tagHumor & SatireA Game Of 20 Questions #1-4

A Game Of 20 Questions #1-4


One of my friends was bored, and so decided to play a game of "20 Questions". We both figured that because I am a virgin (at least that’s what I told him), that it would be boring for me to answer them truthfully. So I decided to answer 5 out of those 20 questions with just a tad bit of my imagination. Here's numbers 1 through 4...

1) Ever have sex with someone you just met?

Yes, I was young and naive, and so I listened to my body rather than my mind. He was the uncle of my niece's friends. Very cute, charming, and had a very big dick; a very dangerous combination for a young thing like me. One night he hit me with a kiss and I was instantly his. The kids were outside, so we headed straight to the big comfy bed and Boy could he entertain! He knew just how to kiss, where to kiss, and how to nibble his way into my wet kitty. Once that big stick slid inside my pussy, all of my plans of love and marriage flew out the window straight to hell and never came back for a long time. First, it was just a little bump and grind. But with his every bump, my no's became yes! & With his every grind my protests became moans of pure delight.

2) Ever have group sex?

I was walking home from band practice, late one night, when a group of maybe 3 or 4 guys came up to me out of nowhere. One of them covered my mouth with tape where I couldn't scream, while another bonded my feet and hands together. Then they pulled me into the back of the van, and it felt like we rode around for hours before we finally ended up at a house that was very beautiful inside with more than enough to "play" in. Throughout the whole mess I tried to get away, but of course, I could've saved all of my energy since they were much stronger and visibly had no intensions of letting me escape so easily, especially not anytime soon. In the van, they gave me a pretty good idea of what they wanted with me, touching my virgin body in a rough manor, kissing me, saying some very derogatory things to me that sent chills running up and down my spine. One of the guys, whom I later learned was Scott, was very cute with his baby blue eyes, black hair, had a muscular about 6'2 frame, and seemed to be the leader of the pack.

He wedged himself in between my legs, leaned over me until his nose was only a breath away from mine, looked me dead in my eyes which were filled with fear and tears, ran his hands up and down my body pausing to kneed and caress my breast and then to finger my twat. My heart was beating a mile a minute while I thought to myself, "This couldn't possibly be happening. I'm dreaming. Oh no worse, I'm having a nightmare and pretty soon I'll wake up and this will all be over". But even as I was thinking it I knew there was no hope. He was still molesting me, pumping my twat, and holding me in such a way that made me want to scream louder than humanly possible. My screaming seemed to be giving him more energy. Because the louder I screamed, the harder he pumped. It was as though it didn't matter that I screamed so much, so loud. We must have been pretty far away from humanity, because I just know that I was yelling loud enough for about two or three houses to hear me. Next came, John....

3) Do you masturbate?

Yes, Every time I'm in the bathtub. Once I decided to have a little fun. I slid a toothbrush; head first, in and out of my pussy. The bristles felt good sliding against the skin of my sensitive pussy, but the hard head of the brush was awful. So I turned it around to use the other end, which didn’t feel too good because even sliding two of them in at a time, they weren’t thick enough to "fill" me. So I’m still "experimenting", trying to find something just the right size with some ridges or some kind of a rough (but safe) surface that will give me the feeling that I’m longing for.

4) Have you ever primped for an after noon or evening (or both) devoted exclusively for a masturbation session?

Primped? No, I’ve never well *smiles* actually I have, spent a whole day (several) afternoons actually, but not consecutively, squeezing, twitching, rubbing, and twisting my nipples while daydreaming about every possible totally wild and vivid scenario one could think of. & I most definitely take care of my needs every single evening. I could’ve made millions of movies by now based on these dreams and "sessions" of mine, and I’m not exaggerating.

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