tagNovels and NovellasA Ghost of a Chance Ch. 03

A Ghost of a Chance Ch. 03


Kathy Reynolds puttered around her home and looked over all the work that had been accomplished in the past several months. It had indeed been a hell of a lot of work, her detractors (and there had been many) telling her the house wasn't worth it, but she knew they'd all been wrong. She loved the house, her friends loved the house and the little unexpected "bonus" that had come with it made her smile daily.

Kathy hadn't shared their sentiments. She loved the house and every time she drove by it, it called out to her. She could see the beauty that it had once been and wished she could restore it to its former glory.

The last time she drove by, there seemed to be a palpable energy, a vibe that made her stop. She walked the grounds of the stately Edwardian manor, pushing through all the growth that had sprung up over the intervening years. Up close, you could see it was going to need a lot of work, clearing the grounds alone would be a mammoth undertaking. Why someone hadn't done that, why the house had fallen into such disrepair, puzzled Kathy. Kathy loved the beauty of older things, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, people put thought into furnishings and houses back in the day.

Kathy got back in her car and went downtown to see who it was that owned the property. To her surprise, the county informed her it was long abandoned and if she knew of anyone that could afford the back-taxes, it could be had for a song. Kathy got out her checkbook and for an unheard-of small sum, bought herself a house. That had been just the beginning.

She had always wanted a house, but her ex-husband Brant had been a Condo type. That should have clued her in right there. Condo living meant no work, the Condo group did it all for you. Brant was lazy in life, lazy in bed and why it had taken her so long to see that was a mystery to her.

She had always been a passionate woman and events as of late had shown her that passion, wild abandoned sex, was not something she could easily live without. Brushing a red curl from her eyes, she thought she'd enjoy a nice hot bath and spend the evening relaxing. None of her lovers were available for some play time, darn it. MacKenzie was out of town with friends. Arthur was at home with his wife and T'Kea was working hard to get rid of a nasty flu. Kathy sighed, but decided that with a few select toys and her own naughty imagination, she would have an orgasm tonight, one way or the other.

Kathy had felt that energy even more since living in the beautiful home, as she had been doing for the last number of weeks. She was constantly horning, yearning, needing to be fucked. Kathy had always enjoyed sensual, romantic lovemaking, now, her lover Arthur had been surprised how raunchy she'd been in bed last week. Kathy had been snarling for him to "fuck her hard, fuck her like a slut" and Arthur made sure to comply. Arthur was constantly griping to Kathy and T'Kea both that he wished his wife could be wilder, nastier, more uninhibited.

Kathy knew who she owed her newfound passions to. It was Robert's fault, the spirit-lover that haunted the home, imbuing it with his own sexual passions and turning up Kathy's. Sex was on her mind 24-7 now; she was almost whorish in her passions. Kathy didn't mind that -- she didn't mind it a bit. It had all worked in her favor -- Arthur, T'Kea and Mackenzie had all been ensnared in her sexy web.

Kathy sighed. Arthur. There was no future with Arthur, she knew that. She would eventually have to stop fucking him completely or it would ruin both of their careers. In truth, Arthur was happily married and adored his wife Selina; she was just a dullard in the bedroom as far as Arthur was concerned. Kathy thought part of that might even be Arthur's fault, he was many things, but a great communicator wasn't one of them. Adam was screwing both Kathy and his secretary T'Kea and it was months before either one of them knew. Once Kathy knew the lovely black girl was up for anything, she invited her for dinner. The dinner had last until breakfast, T'Kea loved pussy and was a real shark when she got going. She was also lissome and very adept at teaching Kathy a few tricks on pleasuring a woman, things she had not known before. Kathy, in turn, taught those tricks to her friend MacKenzie. True, the sexual energy Robert had imparted had been a tremendous help, but it was Kathy doing all the work. Mack had fought it in the beginning, but against her more-experienced girlfriend and her spectral lover, she was clearly outmatched. MacKenzie might have been reluctant at first, but became a girl-on-girl convert in short order.

The water in the sunken tub was warm and inviting and as Kathy sank into the bubbles, she would have sworn she heard a voice speaking to her. It wouldn't have been the first time, of course, but this voice wasn't Robert's. Kathy chalked it up to an over-active imagination and let the bubbles relax her, she felt at peace and content, if not more than a bit horny. Kathy thought of things sexual as she stroked her clit, she thought of Arthur fucking her hard, of the lush dark beauty of T'Kea and she thought of her best friend MacKenzie. Her next thought was of all the girls ganging up on Arthur and making him their sex slave for a weekend, that thought tickled her to no end. Her body arched up out of the water as she felt the kinky thoughts propel her into a small, tiny climax. She hoped that the sexual energy she was putting forward would cause Robert to manifest, instead, she heard the other voice again. It was much louder now, she could almost hear it. Her fingers flew in and out of her pussy, water splashing outside the tub and soaking the bath mat. Now the voice was so loud, she could almost hear it calling her name. No, it was calling her name.

"Kathy. The bedroom. Come." The voice sounded.

Kathy wasn't sure which she was more ... terrified or intrigued. She decided on intrigued and dried her body, still enjoying how lovely she was in her mid-30's. Brant had grown less interested, that still baffled her, because she certainly hadn't let herself go in any way. She worked out religiously, made herself pretty and enjoyed nice lingerie and was almost an exhibitionist. Brant ... eh, his loss, Kathy decided.

As she reached the doorway to the Master Bedroom, the first room she'd had restored, she was sure she saw an ethereal light. This certainly wasn't Robert. Kathy entered the room and seated on the bed, in what appeared to be a filmy negligee, was a beautiful, Asian woman Kathy did not recognize, but she knew immediately who it must be. She sensed right away what was going on. She was seeing another ghost, a different spirit. She wasn't at all frightened; she felt a sense of calm and tranquility. She would not be hurt and sensed this would be another unique experience for her to participate in.

"Hello, Kathy ... you are more beautiful up close than you are from a distance. Don't worry, all is well, I am not here to harm you." The woman's voice was soft and melodic, you could see she wasn't quite there, Kathy could see that she was slightly transparent.

"Are you Robert's late wife? Are you Teanna?"

The woman nodded. "Yes. Like my beloved husband, I consider myself one of the Guardian Angels of this home that was once filled with such love and passion. Robert and I shared many passionate times while we lived here. It broke my heart to see it fall into such a state and the joy you brought us by doing the restoration filled me with happiness. Robert told me all about you and I had to meet you. It is so nice to have a vibrant, happy person roaming these halls again, thank you. Please, come and sit down beside me, I would like to know you ... as my husband does."

Kathy sat beside this beautiful woman, who appeared to be no more than 30. Teanna brushed Kathy's cheek softly and Kathy felt a slight presence as the fingers stroked her cheek, like a Will 'O the Wisp, soft and barely there.

"I am Teanna and of course, I am Robert's second wife. We lived here for several years and were very happy here, life was far from dull. As you know Kathy, Robert and I were very sexual people, nothing was wrong for us, we had other partners, we were ... what is the term today ... swingers. I left this earth 10 years before my Robert, yet I could not go on. Why? Perhaps I was bound to him and to our home; I could not bear to leave my Robert behind. It was not our time and now, we both see why."

"Why?" Kathy wanted to know. Was it her imagination or was Teanna becoming slightly more solid?

"For one, we found that we are bound to this home, it mattered to us. We needed to be certain there was happiness here and for several years, there most assuredly was. Once things started to go downhill, I was trapped ... I wanted to go on, yet I couldn't. Over time, Robert and I came to understand that our purpose was to wait, to be here for the next owner and help show them the happiness that once existed here. I waited, it was all we could do, wait and hope. The sexual energy you brought forward drew us both back into the mortal realm, back from the limbo in which we existed for so many years. For that, my love and I both thank you."

Kathy's happiness was linked to Teanna's. She could now feel Teanna's gentle fingers on her cheek. She could see that with every passing second, Teanna was becoming more tangible, more "real".

"It's been a long time since I experienced feelings, since I was able to reach out, to touch someone, to connect with any person. You are responsible for that Kathy, I am drawing ever closer. I want to be with you, to watch over you and ensure your happiness, as Robert does. Will you allow me that? May I know you in the same, sensual way that my husband knows you?"

Kathy looked deeply into Teanna's almond eyes and saw she was "almost" there. "Yes," Kathy whispered in a soft, hushed tone. "You're so beautiful, of course Teanna, please, join me here."

Like the picture on a television wavering for a second, Teanna seemed to flicker and then, her lips were against Kathy's. Soft, probing lips and her scent was that of Jasmine blended with Lilac. Now that Kathy had been with a few women, she knew well the sweetness of their touch, but all of them seemed to be clumsy amateurs compared to sensual, exotic Teanna.

"Your lips are very soft, darling Kathy ... please, join me on the bed, I want to love you. Robert has told me there are very few women that can compare to you ... I am one of them," Teanna smiled. "It's been so very long since I've felt the flesh of another partner, decades since I have been able to experience sensual pleasures."

Kathy began to kiss Teanna back -- she was slightly chilly and it seemed odd to be kissing someone that had been "gone" for decades, but she thought about that less and less with every tender kiss. Teanna became warmer and warmer and soon had Kathy on her back on the large, quilted bed. Teanna was peppering Kathy's body with soft, gentle kisses.

"Robert used to love watching me play with other women, he once told me that it was one of the reasons he proposed, because of my bi-sexuality. It was much less common in our time," Teanna smiled as she continued kissing Kathy's soft flesh. "I love your red hair Kathy; it is so complimentary to your skin."

Kathy felt the warmth infusing her body as Teanna's touches grew more passionate. "Thank You Teanna," Kathy smiled. "You must have been ... I mean; you are ... a beautiful woman." Then she giggled. "Do you think Robert's watching us?"

Teanna smiled and said "I practically guarantee it." She removed the pale green nightgown she had been wearing. "Thank you as well. I was a very vain woman in life, a habit my husband was never able to break me of. I enjoyed being attractive and being the object of desire for both men and women alike. Yet, of all the numerous suitors I attracted, it was Robert alone who won my heart and held it for many years."

Teanna's tongue was dipping between Kathy's legs now, stroking and searching, making Kathy feel sensations that were almost beyond description. The sexual passion she was experiencing with the Asian spirit was beyond her ability to describe; her body was twisting erotically on the bed as Teanna's golden body pressed against her own. Teanna's pussy was moist against her own, Kathy reached out to touch it and found it wet and warm, all of Teanna was now quite tangible.

"Oh God, Kathy dearest, it's been so long, so very long," Teanna cried out as Kathy's fingers found her cunt and stroked her clit. The beautiful woman was now responding with equal fervor to Kathy's sweet caresses, it seemed as if no time passed before they were locked in a tender, sensual sixty-nine, enjoying each other until neither could stand anymore and both climaxed with shrieks that echoed throughout the old mansion.

Teanna cradled Kathy close, fingers tangling through Kathy's red curls. "This was a truly special evening, dearest Kathy, and I shall cherish the memory." Kathy could see that Teanna was becoming ethereal once again and she cried out "Please Teanna, don't go, stay, please stay."

Teanna's face took on a sad expression. "Kathy, I cannot stay, but I promise, I shall return. Until that time, know that both Robert and I are watching over you and love you dearly." Kathy found comfort in those words and within minutes had drifted off into a deep, satisfied slumber.

Kathy woke up the next morning, remembering one of the most erotic evenings she had ever enjoyed in all her life. She felt refreshed and ready to start the day; she put on her robe and went into the bathroom to splash some water on her face before heading downstairs to make a pot of coffee.

That was when she noticed the pale writing on the bathroom mirror. "Thanks for a truly beautiful show last night. All our love, Teanna and Robert."

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