "But I feel a little self-conscious."

"Don't," he said matter-of-factly. "The girl loves to fuck and she gets taken care of. I help her with her college expenses; everybody is happy. I've told her about you and she is looking forward to meeting you."

"Well then," I said, "I guess we have a date."

"Good; here is the address," he said, handing me a slip of paper. "About 10:00 AM; just bring a little gift, flowers or wine. Shinkiro will like that."

It had been more than a month since I'd gotten laid, not even having strength to masturbate the last week or so. I could hardly wait for the next day although I didn't really know what to expect. All that night I dreamt about Shinkiro in the photos I'd seen of her. I woke up with an erection and considered masturbating, but imagined the load that I've be able to shower Hideki's girl with if I withheld now. That only made me harder, but somehow I restrained myself.

I arrived at the address at the appointed time, and she was waiting outside the building for me. "So happy to meet you, sir," she said in halting English. Her smile instantly put me at ease. "I have heard much about you from Hideki-san; he is inside making preparations for our pleasure." She gave me another big smile, and then lifted her short kilt and gave me an unobstructed view of her lacy panties. My cock began to stiffen and Shinkiro led me up to her apartment. Inside the elevator, she stroked the front of my jeans, feeling my erect cock through the fabric. "I've never been with a Westerner before," she said with a coy smile. "I think I'm going to like it."

"I hope you will; I'm sure I'll like you."

When we got inside, Hideki called from the balcony. "Out here," and I put the wine I'd brought into the fridge as Shinkiro went out to join him. I went out to find Hideki tying the girl's arms and legs to the metal balustrade of the balcony. Although she struggled and looked pained, I could tell by the glimmer in her eye that this was all part of the show. Shinkiro's knees were spread wide by the ropes now, and Hideki produced a large knife with which he cut off the pretty panties I had seen just moments earlier. The dew on the pussy lips glistened in the mid-day sun.

"Go ahead and open her blouse," Hideki said, as he began to undress himself. I did as he suggested and felt myself becoming extremely aroused. The fantasy of taking his little sex slave and just using her for our unabashed pleasure was a powerful aphrodisiac. Hideki knelt beside her and spread her cunt lips with his fingers as I now disrobed. "She's getting wet at the thought of finally fucking a Westerner; it's been a dream of hers."

"I'm more than glad I can make your dreams come true," I said. "She's so beautiful, Hideki-san; you're a lucky man." I stepped in front of the girl and slowly slid my cock between her lips. When I pulled out, a large drop of pre-come oozed out of my slit and I rubbed my erection—slick with her spittle and my pre-come—all over the girl's face. Hideki was anxious to get down to business; he untied the girl and we all went into the apartment. Shinkiro sat down on a large leather sofa, with he ass barely on the end, and spread her legs, placing her feet wide upon the coffee table. She began to play with her pussy, to show it off for us. Hideki got two beers from the fridge and we stood there drinking as we watched Shinkio strip and masturbate for us.

"You like what you see, I think, yes?" she asked. Out two protruding members gave a definitive answer. It was then that I noticed Hideki had no pubic hair, but was totally shaved. I had never seen a fellow like that before.

"It's time you sucked out cocks, my sweet bitch."

Hideki offered me the girl's hungry and willing mouth, but I declined. "I'll watch you two for a few minutes if you don't mind. I love watching." Shinkiro got to her knees and deftly engulfed Hideki's member, laving it lovingly with her tongue, sucking it deeply into her mouth. By now I was getting too excited to remain aloof any longer. I took a big gulp of my beer and stood next to Shinkiro, pointing my erection a the the back of her head lewdly as she continued to suck on Hideki.

"Our guest need some help it seems," Hideki said to the girl. With that she rearranged herself between us. She took one cock in each hand and then leaned over and placed her lips around my throbbing member. After a few moments bobbing up and down on me, she returned her mouth to Hideki, although she continued to pull on me. Back and forth she alternated between us in a truly exciting fashion.

"Why don't you play with her pussy, Gaijin-san?" Hideki said. "She would like that very much. We have a lot of toys you can use on her." My host lead Shinkiro to the sofa and laid her down. I knelt beside her and began to manipulate her cunt. It was quite gushy and I bent down to lick it. Then Hideki handed me a large dildo as he went to the head of the sofa and let the girl suck him some more. I inserted a large, life-like dildo deep into the girl as I continued licking her clit and Shinkiro moaned in pleasure around Hideki's cock. In a short while, between the dildo up her cunt and my tongue dancing on her clit, Shinkiro had a violent orgasm.

"Come on," Hideki now commanded. "Let's go to the bedroom. I think you need to fuck her." We half-carried the girl as she was still not totally recovered from the effects of the orgasm, and laid her on the bed. There were handcuffs there, but we didn't use them yet. Hideki once again inserted his cock into her mouth, which she readily and loving sucked. I could not resist the kind offer of my host (even if I had wanted to) and plunged my aching cock into the soft, fleshy folds of Shinkiro's dripping cunt. She truly felt wonderful and I stuffed her as deeply and forcefully as I could. Having been almost a week without coming, I could feel the semen rising from my balls, but I didn't want this to end so quickly so I pulled out. "Let's switch," I suggested and Hideki and I changed ends. As Hideki now plugged her oozing cunt with his cock, she reached over and wrapped her fingers around my shaft, pulling me into her mouth again. She was an extremely talented fellatrix, and I was soon on the edge of blowing my first load down her velvet throat. But I wanted her to see the amount of sperm I had reserved for this event, and just as I was on the verge of coming, I pulled out and shot my load across her breasts and neck and chin. Hungrily, the girl scooped my output onto her fingers and into her mouth. Hideki, taking note of the situation, suggested we change venues once again and we returned to the living room.

We opened a day-bed once there, where Hideki had the girl into a kneeling position, and he took her from behind. "Let me suck you back to life," Shinkiro said to me, and I knelt in front of her mouth offering her my flaccid penis. As soon as I was hard again, though, her breathing began to grow short and ragged and I could sense another orgasm was upon her. I don't know where Hideki got the stamina, but he continued to pummel the poor girl's cunt, pounding over and over again. I took to the easy chair and enjoyed the show, just casually wanking myself, not wanting to interrupt.

Hideki changed position a number of times, taking her from the front, back, side and even on top.

"Gaijin-san, go and get the handcuffs for me," he commanded, and I did. When I came back into the room, I placed them around the girl's wrists. She looked so helpless, for a moment I was afraid, but then I remembered that this was all part of the game, the illusion. It was only a mirage.

Once Shinkiro was manacled, Hideki increased the tempo of his outrageous fucking. He seemed to be all over the girl, in every possible position, and I was amazed at just watching them. I could tell Shinkiro was experiencing multiple orgasms as Hideki pounded his groin into hers over and over. And although he continued to exhibit the most incredible stamina, I could also tell he was getting ready to shoot his wad.

"Come here, next to her," he panted at me. "Get ready to spew your come onto her face. That's the way she really likes it. Being the little come-eating bitch she is."

The power of Hideki's words got me even more excited, and I stood beside Shinkiro's head and continued to masturbate. She looked at me, looked at my cock being pumped, and I believed it was true, that she wanted the come from my balls across her face and in the mouth. She looked at it longingly, lustily, wanting and wanton. Hideki then pulled his cock out of her cunt and also began to jerk-off, sending arcs of come soaring over the girl. That sight was all that I needed and I too began to come again, although with far less intensity. But each drop of my load landed on Shinkiro's face, and she readily took my member into her mouth to suck me dry when I offered it.

Hideki fell to the sofa in exhaustion, his hairless cock finally limp once again. Shinkiro bent over to suck the last of his come out. Then with our combined seed still dripping from her mouth and chin and tits, she rose to fetch each of us another beer from the kitchen. After drinking for a while, I got dress and got ready to leave. Shinkiro dressed as well and when I went back onto the balcony where this had all started, she joined me.

"Take this as a gift—remember me with them," she whispered, handing me the ripped panties Hideki had cut from her at the beginning of our session. "Perhaps someday we can meet again, Gaijin-san. Perhaps alone."

"Thank you," I said. "Yes, perhaps we can. I'd like that."

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