tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Genie for Jake Ch. 02

A Genie for Jake Ch. 02


Jake woke up and rolled out of bed. On his way up he couldn't help but take a look at the sleeping beauty laying next to him. With the events of last night going through his head he laughed at how quickly a person's life could change. He heard people say it all the time, how things can change in an instant but he never believed them until now.

He had only half a hour before he went to school so he had to quickly go shower and then figure out what he was going to do with Kira. He didn't think he could bring her to school but he also didn't want to just leave her at home either. He was in the bathroom brushing his teeth when she appeared behind him.

"Good morning Master. I mean Jake." she said with a smile on her face. With his morning wood taken care of Jake knew it was the word "Master" that had caused the twitch in his cock he felt. He remembered telling her last night that she didn't have to call him Master but now he was having second thoughts. He rather liked the sound of it, but only when she said it. It sounded nowhere near as sexy in his head.

"Kira remember what I told you last night about calling me master?" he asked to which she nodded a yes,"Well forget all of it. You are free to call me Master whenever you want. To tell the truth I really like the way you say it." he told her. In the mirror he could see her smile widen and she stepped closer to him. She put her head on his shoulder right by his ear and began to whisper in it.

"Oh you like the sound of that do you MASTER?" she purred in her sexy voice putting extra emphasis on the master part. Then she reached around his body and wrapped her hands around his hardening manhood."Oooo Master. What do we have here? Tell me what you want from your little slave." she told him. Overcome with arousal Jake could barely speak.

"Make me cum. But make it quick." he moaned. He knew they didn't really have time for this but what the hell. It's not like he had any parents to chew him out if he was late. If he didn't have that stupid test in third period he probably would've skipped the whole day.

When she heard the order Kira quickly spun him around and fell to her knees in front of him. She reached out and took a hold of his shaft, which was still slick from his shower, and started to jerk it up and down. Jake looked down at his genie slave and he felt a flood of power go through his body. Here he had the most beautiful women he had ever seen on her knees in his bathroom ready to do whatever he said. He wanted to be disgusted at what he was feeling but found he couldn't be. He figured that Kira was made to his specification and deep down inside he really liked being dominant so she probably got a kick out of being in such a submissive position.

Jake was absolutely correct. Kira was enjoying herself extremely well. She could tell that her Master was having some trouble accepting his more dominant side but she knew he would eventually come around. Although she wasn't adverse to helping him along the way when she could. She knew he had to be to school soon so she increased her jerking speed.

Jake could feel Kira's hand slide up and down his pole and could feel her breath just inches away from his cock head. The sight of her bouncing tits nearly sent him over the edge but he was able to hold back. He wanted this to be quick but he knew he wanted something more than a fast handjob. If he wanted that he might as well have masturbated.

"Can I have a tit-fuck?" he asked her as he looked down at her breast. There jiggling motion once again capturing his attention. Kira looked up at him, her green eyes making contact with his eyes before she cracked a little smile.

"No." she told him. She wanted him to understand that he didn't ask for a tit-fuck he demanded one and she complied. It was causing her pain to refuse him but she knew it was for his own good.

Jake couldn't believe his ears. She had actually told him no. He didn't know what to do. He didn't even know she was allowed to tell him no. But why would she tell him no? He wondered. She was his genie she was supposed to do anything he asked her to. For that matter why had he even asked? He should have just ordered her to give him a tit-fuck.

"Kira STOP!!" he ordered her and her hands quickly ceased their movement. He grabbed her long red hair and curled his fingers into it. With a sharp tug, her head was pulled back and she was now looking eye to eye with him. "Maybe I went about this the wrong way. When I say I want a tit-fuck you grab those huge tits of your's, wrap them around my cock, and make me cum. Do you understand?" he said to her slowly.

The sharp glare he was giving her made Kira's slit moisten. This was her Master. She knew he wasn't there fully yet but at least he understood that she wasn't to be given a choice about the situation. He was being forceful with her which she loved. He was still being gentle with her though, when he pulled her hair he did so with the least force necessary and his grip wasn't to tight which she enjoyed. She knew she was into being treated roughly but she wasn't really into pain. She moaned aloud as she reached down to her breast and lifted them. Without taking her eyes of her Master she wrapped them around his big cock and started moving them in up and down motions.

Jake had to stifle a moan when she started to furiously jack him off with her tits. She was jerking him in alternating strokes so when one tit went up the other was going down. Jake thought it was the single greatest use of multi-tasking ever done. He still had his hands in her hair and he was looking at her face. Where he had expected to see some type of sadness for the way he treated her he only saw raw lust reflected in her eyes and a small smile play on her lips. Why was she happy he wondered, after all he was forcing her to give him a tit-fuck she didn't want to give him. Or was he?

Jake felt so stupid. This was never about the tit-fuck he realized. She just wanted him to understand that he didn't have to ask. He had to admit he got a kick out of having his orders carried out and he could tell she was much more into the sex now as well. Something she echoed back to him when she started talking.

"I love your cock between my tits Master." she told him."I really like your dominant side so never ask for ANYTHING when we're having sex, just take it."

Jake had to smile to himself. Every time he read a genie story online he always thought that the main character was being to nice to the genie during sex. It was obvious that they liked being ordered around and that the main character weren't using their genie's to full advantage. It was funny to find himself in the same predicament now. He guessed there was a difference in being able to be rough with a genie in your mind but in practice it was a lot harder. Still he was working on it.

Without saying anything to her, Jake pushed Kira's mouth closer to his cock so she could lick his cock head when it came from between her wondrous tits. Again the little smile came to her lips as she darted her tongue out to lick the tip of her master's penis.

Jake had been trying his best to keep a mental tally of how much time he was spending so he knew they'd have to wrap this up soon, even though he didn't want to. He released Kira's head and removed her hands from her tits. With her no longer holding her tits they released his cock and it flopped in the air in front of her face. In a split second Jake had grabbed her breasts and had formed them back into a tunnel. He began to pump his hips feverishly trying his best to get off quickly. Like the dutiful slave she was, Kira was busy licking his head when it came into view and lightly fondling his balls with one hand. The other hand was three fingers deep in her cunt as she plowed her fingers in the same feverish pace that her master was doing to her tits.

Jake could feel his orgasm fast approaching. Everything around him was pushing him to cum. Kira's soft tits sliding up and down his cock, the sultry gaze she was giving him as her tongue flicked him on his out strokes, the slight moans that she released every once in a while as she pleasured himself, and the feel of Kira's soft hands kneading and massaging his balls.

Jake pulled from between Kira's breasts as he felt his orgasm starting. He grabbed his cock and jerked it rapidly towards her. He wanted to cum and he wanted to do so on her face. She was his and he needed, in some sort of primal way, to mark his territory. Kira was almost at an orgasm herself. Between the rough side Jake was showing and her fingers plunging in and out of her hole she was getting ready to head head-first over the cliff of an amazing orgasm. Even in her pre-climatic state she had enough wherewithal to lightly suck on her master's cock head. The taste of him in her mouth propelling her arousal to new levels. The feeling of his genie's tongue swirling around his cock pushed Jake over the edge.

"Kira baby, I'm cumming." he told her as the first salvo fired from his cock and straight into her sucking mouth. "Cum with me." he told her. Instantly Kira's pussy convulsed around her probing digits rapidly and she was having a huge orgasm. She was rather quiet this time compared to this morning, instead of screams of pleasure she just softly mewled as the orgasm ran it's course.

When her orgasm hit Kira had slouched down onto the back of her thighs, no longer supporting her weight on her knees. When she did so she released Jake's spurting cock from her mouth as he continued to release burst after burst of semen. Now his seed was coating her face completely, as he tried his best to aim in his orgasmic haze. Finally his stomach stopped it's spasms and the very last dribbles of cum were pooling at the end of his cock, which he placed on Kira's outstretched tongue. She gave him a light suck, careful not to cause his sensitive organ pain, and claimed the last vestiges of his seed from him.

Utterly out of breathe Jake stumbled backward and hit the kitchen sink. He winced slightly as his naked body made contact with the hard, cold surface. Realizing that he was still naked and probably grossly behind schedule he lightly rubbed Kira's head as he ran past her and into his room to get dressed, leaving her on the floor in the bathroom cleaning his seed from her face.

He was just finishing getting dressed when Kira walked into his room. She too was now dressed, wearing a simple dark green button-up blouse and a short pink mini-skirt. She was wearing shoes with a one inch heel making her tower over him even more.

"Kira can I use a wish to make changes to my body if I wanted to?" He asked her. He knew that the characters online could but she had never told him specifically if he could.

"Sure you can." she answered before continuing,"I don't see why you would though, it's such a nice body." She purred. Jake blushed lightly before he continued talking.

"Yeah I know as my genie you don't think there is anything wrong with the way I look. It's just a vain notion I've always had of being taller. I mean you're what like six feet or something? I think I would die of embarrassment when you have to lean down to kiss me in public." he told her. Kira giggled a little at his comments. She also couldn't suppress the happiness that flowed through her when he mentioned kissing her in public. That meant that he was willing to be seen with her. She had heard stories about other gene's who's masters kept them chained up inside and they never got to experience being outside at all.

"I know you probably think it's stupid but could you make me about six three and have my body grow to about six six over the course of the next couple of weeks?" he asked sheepishly. He knew that she had said never to ask her anything when it came to sex but this wasn't sex so he didn't feel comfortable just ordering her around. He knew that she couldn't really dump him but he also didn't want her to think he was vain and immature.

Kira walked over to him and kissed him on the lips, his mouth opening to accept her tongue as they dueled back and forth. Jake had closed his eyes when she started kissing him and when he opened them again he was now looking down at her. He stood taller than her by a good three inches or more. Kira reached up and lovingly rubbed his jaw.

"Nothing you say could ever be stupid Master. If you want something then it's important to you, and that makes it completely valid." she told him.

"Well one more thing then, can you make me as physically fit as someone my height would be but maintain my current weight? Over the next few weeks my weight can go up steadily with my height until everything lines up." Jake said to her. With a wink and a head nod, that Jake was completely convinced was for show, his wish was granted. He could immediately feel the changes in his body. His vision became sharper and he felt much stronger than he used to. He also noted a newfound weight at his crotch. He had always had a big cock which looked even bigger on his smaller frame so he assumed his wish made it so his cock kept the same proportion to his new found body. He was secretly grateful because even though he was happy with the size of his penis he always felt it was rather thin, if the weight he was feeling now however was anything to go by then that no longer was the case.

Kira still had her hands running across his face lightly so Jake kissed her finger tips which caused her to let out a girlish giggle. Once again Jake was astounded at how quick she could go from vivacious tigress to submissive kitten to confident woman and then to bubbly girl. He had to remind himself that for all intents and purposes she had been "born" only a couple hours ago so she was still taking in everything. Leaning in and kissing her on the nose he grabbed her arm as he pulled her out of his room, making sure to grab his book bag before he went.

"Come on Kira," he said,"let's get to school."

"School?" she echoed back to him questioningly. ____

As Jake drove down the streets toward the school he couldn't help but laugh at the bubbly genie sitting next to him. Having never been outside, every thing Kira saw was new and exciting to her. Even simple things like buildings, highways, and traffic lights caused wonder in her. It was having an effect on Jake as well as he found himself smiling as she pointed out every new thing. They were on the highway and about ten minutes or so from the school when he decided to get down to business.

"Kira if I make a wish for you to attend school with me so we could fool around between classes, would things like registration and prior transcripts and such be automatically taken care of?" Jake asked. He knew the wish had to be sexual to pass but he didn't know how effectively the small details would work out.

"Well not necessarily." she answered him,"Since I can make myself invisible I don't really have to be enrolled in the school for us to fool around before your classes. So the wish won't make me a student."

"Well what if I wish that you were a student so I could live out a fantasy to have sex with a fellow student on school grounds?"

"That would work but for the wish to work you would have to have sex with me at some point within the next week at school for the wish to stick." she told him. Jake was fine with that, after all he did want to have sex with a student at school and this being his final year he thought it would be one of those things that he never got to do.

"But to answer your question," Kira continued,"things like transcripts, records and enrollment would be taken care of but things such as personal history and the like would not." Jake already knew as much from the other stories he'd read online. While some things would be automatically fabricated other things had to be consciously made. He was trying to think of a story that would explain Kira without seeming to fishy.

"Okay Kira here's the story, my grandma lives in California and I got visit her every summer, if anyone ask we'll say I met you out there and we started talking and somewhat dating. In the recent string of California brush fires your school as well as orphanage got burned down so being eighteen you decided to leave and come stay with me here. Hopefully this will fool everyone. The only people who we might have a problem completely fooling will be my grandmother and Nancy but we'll cross that bridge later." he told her. He knew that he couldn't make her up a family so she had to be an orphan but besides that he thought the story was plausible enough. He hoped that the genie's powers to make things pertaining to her existence less conspicuous would help as well.

"I'll let you come up with all of your personal likes and other hobbies and we can talk about them later over dinner. Somewhere fancy." he said to her. Kira looked over at him with a coy smile before asking,

"Why Jake are you asking me on a date?" she said with a theatrical sort of voice. Jake thought about responding with a simple yes but then got a better idea.

"No, I'm ordering you to come to dinner with me and tell me all about my property." Jake said back in a mock stern voice. He was still getting used to this whole dominant thing but he figured he would learn through trial and error. Kira let out a slight moan at her master's words before leveling him with a lustful gaze.

"Master, I thought you wanted to go to school? If you continue talking like that then I'll have to take you back to your home and have my way with you." she said as she lightly stoked his thigh just inches from his cock causing a small shiver to run down Jake's back as he listened to her sexy voice and felt her velvet caress.

"Wrong again my little slave," he quipped thoroughly enjoying himself," For one I'd have my way with you, and two... it's our home." Kira was about to say something but didn't get the chance as she saw the school just up the road. She realized that Jake had never made the wish he talked about earlier because he was merely speculating. Warning Jake that he needed to make his wish Jake quickly complied and just like that Kira was enrolled in school and taking all the same classes as Jake. As Jake pulled into his parking spot at the school he turned to Kira and asked,

"Okay are you ready for this?"

"I can't wait." was her simple reply. _____

As Jake left his car he was thankful that he was running a tad bit late. Seeing as how it was 8:07 and class started in about three minutes the outside of the school was pretty much empty. He knew that when he walked in there would be more people hurrying to class but he suspected the sight of Kira would make more than one person stop for a second or two.

When Jake and Kira walked into the front door of the school everything was pretty normal for about the first twenty or so seconds. They had actually made it to the senior hallway before anyone really noticed anything. Jake only had one really serious class this semester, which was his third period Marine Biology class. He already had enough credits to graduate so he chose a pretty light schedule for his last year of highschool. Even though the biology class was a science credit course it wasn't mandatory and Jake had only taken it because he heard it was fun. Since he had no real first period unlike most seniors, he could afford to be a minute or two late without having to worry about it. Besides he could always say he was helping the new student Kira find her way.

When Kira and Jake first turned onto the senior hallway it seemed as if time stopped. Everyone was pretty much wondering the same thing which was basically "What in the hell is this tall guy with the beautiful woman doing here?" Everyone just assumed that they were new students although the guy seemed a little familiar to a couple of people.

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