tagLoving WivesA Game Goes Too Far

A Game Goes Too Far


Our married life has always been like any other family. We spend our weekends at soccer games and our evenings supporting our children with their homework. We have sex when we can and occasionally go out to dinner. Who would have expected that a couple like us could have such a lurid dirty story to tell?

My wife Bridgid is a 5 foot 6 inch tall, very sexy, soccer mom with a drop dead gorgeous smile. She keeps her dark brown hair short and bouncy. Her natural 38C tits are round, firm and seem to have constant erect nipples. But, Bridgid's legs are my favorite. I always try to get her to wear short skirts to show the world just how beautiful her legs are. I get so excited when I see other men checking her out. She doesn't believe she is anything special, even though I keep telling her how much she turns me on. Bridgid usually dresses very conservatively with mid-calf skirts or baggy slacks and loose blouses.

I often try to introduce new sexual fantasies into our relationship. Bridgid goes along with most ideas for my benefit. There are times when Bridgid really gets into the fantasy, though. Fondling her while she drives, mild public exhibitionism, sensual touches below the table in restaurants, and erotic photography. We have also played a few role playing games. For the past few years, our sex life has been declining. Having children has made it harder and harder to have romantic or highly charged experiences. Sex has been relegated to the Saturday morning shower before the kids wake up.

I like to shoot digital pictures of Bridgid in various sexual positions and cheesecake shots. I told her that they allow me to masturbate when she's too tired or isn't interested. We've made some great photos. Bridgid even has remarked how good she looks in some of the pictures. I soon started to modify the photos in Photoshop, by pasting Bridgid into orgy photos from the internet. My favorite fake pictures are of Bridgid sucking other men. I always wondered what it would be like to bring someone else into our sex life.

I had been trying for years to get Bridgid to agree to a role playing game suggested by a television sex therapist. We would go out to a bar separately and make believe to meet for the first time. What happens next would be up to us. Sounds good, right?

Well, finally Bridgid agreed to this exciting role playing game. We dropped the kids off at Grandma's house and headed back to our house to get ready. I helped Bridgid find a sexy outfit. I felt she should look like she was looking to get picked up, without being to sluttish. She put on her black silk panties and wrapped her beautiful round ass in her patchwork suede mini skirt. A black lace blouse over her sexiest black bra, sheer suspender style pantyhose and black leather go-go boots, finished off the look. She looked amazing.

I made sure that I took some photos of her getting into her sexy clothes. I was already pretty excited. The whole time getting ready we would rub and kiss each other. My cock was straining to get out. I could see her nipples pushing against the material of her bra.

I dressed in gray boxer briefs, polo shirt, and Dockers, Bridgid removed our wedding rings and we headed down-town. I started to rub Bridgid's round full tits as she drove us to the city. She slowly spread her soft porcelain white thighs as her skirt slid up exposing her panties. I slid my hand down to her leg and slowly massaged my way up to her moist panties. Bridgid moaned quietly. I had to taste her passion fruit. I slowly slid two fingers around her panty and into her tender wet pussy. She moaned quietly as I gathered as much juice as possible on my two fingers. I brought my fingers to my mouth and tasted and smelled her aromatic elixir. Ooh, I love that taste. Bridgid was really having an issue driving. She finally pushed me off and told me to save it for later. I was ready to go. I started to think we should just do it and forget the bar scene, but Bridgid wanted to do a little dancing first.

We entered the club separately and settled into seats at opposite ends of the bar. Bridgid ordered a drink. I could see that she was having a "White Russian". I also started with a good stiff martini. We only drink liquor on special occasions and this was starting to look pretty special. Bridgid looked hot. She sat at a table opposite the dance floor, and started to toy with me. She would spread her legs for me to see her panties from across the room. I started to notice that other men were also getting a show. Bridgid noticed at almost the same time. She suddenly looked embarrassed and blushed quite red. She stopped for only a minute, then smiled and continued her amorous movements. Crossing and uncrossing her beautiful legs she started to look around the bar to see who was noticing. She became bolder as she seemed to relax with the idea of having an audience.

It didn't take long for someone to ask Bridgid to dance. He was about 6'5" and a very muscular black man. She looked over to me and I nodded for her to go for it. He was a giant next to her. The two of them started to dance as he leaned down to talk to her. He kept touching her shoulders and hips while the two talked and danced. I was getting a little uncomfortable with what I was seeing, but I also was very excited seeing her being handled by this giant of a man. They danced for two or three songs and returned to her table. She looked very pleased with herself and I could see her confidence growing by the minute. I seldom take her dancing and there is nothing she likes better (or so I thought!).

I was starting to feel pretty buzzed after a few martinis, so I decided to start drinking beer to keep from getting too hammered. Drinks started to show up for Bridgid, delivered by young healthy men asking for a dance. Although I was supposed to approach her for a dance, I enjoyed watching her dancing with the young attentive men. Bridgid was also having a blast and getting very drunk. She continued her flirtatious moves, but now she was doing it for the other men in the bar, not me.

Bridgid danced for quite a long time with a young guy with long blond hair tied in a pony-tail. They danced very close and he kept rubbing and squeezing her ass. She made no attempt to stop his lewd advances. The dirty dancing continued through a slow dance number and they started to grind into each other, a little too much for my comfort. I noticed Bridgid a few times reaching down to rub his manhood through his slacks. Bridgid glanced over to see my reaction with what was going on. I didn't want her to see that I was uncomfortable so I just responded with a smile. After about 15 minutes of this I was getting extremely angry as well as aroused. I wanted to put a stop to this but I could barely stand up as my cock was straining against my pants. Finally the two of them started to leave the dance floor. Bridgid's new friend leaned over and said something into her ear while lightly touching her breast with his arm. The two of them started to head for the door. She looked over at me and gave a defiant look. I was in shock.

I was pretty twisted about what I just witnessed. I couldn't believe she just left. It seemed that this game was going wrong quickly. A million possibilities went through my head. I ordered a double martini and sucked it down. I soon concluded that Bridgid was not the kind to do anything crazy. Maybe she knew the guy and I figured she was probably just going out to smoke some weed in the parking lot. My mind wouldn't let me believe she would smoke any other kind of stick. I ordered another martini and started to look around the club.

I hadn't really noticed that the place was full of beautiful young women as I was pretty occupied watching Bridgid. I began to focus on the other hot women in the club, and started to lose track of time. Bridgid finally returned with her escort, and glanced around to find me. I was dancing with a young brown haired 30 something named Terry. Bridgid looked slightly disheveled and very guilty until she saw me with Terry. Her face changed to anger as she excused herself from her new friend and went to the ladies room. When she returned she looked much more composed, but she didn't look my way.

I was still very pissed off about what Bridgid may or may not have done outside with pony boy. I figured I would get her back for worrying me and started to kiss my young ladies neck and ears. Terry was a petite hottie with ass length brown hair and small pert tits. She was wearing a spaghetti strap stretch white mini dress, high heels and not much else. Terry responded by pushing her body closer to me. I could feel her tiny breasts rubbing against my chest. My cock started pulsating. I knew that I could cum any minute, I was so excited! I started fantasizing about having sex with this beautiful woman and making Bridgid watch.

I decided I had better dance with Bridgid before our marriage was destroyed. I excused myself from Terry ordered another martini for me and a white Russian for Bridgid and headed over to ask the beauty in the suede mini for a dance. I had to walk between four big guys who were at Bridgid's table to ask her for a dance. While we were on the dance floor I told Bridgid I thought it would be best for us to leave. She said she would only leave if she could bring one of her new friends home with her.

I was shocked. My first emotion was anger. I soon realized she was just trying to get me back for kissing Terry's neck. I knew there was no way she would do something like that. I told her I didn't believe she would go through with it. She immediately went over to her evenings first dance partner stood on her toes and spoke into his ear. Bridgid returned with her prize, to say "James wants to come to the party at your house, too".

Well, two can play at this game. I left the two of them and went back to Terry, who was at the bar getting herself another beer. I ordered two shots of Sambuca for us and asked her if she would like to come back to my house for a little party with my two friends, pointing to Bridgid and James. Terry checked out Bridgid and James and immediately said "sure why not".

Chapter two A party at my house

The four of us left the club. The night air had a slight chill. Terry snuggled in close to stay warm. Bridgid immediately grabbed James and gave him a big deep wet kiss. I was all confused but continued on, as I was also very excited. We decided that I would ride with Terry, James and Bridgid would follow in her car. I followed Terry to her small hatchback and I watched James and Bridgid head to the family wagon. James was holding Bridgid in his huge hands. I started to wonder just how big this guys dick could be and how far Bridgid was willing to go with him. Was this all about revenge or was there another point Bridgid was trying to make? Bridgid snuggled into him as they neared the wagon.

On the way home I started nibbling on Terry's neck and lightly touching her thighs and the sides of her breast. I loved seeing her hair all around her ass on the seat. She was so beautiful. I started wondering what got into Bridgid. I never expected her to do something like this. I started worrying about our destructing marriage when Terry reached over and unzipped my fly. I kept lightly touching the sides of her breasts while gently sucking and kissing her ears and neck. Terry reached into my pants and freed my engorged cock. She slowly started to stroke my rock-hard shaft. I was so excited I couldn't stop what happened next. Come started flowing out of the tip and I was helpless to stop it, as waves of ecstasy shot through my gushing cock.

After attempting to clean the mess, we arrived at my house. James and Bridgid looked very excited when they got out of our car. Bridgid looked so stoned and horny; I couldn't believe what I saw in her eyes. She was gone! James had a huge bulge to prove his approval.

We all went in and I supplied everyone with drinks. Bridgid sucked her drink down in one gulp. She then turned her attention back to James. I felt the need to explain the family oriented house we were in. I told our guests that I was separated from my wife and my children were with their mother. James and Bridgid seemed to be in their own world. Terry was very aware of the sexual tension in the room and seemed to like the atmosphere.

I went to the kitchen to retrieve a few more beers and Terry followed. She came up behind me while I was in the fridge and slid her hand around to touch my bulge. She asked if I had recovered. I responded with a long soft wet kiss. We started rubbing each other all over while we passionately kissed in the kitchen. I soon realized I was still holding the beers in my hands and we decided to return to the party.

I put on the R&B channel on cable and settled in to Terry's arms as Bridgid and James started to really kiss and touch each other. Terry and I sat and watched the action while lightly fondling each other. Bridgid was rubbing James cock through his pants and James was all over her breasts. I was amazed at how bold Bridgid was being with this guy. Soon Bridgid's shirt came off; her breasts heaving to her hard excited breathing. James face was deep within her cleavage. I had never seen Bridgid so out of control. My quiet pretty soccer mom was now a complete sex crazed whore, and doing it right in front of me. She had no interest in anything but what James had to give her.

Terry reached over and started to massage my shoulder as my hand started to slide between her deeply tanned thighs. I slowly moved my hand closer to her pussy as Terry's massaging increased in speed and intensity. I pulled her panties aside and my fingers found their way to her swollen wet labia. She removed her hands from me and started squeezing her nipples and moaning. I wanted to eat her pussy but I also wanted to watch Bridgid and James.

Terry started for my zipper, as she lowered her head to my lap. She released my throbbing dick and slowly licked my come flavored cock. She opened her beautiful mouth and pushed her face down until her nose was in my pubic hair. The feeling of my cock passing through her throat was almost too much to handle. My eyes closed and I was floating.

I opened my eyes to the most incredibly erotic scene I have ever seen. Bridgid pulled James snake-like penis from his trousers. She looked as though she were in a trance as she lowered her face to lick the bottom of his massive brown cock. I could see James hand move up under her skirt to slide a long thick finger into her reddening pussy lips. I watched as Bridgid's body tensed as he added another finger and slid them in and out of her wet slit. My cock was pulsing as Terry stroked me with her throat.

It was Terry's turn to get some sucking, so I turned and lowered myself to the floor and started to remove her panties. I was now looking at a beautiful wet pussy with a small triangle of hair adorning it. I couldn't wait to taste her. I slowly started to suck and lick her wonderful pink pussy. Terry let out a slow quiet moan as I rubbed my lips against her clitoris. I slid my tongue into her small slit to retrieve some of her cum. I gently slid two fingers deep into her wet pussy. Terry whimpered as my tongue and lips continued to keep her pussy moist and swollen. She responded to every movement my fingers made in her sweet tender pussy with a slow writhing of her hips. I couldn't believe this was happening.

I suddenly noticed James coming over to us with his huge dick swinging as he walked. He stopped in front of Terry and pushed his cock into her face. Terry grabbed onto his dick and slid it into her mouth. She couldn't swallow his massive cock as she had mine, but he seemed to enjoy her technique as much as I had. The sight of his giant dick being sucked and rubbed by this beautiful blond was incredible. I had forgotten about Bridgid completely until I felt a moist sensation on my cock. I looked down to see Bridgid licking me with more enthusiasm than I have ever seen as she rubbed her sopping wet clit feverishly.

I decided that I wanted to see Bridgid eat some pussy. I pushed her head off my dick and forced her to Terry's pulsing wet cunt. Bridgid started to lick and suck Terry off with all the talent of a true lesbian. What a site as I rammed my hard cock into Bridgid's pussy from behind. Here I was fucking Bridgid while she was sucking a beautiful young stranger's pussy. Terry could only fit the tip of James cock in her mouth as she moaned from Bridgid's enthusiastic attention.

I was glad at this point I had already cum. I was so excited! I decided it was time to switch places with James. I wanted to see if Bridgid would let him fuck her. I wanted him to fuck her hard. I wanted to see her take his massive brown cock deep into her gorgeous pussy. I said "let's trade places" to James. I slid out of Bridgid and went to my desk to retrieve my digital camera. I took a few pictures of the girls writhing together on the edge of the couch as James tried to push his cock into Bridgid.

I kissed Terry deeply tasting James cock juice on her lips. I stood up and let my cock float in front of her pretty face. Terry obliged by licking the tip of my swollen prick. She then grabbed hold and started to jerk me off in her mouth. I again started snapping pictures of this unbelievable event.

James was very gentle to Bridgid with his huge cock. He had only half his 12 inch monster in her. Bridgid was starting to move and writhe to his slow even strokes. She looked at me as she closed her eyes in ecstasy. I could see she was going to come. She stopped sucking Terry so I moved down to take over. Terry and I were doing 69 on the couch, while James was screwing Bridgid doggy style on the floor. I slid my fingers into Terry and started to focus on making her come. All of us were now hitting a rhythm that only the R&B station could match.

James started first. I could see all the muscles in his neck start to tighten. Bridgid seemed to take his cue and started to convulse furiously. She reached back and pulled James ass as they both started coming. James now was ramming almost his whole 12 inches into my wife. Terry started to jerk me faster, a sign of her impending orgasm. I worked my tongue and lips on her wet swollen lips and clitoris, as I slid my fingers in her tight young pussy. Sure enough Terry started to moan loudly as Bridgid and James started to fall into a heap on the floor. Terry's now loud cries were wonderful to hear. She came in waves as I continued to suck her pussy.

As the three of them started to recover, Bridgid noticed that I had yet to come. She knelt in front of me and proceeded to give me the best blow job of my life, while James and Terry watched. I came in huge waves of cum into Bridgid's mouth and face.

After everyone was able to recover, Bridgid explained to our new friends that we were actually married and she explained how this whole event came about. We all laughed as we realized the game was better than we had ever imagined. Bridgid suggested that we have our new friends over again sometime. Life is good!

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