tagInterracial LoveA Gaijin's Tale Ch. 5

A Gaijin's Tale Ch. 5


~With the Geisha~

One afternoon my boss Hideki came to my desk. "There are some executives here from a firm we're hoping to get a contract with. Here for a presentation. The session looks like it will go longer than expected. I mentioned that we have a foreigner on staff. They want you to accompany us for some entertainment after the meeting. Stay around, please."

At the end of the meeting, I was called in and introduced to our honoured guests. Then I joined them, as well as Hideki and the Managing Director as we hit the town. The first stop was a strip club, with girls dancing in cages, wearing tiny bikinis, while the main event was a girl who took off her clothes and exposed her cunt to each man, soliciting a monetary tip. The girls were petite and somewhat pretty but hardly erotic; they all had the glazed look of automatons. At one point, Hideki excused himself and returned a few minutes later, saying to the assembled group, "I have a treat for everyone. Definitely 'old school'," he said, with added emphasis on the English term. "Especially for our foreign friend, Gaijin-san." I was intrigued, naturally. We left the strip club, left the Ginza, and headed down a dark alley, following Hideki.

The geisha of Japan are professional entertainers, who act as hostesses for men of power and prominence. They are trained from the time they are young girls in a variety of delicate arts: dance, singing, music, tea, etc. They are taught how to serve. They have become rare in Japan; they are for the most part remnants of another time. At that time they provided a valuable service to society by providing a relief valve for the relaxation of important men of business and government.

On occasion a geisha may provide certain more personal services. They are not, however, jorou (prostitutes); they extend their private services only to special men in special situations.

It was with great pleasure that I found myself in a traditional chashitsu (teahouse)—the traditional lair of the geisha. We had three servers who made and served tea and played the samishen and sang. I don't believe any of our distinguished guests had any more experience with geisha than I did; the evening was a great professional success for Hideki-san. One girl who styled herself "Pumpkin" seemed to have a great interest in me. Through the layers of make-up, yards of silk and centuries of ritualistic taciturnity, her excitement and interest in me shown through. After hours of pleasant pampering, the party broke up; the contract seemed assured. I was about to leave with the other when Pumpkin gently tugged my sleeve and pulled me aside.

"There is something I wish to show you," she said demurely. A small girl with pleasant visage (appreciable even under the garish white make-up), Pumpkin led me down a quiet passage and into a tiny three-mat room. "You speak Japanese very well," she said, knelling before a small mirror. "I can tell that your interest in my country exceeds that of most gaijin. I thought you might appreciate a more profound experience of the pleasures of the geisha." I thanked her for this special treatment, and sat quietly as she began to remove her make-up. She continued to speak softly, describing her life and tradition and the place of the geisha in the history of Japanese culture, all the while preparing for bed. She removed her wig, her make-up and began to undress with equal aplomb. Needless to say, I was growing aroused. By the time she finally exposed her delicate breasts, I had a full erection.

Pumpkin explained that she was equally versed in the arts of physical pleasure as well. I explained the effect her lecture was having on me, and she willingly and cheerfully accommodated my situation. Moving across the floor to me, she helped me out of my jacket and tie and bid me lie down. My erection tented my suit trousers. Kneeling over me, Pumpkin lowered her lips to mine and her hand went to my belt and fly, releasing my cock. As she inserted her tongue into my mouth, tiny fingers wrapped around my rod, softly kneading the turgid flesh. She allowed the dressing gown to slip from her shoulders and kissed her way down my chest, undoing a button at a time, gently lick and sucking my skin. I had only to lie there, drowned in the pleasure of total abandonment to her ministrations. I shrugged my shirt from my shoulders and raised myself on my elbows to watch as Pumpkin's lips parted to accept my cock. With infinite care, she descended the length of my shaft, slowly engulfing me completely, until her nose came to rest in the nest of my pubic hair, the tip of my cock well past her uvula. She was deep-throating me without complaint. I believe I felt my cock grow even longer and stiffer.

Pumpkin possessed great passion as well as poise. As she began to stroke my cock with her lips, I felt her tongue press against the side of my cock, and then almost imperceptibly she wheeled around until I noticed her left leg swing over my head, letting me know this part of the evening was as much for her pleasure as mine. Hovering just above my lips, her cunt glistened with the dew of her aroused lust. A tangled mass of wiry black hair graced her mons, but below that she was smoothly shaved from the cleft that showed her prominent mame, to the soft brown puckered flesh of her anus. Lowering her cunt to my mouth, she continued to slowly stroke me between her lips.

I was not possessed of the same poise and restraint as my hostess. I devoured her cunt with the hunger of a madman. I lapped and nibbled her nether lips and clit ravenously. Pumpkin's soft stroking stopped and a wave of orgasm washed over her, so powerful she squirted into my mouth. Unable to swallow her lascivious flow, my face was drenched. When she had recovered sufficiently, Pumpkin allowed my cock to plop out of her mouth, and she wheeled around to lick my face clean, at the same time positioning her cunt over my rod.

Then we fucked. She lowered her steaming cunt over my cock, and began to pound away at me with abandon. I matched her thrusts with my hips, driving my cock deeper and harder into her. Over the next half hour, we changed positions many times, and she taught me some new ones that I had never experienced before. I took her standing up from the front, standing up from behind, crouching, lying with me on top, kneeling—every way imaginable and then some. I don't know where my stamina and restraint came from. Perhaps she had put something in the tea.

I was ready to come. I told Pumpkin and she requested that I hold off a little longer. "I need to pee," she said matter-of-factly. She crossed the room and withdrew a shallow porcelain bowl from beneath a teak-wood stand and squatted over it. Spreading her labia for my benefit, she let a stream of hot steamy piss pour forth. My cock was like steel and I began to stroke it at the sight of her moist gushing cunt. Pumpkin finished peeing, saw me stroking and came to me again putting her lips around the head of my cock. Then she laid down under me and offered her face and mouth as a receptacle for my come. Shot after shot after shot of hot come erupted from my cock and spilled all across Pumpkin's face and neck and tits.

To reciprocate her earlier actions, I lowered my lips to her come-drenched flesh, and licked and sucked chalky discharge into my mouth. I brought my lips to hers and we opened our mouths, allowing my come to enter her. She ate hungrily. Then we rested a while, until Pumpkin began to help me dress again. Nude and subservient again, she even tied my shoes.

"I hope you will visit my humble teahouse again, Gaijin-san," she said sincerely. "I hope again you will honour me with the to opportunity to instruct you in the way of the geisha."

"That will surely be my pleasure as well," I replied.

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A Geisha

Something I've always wanted to experience. AHOT story. Thanks

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