tagFetishA Georgian Peach

A Georgian Peach


This is a fictitious story about a man with a burning desire to see his wife with another man. Or is it? A fictitious story that his wife does not share. Or does she? It is a story about two people tangled in a web of egos, strong wills and little compromise. How far will our hero go to achieve his goal? How long will his wife keep him on the frustrated edge of denial?

As always, the authors welcome your comments.


Jack and Carol have been married for almost fifteen years. They lived in a modest home in a quiet neighborhood in Athens Georgia. As often happens, there are not as intimate as they used to be. Although they occasionally still enjoy the pleasures of each other's bodies, sex has become routine and stale.

Jack has tried spicing up their bedroom activities by suggesting alternate experiences. He is more than willing to explore the possibilities of role reversal, erotic language and viewing x-rated videos to name a few. His ultimate goal would be to watch his wife having sex with another man or woman. The idea haunts him to the point that he would do just about anything to see it happen.

Carol a desirable mature woman by anyone's standards has repeatedly told her husband that she isn't interested. Her only concession to his arguments is her firm belief that if she ever wanted to take a lover, that she would not want or accept her husband's help in finding a suitable partner.

It was near two in the morning when a loud clap of thunder awoke Carol and Jack. In a rare moment of tenderness, Carol snuggled close to her husband. Jack put his arms around his wife and felt a slight trembling through her shoulders. It was a bad storm. Its approach was the topic of every newscast that evening. Jack pulled his wife close, her head resting on his chest. As best he could with his one free hand, he started massaging Carol's back through her nightgown, trying to ease some of the tension. After a few moments, the claps of thunder seemed to be lessening, and Jack felt his wife relaxing. She lifted her head, and in the dim light, he could see her smile. He bent his head and kissed his wife lightly on the lips. Whether it was the danger of the storm or something else, Carol responded to his kiss. She rolled away from him to lie on her back. Jack rolled with her until he was propped up on one elbow. He bent his head to kiss her again, feeling excitement building.

With fingers shaking, Jack reached for the buttons on the front of Carol's nightgown. He was almost expecting her to push his hand away and turn over like she had done so many times before. But she didn't. He finished unbuttoning and slowly separated the nightgown, sliding each half to the side. He could see Carol's chest rising with each breath she took. Her large, ample breasts moving deliciously. Jack extended one finger, put it in his mouth to get it wet, and slowly traced circles around each of Carol's dark, prominent nipples. In the darkened room, he could barely see his wife close her eyes, enjoying his touch. He ran his hand over first one breast and then the other, feeling the soft flesh move. He inched himself several inches lower on the bed and lowered his head kiss those tantalizing mounds. He felt Carol's nipples stiffen and become hard under his tongue. He heard her moaning softly. Without lifting his lips from her nipples, he slid his hand lower and started to rub small circles around her tummy. Each circle getting lower and lower, until he felt the thick forest of matted hair covering her bulging mound like a carpet.

He pressed his palm down, feeling the springiness in the tight brown curls. As she moved her legs apart slightly, he let one finger travel through her pussy hair to the top of her damp slit. He could already feel her clitoris pushing out, begging to be touched. With his finger now wet from her growing arousal, he teased the clit, massaging it, feeling it swell up and become even more sensitive. He scratched the tip with his fingernail causing her to gasp loudly. She spreads her legs wider, silently inviting his further touch. He heard her start to pant, her breath coming quickly now that she had surrendered to her primitive desires.

Jack moved down the bed, kneeling as close between Carol's outstretched legs as he could get. He bent his head to savor the rich, almost intoxicating aroma coming from her now very wet pussy. He reached for her legs and lifted them up, pushing them back against her chest. In the dim light he couldn't see how swollen and pink her pussy lips had become. His cock, rock hard and erect rested on her slit. He moved it back and forth, teasing and rubbing her clit. He heard her call out, but her words were muffled. He could barely make out her head moving side to side on the pillow in her frantic desire to feel his cock inside her.

He pushed her legs back again, just enough for the head of his cock to find her waiting love hole. His cock slipped in easily. He heard her gasp again, this time deep in her throat as he plunged his cock in deep and hard. He started pumping in that familiar rhythm that would bring the ultimate pleasure to them both. He forced his mind to think about anything other that the exquisite sensations that he was feeling. He pumped and pumped, Barb now twisting beneath him, in her own world of pleasure. Their bodies bathed in sweat. He could feel the end coming. The rising tide of an approaching orgasm blotting out everything. His mind now focused on that moment of release. As the first gush of thick creamy cum erupted from his cock to squirt deep in Carol's hot pussy...

He woke up, a loud clap of thunder ringing in his ears. He was shaking from his dream. He turned his head to see Carol still sleeping on her side of the bed. She rolled over when she felt him move on the bed.

"What's the matter?" She asked.

"Just a dream." He told her. "Just a dream"

"Not that again." She said flatly. "I don't want you trying to set me up with another guy just to satisfy your little fetish."

"No. The dream was about you and me." He answered. Disappointed that she wasn't interested.

"Was it a hot dream?" She asked, her voice taking on a husky tone.

"Yes it was." He said.

"And did I satisfy your urges?" She continued.

"Yes you did. At least until I woke up." He said.

"You didn't get a chance to finish?" She said, sounding concerned.

"No. That's when I woke up." He said quietly.

"Would you like me to finish it now for you?" She said in a husky, sultry voice.

"Would you? I mean that would be great." He said as he started to lay back down.

Carol reached over and slipped her hand down the front of Jack's pajama bottoms. His cock was stiff and hard almost before she touched it. She started stroking the shaft, going slowly from base to the smooth crowned head. She was surprised to find that he was oozing precum already. With his lubrication, her hand moved up and down effortlessly.

"Lift your hands over your head and keep them there." She said in a husky voice.

"Yes, of course." Jack answered as me moved his hands.

"Yes what?" She prompted.

"Yes maam." Jack corrected. "Now spread your legs a little." Carol said.

He did as he was told. Carol stopped stroking his cock and reached lower to cup his balls with her hand.

"Do you like this?" She asked.

"Yes maam." Jack responded, correctly this time.

"Do you still like this?" She asked as she tightened her grip, squeezing harder.

"I like whatever you do?" He said, gritting his teeth as the pain reached a new level."

Without releasing her hold on his balls, Carol bent her head to lick the flow of precum from the head of his cock. All at once she switched her hand back to stroking his cock. Faster and harder until he cried out. She opened her mouth, now poised just above his cock. In only a second or two, Jack fountained a stream of creamy cum into her mouth. She closed her mouth and let the next several spurts of stringy cum spew out to flow down the sides of his cock. Carol moved up the bed until she was again next to her husband. She bent her head and kissed him on the lips. When he opened his mouth, she opened hers, letting her mouthful of cum drip into Jack's mouth.

That afternoon, Carol sitting on the edge of the large bed, combing her hair. She was wearing a very sheer black babydoll top.

"What are you thinking about?" He said, as he walked up to stand in front of her.

"Just how much I want your beautiful cock inside me." She answered.

"Well, let's start with getting it into your mouth." He said, as he lowered his shorts, exposing an almost ten inch cock, deeply veined and fully erect.

Carol opened her mouth and started licking the cockhead. She marveled at the width, barely getting it into her mouth. Her pussy was already wet in anticipation. As good as his cock felt as she sucked on it, she knew it was going to feel even better filling her hole. He started moving his hips. Fucking her mouth. She took as much of it as she could, her lips stretched to accommodate its size.

After ten minutes or so, he pushed her down on the bed, her legs hanging over the edge. He roughly pulled her legs apart and moved close. No preliminaries, no foreplay. He reached down and guided the head of his cock toward her pussy. He leaned forward, sliding his cock deep into her. He lifted her legs and holding her ankles apart, he started stroking. Carol started gasping for breath the moment he entered her. She took his full length, almost ten inches and mumbled his name over and over. She sensed her orgasm building. She felt the tingling in her belly. It was a feeling that she wanted to experience over and over. She loved being used this way. She opened her eyes and looked down at her chest. With each thrust of his cock, her breasts bounced and swayed. She moved her hands and started pulling and twisting her nipples. She heard his call out as he erupted with surge after surge of hot, creamy cum. He filled her pussy and pulled his still erect cock out and pumped even more cum on her belly. She reached down and dipped her fingers in the pool of cum he left and brought some up to her lips. She licked her fingers greedily, savoring the taste, texture and aroma.

Soon, she thought. Soon she would tell her husband that his fondest wish had come true. Soon she would tell her husband that she had a lover. Jack wanted her to be fucked by another man. Soon she would tell him that is exactly what she had been doing for over a month. But not yet.

Jack picked up the last of their dinner dishes and brought them into the kitchen. He stopped in the doorway to watch Carol standing in front of the sink, starting to wash dishes. He always did enjoy seeing his wife from the back. Her ass was just a little on the plump side, but it always excited him. He walked up behind her and placed the dishes he was carrying on the counter. He stepped in close behind her, hoping that she wouldn't object. In response, she moved her ass back and forth a few times, rubbing against him. Jack put his hands on her hips and bent his head to kiss her shoulder. Carol paused and tilted her head back, exposing her neck. He knew exactly where to kiss her next. There was a spot just below her ear that always seemed to arouse her. As he kissed her neck, he heard a deep guttural sound escape her lips. Not soft, but a more animal-like moan. Carol put her hands on the edge of the sink and pushed her hips harder into him. Jack moved his hands from her hips to the front of her blouse. He slipped his hands under the loose hem to find her bare skin. While he continued to kiss and nuzzle her neck, he moved his hands upward until he felt the edge of her bra. He easily got his fingers under the bra cups and pushed the bra up and off her breasts. He cupped the soft flesh, squeezing gently, kneading her breasts. With his thumbs and forefingers, he caressed her nipples, feeling them stiffen at his touch. He pinched the tender tips causing Carol to moan in pleasure. She lifted her hands from the sink and placed them on top of his, encouraging him to continue.

"I want to fuck you." Jack said in a whisper, his mouth still kissing her neck.

"Not here." Carol said, someone might see.

"Yes, right here. And I don't give a damn if anyone sees." He said.

When Carol didn't move away from the sink, Jack released her breasts and put his hands back on her hips. He slipped his hands under her dress and started to tug her pantyhose down. He bent down and got the pantyhose to her ankles. Standing again, he got his hands under her dress once more. He fondled the creamy globes of Carol's ass, enjoying the way the checks felt under his hands. Carol pushed her now bare ass further back and rested her chest on the sink. With one hand, he unfastened his belt and let his pants and boxers drop. He flipped the hem of Carol's dress up, exposing her ass to his gaze. From his position, he could just make out the brownish pink ring of her asshole. He had wanted to fuck her there for years, but she had always objected. He kept hoping. Jack couldn't see Carol's pussy, but he knew his cock could find it. He stepped in close, his cock sliding along her ass crack. He bent his knees slightly and instinct did the rest. The head of his now throbbing cock slipped easily into Carol's wet pussy. He wanted to be slow and take his time, but his body betrayed him. He lunged forward, slamming the entire length of his shaft into his wife's dripping hole hole. Carol pushed back, urging him to start stroking. Her pussy felt like wet velvet and it created suction every time he pulled back to stroke again.

Carol hadn't planned on this. She was thinking about Jack's idea that she should take a lover. It was nearing the time to tell him that she already had a lover. She knew that she was a whore. She just needed to tell him. But not yet. She needed him relaxed and happy.

It had been a while since Carol and Jack had sex like this. Jack felt his balls tightening and the sensation of a rapidly approaching orgasm. Carol too felt she was getting close. From experience, she knew it wouldn't be one of her best, but it would at least be satisfying. As sometimes happens, both orgasms occurred at the same time. Jack squirted two or three times, unloading a modest amount of cum as Carol's body reacted to her orgasm, heightened somewhat by feeling her husband cumming inside of her.

Jack stepped back, letting his now limp cock slip out. Thinking about how to make him happy, or happier, Carol turned around and knelt down. While he looked on amazed at what his wife was doing, she took his flaccid, cum covered cock into her mouth and sucked him clean. She took her time, washing his balls with her tongue. When she once again stood up, Jack was smiling.

"What else can I do for you?" Carol said.

"Nothing." Jack said softly.

"Are you sure?" His wife said as she turned around and wiggled her ass. "Maybe..."

"You know I've wanted to get you in the ass for a long time. Are you saying you might finally let me?" Jack said in disbelief. "I'd do just about anything."

"Anything?" Carol asked, a mischievous grin on her face.

"I'll make you a deal. You are always telling me that you want to see me with another man. I will let you try to fuck me in the ass. I will cooperate unless it hurts too much. But in return." Carol stopped.

"You want me to stop pestering you about that?" Jack said. "If I can screw you in the ass, I will stop."

"Not quite what I meant." Carol said.

"What then?" Jack asked.

Carol took a deep breath before answering.

"I will let you fuck me in the ass." She hesitated. "If I can see you with another man."

"You're kidding right?" Jack said.

"I wanna watch another guy use you. I wanna see you with a cock in your mouth. I wanna see you taking it in the ass." Carol said.

"That's not much of a deal." Jack said, his mind racing. Before they were married, he had experimented a little. Sucking a cock was really not a big deal. But getting screwed in the ass, well, that was different.

"I'll make you a counter offer." Jack said after a minute. "Forget about me fucking you in the ass, at least for now. I will agree if I can watch the same guy screw you."

For Carol it was a much better deal. She already had a lover and she had wanted to have Jack watch eventually anyway. She didn't say anything for several minutes, just for effect.

"Deal." She said.

It was several weeks until Carol could arrange for her friend Gordon to visit. She had always wanted him to fuck her in her own bed, and tonight that would happen. And tonight would be a turning point in her relationship both with Gordon and with her husband Jack.

When the doorbell rang, Carol welcomed her guest with a deep searching kiss while Jack watched. Might as well start things off right she thought. When she stood back, she introduced Gordon to her husband. A little shocked by her greeting, Jack reluctantly shook his hand. Gordon was younger and taller than both Carol and Jack.

"Nice to meet you Jack." Gordon said. "Sit over there."

Without thinking, Jack did as he was told. Gordon sat on the sofa with Carol while Jack occupied a chair across from them.

"I hope you don't mind." Gordon said as he again kissed Carol. "Well actually I don't care whether you mind or not."

"Jack, I have been seeing Gordon for over a month now." Carol confessed, watching her husband's face.

"The deal you agreed to just made it easier to get Gordon here." Carol said.

"Oh right. I almost forgot that you're getting a special treat tonight." Gordon said, smiling at Jack. "Now come over here."

Again, without thinking, Jack responded and stood up almost in a trance, not believing what was happening or why he was going along with it.

"Take off Carol's blouse for me." Gordon said, standing up and motioning Carol to do the same.

When Jack didn't move. Gordon told him again to take his wife's blouse off. This time Jack did what he was told. Oddly exhilarated at being told what to do. He slowly unbuttoned the blouse, and slipped it off Carol's shoulders.

"Thanks Jack. You're a real peach to help out. Now her bra. I want to see those gorgeous tits of hers." Gordon said.

Jack stepped behind his wife and unclipped her bra, sliding the straps off and letting the bra fall.

"I think I'm gonna like this." Gordon said, winking at Carol. "Your husband really is a peach of a guy."

"Now my belt." Gordon said, staring at Jack. "Its part of the deal Carol told me about, so we might as well get going."

Jack stepped in front of Gordon and with Carol watching; he reached for Gordon's belt buckle. Before he could say anything, Gordon was pushing him down on his knees. Jack had wondered a few times what it would be like to be dominated like this, but he never dreamed it would happen. It was a strange feeling, but one, for some reason, he didn't mind.

Jack managed to get Gordon's buckle open and loosen the belt. He looked up and saw Carol smiling at him.

"That's fine for now, I think you better go sit down again." Gordon said. "Watch and learn 'cause your turn is coming.

By the time Jack got back in the chair. Carol had taken his place kneeling in front of Gordon. Jack watched as his wife pulled down Gordon's pants and shorts. Gordon's cock stood straight out, hard and erect. Small glistening drops of precum already leaking out.

"Remember what I told you bitch." Gordon said.

"You promised you wouldn't call me that." Carol said, looking up.

Gordon didn't say a word. He looked down at her and then over to where Jack was seating.

"What are you tonight." Gordon said, his voice low.

"I'm your bitch." Carol said looking down and sighing in submission.

She had hoped this wasn't going to happen. They had played this game before. But this time it was in front of her husband. She admitted to herself months ago, that she did enjoy being dominated by this man. She never experienced this kind of treatment with Jack. When she told Gordon about the deal that she had made with her husband, she expected Jack to be treated that way, not her. Jack had always been easy to manipulate.

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