tagErotic HorrorA Ghost of a Chance

A Ghost of a Chance

byDingus Guy©

GHOST OF A Chance- Part 1

Kelly and her father, Don had been in the house all but two days. The weirdest stuff was going on, and it frightened 19 years old, Kelly. Whilst in the shower the first day, she couldn’t find the towel that she had laid out for herself. She had to call her father for help. That left her embarrassed because she was trying to become more independent of him. They had a long discussion about it before they moved here. She expected her father to let her grow as a person, but often he babied her every move. She loved him so much, but times...Whew! The look her father gave her when he handed Kelly the towel, was a look that said, “I can’t leave you alone for a second or this is what happens”.

Then when she was about to go to sleep the first night. The door to her bedroom swung open a tad, while she was getting undressed. She was sure she had closed it. When her father came by, he screamed at her to be more cognizant of what she was doing.

The next thing that was strange was her father talking to him or rather answering somebody that wasn’t there. She saw him do it twice. Kelly was beginning to think that her new, beautiful house was haunted. But those things don’t happen in the real world, she thought to herself.

Kelly had just turned 19, last month. The month before, her parents divorced. Her Mother took her little sister Kimmy with her. Things were changing so fast, and her head was spinning. New house, new college next month, new friends to make, and she really missed Kimmy. She was Kelly’s best friend, and now they would only see each other once a month.

The house was so large, and so distant from the local town that friends would be hard to come by. She never had the first desire to date guys, although she noticed their stares. Kelly was very a cute blonde with blue eyes, long, tanned, muscular legs, and a chest that fit her 5’5” frame. She enjoyed working out on the exercise bike and rowing machine her father had bought them. Her body was tight and trim, and because she was a bit of a tomboy, she dressed the part in sweats or shorts with cut-off tank top or sports bra, but they were never worn to impress the guys. Although, they often did.

Kelly’s a virgin, but not just a 19-year-old virgin, but also a 19-year-old virgin that has never had the desire to masturbate. There were times in the shower she wanted to touch her more with the soap bar, but she just resisted the growing sensations. Her Mother told her that a lady just doesn’t touch herself. Let the man of your dreams do that. Her dates were few and far in between. She just wrapped herself around sports and exercise.

When she turned into bed she liked to sleep in a nightshirt with the covers pulled snugly up to her chin. She liked the feeling of security it gave her. When she fell asleep though, the covers were pulled down to her feet by a mysterious force. Kelly just stirred a little on her back, whilst the nightshirt rode up slightly.

Kelly, deep asleep, felt light caresses on her calves, then her thighs. It was dreamlike, so she went with the sensations, and parted her legs a little. The caresses continued up to her panties. At this point, they were gently pulled down her legs, exposing herself to a gentle breeze that seemed to envelope her entire body. The rest of her teddy was pulled up to her neck, allowing her breasts to come into view. Kelly’s hands with a life all their own started to rub her nipples, until they grew rigid from her manipulations. She then had her right hand snake down to her pussy, and start rubbing herself slowly.

Her body reacted to the feelings of stimulation that awakened her suppressed desires. Kelly started to breathe a little heavier in her dream state. The awakening she was undergoing had her body moving to the rhythm of her hands. With her digits working with soft strokes, around her pussy lips, her tiny, cute clit sprung to life. Almost, like her hands were waiting for this, they went to work on her clit. Just touching it and waiting, then again, and again, never spending more than a second on it. Her other hand began to work a little rougher on her breasts.

At this point Kelly was moaning lightly, unable to wake herself from her body’s plight. It was as if she were awake, but could not open her eyes or control her body. She felt helpless, but wonderful. Her body was alive for the first time in her life. She was becoming warmer and warmer, and felt this building inside of her. She felt her hands dance wildly over her body. Her tits were aching, and pussy so wet. Her hand on her pussy, would not stop teasing her clit, causing the 19 year old to buck and writhe for release. Nothing, but light caresses, when her body cried out for more. Kelly felt the need, but couldn’t understand it. It was so new to her. It felt so great, what was happening to her. Why did she feel like this would bring her more, but nothing ever happened. Why couldn’t she move her hands to where it felt the best? She felt the hand rubbing her so smoothly on her pussy, but there needed to be more contact. She felt unsatisfied, yet more excited than she had ever been in her whole life. Her breasts ached so badly, her left hand twisting her nipples so the pleasure and pain were one. She felt the release coming, the end to her sexual torment.

“Kelly”, her father exclaimed. “Are you okay?” This brought Kelly awake, her naked body glistening with sweat from her dream. “Kelly? Are you all right?”

“Yes,” Kelly gasped. She didn’t understand what had happened, but she knew her father must have heard her moaning aloud. “Just a bad dream, daddy!”

“Go take a shower,” He beckoned. “It will wash away all the bad thoughts, honey. I’m going to go have a look at the cellar if you need me.”

“Okay,” Kelly added. She still felt he treated her like a baby. Wash my dreams away? Yeah right. A shower would be good right now anyways, she thought. What had happened left her in a tizzy. She still felt the need to be touched, but she’s a little apprehensive to do it while her father was near. A shower would do her right. Wow she felt so good all over.

Meanwhile...Don was cleaning the mess around the old wine cellar. When he heard the same whispering voice from the last two days, speak to him. Prodding him to look behind one of the dusty wine racks. It was a strange voice, like it was his own from within his head.

When he examined the rack, he noticed it shifted to the left. With a little push, it moved completely over, and a dark hallway replaced it. He grabbed his trusty flashlight, and went into deep within. It went up, it went down, it turned here and it turned there. It was one path and no breadcrumbs were required. In the distance, he saw a light. As he got closer, he saw the light coming from a window of sorts. When he arrived he couldn’t believe what he saw.

What appeared to be a see through side of a two-way mirror was the bathroom. In the bathroom, brushing her teeth, and looking right at him was Kelly. “Oh my god!” Don thought aloud. The guy who owned this house was either very paranoid of bathroom thieves or was a pervert. Don heard the voice tell him that it was a pretty good idea, and that he could spy on his little Kelly if she ever needs him. He said, “Kelly”, but there was no indication that she could hear him. She can’t see or hear you the voice told him.

Kelly began to rinse, and turned the shower on. Don couldn’t help gasp at the thought of his little baby undressing in front of him. So he turned to leave, even as the voice inside of his head reasoned with his curiosity. As he was leaving, he saw a brass chair facing the window on his side. It was obvious to Don that the chair was for observation. What wasn’t so obvious was that the chair had straps for the legs, arms, and neck. It was also very much shiny, like it had just been cleaned with polish. The headrest was cushioned with no hint of dust anywhere. It was a beautiful looking chair.

Looks comfy, his voice beckoned. Sit down and try it, it can’t hurt. What the hell, Don thought. As soon as he leaned back into the chair the leather straps came to life and secured Don into the seat- arms, legs, and neck.

Now the fun will begin, he heard the voice say in his head. You’re going to see your young, virgin daughter playact for you. The first act will be her awakening. Don could not rationalize all he could see was his daughter undress in front of him.

Kelly pulled her teddy over her head and removed her panties, which were a little damp from her wet pussy lips. The warm mist from the shower made her a little tingly as she tested the temperature. She went to reach for the loofah, when she knocked over the baby oil, which suddenly gushed the slippery contents over her body. Every time she tried to right the bottle she got more on her. It was like the bottle had a mind of it’s own. She tried to smooth the oil over her, but the silky contact sent shivers to her womanhood. She couldn’t understand it, couldn’t rationalize these new emotions, all she could think of was to touch her hot, wet body. Rubbing the oil all over, enjoying the pleasure it brought. Just feeling so good, that nothing else mattered.

Don couldn’t believe his daughter had become such a beautiful creature. Up to now she was just his sweet, little girl, but one look told him differently. The voice whispered to him that he would make her his love toy, and Don couldn’t help her.

“What are you doing to my child, you bastard?” Don exclaimed. He couldn’t move his head or close his eyes to her beauty. Her body getting an irresistible coat of oil, making her breasts, her pussy, and her ass look like a fantasy come true. The voice mocked his helplessness. She’s all mine...she’s all mine...she’s all mine...

Kelly felt her hands roam on their own again like her dream. She felt helpless to her own needs. The baby oil on her tanned body made Kelly look at herself in the mirror for the first time as someone else. She couldn’t believe how beautiful she was. With the hands moving all around her body, she just watched herself get turned on more and more. She couldn’t get enough of her image in the mirror. Her hands settled on her pussy, and she started to tease her clitty again like her dream. The feelings became more intense than before because of the visual reflection from the mirror.

Don was getting aroused, although he didn’t want to. His daughter stared right at him like she was playing with herself for him. Her oily dark skin only enhanced the image. Her muscular, well-trimmed torso danced impressively in front of him. Her tits were so perfect, the most impressive breasts he had ever seen. Her ass and pussy made him want to fuck her. He was getting mixed up, between the voice and his true emotions. He could watch Kelly forever.

The smell of her sex, connected with her nose, and this inflamed her passion even more. Her hands started to actively pull apart her pussy lips, avoiding contact with her clit. She wanted to be touched so badly there she moaned from the mere thought of it. She felt herself rising to ecstasies she never knew existed. She needed something her young mind didn’t understand. The hands kept up the teasing, and suddenly entered her pussy, then slowly withdrew. This excited her to watch and feel this intrusion. She begged for it again, pleading with her own hands. Moaning so loudly she was afraid her father might hear, but she was unable to control herself. She was completely helpless to her possessed hands.

The voice informed Don that Act two was upon him. The deflowering!!! Don’s mind yelled for pity, but he couldn’t help but yearn for more, as the voice confused Kelly’s father. All of a sudden Don’s right wrist came free. He tried to undo the other wrist, but it was held securely. His voice told him to enjoy the festivities, and his pants became unzipped, and his raging hard-on sprung free.

Kelly on the constant verge of her first orgasm reveled in the teasing pussy thrusts. It was all that she knew, all that she had. Suddenly, she felt her legs spread wider and then her body bend at the waist as she leaned against the sink for support. She felt hands grip her waist, although she saw no one in the mirror. She suddenly felt something long and warm rubbing against her pussy lips. The rubbing of the object sent more stirrings to her virgin pussy. She felt on the brink of something that she wanted so badly to get to, but couldn’t for the life of her. Just when she couldn’t handle anymore rubbing, the object entered her pussy. She watched her oily body in the mirror stiffen at the stabbing of her pussy from behind. She held on tightly to the sink as it went in slowly deeper and deeper. Then it touched some kind of barrier within her. Kelly grimaced as it went through this barrier and lay quietly, deep inside her pussy. She could barely breathe as she felt her body fill up. It felt so wonderful.

As Don stroked himself, he witnessed his baby get bent over and what looked like getting fucked from behind. All he saw was Kelly and no one else. The voice told him that he was going to enjoy making a woman out of her. Make her his sex slave. Make her always crave the touch. Then you can have her, Don. No, Don thought, this he would never do. She is so beautiful looking at him through the mirror. How could he play with himself? How could he stop?

The shaft slowly withdrew then it thrust back in her. Should felt the pleasurable waves within reach their peak. Helpless to resist them, her body braced for her first orgasm. At this juncture, she came with the loudest scream her mouth had ever released. The thrusting went faster and faster. She shook from the violent orgasm that over took her body and mind. Her body moved to and fro from the pounding her pussy was taking. Just as the orgasm receded, another one replaced in with new vigor. It was like one big orgasm, and she undulated herself against the invisible pleasure going inside her. Her orgasm didn’t stop as she came and came and came again. Her body helpless to the excitement she endured. In and out, holding onto the sink for dear life, watching her body in the mirror. It went on, and didn’t let up for an hour. Impaled on the mystery intruder. Excited beyond her wildest imagination. Over and over again she felt it go in. She needed it to be harder, and it became harder. She followed the thrusts with movements of her own. Matching the rhythm with her ass, as she was unable to resist the need to be pounded from behind. She became a wanton animal, with the desire to just give into her basic instincts. Until it was over, she screamed from the constant orgasms she experienced. Numb with pleasure, she collapsed to the floor, crawled to the shower and fell asleep as the water pounded down upon her ravaged body.

GHOST OF A Chance- Part 2

Don fell asleep after spraying the two-way mirror with his cum. His daughter Kelly let the shower beat down on her exhausted body. Then she practically crawled to her bedroom where she fell asleep. Unaware that her sister, Kimmy was presently being dropped off by her mother at the front of the house.

Kim stood at the porch of the old house, admiring it as she climbed the steps to the door. She noticed it was ajar, so she decided to surprise her father and sister with her impromptu visit. She persuaded her mother to take her here, so she could help them with cleaning the house. Her mother wanted no part of her father, so she said she would shop whilst Kim visited for a few hours. Kim missed her father and Kelly very much and she needed to see them.

Quietly entering the house, Kim heard a voice coming from the top of the stairs in front of her. She giggled to herself as she proceeded to climb those very steps. When she reached the top she followed the voice, perhaps her father’s, towards another staircase, most likely heading to the attic. She silently took the steps one at a time trying not to creak the old steps, so as to surprise her father. When she reached the apex of the stairs, she saw no one. Wherever the voice had been, it certainly wasn’t here. She noticed a tall object in the corner of the dusty attic, covered with a large white sheet. Curious, Kim made her way through the bric-a-brac to unveil the mysterious object. To her young innocent mind, what she laid her eyes on was something that she never would have believed someone would have in any house.

A statue made of some kind of shiny flesh-toned material, stood in front of the 18 year old, flaxen blonde. Kim stared at the 7 foot, tall manlike statue and wondered what it was. Atop the head, a bald man with a very long protruding tongue stared down at her. The eyes were colored black and seemed to fill the whole room at once with inescapable darkness. The body had eight arms, four on each side in different poses. The top two were in somewhat of a hugging gesture, very inviting. They were quite muscular, as was the rest of the body. Then as she looked down she saw a very large erect penis, although not the real thing. It was so shiny and mesmerizing. The young girl couldn’t keep her eyes off of the beautiful structure. Her mind seemed to alert her to the fact that it was a truly fascinating statue to look at. Quite fascinating, she thought.

Unlike her sister, Kim wasn’t much of a tomboy, and liked to dress a little more feminine, like her mother. She presently wore a white tennis skirt, low-cut ankle socks, showing off her curvy legs, a matching white buttoned-down blouse covering a braless maturing upper body. She had slightly smaller breasts than her sister, but still had plenty to admire. Kim at 18 was a spectacle to behold. She enjoyed staring at herself in the mirror, recognizing her beauty and the development of her body. Just like Kelly she had never experienced any thrills of sex, but did enjoy what the stares of men did for her. The tingles she got left her wanting more. She didn’t listen to her Mother about touching herself. She let her instinct take over and enjoyed many a night of fantasy and orgasm. She came close a few times to going all the way with some of the guys she dated. In the end, she wanted to pick the right guy before she went all the way. It didn’t stop her from doing some other stuff with those guys. She wanted some kind of release, and she did like pleasing them too.

Now she felt those familiar tingles and wetness as she stared at the impressive phallus. She wondered what a real penis would feel like. An incredible urge overtook her, and she had to feel the male-like monument. With that thought, the blonde reached out to the statue and touched an arm and it felt so soft and smooth to the touch, and it seemed to feel a little warm. She felt the muscles in an arm, and thought it to be quite lifelike. Her hands wandered to the chest getting in between the arms and felt the chest’s rippling muscles. Kim started to feel the tingle a little more and an insatiable urge to caress the penis. She felt the tip and slid her hand along the shaft, as she enjoyed the feeling it gave her. She thought it would be cool to let the statue hug her as she sat on top of the erection, and feel it touching her pussy through her panties. She thought that the two upper arms, would align themselves with her chest and that would be cool to
lean into the hands, like she was being fondled. Why these thoughts ran through her young mind, she didn’t know? She just wanted what she wanted, and that was to press her firm breasts against those smooth hands. As her now damp pussy felt the long rod between her legs.

In an instant, Kim turned around and positioned herself in this erotic pose. She bent down, then under the top arms and leaned against them. The bottom two arms were in a position to cradle each leg, so she placed an ankle in each hand, lifting her off the ground. Then she picked up her skirt slightly, and sat down on the penis. She felt an intense warmth flood her womanhood. Her breasts were becoming swollen at the mere pressure from the hands that held her in place. She had never felt such wanton desires to do such wicked things such as this pose that she was now coupled with the statue in. Who knew that she even had this fantasy to be held in such a way? She was raised off the floor, held up by her ankles and chest. She closed her eyes and imagined it was real. She didn’t even realize that the warmth of the statue seemed to increase. She felt a stirring between her pussy lips, as the statue’s penis seemed to shift slightly.

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