A Game of Seduction


I take a deep breath, and very slowly, I wrap a hand around my cock, and stroke it very slowly -- stopping quickly as a big clear drop of precum appear at the tip. I hear you sigh, and there's a hint of your tongue licking your lips -- or is it my imagination? You giggle, and taking another sip of your wine, you tell me:

- Be careful where you point that thing though -- seems it's loaded.

- Yeah, wouldn't want you to catch a stray bullet, eh? (I give my cock another slow tug)

- Do you think I'd get hurt? (you wink) I suppose it depends on where it hits ...

- (I point my cock at you, holding it like a gun) What if I aim for a headshot, eh?

- Oh! (you act as if you're suprised, then you keep your mouth wide open as your eyes take on a wicked glint, I see your finger moving again down there, and you wriggle a little your tongue before closing your mouth and continuing) Well, I had that coming, I suppose.

- And you haven't seen anything yet.

I begin to sit back down. From the corner of my eye, I can see you are still watching me, your eyes on my cock, and some movement on your pussy. I turn to look at you, and wink, and I can see that you have two fingers deep inside.

Suddenly, your eyes brighten, and you turn to the TV. "Oh, how I love this song!", you say, and you stand up and start dancing. The song is an R'n'B ballad, and soon you are moving lasciviously in front of me, grinding your hips to the rhythm, your hands caressing the curves of your body. You see me looking at you, and you turn around to face me, obviously putting on a show for me -- with the same mischieviousness, the same wicked grin. What follows is something out of a wet dream, and takes my breath away.

You come to stand before me, your hands cupping your breasts, legs slightly apart, hips thrust forward, moving to a slow beat -- and looking up to look at you, I get a superb view of your pussy lips.

You turn around, bending forward, looking at me over your shoulder, and I can see you are wet and slightly gaping. Then you put on a face of mock surprise, and you dart a hand down between your thighs to cup your mound of Venus from my view -- just for a few seconds, until you push a finger deep inside and moan a little.

You turn around again, bending forward with your arms crossed under your breasts, then you let your hands drop to your hips and slowly, inch them towards your pussy.

You giggle, and then take my hand -- "Come dance with me, Buster!".

I stand a little awkwardly, as you keep on dancing next to me, bumping into me playfully, licking your lips and rubbing your ass against mine. I begin to dance timidly, you clap your hands and encourage me, and come again rubbing your body against me, turning around me. You press your tits against my chest, then still dancing, bend your knees and slide slowing against my stomach, your eyes in mine, until my cock is pointing up from between your tits, then you go up again, very slowly -- it takes all of my self-control not to cum all over you at that moment, and there's no way you can ignore the throbs of my cock against you. You turn around, and grind your ass against me, my cock caught between your ass cheeks, then a hand flashes and it's snug against your wet pussy for just an incredible second.

The song ends, I'm blushing feriously and my cock is rock hard, you give it a very light caress then you burst out laughing and fall down on the sofa. You empty your glass and raise it:

- Waiter, I need you to fill up my glass.

- Erm, Mom, I think there's no wine left.

- Who said I was asking for wine?

- Uh? What ... what do you mean?

- Young man, I think I have been deprieved of the end of my lesson.

- What lesson?

- What lesson? (you roll your eyes) Well, the cybersex one. You promised you would show me, and it seems that we've been interrupted.

- I thought that ...

- Please ... it's just to satisfy my curiosity. Or maybe you need some encouragement, like what the girl on cam was doing?

You are still holding the glass in my direction, as if you were hoping for my cock to spurt. And you drop your other hand between your thighs, and you slide two fingers deep, and you moan and you lick your lips and you look at me again, pleadingly.

I smile at you, give my cock a slow tug, and let the head rest against the rim of the glass. "Yess baby!" you say, your eyes following the movement of my hand on my shaft. When a clear drop of precum appears on the tip, you move the glass upwards to collect it -- and, to my astonishment, bring in to your lips and lick it with a flick of your tongue. You smile at me, and hand out the glass again, right under my cock, moaning -- "More, please". I keep on stroking slowly, noticing how the movement of your fingers in your pussy follow my rhythm.

- So, is it what you had in mind?

- Hmm, cybersex is sooo good. (you wink at me)

When another drop of precum appears, you surprise me. You push the glass forward, but a the last moment, you move it away and in a smooth movement, you give my cockhead a nice little lick of your wet, warm tongue. I shiver, and look at you, askance.

- Mom, you're not supposed to do that.

- I'm not? Oh, sorry then. I'm doing my best to behave though.

- Oh really? I wonder what happens when you misbehave then ...

- You wouldn't imagine. (you giggle)

I squeeze another drop of precum from my cock, but when you try to lick it up again, I take a step back, keeping it out of reach. You purr:

- Oh, Chris, please ...

- I'm not sure that's good for you ...

- Yes it is. Come on ...

You open your mouth, sticking out your tongue, trying to reach my cock. Eventually, I give in and bring it back closer -- and you begin sucking on the tip like it's some kind of lollipop, making wet noises. I keep on stroking, slowly, my cock soo hard. You look up to me, with a wide grin.

- So, I'm not supposed to do that?

- Hey, what can I do, Mom? You said the magic word ...

- (you giggle) True enough ... (you hold up the glass) Do you really think I need this?

- Well, you asked me to show you how cybersex went. And I usually use a glass.

- Is it absolutely necessary?

- If you don't want to make a mess on the keyboard, yes.

- Well, I don't see any keyboard around here.

- (looking around) You're right.

- So no need for the glass then?

- I guess not.

- Good. It would be a shame not being able to use both hands. (you wink again, then give a long, sloppy kiss to my cock)

- Hmm. That felt good.

- (looking up innocently) You like that?

- Oh yes.

- Can I do it again, then? Please?

- Erm, sure, Mom. (another sloppy kiss, and you surprise me again by sliding your mouth down my shaft in one quick, voluptuous thrust) Oooh.

- Seems you like that too.

- Yeah, but Mom, be careful or I won't be able to resist for too long.

- Hmmm. Now you're tempting me. I'm still very thirsty, you know ... think you can do something about that? Please?

Staring straight at me, you wrap a hand around my shaft and get back to sucking hungrily on my cockhead. My heart is beating like crazy in my chest, but I can't take my eyes off your face, your mouth around me, dizzy with excitment. You moan softly and smile at me again. Those slurping sounds are music to my ears.

Then you pull out my cock from your mouth -- and I must look a little disappointed, as you say:

- Don't worry, you'll get some more of that. But I'd like to experiment a little more with that "cybersex" thing ...

- What do you have in mind?

- Well, I'm a novice, you know. What do girls do usually?

- Some of them resort to toys ...

- Toys? That's interesting ... So they play for you with those, eh? (you start fingering your pussy) A little like that?

- Yes, that's the idea ... (I begin stroking my cock again, slowly)

- (you turn around on the sofa, pointing your ass at me, your hand moving between your thighs, spreading your pussy for me) Like that too? Hmm, that feels good.

- Yes, like that.

- Hmmm. (you slide two fingers very deeply, you moan, then looking at me you suck on those fingers smiling, making slurping noises) Oh, I'm sorry, that was a little slutty ...

- Well, I don't mind slutty. (you smile again, your tongue licking your fingers)

- I do what I can, considering I don't have any toys. (you make a sad face)

- Maybe I can lend you mine? (you frown for a second, until I continue) Here, let me help you ... (and I slide my cock swiftly in your pussy. You let out a long moan, closing your eyes)

I'm in Heaven -- and judging from your moans, you are too. You feel so tight and wet and warm at the same time around me, and my cock is just ready to explode. I wait for a moment for the tension to subside, not moving, holding my breath. My hands on your hips, I slowly move out then back in, and you look at me over your shoulder, a wicked smile on your lips. You slide a finger in your mouth, very slowly, then out ...

- Chris, remember that I'm still very thirsty ...

I swallow hard, then:

- Erm, yes, Mom, I'm going to see what I can do for you. Just give me a minute here.

- Take all your time, baby. (you wink)

I put my hands on your asscheeks, and spreading them, I slide deep in your pussy, then out, then in again, and we moan together with each movement. It feels soo good. Tentatively, I put a thumb against your asshole, and you shudder. With the next thrust, I push my finger inside, only a knuckle, and your moan is deeper and stronger. I give another thrust, and suddenly you're shaking, biting your hand, and it takes me all the control I can muster not to explode with you. You look over your shoulder at me again, eyes glazed over, a huge smile on your face.

- Now, it's your turn, buster.

You sit down on the sofa in front of me, and bring me closer. My cock is glistening with your juices, but you engulf it right away deep in your mouth, not playing anymore, your hand stroking fast. I feel a huge wave building inside me, my knees buckling under me, but you keep on sucking and stroking, moaning loader now -- and when I can't hold it anymore, and I tense a final time, you let out an audible "yes".

My cock finally erupts, spurting again and again, shooting in your hungry mouth -- your hand milking it without any pity, sending wave after wave of pleasure in my whole body. Eventually, things calm down, and when I can catch my breath I look down at you, so beautiful and sexy with cum still dripping from your lips, a glistening trail between your gorgeous tits, and your tongue teasing me as you try to get the last drop clinging to the tip of my cock. I shiver with each touch, but you play and play -- until, finally, you get it and swallow it before licking your fingers clean.

You recline on the sofa, letting out a satisfied sigh. I slump down on the carpet, spent and feeling weak. You look at me, still nibbling on a finger, then burst out laughing: "God, I love cybersex!"

Later on this evening, I'm in my room, online. The cam is on, and on the screen, a woman in her fourties is fondling her tits, eyes rapt on her own screen. From the computer's speakers come her voice, small and full of static, but clearly audible:

- Oh how I wish I was there ... please tell me how it is?

You raise up your head from my lap, my cock glistening with your saliva, and looking straight at the camera:

- It's soo good and hard. Just perfect. And I'm soo thirsty ...

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