tagBDSMA Game of Trust

A Game of Trust


Alan splashed his face with icy cold water from the tap removing the last bits of shaving cream, and examined his now smooth face in the bathroom mirror. He could see Julie's reflection as she stepped out of the shower and stretched, strategically showcasing her full, curvy figure. A cloud of steam followed in her wake, and she squeezed water from her long, auburn hair.

'Oh come on. It'll only be for a little while,' Julie said. 'Just give it a try. For me? Please?'

'That's cheating,' Alan said, trying not to be drawn in by the sight.

'Is it?' Julie stepped closer. 'It's just going to be a bit of fun, I promise.'

She hugged Alan from behind, and he couldn't keep himself from breaking into a happy smile. Her tits were squished up against his back, and Alan could feel the toned stomach, still wet and warm from the shower.

'Darn it,' he said. 'Fine.'

'You'll try it? Really?' Julie bounced up and down excitedly, and Alan turned around.

'If you really want to,' he said.


Julie pulled him closer, and they shared a one-sided kiss. Alan gave her a defeated look.

'All right,' he said. 'How do we do this?'

Julie picked up a small plastic case and a piece of paper from next to the sink.

'Hm,' she said, as she began to unfold the paper. 'According to the instructions, they are pretty much ready to go, although we do have to rinse them first.'

Alan took the little box and opened it. There was a click, and a pair of tiny glass lenses were revealed. He took one out and inspected it in the artificial light. It was concave, and had two differently coloured sides. The inside was pitch black, and the outside more of a milky white.

'Give them here,' said Julie.

She had squirted a saline solution into her open palm, and held out her hand. Alan carefully placed the lenses into the transparent liquid.

'Good,' Julie said, and began to rub them with her fingers, careful to submerge them entirely.

'I think that should be enough,' she said, and looked up. 'Nervous?'

Alan tilted his head.

'Kind of.'

'Hey don't worry, this is just a bit of fun. And it's all about trust. You trust me, right?'

'Yeah,' Alan said.

'Great. All right, now look up, and hold one of your eyes open.'

Alan nodded, and pulled apart the lids of his right eye.

'Don't blink.'

'I know,' Alan concentrated.

He'd never worn contact lenses before, and had no idea how it would feel against his eyeball. As soon as he was holding his eye open, he became acutely aware of the fact that he couldn't blink, and curious feeling of dryness made him itch. Julie's finger came into view, the small lens balancing on the tip, and it already started to block out the light coming into one eye. It took quite a lot of effort not to immediately shut his eyes when he first made contact with the foreign object, but he was pleasantly surprised. Even though it felt strangely unnatural there was no pain at all.

'It's in.'

Alan looked into the mirror, and stared into his now mismatched eyes. One iris his ordinary hazel hue, the other wholly white, and a slightly different white than the sclera at that. The lens wasn't quite in the centre, and he could make out a glimpse of hazel around the edges.

'Okay, now blink let it slide into position,' Julie said, looking at the instructions again.

Alan did so, and could watch the lens move with utter fascination. Soon it covered his iris entirely.

'That looks so weird,' he said.

'Amazing,' said Julie. 'How does it feel.'

'Fine,' Alan said. 'It's really not that bad.'

'Great,' Julie leant in closer for inspection. 'Can you see anything?'

Alan closed his other eye, and flinched.

'Wow!' he said. ' No, nothing. It's completely dark. Jesus, that's freaky.'

'Good,' Julie said. 'That was the point, wasn't it.'

'I know, I know, it's just... wow.'

'Ready for the next one?'

'Yup,' Alan looked up again.

He was less worried about it hurting him now, and managed to keep his eye open much more easily.

'Wow,' he blinked again, now in utter darkness.

He waved a hand in front of his face, but could not even perceive its shadow.

'These look really cool on you, you know,' said Julie.

'Yeah? I bet I look like a cheap sci-fi monster.'

'Well, I like it,' she said. 'Ooh this is going to be so great.'

Alan felt her hands on his face and waited apprehensively. Their foreheads touched, and Alan leant forward for a kiss but was too slow. Julie had pulled away, and he could hear her taking a few steps.

'Here,' she said.

Alan held out his arms in front of him.

'Come find me.'

He took a careful step and could hear movement. Even though he'd knew the room's size, the memory of its dimensions was already blurring. He hadn't the faintest idea how big his movements were, or even what direction he was facing.

He listened. A light touch on his shoulder made him turn to the side.


Another turn towards the illusive voice. Alan took a careful step. Away from the mirror? Towards it? He was already having trouble with his spatial awareness.

'Come on,' Julie was giggling.

In his head, Alan could see her face in perfect detail, the little grooves in her cheeks, the little crinkle in her nose, and her broad smile. He was about to call out when their lips met.

At first Alan was surprised, almost to the point of pulling back, but then he felt it. Felt her.

He leant in for a hug, and the couple kissed like they'd never kissed before. It felt like an eternity, and was over far, far too quickly. Her hand was on his face again, and he reached for it like a drowning man reaches for a life boat, then grasped it firmly, almost desperately.

'That was some kiss,' Julie said.


'You look calmer now.'


She giggled again. Alan now felt utterly dependent on Julie's help. He did not let go of her hand, and Julie led him out of the bathroom. Though he tried too keep up Alan was entirely lost all too soon, and didn't regain any sense of orientation until he was made to sit down, and recognised the edge of their king sized bed. He could only listen to the sounds of Julie moving about in the bedroom, identifying steps, creaking and the unmistakeable rustling of paper.

'It says here that you should avoid opening your eyes underwater, also not to sleep with the lenses still in,' she said. 'Other than that, it seems pretty straightforward. Just don't try and take them out yourself.'

'Got it,' Alan said.

He could hear steps, and soft fabric lightly brushed his knee. Had Julie gotten dressed?

'So,' she said. 'What do you want to do now?'

She placed her hands high up on Alan's thighs, a good indicator of her own plans. He reached out, and his hand glided across something smooth and silky. It wasn't an outfit he recognised by touch, new maybe?

'Hey, what's that?' he asked.

'You noticed. I got it just for you. You like?'

'I haven't seen it, have I,' he replied stupidly.

'There are other things you could like about it.'

She took his hands into hers, and moved closer, slowly lowering herself onto his lap. Alan was in nothing but a t-shirt and boxer shorts, and he could feel her firm bottom against his bare legs, and the familiar coconutty smell of Julie's favourite shampoo enveloped the couple.

'You should take a closer look,' Julie said, and pressed down on his hands meaningfully.

'T-there isn't anyone here, is there?'

'Aww, that is so cute. You're actually blushing now,' Julie sounded delighted. 'Don't worry we're all alone.'

Alan bit his lips, as he carefully raised his arms. His fingers found Julie's hips, covered by silk. He followed the fabric down, down to Julie's legs, although it wasn't very far at all until it stopped, and Alan's hands trembled when the exquisite silk gave way to soft and lovely skin. He raised his eyebrows.

'Short,' he said.

'Just long enough,' Julie said.

'I think I like it.'

'I thought you might.'

She touched his boxer shorts, and they became just that much less roomy. Alan squirmed. Julie's fingers tickled his sides as she slipped them in under his t-shirt. Slowly, teasingly Julie began to lift it up.

'Looks like you need help,' she said.

Alan raised his arms, and Julie pulled his shirt over his head. He could hear it fly through the air, and a muffled thud when it hit something. For a second Alan was cold, but something warm and wet suddenly caressed his chest. He heard Julie kissing it, and felt for her head, and his hand found her soft, freshly blow-dried mane. He stroked her gently, as Julie began to playfully massage his nipples using only her tongue.

They had turned rigid within seconds and were so sore and sensitive that Alan could feel little goosebumps spreading on his arms as he shivered and moaned with delight.

Julie stopped.

'Your turn,' she said, and without warning pushed back Alan's torso, so that he fell onto his back.

'Crawl up a bit,' she said from above him, and Alan could feel her limbs all around him, creating little dents in the mattress as she shifted around her weight.

He took care to feel for the headboard so he wouldn't hit his actual head and moved back until both of his legs were on the bed entirely. Judging from sudden pressure Julie seemed to be sitting on Alan's stomach now. A tickling sensation told him that she was leaning down, her hair only just reaching his face.

'Sorry,' she said, and laughed, and the tickling disappeared.

'Go on,' she said, and Alan's hands found her shoulders.

Only two slim straps seemed to hold up her flimsy garment, which Alan was now almost certain was some type of lingerie. He moved down a little, and any doubts were eradicated. Julie's breasts had been pushed up in a truly gravity-defying manner, and for a moment Alan fiercely regretted being deprived of his sight. He carefully brushed the straps aside, and peeled down the silky fabric. He felt Julie helping him along. He was starting to wonder whether or not he could reach up for a kiss form his lying position, when Julie grabbed the back of his head, ready to smother him with her bosom. Her body radiated heat as she came closer, and blissfully Alan sank into the soft, marshmallowy paradise.

Despite the utter darkness, Alan felt entirely safe, in bed with Julie. She did very well, guiding him with gentle nudges, now and again jumping out of reach and luring Alan all over the mattress with nothing but her voice for direction. Alan was of course intimately familiar with Julie and their sleeping arrangements, and yet he'd been thrust into a wholly new world full of discoveries and surprises. No touch no sensation came as expected, and jolts of excitement and pleasure followed every new experience.

'It's getting excited,' Julie sounded amused.

'No kidding.'

She slightly tapped the side of Alan's penis, and he could feel it twitching eagerly.

Alan found something that was very likely to be a bit of bottom or thigh, and he quickly seized upon the opportunity to land a satisfying slap.

'Oy!' Julie's grip tightened, and Alan let out a suppressed moan.

Vividly the image of Julie's mischievous smile appeared before his mind's eye. Gently but firmly Julie began to pull Alan by the manhood.

Pleasant pain was followed by an intense gasp of relief when the excited member entered its tormentor's dripping, juicy pussy.

The warmth and the smooth entrance assisted by Julie's own secretions made a tingling spread throughout the entirety of Alan's strung body, and with new vigour he thrust forward blindly.

Julie's muscles tensed under Alan's hands, and her brief shriek painted a detailed picture of her feminine form writhing beneath him.

Alan gave it his all, mustered all of his strength, reached deeper and deeper with every new movement, and what rose within in him was an agonising pressure, his pure unadulterated lust growing fiercer and greater every single time he penetrated the pliant flesh.

But there was no control.

Alan was a puppet, every move guided rigorously by Julie.

She was in charge, more than she'd ever been, and there wasn't a single moment in which Alan wouldn't have stopped dead in his tracks for her.

When the explosion came it was on Julie's terms.

Alan was hers, he felt the strong, sweaty thighs, firm against his sides, felt her sex swelling with sheer orgasmic joy at the moment of absolute satisfaction, and he knew that it was only now that he was allowed the release what had been building up, that he was given permission to let go, and give himself over to the rush of ecstasy.

He lay there on his back, limply in the utter darkness, hot and gasping for air. Julie placed a calm hand on his cheek.

Alan's smile was tired but happy.

'Gonna help me take them out now?' he asked.

'Soon,' was the gentle response. 'But you get to hold me first.'

She snuggled up to his heaving chest, and lay down her head. Obligingly Alan closed his arms around Julie. He held her, and he wouldn't stop, not until she'd want him to.

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