tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Game of Cards

A Game of Cards


Everyone had gathered at Cory's house for beer and pizza after a long weekend of helping Cory rebuild his rotten old deck. Everyone was pretty well stuffed and the first cases of beer were long gone. Like usual, Cory was the centre of attention, and most of group had already commented on how surprised they were that Cory was still fully dressed and hadn't flashed his cock at anyone yet that evening. Cory smiled mischievously thinking to himself that this was the perfect time to get everyone involved in a game he had been longing to play.

Cory told everyone that he wasn't ashamed of his body or his cock, but apparently everyone else. The guys all laughed at that giving Cory the opportunity he was waiting for to give them a chance to prove their confidence. This quickly quieted down the guys, but got the girls more interested. Cory explained a recent purchase off of a discount sex toy website had left him $10 short for free shipping, so he added in a card game that was well reviewed. Cory pulled the cards out of a nearby drawer and handed a few to each person to look at as he explained the rules.

Everyone eventually agreed to play with Nick obviously the least comfortable and having been the last holdout. Cory dealt each person 5 cards starting with the person on his left. Starting on his left sat Matt, Jess, Leslie, Zach, Kevin, Denise, Nick, and Tom. Cory volunteered to go first to show everyone how the game was played. Cory started by flipping over a card from the top of the deck. The card was a "Get Totally Nude" card which Cory chose to assign to himself, guaranteeing that his desire to be exposed would be met.

Next, the person on his left was given the chance to modify the action, and then the person on their left until it came back to Cory. Matt passed but Jess added the "Get Shackled" card which meant that Cory's hands would be restrained by handcuffs. Leslie, Zach and Kevin passed, while Denise added the "Hairbrush" card forcing Cory to accept a spanking from the group with a hairbrush. Nick smiled at Cory and threatened to add his "Do It Outside" card, but decided against. Tom also passed which meant it was time for Cory to strip for the group.

Cory pulled his t-shirt over his head exposing his pale white skin and dark treasure trail. Cory didn't have the typical six pack abs of a fashion model, but he did have a flat stomach which got the attention of the most of the members of the group. Cory unbuckled the belt on his jeans and pulled his fly open, exposing the white trunks that he was known for wearing. Cory already had a bit of a bulge as his semi hard cock pressed again the front of his trunks. Without hesitation Cory pulled his trunks down and exposed his freshly shaven uncut cock and balls to the group.

Of everyone present, it was only Tom and Zach who hadn't seen Cory's cock before. Still, everyone repositioned in their places to get a better look at Cory's 5 inch semi. With Cory now naked, Jess grabbed Cory by the hips and turned him away from the group, exposing his white ass to everyone. Jess grabbed Cory's hands, pulled them behind his back and quickly applied the cold steel handcuffs to his wrists. With his arms secured, Jess bent Cory over and took her 5 swats with the hairbrush that came with the game. Cory's ass was bright red by the time everyone in the group had had their turn. When Cory turned around to face the group again and take his seat, it wasn't lost on anyone that Cory was hard as a rock and his face was flush.

With the first bit of excitement over, everyone refilled their hands with cards before Matt flipped over a "Fuck Anyone" card which he swapped out for a "Flash" card which he assigned to Jess. Jess looked at Matt with disgust but after reviewing her cards she chose to pass. Leslie added a "Do It Outside" card, before Denise added a "Bounce" card and reassigned the task to Nick. Nick was shocked, but after a thorough look at his cards, Nick had to pass. Tom and Cory, the only remaining players looked through their cards, but all they could do was say sorry to Nick.

Denise grabbed Nick's wrists and pulled him outside to the streetlight across the street from Cory's house. Cory hesitated at the front door, but Jess' hand pulled his cock outside and they joined the remainder of the group, Cory's cock dripping with precum. The group circled around Nick who stood awkwardly in the middle unmoving until Denise's gentle prodding had moved Nick's hands to his fly.

As Nick opened the fly on his jeans, the group got a quick look at his tight abs just before the red fabric of his boxer-briefs came into view. With his fly open, Nick reached between his abs and his underwear, pulling his trimmed cock and balls up over his waistband, exposing them to the eager group. Since the flash card that Matt played had a time limit, Nick had to leave his 7 inch cut cock in full view of the group for 2 minutes.

After only a few seconds, Denise reached out and pulled the bottom of Nick's T-shirt up over his head, leaving his hard abs and toned chest exposed to everyone, including any lucky passer-bys. Nick expected that he'd be hard in no time, but this extra exposed skin courtesy of Denise, and her hands rubbing up and down Nick's abs expedited the process.

Within 1 minute Nick was rock hard and Denise was running her hands low enough on Nick's body to push his cock out from his body. The timer finally went, and to the group's delight, Nick pulled his T-shirt down before he grabbed his cock and put it back into his boxer-briefs and closed his jeans. Despite being covered, Nick's erection was still obvious as the group went back inside.

Once everyone was settled in, Jess started her turn by flipping over a "Rub His Pants" card and assigned Zach as the receiver and Cory as the giver, smiling at Zach the whole time. Denise added a "Tie 'Em Up" card on Zach directing that Zach be tied to a chair in his underwear. The biggest surprise came when Nick added a delayed "Lose 1" card his blushing cheeks reignited from his recent exposure. Zach stood up, and without hesitation pulled his shirt off over his head exposing his smooth upper body which gave Cory a run for his money when it came to lacking colour.

Nick noticed quickly that no waistband showed above Zach's jeans and wondered if he had wasted his "lose 1". Zach undid his jeans and pulled them down and off revealing his green and grey striped boxer-briefs. Denise sat Zach down and expertly tied his hands and legs, immobilizing him. Next, Cory stood up, his hard cock leading the way, and walked over to Zach. With his hands cuffed behind his back, Cory was forced to turn around, giving the group an unobstructed view of his dripping cock as he began tugging on Zach's cock through his boxer-briefs. It didn't take long for Zach to form a full tent which pushed out from his body and pointed to his right hip.

Nick decided that it was time for Zach to join Cory in full nudity, and so he walked over to Zach, scissors in hand, and cut Zach's boxers from his outer thigh to the hip on Zach's right side. Zach's cock pushed away from his body, pushing out from under his boxer-briefs revealing the head of his erect cock to the excited group. Nick left Zach's cock to continue pushing it's way into view while he cut the other side of Zach's boxer-briefs. Nick then dropped the scissors and moved behind Zach, grabbing the waistband of Zach's boxers and pulling them out from under him, removing the last bit of covering Zach had.

Zach's cock was now fully exposed to everyone and Cory very quickly got back into his task, rubbing his hands up against Zach's cock once again. After a few more seconds of pleasure for Zach and Cory, Denise ended their fun, and pulled Cory away by his hard cock. She then grabbed a blindfold from the game box, and put it on Zach before giving his cock a few tugs herself.

As stated in the rules, the person to the tied player's left would be responsible for keeping them hard for the rest of the game if required. If the tied person came outside an assigned action, the person to their left would be forced to switch places with them. Since Zach was already hard, Kevin didn't need to do anything to Zach, but that didn't stop Kevin from giving his close friend a few quick tugs before the next round.

Once Denise was seated again the game continued. The next few rounds lacked any excitement, and resulted in Leslie gaining a "Cut!" card and Denise exchanging an "Oops! Parents are Home" card for Zach on his turn. The next bit of excitement came when Denise flipped over a "Lose 1" card which she quickly and mischievously assigned to Tom. The only modification was made by Jess, who played a "Round Robin" card meaning that all of the guys were about to lose their shirts.

It was decided that Tom would start since he was the original action doer, and then the guys would strip in the order they were playing. Tom stood up and decided to have some fun removing his button down dress shirt. He started at the top undoing buttons until he could pull his shirt open and reveal his nipples to everyone. In the process, Tom's shirt pulled up, exposing his white waistband and dark treasure trail. It didn't take long before Tom's shirt was fully off, and Denise couldn't help but point out that Tom, and Cory to his left, both had very similar looking bodies.

Tom and Cory both blushed while the attention turned to Matt. Matt was wearing a skater branded T-Shirt that looked like it belonged on a teenager, not a twenty-something year old. Matt didn't waste any time pulling his T-Shirt off over his head, throwing it behind him. The girls were excited to get their first view of Matt, and the red waistband on his blue boxer-briefs.

Despite all the attention being on Matt, Kevin stood to take his turn. Kevin pulled his black sweatshirt off over his head, pulling his white T-Shirt up in the process, exposing the top of his blue plaid boxers. Kevin went to sit back down, much to the chagrin of the group who expected him to be shirtless. Quite the argument ensued, and a resolution was never really reached. Instead, Matt walked over to Kevin, called him a pussy, and pulled Kevin's t-shirt up over his head, jersey-ing him. Matt then yanked Kevin's loose sweatpants down to his ankles, which pulled Kevin's boxers down until the base of his cock was exposed, leaving Kevin standing in his tented boxers with his arms caught up in his T-Shirt.

It took Kevin a few seconds to get himself out of his T-Shirt which allowed Denise time to reach out and take a quick feel of Kevin's bulge. Even after Kevin had pulled his pants and boxers back up, his rather large fitting boxers bunched up around his waist, and his sweatpants sat so low that the button on the fly of his boxers was visible. Kevin sat back down, awkwardly readjusting his cock to minimize the visibility of his tent. At the same time, Nick stood up and pulled his T-Shirt over his head exposing once again the waistband of his red boxer-briefs and his hard six pack. The head of Nick's erect cock sat tucked under the waistband of his jeans, and was just barely contained. The girls cheered as Nick sat back down.

With the stripping over, Nick started his turn by flipping over a confess card. After thinking for a few moments, Nick looked at Tom and asked him if he was completely straight, or if he was curious, or more, towards guys. Tom immediately started to blush, despite most of the group being well aware of his desires. However, Cory told Tom not to answer the question as he turned around to grab a "Mirror" card from his hand, forcing Nick to answer his own question.

As Nick's face began to blush he explained how he considered himself to be Bi, but that he fell closer to the gay side than the straight side. His answer seemed to shock the girls, but it became clear that this wasn't news to Cory or Matt. For Tom this was exciting news, as he had always had a bit of a crush on Nick, and this new information opened the door to a world of new possibilities.

Tom's turn was next, and after flipping a "Go Bi" card, Tom decided to keep it and discard from his hand. This meant that it was Cory's turn again, and everyone enjoyed watching him trying to grab a card, his cock bouncing around in front of him waving at the crowd. Cory's card was a "Moon" card, which he assigned to Nick, saying that it was time everyone saw the rest of him. Nick stood up, but not before calling Cory a little shit.

Turning away from the group, Nick gave everyone a view of his muscular and tanned back while he undid the fly on his jeans before pulling his jeans and boxer-briefs down until they sat at his mid-thigh level. From where they were seated, Jess and Leslie were given the best view of Nick's ass, and they even got a peek at Nick's balls between his legs. In the meantime, Denise and Tom, who sat on each side of Nick, were treated to an unimpeded view of Nick's hard, swinging cock. Once the 1 minute timer went, Nick pulled up his red boxer-briefs which clenched tightly to his recently exposed ass cheeks before pulling his jeans up, leaving the fly undone for the time being.

Matt's turn came next and flipped an "Eating Out" card assigning Kevin to go down on Denise. However, Leslie added a "Round Robin" card which made things interesting with 6 guys and 3 girls. It was agreed that the girls would get to decide who did what. After a short discussion, Matt was paired with Leslie, Kevin with Denise, and Cory with Jess. That left Zach, Tom, and Nick, but the girls had plans for them. Since Zach was already naked and tied, and the girls didn't want to see him released, they decided that Zach would be excused from this round, and opted to have Nick eat out Tom since Tom's ass hadn't yet been out that night.

The three girls sat facing the inside of the circle, their assigned partners kneeling in front of them. Across from them, Tom faced away from the circle, kneeling with his ass in the air. Before Tom could begin to loosen his belt and open the fly on his jeans, Nick grabbed the back of his jeans and forcefully pulled Tom's jeans and white boxer-briefs to his knees. Nick wasted no time getting tongue deep in Tom's ass while the girls took in the view as their pussies were being eaten out by the other guys.

Nick was obviously experienced, and his body moved as he teased Tom's hole with his tongue. In the process, Nick's jeans slipped down, giving the girls another view of his ass covered only by the tightly clinging fabric of his red boxer-briefs. Tom turned his head back towards the group and was treated to a view of Cory's spread cheeks as Cory ate out Jess. Tom arched his back as the timer went, narrowly saving him from blowing his load onto the floor in front of him.

Nick proudly stood up, pulling his jeans back up and taking his place in the circle. Tom stood up, but with his belt and fly done up, he couldn't get his pants and boxer-briefs back up. The rest of the group was already seated and dressed as they were before the last round, which meant that all attention was on Tom, and his bare ass. After what seemed like a few minutes, but was likely only a few seconds, Tom managed to get his belt and fly undone, and covered up his exposed skin, before sitting back down with an extremely obvious bulge in his jeans.

Jess's turn was next and she flipped over a "Lose 1" card which she assigned to Matt. Leslie added a "Get Him Hard" card making Tom the giver, and Nick added a "2 for 1" card giving himself the opportunity to help Tom in the quest to make Matt hard(er). Matt stood up and opened the fly on his jeans, pulling them down and off leaving him in his blue boxer-briefs that were trimmed in red. Everyone laughed, adding that all they were pretty much superman briefs for grown ups.

Tom and Nick then stood up and started walking across the circle to Matt. In the process, Nick's jeans fell again, revealing his hard cock covered only by the fabric of his red boxer-briefs. Tom couldn't help but stare at Nick's bulge stopping halfway to Matt, and then Nick's ass as he passed him.

Nick didn't stop until his lips were firmly planted on Matt's and his hand was rubbing up and down over Matt's bulge. Seeing Nick getting the best of Matt, Tom snapped back to the present and made his way over to Matt. Tom decided to try and out do Nick by kneeling in front of Matt, pulling Matt's boxer-briefs down until his cock was exposed and sucking him off in front of the group. Not be out done, Nick pulled his own cock free of his boxer-briefs, his jeans already at his knees, and forced it into Tom's mouth, rubbing it against Matt's hardening cock.

It didn't take long for Matt to harden up once Tom had taken him in his mouth, but with two cocks in view, no one in the group seemed to want the action to stop. As Nick moaned louder and louder, Jess spoiled everyone's fun, pulling Nick away from Tom by his hips. Then she pulled Tom away from Matt and sent everyone back to their seats. At this point, Nick was back in his spot, his jeans still open and a wet spot having formed on his boxer-briefs at the head of his cock. Matt was down to only his boxer-briefs, a similar wet spot at the head of his cock, and Tom was back in his seat, his cock tenting in the front of his jeans.

Leslie went next, flipping a "Do It Anally" card and putting it in her hand, choosing instead to play a "Cage the Cock" card from her hand on Kevin. Kevin desperately searched his hand for a card to save himself from chastity, but ultimately failed and had to pass. Nick added the "Spank 'Em" card and Cory added "Strip 'Em", meaning that Kevin was about to be in a cock cage, with a bright red ass, and naked for the foreseeable future.

Leslie grabbed Kevin's hands and stood him up in front of the group. Jess threw Leslie the cock cage that came with the game as Leslie positioned herself in front of Kevin. Leslie pulled Kevin's sweatpants to the floor as she looked at the bulge in Kevin's loose boxers that sat right at eye level for everyone in the group. Since Kevin was to be caged, spanked, and then stripped, in that order, Leslie undid the fly on Kevin's boxers and pulled his cock and balls out, giving the group their first full view of Kevin's cleanly shaved cock.

Leslie wasted no time getting Kevin's cock locked up, literally, and it appeared as though this wasn't the first time the couple had gone through this process. With Kevin's cock locked away, it was up to Nick to decide how Kevin's spanking would take place. Nick decided to have Kevin bend over Zach's lap forcing Zach's hard cock between his leg and Kevin's stomach. Nick then pulled the back of Kevin's boxers down and dished out his 5 swats before letting everyone else take their turn. Cory intentionally went last, and after his 5th swat he pulled Kevin's boxers up and told Kevin to stand up in the centre of the circle. Since Cory's hands were still cuffed behind his back, he stood facing away from Kevin and fondled at Kevin's crotch feigning an attempt to grab the top of Kevin's boxers.

Instead, for a few seconds Cory groped at Kevin's caged cock and hanging balls. Eventually Cory "found" the waistband of Kevin's boxers and tugged them down to the ground having Kevin step out of them. Once Kevin was naked, Cory took his place in the circle and ordered Kevin to do a slow spin to show off his newly exposed ass. Kevin's cock had grown since Leslie had caged him up, and as he began his turn, his cock pushed against every bit of his cage, causing his cock to point out away from his body.

Kevin flipped a "Get Totally Naked" card and looked around the room deciding who would be the unlucky recipient. Kevin initially looked at Leslie, wanting revenge for his cage, but he knew that the girls would easily cancel him out, so instead he looked at the two most clothed players, Tom and Nick. Kevin thought out loud, and eventually decided that since essentially all of Nick had been seen tonight, it was Tom's turn.

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