tagErotic HorrorA Ghost's Crush... in Windsor Castle

A Ghost's Crush... in Windsor Castle


A Ghost's Crush... In Windsor Castle, England

It was getting late. Max knew that he had been walking on this path for long. He checked his watch... 11:45pm. 'Ha haa', he chuckled in a sigh at himself. He closed his eyes, went back in time, 3 hours ago 8:30pm... he had finally stabbed his short samurai sword in that demon's neck with his right hand, while he had pushed him firmly against the railing of the tower with his left hand. The beast had screamed, 'You insolent fool! You are ONE AMONG US... WE are SAME....... DEMONS!!! Why are you killing me then? Release me! Spare me!

And I promise that I will serve you forever! I promise!'

Upon which Max had replied with I calm smile, 'You dared to touch that human girl... even if I had warned you not to! Yet you dared. I hate promises that aren't fulfilled!

Die... in peace, my fellow demon!' The next moment he had slashed his sword out of that demon's neck to the right with a final sinister smile.

Max returned to his current surroundings. He was smiling now too 'cuz he had liked that look of total fear in that demons eyes. He opened his eyes, & looked ahead. Smiled a bit again & started walking towards the castle. He muttered under his breath, 'Hmmm... Windsor Castle if I am not wrong.' He had been living in England since he was 18, when he had come to continue his studies at higher level on the base of his scholarship. Though he perceived technical subjects, he had always loved history.

He had finally reached at the foot of the castle's walk after taking the long detour from the castle's Long Walk, to avoid the guards. He looked up at the high wall, & jumped straight up to its top, landing silently like a cat beside its ledge. He looked down at the beautiful scenery below, & turned immediately with a small stifled cry of pain from his wounds. He started walking with his eyes barely open. He needed a room, where no one could find him, where he could heal his wounds. He was walking to the left, he couldn't see where he was walking, but he was finally able to find a room with a huge fluffy bed. One of the lord's chambers it might be. He shut the door slowly, & slumped down on the floor against the door letting out a slow sigh of pain.

In an instant he heard a small shrill laugh, which made the hairs on the back of his neck to stand straight. He looked around, but couldn't see anyone with his sword's hilt gripped tightly in his right hand. Yet he couldn't see anyone. He kept his sword back down, & kept thinking, "it isn't a demon... I can smell a demon from miles. It's something close to me here.'

Again he heard a small laugh. This time he remained calm. He kept himself busy with bandaging his right thigh. In a small voice he said, 'Come out from behind that dresser my friend.' The small laughing stopped. He could sense someone drifting out of the dresser. He looked up & smiled warmly, 'Wow! You look cute!'

In front of him stood a woman wearing tattered dress, with a grotesque rotten face. She screeched in a low voice at him, 'How dare you insult me like that? You will pay for this! I will start with drinking your blood now!'

'Ha ha', he smiled warmly; 'Come on dear... don't fool me with that Halloween mask & since when did ghosts started drinking blood? Trust me... you really have a pretty face! Ummm... as far as i can see...', he could see a look of surprise in her eyes & he knew why; he continued in a small pause,'...you have a small white nose... blue eyes... long blonde hairs with curls at the end... ummm... pinkish lips... dark eyelashes... &... a small black spot near your right eye to finish your beauty!' He kept looking straight eyes. 'If I am not wrong, you must be the daughter of ummm a lord who used to live here or something, am I right?'

'Y..yes!', she kept looking at him. 'No one before... said those things to me. W..who are you? How could you see behind my... veil, i mean, mask? Your eyes glowed yellow when you said that! You are not a normal human.'

'Ya... i am half human... half demon!', he smiled warm, getting back to rubbing the wound off his chest. 'My mum was a demon... but she fell in love with my paa... owwww!' A small cry of pain escaped his lips.

She glided near to him, looking at his wounds. 'What happened to you Mister? Those look... serious wounds.'

On that he chuckled, ' Ha ha... nothing serious my lady. I just had to kill a few demons nearby. Let's say about, ummm, 56 or more.' He looked up at her, & couldn't help blushing with a gasp.

Now that she had removed her mask, he could see the face of a girl, not a woman, in her late twenties. She had a radiant aura around her; her skin was very pale but mystifyingly beautiful. She had plump breasts which were hiding behind her thin white sleeping gown. He could see concern in her eyes as they were fixed to his wound on his chest.

'Here, let me help. You can't do that on your own.' She touched his chest & was shocked, 'I.. I can touch you... even if i am a ghost.' She stared at him. 'Maybe it's 'cuz... you are have half demon blood.'

Max had closed his eyes when her hand touched him. It was a bit cold, yet he could feel warm with her. She kept brushing the blood with the cotton he was using to wipe his blood. "hmmmm... good chest" she thought. She haven't been able to touch a males body for a long time... or to be honest, for her whole life, both alive & as dead.

'H..how old are you Mister?', she asked. To which he replied, 'Ummm 20. Why?'

'N..nothing', she hided her blush. 'It's just that, I have never touched a boy before & your skin is... so plain & stiff... yet your warm eyes, make me feel... ummm like I have never felt before.'

He patted her head gently, 'It's ok dear. I can understand, you have been alone for too long.' He pointed his tip of finger at the fireplace & muttered a charm; instantly a merrily crackling fire burst into flames. He looked back at her, 'Ummm... I am not that handsome boy dear, I mean I don't have that good skin. Bu you sure are beautiful.....' His words were lost in his throat when she had instantly hugged him gently. It was like his pain has vanished away in her warmth.

He was surprised, his eyes were wide open. Slowly he hugged back, smiling. In a warm voice he said, 'Don't worry dear, I am here with you! You won't be sad now.'

'Then take me in you! Please! Make me your woman for tonight she said looking up in his eyes. 'Please, I have never got to feel a man before! Maybe that's why I am still in this world. Please, please make me your...'

'I am sorry dear. I... I can't. I can't do that to you. It's not right. I mean i...', he was remembering what were the moral values taught in his country; touching a girl without marrying her was a sin in his land. But his dropped when he saw tears dripping from her eyes.

'Please please... m..make my one & only one final wish true. If I ever want someone to love me, it would be only you! Please please grant my only wish!', she hugged him tight, shutting her eyes, lowering her voice further below, 'P..please please... please... I beg you!'

He was feeling really sad for her now. Even if he was a half demon, his other half was more stronger over him. He tried to retort, but as soon as he opened his lips to talk, 'But I...'

He found her soft lips touching his lips, drowning his voice in his throat. He could feel her hug getting tighter & so, her soft breast crushing against his chest. It all happened in those few seconds! It was like... he was in a completely different world.

His eyes closed slowly & hugged her back gently. Slowly he started to kiss her back. He could feel her hands pulling him in her as though she was afraid that he might go. Their heads tilted as they kept on kissing each other gently.

'Ummm!' she kept purring as he was kissing her softly. His hands went on her back, on her waist; he could feel her perfect curve of her waist. He stared rubbing her there.

She pushed him gently so that he fell gently on the floor beside the fireplace & then lied over him, hugging him & kissing him again. He slowly licked her lips with the tip of his tongue as he kissed her back. Their lips had gone all wet as they kept licking & kissing each other for a long time. Slowly he guided his right hand from her waist without losing his touch of her, to her left breast & cupped it gently.

'S..soft!', he whispered & felt her body shiver as he started to grope her breast softly. His left hand remained on her waist, over her hips, hugging her close to him. He kept doing that for some time & could feel her rubbing her groin against his, which was making him turned on.

She got up, held his hands & pulled him up; taking him to the huge royal bed without taking her eyes off his eyes. He pulled her in his hug & started kissing her again. She pulled his torn t-shirt off him & unbuckled his pants. He somehow slid it down & got out of it without stopping kissing her.

They fell on the bed together, licking each other. This was the first time he was so close to a girl. He was blushing as she was kissing him & pressing her breasts against his chest. He could see a deep cleavage forming in between the folds of her breasts. She turned him around & took him over her. They kept looking in each other's eyes for a while. 'You sure were a lot pampered when you was alive... don't you?' She smiled & replied mischievously, 'Yes! Always. But, you are the only one, whom I have allowed to touch me in my whole life!' She pulled him close, looking in his eyes, & whispered, 'Please don't waste any more time now Mister! LOVE me!'

He blushed & replied in a whisper too, 'Yes!' He caught the red ribbon around her breast on her gown, holding her gown together & gave it a tug, pulling the knot open. She slid her arms out of it as he pulled her gown out off her. There she was lying down naked below him, covering her breasts with her hands, blushing hard. She turned on her side. He lied behind her & hugged her from behind, pulling her close to him. He could heel her soft hips touching against his v-shaped tight under pant. He kept running his groin against her hips slowly, & his hands found her breasts; which he started to grope immediately. He kissed her back of neck & slowly crept his kissing lips & licking tongue towards her left ear & clipped it gently. At this she let a gasp of moan escape her lips. Her eyes were closed.

'A..ahhh... uuummmmm... what is your name Mister?' she asked him as he had started to press her breasts. 'Max d..dear. What is your n..name?' She turned around hugging him back & kissing his neck & started licking it, 'Rose.'

He was getting flustered as her bare groin had started to rub against his groin again. He slid his mouth to her left breast & covered it whole with his mouth. He started to lick & suck it. His right hand was on her hips & the left hand was massaging her right breast. He bit her hard pink nipple softly & pulled it with his teeth, while the fingers of his left hand kept squishing her right nipple with a slow force. She started to writhe below him as he did that. She held his penis which was still on his underpants & started rubbing it up & down. He gasped feeling the rub of her soft finger on his shaft. He then shifted his head to her other breast & started to suck & bite it. It felt like they were now keeping each other alive.

'Mr. Max... go d..down!'

Max immediately sent his mouth down, while licking the bare skin of her tummy all the way. He parted her legs & was surprised to found her spot with very faint hairs. 'H..how old are you... Lady Rose?' 'Ummm... 22', she replied, 'That makes it, 222 now.'

He looked up in her half closed eyes & smiled, 'Yet you are so full & ripe... untouched.' Her smell was now pulling him towards her. He couldn't delay more. Max closed his eyes & slowly touched his tongue on her heated spot.

'Uuuuuummmmm... ooohhhh Mr.Max!' she moaned. He licked her slowly so that she would feel the ripple of pleasure of his every touch on her virgin folds. She kept on moaning in low voice. He kept on licking her & finally drew his mouth away before she came with her eyes shut tight.

She lay down silently with her eyes closed, breathing calmly. 'Now', he said, 'Are you satisfied Lady Rose?' She didn't reply but sent her hands over his pants, pulling them down, looking at his rigid penis poking at her. 'No! Not yet!'

She pulled him close & kept his penis against her pussy. 'Please... do it! N...now! I can't wait any more!'

He was blushing like a little boy at her bold words. His arms held her thighs & spread them wide. He sat in between them, long at her dripping pussy. He held his penis in his left hand & touched its head at the entrance of her wet folds. 'This might... hurt.' He slowly pushed himself in her. She hugged him tight as the small pain shot across her. 'o...owww...uuummmm!'

He stopped worried & looked in her eyes when she had turned behind. 'Rose?' She smiled wearily & mumbled, 'Don't stop. Go o..on!' He was surprised to see her, waiting for him so eagerly. He gave another shove & pushed his tool further in, she stifled her moan again. He started to pump in her slowly now. He could see her biting her own lower lip to stifle her virgin pain. He could feel her getting wetter & wetter every moment; inch by inch he was finally fully inside her. He kept on humping her slowly until he could feel her pain fading away. He started to pump her with a faster pace. His hands went on her nipples facing towards him & started to squeeze them. She was still stifling her moans eve if she was not feeling pain now.

'Ahhh... uuummmm... Rose... you can... you can moan as loudly as... uummm you can. Don worry. I... ummm... I have sealed this room with magic, when I came here... so that no sound escapes this room!', he said to her.

Rose didn't needed telling twice. She immediately let a high moan of pleasure escape through her, 'Aaaahhhhh... uuuummmm... uuummmmmm.. oooohhhh...!!' she was feeling very light now. His thrusts were now giving him pleasure. 'Uuummm I... f..faster... faster... uummmm harder!'

Max was getting turned on her every word; he pumped on harder inside her & could his pressure rising inside him. She kept on moaning louder as he increased his pace. Finally they wear nearing their peaks. Her nails were now boring deep in his back as she kept on scratching his back when he was pounding against her wet vagina.

She looked at him with her half closed eyes as if to say, 'Cum with me!' He understood it & increased his power & rigor; he found her both hands & entwined his fingers with hers as though to let her know that he is with her till her final moments; he could tell that she was happy when he had held her warm. He increased the rhythm to such power, that it was like hitting her pussy with loud thumps. He could feel her shuddering now... he knew that her control was giving up. So... with a final deep thrust they moaned in unison, 'AAAHHHHHH... HAAAAA... UUMMMM!!!'

He could feel his fluid gushing out in torrents in her tight velvety soft softness, along with her own fluids. He slumped down on her as he felt his last drop of cum seeping out in her. They kept panting in low voice. He looked up at her & saw her smiling peacefully. He reached up & held her right cheek & gave her a soft kiss. 'How was it?', he asked.

'Uuummm... H..heaven on earth!', Rose exclaimed happily as she kissed him back. He hugged her again fondling her breasts.

'Then get ready for another one', he said with a blushing grin. He turned taking her over him & making him sit over his cock. She moaned in a false tired, 'Whaattt? You are still not exhausted?'

'You don't want it then Rose?', he looked up at her.

She smiled lustfully, bent down & licked his wounds & put her right breast in his mouth, took his right hand on her other breast & slid his hard cock right in her pussy with a slow motion, then piped up, 'Hmmm I want you... forever!' She blushed. Slowly she started humping up & down his hard & throbbing pole. He was surprised at her instant action again, but her wet sheath's sensation against his cock sent him crazy again. He caught her breasts & started to knead them. They kept pumping up for next 30mins; until when he came & she had already came thrice.

They were awake the whole night, doing their love sessions for 4 times. Their last love session ended with him spilling his last drop of cum in her already filled belly in a hard doggy style; he had rammed her hard with her equal thrusting back.

Finally... it was 7:00am in the morning. The sun was coming up with its warm light creeping on their naked legs. They had been awake for past whole hour, without making any love; just looking in each other's eyes. He could see her body's outline growing faint now. Their eyes were moist. He hugged her close for the last time.

'H..hey! Don't cry! You gave me the best moments of my life Max! If I ever get to live again, I wish... I wish you to be my husband!!! Just you! I love you Max!!! I love you!!!'

'Idiot! You are crying too! I love you too... Rose!', he smiled at her now vanishing face. She bent forward & kissed him her final goodbye & finally, she was gone.

Max lied down there for some moments, feeling the last of her fragrance. Finally got up & pulled up his clothes on, took his sword & walked out of the tower to the grounds, without wiping his eyes.


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