A Game of Cards


"Not bad," I said. "Let's have a look at what I've got."

I decided to draw out the hand a little by turning over my cards one by one.

The first card: Ace of clubs! My eyes went to Julia, who already looked a touch concerned.

Second card: 5 of hearts. I still needed to pair my ace.

Third card: 2 of spades; again no help to me. Given the renewed expression of hope on her face Julia looked to be readying herself to the prospect of watching me get naked. My only hope was that if I lost, she at least celebrated. By revealing one card at a time I hoped to increase her tension and tease out a celebration.

Fourth card: 4 of diamonds.

"Seems like somebody desperately needs an ace to avoid defeat, and I know much you hate to lose," she exclaimed.

"That's OK. I don't think I'm going to get an ace somehow."

"Let's hope not. C'mon then, turn it over."

My hand was shaking noticeably as I reached for my single remaining face-down card. The outcome of this hand felt as if it was as important as if I were playing for real money online. The room was silent except for Julia's quiet chanting, "don't be an ace, don't be an ace". I took the card between finger and thumb and slowly rotated it. Julia saw the card before I did and instantly exploded with joy.

Amidst her laughter she managed to say, "I don't care about my punishment for celebrating because you have lost, boy!"

I looked at the card for myself and sure enough it wasn't an ace. I had practically given up hope on winning the hand and hence been more intent on watching Julia's reaction to make sure that I would spot even the faintest sign of celebration. As it turned out my careful observation was unnecessary. I remained seated, taking in each delicate curve of her body.

"What are you waiting for? You have to lose your boxer shorts," she said.

"Unfortunately, I don't. Take another look at the cards."

The cool confidence in my voice registered instantly in her expression. Her alluring, pale blue eyes narrowed to examine the cards more closely.

"Ach, du Schwein!" she screamed at me, as she realised that my final card, the 3 of spades, had given me a very fortuitous straight.

I brought my hand to my bare chest and breathed out theatrically with relief.

"You wouldn't believe how difficult it was for me to stop myself celebrating that hand. I only noticed the possibility of a straight after the fourth card."

"I thought I had won the game," she lamented.

"But now, instead, you have lost. How cruel!" I said, a little too gloatingly.

"Lost? No, I've just lost the hand, not the game."

"Yeah, you lost the hand. Plus you had that enthusiastic celebration, remember?"

"That can't count surely. I mean, I didn't even win the hand!"

"But it was still a celebration and a rather big one at that. I believe there was even an insult in there that came close to swearing."

"What did I call you? A 'schwein'? Nah, that is definitely not a swear word."

"I'll let you off with that one, seeing as you are going to have to get naked anyway."

This caused her to wince slightly: her pretty little nose twitched uncomfortably and she held her tongue between her lips. I thought I'd best not comment further as I didn't want to add to her visible discomfort. She slowly stood up and reached behind her back. I couldn't wait to see her again in all her glory. Quietly, she unclasped her bra and slipped it over her shoulders, revealing her pert breasts with their deliciously pink nipples, which appeared to be ever so slightly aroused.

"Satisfied?" she asked.

"Not yet. But I will be in a minute once you have finished undressing and my victory is complete."

"Just you wait until we get to the dares; you'll regret your gloating then."

"What have you got in mind?"

"Wouldn't you like to know? I guess I have to lose them first though," she said flirtatiously, indicating her knickers.

As she bent over to remove her panties, her breasts hung down making them appear more fulsome and even more enticing. I was sure that she was well aware of the sight that she was presenting to me. In a flash she whipped down her underwear, stood naked for a fraction of a second, and sat back down on the sofa. Just to be sure she crossed her legs.

"Hey, that's not fair!" I cried.

"I did what I had to do. Now let's get on with the next hand so I can even things up."

I would have dearly loved to have been able to get her to perform a dare even before I was fully undressed but it was not to be: parity was to be quickly restored. I stood before her, enjoying her intent gaze on my body. I tucked both thumbs into the waistband of the shorts and eased them down over my hard-on. As I did so, Julia cheered and clapped, trying to embarrass me.

"Very nice," she cooed.

Once finished, I sat back down and crossed my legs, mocking the way she had done so.

"OK. I suppose the next one is a dare," she declared.

"Indeed it is."

On account of this I was very determined to win this next hand. A pair of twos to start with was not bad and became even better when I paired a Queen in the draw. My two-pair easily beat her pair of tens. When I laid down my hand she already looked apprehensive.

"Seems like I won. So, for your first dare I want you to present yourself to me."

"How do you mean?" she asked tentatively.

"Well, seeing as you hid yourself so well when you took off your panties, now I want to see all of you up close without your legs crossed. I want you to stand with your back to me and take a wide stance. Then I want you to bend over and touch the floor and hold the position."

"You're so mean. Just you wait until you lose."

"I'm actually looking forward to seeing what you have in mind for me."

"So, you want me to stand like this," she asked, standing about a metre in front of me, with her beautiful bottom right directly before my eyes.

I desperately wanted to reach out and squeeze her buttocks, fondle and stroke them but I knew that unpermitted touching was not really in the spirit of the game. Furthermore, I feared a punishment if I did.

"Yes, just stand with your feet a little further apart, please."

"Is that far enough for you?"

"Yes, I'm sure that'll be fine. Now, bend over."

"You do realise that this is probably the most humiliating position a girl could adopt and yet you choose it for my very first dare!" she protested.

"You shouldn't have lost the hand then, should you?"

"I'll have my revenge, don't you worry."

Once the banter was over she began to gently lean forward gradually revealing more and more of her intimate area to me. By the time her hands touched the floor I was presented with a magnificent sight. The lips of her pussy glistened invitingly and with her legs spread so far apart, they had parted slightly allowing me to gaze into her. With her buttocks stretched tightly her other hole was also fully exposed. I wished that I could photograph this truly erotic sight in order to preserve it forever. I had never had anal sex but, gazing at this display, my head filled with the idea. At that moment we heard a jangling of keys followed by the opening of the front door. Julia seemed frozen to the spot but bolted upright as soon as Suzy proudly announced that she was home. I wondered whether Suzy may even be brazen enough to carry out her earlier threat of knocking on the door or worse still, entering suddenly. From the look on her face Julia clearly shared my fear. It was hence with a shared sense of relief that we listened to her walking past along the hall and into her own room.

"Show over," declared Julia. "Take that silly grin off your face and deal the cards. I want my revenge fast; I already know what I'm going to make you do."

"You never know, I might like it," I teased back.

"Haha, I don't think so."

She dealt and again I started with a pair: this time, kings. The draw was not kind to me and so I was somewhat hesitant when I laid down my hand. Immediately though, I was reassured by the looks of resignation and then frustration that consumed Julia's face. Her features appeared even more alluring when she was angry.

"I can't believe I lost again! Whose idea was it to play this stupid game anyway?" she said sarcastically. "What's my dare to be this time?"

"This one is very easy: I want you to go next door and ask Suzy if you can borrow a pen," I said.

"I can't go next door like this!" she protested, her cheeks beginning to flush slightly.

"Yes you can, it's simple," I assured her.

"But I'm naked!" she cried.

"Well yeah. That's the whole point. I mean, if you were fully-clothed, it would be the lamest dare ever."

"But she's never seen me naked before."

"Well, that will be a treat for her then, won't it?" I teased.

As she headed for the door, she turned to give me an evil look. I remained seated, pondering what other dares I could use. Minutes later, a sheepish-looking Julia returned with a pen in her hand.

"Here you are," she said as she handed me the pen. "It's my deal, isn't it?"

"Yes, but I am more interested in whether Suzy enjoyed your little show?"

"You'll have to ask her that, won't you."

The cards were dealt. I got an ace and a king, but nothing more than just that. Julia took two cards; I took three hoping to pair up. I missed, but clung to the hope that if she had missed too my ace-king might be enough. It wasn't, and I was dreading the consequences.

"Now," she said composing herself, "seeing as you are so keen to know what Suzy thought of my performance I dare you to go and ask her."

"But I'm..." I stammered, taken aback at her proposal.


"But it's not the same thing, I'm a guy," I insisted, trying to think of any excuse that would get me out of the situation.

"Well, go and show her that then. I'm sure she'll prefer having a naked guy to ogle," she said, smiling flirtatiously.

As I stood naked before Suzy's slightly ajar door those words of Julia's were racing around my head. My heart was thumping at a terrific speed. I knew I was going to feel utterly vulnerable just standing there, completely exposed for her to look at. A girl like Suzy would make mincemeat out of me if I just went in there with no defence, I thought. I mentally told myself that I needed to take a more pro-active approach in order to put her on the back-foot. Just as in poker, if someone decides to play a hand it pays to seize the initiative and project confidence: allowing others to dictate the tempo is rarely the best strategy. Thus, I concluded: either I go in there with a more aggressive game-plan or I don't go in there at all. Moments passed as my mind wrestled with the dilemma. I needed to set her a challenge from the outset that would test her daring and possibly get something out of the situation for me, or else I would leave her room having comprehensively lost the battle. With my palms sweating, I raised my hand to tap the door, all the while trying to summon up the courage to go through with my idea.


I was trying to get back into the article I had been reading online but I was distracted by the recent visions of a nude Julia, imprinted in my mind. For a girl who typically wears clothes that conceal rather than reveal her figure, I was surprised by just how impressive a figure it was. Her breasts were smaller than mine but they had a delightful shape to them. It must be so nice to wear gorgeous, flowing dresses in summer without having to bother to wear a bra. In addition, her slim figure and sleek, toned thighs displayed the benefits of her regular runs in the park. I couldn't help but notice too that down below she was well-trimmed. I was still wondering if she had shaved this morning especially for Daniel's arrival when there was a timid knock at the door.

"Come in," I answered, thinking that it must be Julia again.

The door gradually swung open presenting an even more alluring sight than before. For a moment, I couldn't believe my eyes. This time I was presented with the tall, broad-shouldered, and nude figure of Daniel, handsomely framed by the doorway. His hands were firmly clasped together over his crotch, a pose which instantly drew my eyes to his sculpted arms and chest. His torso was not excessively big but one could see that he was keen on working-out. Even more impressive than that were his abdominal muscles, which were prominent and well-defined, rippling like waves down to his crotch. "How I'd love to caress him all over," I thought. His sparkling blue eyes and cool, blonde hair set off this picture of male beauty. Yet, despite having every reason to be proud of his physique, he seemed shy and nervous.

"I lost the hand so it's my turn to come in here," he explained. "I foolishly asked Julia what you had thought of seeing her naked and so she sent me in here to find out for myself."

"Oh right. That's your dare?" I asked gleefully.

"Well, kind of. There's another bit too," he said, looking down to the side, avoiding all eye contact.

"What's that then?" I asked, my heart beating ever quicker with racing curiosity and excitement.

"Tell me what you thought of Julia's show first; then I'll tell you the second part of my dare," he said, refixing his eyes on me.

"Well, she actually has a really nice figure. Although, I would never have guessed if you'd asked me beforehand. I mean, I knew that she was slim and in good-shape but I didn't realise just how good!"

"Yeah, she's quite a modest girl really. Plus her classical fashion sense means she normally doesn't reveal that much. That's part of the reason I thought it'd be fun to have her parade naked for you," he explained, his nerves apparently starting to ease.

"Ah, well it was fun for me too. Though I must confess that this second show is even more to my liking!"

"Erm...well, thanks... I think," he stumbled modestly.

I was beginning to notice that he was having trouble to know what to do with his eyes, which I thought ironic given that it was he who was naked. He seemed utterly unable to stare me in the eye for longer than a split-second, which I could understand considering how embarrassed he must be. But rather than rest his gaze on something neutral, his eyes seemed to be furtively darting all over the place. In one instant, I caught his eyes tracing a path up my bare legs, but I pretended not to have noticed. Inwardly I smiled, knowing that my outfit was only adding to his discomfort and attracting his eyes to the most inappropriate of places. This could be fun, I thought to myself.

"So, what was the other part of the dare then?" I asked, sliding a little lower down my chair, causing my skirt to ride even higher up my thighs.

"The second bit was to... well, how can I put this?... to come and see how good a kisser you are," he said, as his eyes continued their struggle to avoid the obvious temptations.

"Really? So how good a kisser do you think I am then?"

"Err... I haven't really thought about it," he stuttered. "I didn't think you would give me the chance to find out."

"Why's that?"

"Well, firstly, you probably don't want to. And even if you did, I thought you might be a little intimidated by having a naked guy come into your room and ask you to kiss him."

"Me, intimidated? Haha, you don't know me very well, do you? I think you should be the one who is intimidated considering what I might get you to do for me, should I accept the challenge. So the dare is just for you to kiss me?"


"Hmm. Let me just think it over a moment. I'm actually quite tired," I said, giving me the excuse to yawn. I raised my arms over my head, arched my back a little and pushed my breasts out towards him as I feigned tiredness and yawned. As I did so, I could almost feel his gaze bearing into my bosom.


I could barely take the tension any longer as I squirmed uncomfortably before the unremitting gaze of this dangerously sexy girl. Her outfit was making it even more difficult. The very first thing I had set eyes on when the door opened were her bare legs stretching out to one side of the chair. When I had knocked she had swung round in her swivel chair to face the door giving me the perfect view all the way up her long, smooth legs. Her black skirt was not only short, but tight, so that when she moved on her chair it rode even further up her thighs, revealing a tremendous amount of flesh. Her top was similarly tight but didn't show anywhere near as much flesh. Instead it hugged her body tightly, tantalisingly revealing the precise contours of her breasts. Long, dark hair fell upon her bare shoulders, which was in luscious harmony with a restrained, elegant use of make-up around her similarly dark eyes. I became increasingly conscious of my cock stiffening and expanding at the alluring sight of her. I was trying my best to settle it down so as to lessen my embarrassment but as she yawned, her movement thrust her breasts forwards. The material of her top was straining to keep them inside and was completely unable to hide the shape of her nipples poking out. As I awaited her response, I only longed to be able to tear her clothes off and worship her every pore.

"OK, I'll do it but on two conditions," she said eventually. "But if I'm going to kiss a naked guy, first I need to see all of him. So, in a minute I want you to remove your hands and place them on your head so I can take a proper look at your package. I can tell that he is straining to break free in any case. Secondly, I want you to prove that you are fit enough for me. I don't want to kiss some weakling, do I? So for that, I want you to do twenty press-ups."

"Just twenty?" I replied unthinkingly, a little too eager to show off.

"Yes, just twenty. I don't want you all hot and sweaty for when we kiss, do I?"

"I suppose not."

"OK, are you ready then?"she asked, with a hint of eagerness in her voice.

"Yes, I guess so," I said unconvincingly.

"I want you to come and stand in the middle of the room so that you're closer to me. I've never had a live stripper in my room before so I hope you can appreciate that I intend to make the most of it."

I did as she requested.

"Now you have to let me see what you are hiding, please. Hands on your head."

I could feel the adrenaline coursing through my veins and for a split second I considered the emergency option of walking out of the room. Now was the moment, in which I had to accept that my attempt to bluff Suzy had failed and consequently my naked self was at her mercy. For a second time in the space of an hour I hesitantly allowed my hands to part and raised them to my head. This time though I was trembling.


As his hands moved away his penis finally came into view. For a few brief moments I was simply unable to tear my gaze away from his lovely appendage. Its shape was in keeping with the rest of his body: long, slender and appearing to have been sculpted by a master craftsman. Though not fully erect, I could tell that he was embarrassed about being obviously aroused in front of me. I allowed myself to stare some more, thinking it a rare opportunity for a guy to experience what it is like to have someone leer at your more intimate areas, and to pay him back for earlier. My mind began to drift to imagining how nice it would be touch and stroke his cock and to wondering what it would feel like inside of me. Naturally, I kept these thoughts to myself.

"So, do you like it then?" he asked suddenly, breaking the silence.

"I do. It's very nice. I can now see even more reasons why Julia always spoke so fondly of you.

"Thanks," he said sheepishly.

"I think it's time for the press-ups though."

As he got down into position on the floor a wicked thought crossed my mind: if he were to do the press-ups on the floor it would be difficult for me to see anything.

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