A Game within a Game Ch. 01


"And put on your bra also; and heels," Marion said "When you are in this house during weekends you always wear female attire, even outside the gaming time. The only time you wear your silly male clothing is when we go out or we tell you to wear your male clothing. And even then, maybe in the future, you can go out 'en femme' when you are properly dressed for the occasion."

Marion said "Right. Come on ladies, follow me please," and with saying that they all left the research room and went back to the living room.

"Roberta," Marion said "what I'm going to tell you is something you probably suspected. Jenny and I are not normal friends; in the past we had a very passionate affair. That was before you appeared. Those days were not as open-minded as you remember; therefore we had to do the proper thing. I married a family doctor, who one year ago died in a car accident as you remember." A few seconds she silenced. "He was my soul mate and best friend. But sexually I always wanted more than him, although I had a great time with John. Jenny and you were on his funeral, but what you maybe suspected: Jenny and I started a new affair. I assure you, only platonic, because we didn't want to hurt your feelings. But we came to a point that we wanted more and the solution was, to pick out the best of both worlds."

Jenny stared at Rob to watch his reaction. So far Rob didn't seem disturbed. Thank god, Jenny thought, he isn't angry.

"Rob," Jenny said, "For the moment you are Rob again, because this is very serious. I love you but I also love Marion and to be honest I don't want to lose any of the two of you. I hope we can come to an arrangement. I talked this over with Marion and also about very intimate things. Therefore she wasn't surprised to see you 'en femme'. In fact, it gives us an opportunity for a solution that can be very satisfying for all of us."

Marion took over "Rob, I am quite wealthy, my parents were rich, my late hubby also had a good job, and thus I am financially independent. I know from Jenny that you don't dislike your job, but maybe it's time for moving on, in your own pace. I don't want to rush you, but think it over when you are at home again after this weekend. By the way, I phoned your boss yesterday and managed to get you an extra day off as a surprise on my account.

My proposition is as follows: you and Jenny move over to my place and will live here.

I observed you during the months after the funeral, and I really like you and the things that Jenny told me, made me sure we can make this become a success. When you accept we will sign a legal agreement that after five years living with me as intimate friends and partners, you will be the rightful part owners of this mansion, but of course I hope you let me live with you" she grinned.

"Yet, I expect from you also indulgence. Don't be jealous when Jenny and I make love, or Roberta and I make love, Jenny, or on my account when you and Jenny make love. It's for us girls more difficult as for men, but Jenny and I have discussed this over and over and this is perhaps the best solution."

Rob hesitated with speaking "It all comes as a big surprise to me. Jenny, are you sure you want to go on with this?"

Jenny replied "Yes, I'm sure. It is not that I was bored with you, but I always had the feeling that I missed something. When Marion and me met again, it was as if I lived again. But as I said, I don't want to lose you. Therefore I full heartedly say yes."

Marion continued "But there is more Rob, and that concerns you. Besides bisexual, I'm also a dominatrix.

I always had it in me and at a certain point it came out; I will tell you in the future about that.

You have seen the research room, but that is nothing compared to my room downstairs. I used to dominate my hubby, he asked me for it and I never knew that it could be so much fun. I must have had it always in me I suppose, being a dom, but never admitted it to myself. My husband recognized it and we played lots of 'games'.

Jenny told me about your dressing up, your urge to get penetrated anally and even to get whipped sometimes, although I don't believe you have much experience with that. Jenny still has a lot to learn.

By the way, when you agree and are willing to live here, and you quit your job, it's not the intention that you hang around doing nothing the entire day.

Therefore, during weekends starting on Friday morning you always will be dressed 'en femme', and sometimes when we feel like it, it also can happen other days of the week.

I will explain in a moment. During the rest of the time we can spend our time shopping or going out to nice places or whatever, and then you can dress your male clothing again.

So far so good?" Marion asked.

Rob's head was spinning. It was all too much. "What do you mean with dressed 'en femme'?" he asked.

Marion answered "I know you like being Roberta. Personally I like Roberta more than Rob; it probably brings out your softer side. And, you can make yourself useful of course. Just a reminder about things women always do: cleaning, cooking, making up beds, doing our laundry, just to mention a few things. Hmm, it would be nice to see you outside in your high heels hanging up the laundry. Yes, a good idea.

That is of course when you have quitted your old job.

Also, sometimes we get friends to visit us. Don't worry, only female friends who are in the same situation as I am. There is Carmen, we are old friends but different as with Jenny, then there is Olga, she is a woman alone never married, Helena, slightly older as we are and maybe one or two other friends. When they visit us, I will inform them that I have a new maid, a very special one. I know them, they are broadminded, no problem there.

What do you think Rob?"

Rob hesitated "I have the feeling this is not all. You mentioned being a dominatrix. You examined my ass. I don't expect it was for putting ponytails in so you can make use of me as a pony?"

"Nice idea," Marion answered, "but yes, you are right, there is a very important part that I didn't mention so far.

Listen good, this is very important. You are a beginner in S&M and maybe you stay at this point. That doesn't matter; everybody has his or her limits. But once every two weeks we spend a full weekend in the basement doing 'games'. Not full time, we eat and drink and do all normal things other people do. But I expect from you that you will join us. I will teach Jenny and I will teach you. Your role cannot be discussed, you are submissive like my late hubby was and I think we get along fine in our role. What Jenny concerns, I think she can do both, as well being a sub as being a mistress. It will be fun.

The ruling is as follows: you decide that you want to play or not play that weekend. If not, the next weekend you can decide not to play again, but in that case: the next two weekends will be played. Clear?"

"Yes Marion, perfectly clear," said Rob.

Marion said "I am very serious about this. When you do not follow this rule, it's over. However sorry and grief I feel, you are to leave the house and go back to your apartment. The next weekend you may call me or us again and humbly apologize and come back, without hesitation and we will play. You only get one chance. When it happens again it's over and out and we will see what consequences that has for your further relation with Jenny and me. I personally will regret that very much, because I believe we can have such a good and exciting time with the three of us, with many orgasms and a very satisfying sexual life.

And not to forget, a life full of love. You get the love of two women and in return you have to satisfy them in more than one way. I really wouldn't hesitate to say yes."

Rob said "So far it's very clear and reasonable. I get the weekend to think this all over? And Jenny, what is your idea about this. Have you made up your mind yet?"

Before Jenny could answer, Marion said "Yes, Jenny agreed so far, but I feel she should decide again after this weekend. On Monday you will still be here, I will ask the both of you here in this room to put a sticker with the word 'yes' or 'no' on a piece of paper and hand it to me. Since it's a sticker we cannot see who applied what 'yes' or 'no' sticker. I will make use of a sticker also, thus I can change my mind like you guys. Only if we get 3 times 'yes' we will continue.

If there is one 'no', we will do the same next weekend and I will ask you again.

If then there still is no agreement, I cancel everything and we decide what to do next.

Jenny and I could go seeing each other, but I would love that you participate Rob. I have enough love to give for two people, and yes, I am a dominatrix, but you know S&M is love. And when we play, it does not have to be S&M, we could just scrabble."

Rob said "I don't like scrabble."

"Neither do I," Marion said, "but you understand what I am saying. Dressing up is also a part of S&M, so we can experiment with that also."

Jenny said "Please Rob, I love you both so much and it makes me hot to think about all I can do with you and Marion. I have done my best to give you an appetizer of how things can be: this outfit, especially sought and bought for you. I want hot sex and I need it. I want to get out of my roof with pleasure each weekend and you are a part of it. Say yes dear, please. You know I love you and I can't go along with Marion if you disapprove."

Marion said "Okay, make up your mind after this weekend Rob. After all, we still have tonight, tomorrow and Sunday.

What brings us to the games. I will explain the rules of the games just like my hubby and I played them.

We use safe words. I know in an S&M play they only make use of one word, but we use several. This has a purpose. It's to make in most cases Rob used to the things he has to undergo. Yes Rob, not all things will be very nice, but you have to please me and Jenny. I also can assure you, I won't go too far, neither will Jenny.

The safe words are 'red' and 'black'. You also get one 'white'.

It goes as follows: during a game when you are not gagged you can use the word 'red', or when you are gagged nod three times.

'Red' means a break of maximal four hours. You really don't need that time to get to your senses, but it's more or less a time break to think things over.

When you aren't back within the four hours when used 'red' it automatically becomes a 'black'.

When you say 'black' during a session - all will end. You pack your things and go home.

When you are at home, you can contact me and say 'white'.

If there is still time enough, you can come back to finish the game.

If not, you are to stay home the entire week and come back on Friday.

You notice, the 'black' use and consequences are about the same when not playing.

Each weekend you get two 'red'.

Everything clear?" and with that question Marion ended her speech.

For a moment Rob and Jenny were silent. Rob asked "Thus with a red you have to stop and when I say continue you go on again?"

"Yes," Marion answered, "I restart the session, but from the point we have stopped. If the errand is to dash you twenty strokes with a paddle, and at ten you call red, you will receive after saying continue the other ten strokes. Once you used a 'red' you cannot use another one in that session, thus you are allowed just one break."

"Also," Marion continued, "a gaming weekend consists of minimal five sessions and maximal ten sessions. I just described an example of a session. That brings me to the following. You can earn sessions. You have to do your chores during the week. That can be everything. Whenever you do something Jenny or I dislike, you get an extra session. When you do your utmost best, you can earn disappearing an extra session.

But these occasions will be rare. After all, we want to play our game.

The sessions are described on cards what you have to pull each Friday evening. That is the official start of the game weekend. In a moment I will show you them and we will commence. You cannot say 'no' to this weekend, you have to endure it to make up your mind about leaving or staying. The safe word can be used of course.

We will start with five sessions. Besides the cards with sessions, you also have to draw another card with a number on it. The number varies from five to twelve. I took out the no twelve.

I also have a max described on each session card, when you pull a number higher than the number on the session card, the session card rules.

This is of course to make you get familiar with the game. Maybe, with enough experience, we can skip that rule. For now we prefer session numbers.

Ah, I almost forgot. There is a free play session that will be played always during the weekend. Each weekend, no exception. That is to keep our senses sharp. That free session has also the safe word 'red' and can be used only once. This session is different because we can and make use of all we can think of, within reason. If Jenny decides to use a strap-on on you - this is the moment. If I feel I want to get fucked or being eaten out, all can happen. But also other things."

Then Jenny said "The good thing is Rob, you have to make the decision what time we start the free play. But it can be really nice. It all depends on the mood we are into."

"When I hear you talk like that, Marion doesn't have to convince you anymore. I bet you have played already," Rob said, "I still feel a bit reluctant, as I always will be the sub."

"No, it will be me also sometimes, especially in the free session. And I want it. I want to undergo all what you will endure. I promise you that. It will be so much fun, at the thought alone my pussy begins to drip. Let's do a game, don't be such a sissy," and with these words Jenny declared her view.

"What do I have to do?" Rob asked to Marion.

"Great," answered Marion. "Let the games begin. One more thing, from this moment it is no longer Marion or Jenny, you will honor us with Mistress Marion and Mistress Jenny. You are now Roberta until Monday.

Only 'black' will stop all. Understood?"

"Yes Mistress Marion," Rob said.

"Roberta, stand up and pull the seams of your stockings straight. This is a warning, the next time you get an extra session," and with these words Marion started the game.

Quickly Rob rose from his chair, made lose his suspender clips and rearranged his stockings. When he fastened the clips again with great ease, Marion thought it was obvious he practiced that very often. She smiled; we will be having much fun she said to herself.

Marion took a pack of cards from a drawer next to her and spread the cards upside down on the table.

"Pick five Roberta," Marion spoke firmly.

With some hesitation Rob picked out five cards. "Don't show them yet," warned Marion, "here is another deck with the numbers." She shuffled them and Rob took another five cards.

"Please show the numbers Roberta" Marion commanded. Rob opened the number card and read them: "five, ten, five, joker with five, ten." Rob cleared his throat when he said the last word.

"The joker can be used for a one time switch, but you won't always be so lucky that you get a joker. There are only two jokers in a five two card deck. Now put the numbered cards below the session cards," Marion said.

Rob divided the five cards and placed them under the session cards.

"Open the session cards Roberta and read aloud what it says," Marion spoke again with a harsh voice.

She didn't want him to stop now - this was a crucial moment.

Rob turned the cards one after another and read out aloud the instrument and the number: "Cat 'o nine tails, five; bull whip, ten; paddle, five, flogger, joker; penis flogger, ten. The number on the bull whip card is two, so I presume that is the real number. I want to change the joker card flogger with the penis flogger card. So that makes ten flogger and five penis flogger."

"Well done," Marion admitted. "Since we only have five sessions, we start tomorrow morning at ten sharp.

You may decide when we do the free session, I suggest between the normal sessions. Coming Sunday afternoon we receive my friends, and then I will need your services. You will be notified. Sunday morning I want to teach Jenny a few tricks, and then you also will be needed. It will be a busy weekend. Now I want to show you the basement. Follow me."

Marion walked before Rob with her hips swinging and he felt his prick rising again. Oh no, he thought to himself.

Jenny suddenly said "I see you can't control yourself Roberta and your seams are not as they should. May I propose another two sessions, Marion?"

"But of course Jenny, this maid is not as obedient as she should be. What gave you your stiff clit Roberta?"

"Umm, sorry Marion - you walked in front of me and you have such lovely legs," Rob said.

"Another session; that makes three," Marion said "when you speak to me or Jenny it will be Mistress Jenny or Mistress Marion."

They reached the bottom of the stairs and Marion said "We have a toilet and shower here for any inconveniences and also we can freshen up between or after sessions. Ladies enjoy our playroom."

Marion put on the light and Rob was amazed when he entered the room. It had been a cellar what was rebuild in a room that held the middle between a relax room and a gym. It was about sixty feet long and about thirty feet wide. The walls were covered with dark green curtains. Alongside the opposite wall was a bench placed where they could sit. Before the bench was a large table with some glasses on it, next to the bench stood a refrigerator. On the left side along the wall was a round wooden board with hand- and foot cuffs and some belts in the middle. It could turn so that the victim could be held upside down.

On the right side was some sort of climbing rack placed, also with cuffs.

Next to it was a pillory standing with holes for hand and head. It didn't look very inviting.

"Watch out for the rings in the floor," Marion said when they walked to the bench. At the ceiling ropes were hanging and also some chains, attached to certain devices that could be handled from a distance for lowering the ropes and chains.

In the center was a leather-covered bench, about two feet high. Alongside there were also cuffs and rings.

Next to it was an X-cross erected and again with cuffs, belts and rings attached.

Next to the door where they came in, the room also had two cages, one three feet high, the top leather-covered with a hole in the center where the prisoner could stick his or her head out while the other cage was some seven feet high and barred, and the prisoner in that cage would be exposed to every whim of his keeper.

Left of the round table attached to the wall, several low cupboards had devices placed on them what you only could see in an S&M chamber and that was this room of course. All kind of whips, but also things what only could be described as chirurgical instruments.

Marion saw that Rob turned pale as a sheet when looking at the instruments.

"Relax Roberta; most of the chirurgical stuff is decoration. The only thing that can be handy in an emergency situation is the scalpel, for fast freeing purposes."

"I don't like these instruments," Rob stated pointing at the chirurgical stuff.

"This is a very good moment to tell me and Mistress Jenny: is there something what is absolutely forbidden to use on you?" Marion asked.

Rob said "First of all: no needles; ever. I hate them. Also, when you whip me, I don't want to see blood afterwards. I have never tried candle wax; I think I can have that, but absolutely no fire. Also, I'm extremely sensitive on my balls. I have been kicked at school in my balls one time, and I passed out.

So no kicking, busting or whatever some mistresses sometimes perform on men. Maybe you think I'm a sissy, but I like soft S&M, role-play and such, nothing else.

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