tagHumor & SatireA Game Of 20 Questions #5

A Game Of 20 Questions #5


5) Have you ever had sex with more than one person in one day, but not at the same time?


My friend and I were on our way to the park one morning when this very handsome guy came up to us. After beating around the bush with small conversation, he was able to convince us that it was ok to go to his apartment with him. He was smart, seemed harmless, and had the most mesmerizing eyes that I have ever seen. He hailed a taxi, and my friend and I continued to melt in his charm along the way to his place.

After sitting on the couch waiting on our drinks (me some wine cooler, Alyssa some sprite, and he some root beer), we were checking out his nice crib: the pictures of what looks to be family, friends, and etc, when another guy comes in from the back of the apartment completely naked, casually squats on the floor in front of the TV, his back to us paying us no attention, not even so much as a "hello, how do ya do". While my friend and I were still in shock of his blunt nudity, in comes cute guy James with our drinks. He sits on my right, and the three of us gets into a conversation that has nothing to do with sex, and all the while he lays his hand in his lap. He eventually started a slow massage through his slacks, eventually maneuvering his zipper down. Watching my gaze, still keeping up with his end of the conversation, he worked his fingers into his pants, pulled out his beautiful rod and started "playing" with it. I was speechless... and wet. Meanwhile his gorgeous friend starts in on his own rod, turning around to face my friend who looks like she's watching the ball of a ping-pong match, her head going back and forth between cute guy #1's show and gorgeous guy #2's.

I don't know when James’s words stopped flowing and his lips captured mine, but somehow his tongue ended up in my mouth teasing and caressing my tongue. I don’t know if there was something in those drinks or not, but mine and my friend’s pussy were "itching" for some satisfaction, and we weren't going to stop trying to rub our cunts into the couch until we got it. Seeing this, the guys went into immediate action. Mr. Gorgeous Bobby slid over to Alyssa and without warning, lifted her skirt, moved her panties to the side, and went straight to her crouch. From the looks of it, he expertly ate her out, making her buckle and scream loud enough for the dead to hear.

James worked his butterfly kisses down to my nipples, working his magic there while fingering, squeezing, twisting, pinching, and pulling my pussy. After bringing my friend and I to an orgasm, they took turns "experimenting" with our bodies, minus the fucking, until Alyssa and I collapsed. We woke up in separate rooms, in separate beds. I can only imagine what Gorgeous Bobby is doing to Alyssa right now. James soon turned my imagination into reality with his kisses and massages. I smiled sheepishly saying, "Mmm, will you marry me". He just grinned at me and continued to work his magic, descending for yet another mind-boggling kiss. I gasped as he started bumping, rocking, and grinding his rock hard cock into my soft petals. Mmm I didn't know I could moan as loud as I did. This continued for a few hrs, James bringing me to yet another orgasm, while he slowly slid his still rock hard penis into my soaking, cum scented twat. It took some effort, but he finally buried all 9 solid inches into my deliciously sore pussy. Then he started the age-old rhythm of pumping me: in and out around and about, gently bursting my cherry in the process. He paused to kiss my cries of pain away, and then continued the dance: thrusting around and about in and out. After our orgasms I was going to offer to return the favor, but he put his finger to my mouth, gently shushing me, and again kissed me senseless and started rocking my world all over again...

I'll tell you about Alyssa and Mr. Bobby another time...

Later on that day -yes, I was actually able to talk James into letting me go, can you believe it- after walking Alyssa home, a family friend drove up next to me and I accepted his offer of a ride home. After a while of making pleasant conversation he said he needed to make a detour stop along the way, and without thinking I okayed it, and we ended up at this beautiful two-story house. There were a lot of cars parked out front and music blasting. Sensing it was a party and this was only suppose to be a short stop, I declined his invitation to join him inside, and waited for him in the car.

After about 15 minutes turned into about half an hr, still smelling like sex I decided to go in after him. The guy at the door was cute, but I wasn't interested in his wicked smile or his look of deep approval: I wanted him to fetch Meikal (pronounced Michael) so that we could haul tail up out of there and get the hell home. And in a different choice of words I politely told him so. He stepped aside and there was Meikal, deep in conversation with a few of his buddies. I walked over to him ignoring everyone's curious gaze and with a casual smile asked him if he was ready to go. After looking into my eyes for a while he let his gaze wonder over me, grabbed my right hand and said "c'mere", and pulled me down, into his lap, wrapping his arms around me. I was in total shock, but he smelled so good that I really didn't put up too much of a fight when he started nibbling on my ear, my neck, and my lips.

When he opened his mouth for a really deep kiss, I thought to myself "Whoa way a minute. This is my family friend kissing me this way" and so started to pull away. But he would have none of that. He held me tighter with one arm snaked around me and the other holding my chin in just the right position, trying to make me surrender myself to him by merely kissing me with a hell of a lot of passion which, I admit, was almost working. I'm not really ready to give myself to him in front of a crowd of people that I don't know...am I? I sensed he could've continued for forever, but instead finally decided to come up for some air, wanting to see the expression on my face as he whispered "I want you" with more emotion than before, while nudging and nibbling on my neck. When he brought his lips back to mine for another kiss, I mentally kicked myself for not using those few free seconds to try to end it all right then and there. But damn it I couldn't believe that this was our sweet, innocent Meikal.

We stood up, he said his goodbyes, and I thought he was finally getting around to that ride home, but at one of the traffic lights he took my hand and started a sensual massage with his thumb that reeked total havoc with my brain. All thoughts of common sense just went "poof!" & he pulled me over to him, kissed me, and a look in his eyes told me this is far from over.

When we arrived at his place all hell broke loose. There was no turning back now...

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