tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Gift Amongst Friends Ch. 04

A Gift Amongst Friends Ch. 04


This story immediately follows the events of the third chapter and will make numerous references to previous events in this series, as well as the separate story, The Concert. Although I hope each chapter is able to stand up as an enjoyable tale on its own, I strongly recommend starting at the beginning if you haven't already done so. It will just make so much more sense that way.


Mandy awoke, groggy and confused. The room felt like it was spinning, and last night's alcohol evidently still lingered in her system. She kicked her blankets aside and tried to get up.

I'm naked, she realized. She looked over at her roommate's bed and thankfully found it empty. Megan must have already gone to class, she decided. Mandy was glad to have the room to herself for the moment while she pulled herself together.

It was already 10:42am, and she quickly decided that her 11:00am biology class was out of the question.

Crawling out of bed, she tried to recall the events of the previous evening. She remembered going to The LoRider...giving David the pictures. Her heart pulsed as she remembered the plan she had put into action. She could not remember the details of their encounter...simply that she had given him the camera along with the provocative images she had left on the memory card. I can't believe that I really did it.

As she got up, she cradled her forehead in anticipation of splitting pain, but it did not come. Something about that made her feel uneasy, but she could not quite put her finger on it.

"Fuck!" she shouted aloud when she saw herself in the mirror. A familiar dried substance formed a white trail across her cheek that led to a matted mess in her long hair. A similar mess stained her bare breasts.

What the hell did I do last night? For a moment she panicked and feared that she might have fucked David. No, I remember leaving him at the bar...I remember a taxi ride...with Sarah...then...Andrew! She shuddered. I fucked him. Or, he fucked me.

She could not remember what happened, but she had fuzzy memories of lying in Andrew's bed. Did I go there willingly? The last several weeks had left her more horny than usual...and his room was conveniently located down the hall. Oh god, did I come to him in drunken desperation?

It no longer mattered. All she could do now was to shower and hope that the shame eventually washed away as well.

Bits and pieces of the evening came back to her as the day went on, but nothing more than clouded images without context. She seemed to recall kissing Sarah, but she could not be certain whether that really happened, or whether it was just another of her recurring fantasies breaking through into her consciousness.

When she saw Sarah at lunch, nothing seemed out of the ordinary, so Mandy decided that it must be the latter. She had always had an appreciation for female beauty, but lately things had been developing beyond that. Now, it seemed like Mandy could not go a day without thinking about her female friends in a new light. It frequently crept into her dreams and even her daydreams.

The majority of these fantasies seemed to focus on Megan and Sarah, but they were growing to include other female friends and classmates. Could I be bisexual, she wondered as she stole glances at her best friend, sitting across the table from her.

The question burned in her mind for the remainder of the day. She became noticeably more self-conscious of the way she looked at the girls in her afternoon chemistry class. Although she had confided her newfound love of exhibitionism with Sarah, Mandy decided to keep this bisexual curiosity a secret for now.

The weekend passed quietly, and she decided that she was better off staying in until things blew over.

Sunday night, Megan was gone to her boyfriends' place, and Mandy had the dorm room to herself. She tried to study for her upcoming exams and work on her final assignments, but it was impossible. She felt wired and could not calm herself.

She was still afraid to face David on Monday to retrieve her camera. Would he look at her any different after seeing the surprise she had 'accidentally' left for him? Would he believe her story...that he was never meant to see those pictures? Will he think that I am a slut for taking those kind of pictures? She often wondered the same thing about herself.

The details of their conversation at the bar came back to her gradually with time, but most of the evening remained a blur.

I need a distraction. I need something to burn up all this built up anxiety and energy. Back during high school, she would go for runs when she was upset or anxious. Everything seemed to melt away after a long jog and shower. The endorphins were like a drug.

But she hadn't run in over a year, and now that seemed like a different version of herself—a distant memory. She wondered if she would even recognize that person they met in the mirror. She had new addictions now.

Mandy put down her book and stepped into the hall. Still in her jean shorts and a tank top, she took three steps and stopped. Where am I going? This is wrong.

Two more steps. No, turn around. Just grab your shoes and go for a late night run.

It was all rhetoric, and her feet continued softly along the carpeted halls. It felt like the walls were caving in around her. Dozens of doors, but they all lead to the same destination...

Andrew answered the knock, and found his prize waiting. Words were exchanged, but Mandy could not recall what they were. They did not matter. All that mattered were her intentions, which were as clear as day—she was a slave, awaiting instruction.

Everything passed as a blur. Her clothing was removed. She obediently descended to her knees and opened her mouth. She could not recall how long she sucked at his cock, but she stayed on the floor until he guided her to the bed, on her hands and knees, facing the window.

His thrusts were fast and awkward, and Mandy suddenly realized that the bed around her was littered with Dorito crumbs and comic books. I can't believe I am doing this again. Even so, she closed her eyes and climaxed just as Andrew pulled her hips back firmly and filled her womb with his seed.

She stood in the shower for a long time afterward. Why am I doing this to myself? Was it not enough that she was teasing her friends and neighbors, but now she also needed to degrade herself completely for the loser next door? This is a slippery slope that I have been on for weeks now.

But with the shame came a certain thrill. In addition to her lesbian fantasies, Mandy had recently started playing with the idea of submissiveness. Just about everything that she had done over the past couple of weeks had been done to maintain this illusion of powerlessness: 'accidentally' lending David naked photos...playing the clueless girl while the curtains are open...

From Andrew's perspective, he must think that he's hit the jackpot, she considered while drying off. He probably thinks that he's the one in control of me. That could be a fun fantasy to maintain for a while. The important thing was that she remembered who was really in control. This was her game, not Andrew's. I can stop it whenever I want.

Mandy slept like a baby that night. However, her anxiety returned the next morning when she realized what day it was.

When she met with David, she was afraid that she might drop the camera from the sweat on her palms. They met in the hall before chemistry class. After all that she had done and all that she had shown him, a public setting seemed like a safer way to keep things simple—although she enjoyed the thrill of teasing David, she had no interest in moving things beyond that.

Still, when she saw him coming, she could feel her face burning with embarrassment. She could only imagine how flush she must have looked in this brightly lit building.

"Hey!" He was the first to offer a greeting.

"Hi," she returned quickly. Too quickly. Calm down. Breathe. I am the one who set this up. It's no big deal.

"How was your weekend?" He seemed warm, as though nothing was out of the ordinary. But still, Mandy could swear that she detected something in his eyes—something he was trying to hide.

"Good," she replied. "Stayed in the whole time...pretty boring." Fucked my neighbor again, but you don't need to know that. "What about you?"

"It was okay. Worked on my assignment. I didn't do much else." As he spoke, he reached into his bag and pulled out her camera.

She stared at the device in a daze until she remembered to speak. "Hmm? What assignment?"

He stared at her, confused, and then laughed. "Really? My kinesiology assignment? The whole reason I borrowed this?" He gestured towards his hand.

"Oh, right!" She felt so embarrassed. He is going to see right through me.

"Though apparently I could have kept it and you wouldn't have even noticed," he joked as he handed her the camera.

She laughed unnaturally. I am in control. Just breathe. Her hand shook as she took it and placed it in her own bag.

The way that he looked at her made her feel anxious. She had shown him her most private parts, her most private moments, practically giftwrapped for his enjoyment. Now, as he stared at her, she felt exposed. She felt vulnerable and helpless. She felt...excited.

It is a good thing that we did this in public, she thought as she felt a warmth starting to spread between her legs. God knows where this might have led in private.

They started walking towards their class when Mandy stopped abruptly. Don't ask, just keep moving. She bit her lip. No good can come from asking. "So...did you look at what was on the memory card?" She had not intended for the question to come out so straightforwardly. It almost sounded like an accusation.

His eyes shot wide as if he had been caught red-handed. "What? No, of course not! I would never do that to you. You asked me not to, and I respect that."

He is such a terrible liar. It was written all over his face. Mandy smiled.

"Okay, good. I was worried that you might have looked," she said as they started walking again. She could see that David relaxed. He thinks I am so gullible. "They were really private pictures."

Oh god, what am I doing? She was getting wrapped up in the tease again, losing herself in the moment.

"Yeah, you mentioned that on Thursday. You said they were pictures of your bikini?"

Mandy could hardly refrain from laughing. I don't remember mentioning the bikini...then again, I don't remember much. Even so, she suspected that he might have just given himself away. "Yeah, something like that..."

Class itself passed rather uneventfully. As soon as she was alone, Mandy turned on the camera and checked the memory card. Empty. At least he kept that part of his promise, she thought with a grin.

She returned to her dorm room and looked hesitantly at the window. After some thought, she decided to walk over and close the curtains.

After everything that had happened, she was trying desperately to suppress her exhibitionist urges. She feared that she may have become addicted to the thrill of being seen. It seeped into her thoughts, day and night, and the mere thought of doing it again gave her goose bumps. Her encounters with Andrew and David had only added fuel to the fire. Fortunately, Megan returned home shortly thereafter, putting Mandy's temptation to rest.

Mandy's encounters with David returned to normal over the course of the week. She was afraid that her secret would get loose amongst her friends—either from Sarah or from David—but nothing seemed out of the ordinary. All of this normalcy made it progressively easier for Mandy to steer clear of the window when she was alone in the evening.

However, she found herself returning to Andrew's room twice more before the week's end. The second time, her true submissiveness was put to the test. She had never done anal before, nor had she ever wanted to. However, she obediently braced herself when he spread her cheeks and began to apply pressure on her virgin sphincter. Afterwards, she got dressed and returned to her room as though nothing was out of the ordinary. She felt dirtier than usual and promised herself not to let things get out of control like that again.

When Friday came, Mandy decided to spend a quiet evening at home. Most of her friends were going to some big concert on campus, but Mandy was not a huge fan of anyone in the show's lineup, and she was trying to save some money. Sarah was going with Ashley, and Megan was going with Kelly, Alex, Tom, and Nick, so Mandy had the room and the night to herself.

After all of the distractions of the last two weeks, she had found herself falling behind in some of her coursework. Tonight seemed like an opportunity to catch up on her psychology and biology reading assignments. Exam time was only a couple weeks away, and she could not allow her grades to drop if she intended to go to medical school—an option she had been considering since high school.

Putting on plain t-shirt and a comfy pair of pajama pants, she relaxed in her bed surrounded by a pile of books and class notes.

It was almost 10:30pm by the time that mental exhaustion finally took hold. After re-reading the same sentence for the third time, she gave up and pushed her books aside. She could faintly hear the roaring music coming from the campus courtyard, and she decided to slip under her sheets and turn on the television. She grabbed her laptop and wasted some time online, posting some of her non-private photos to her profile page.

Some of these are pretty good, she told herself as she played with some of the color settings. Her camera was high end, and although it was almost three years old, she was still impressed by the quality of photos she was able to get with it.

She was starting to nod off the sleep when her phone rang. Still in bed, she reached out and picked up the receiver from her desk.

"Hello?" Mandy asked groggily. No response came. Fuck, this better not be some drunk asshole's idea of a prank. "Hello," she repeated. She was about to hang up when she finally got a response.

"Hey, Mandy?"

Mandy did not recognize the voice. "Yeah?"

"Hey...umm...this is Jess...from down the hall. I...uhhh...I forgot my keys. Can you please come down to let me in?"

Seriously?! Mandy was in no mood to go all the way downstairs to do a favor for someone that she hardly even knew. Even so, she felt somewhat bad for Jess. She didn't know the freshman girl very well, but Jess seemed a quiet type and she always seemed to be alone when Mandy saw her around the dorm. "Yeah, sure, no problem. Just give me a minute."

Mandy hung up the phone and sighed. She grabbed her favorite pair of slippers and took the elevator down to the ground floor.

What Mandy saw as she opened the door shocked her to her core. Standing before her in an oversized hoodie was the small, mousey girl from down the hall. However, Mandy would have never recognized her. Jess' bare legs extended from the bottom of her garment, but the true surprise was her face. Her hair was a tangled mess, her glasses were nowhere to be seen, and her face looked like it was smeared...covered in something. Is that...no, it couldn't be...oh my god, it is...

"Are you okay?" Mandy asked instinctively.

Jess stared at the floor. "Yeah...I...ugh...I was at the concert. I need to get back to my room."

The two girls quickly headed for the elevator and stepped inside. The doors closed and it began its rise to the fifth floor.

Mandy tried not to stare, and she tried desperately to understand. Who is this girl? This is not the quiet loner that I have been sharing a floor with for the last school year. Jess made no movement as the two girls stood in silence. A second glance confirmed Mandy's suspicion—there was far too much cum to have come from one, or even two, men. I have completely misjudged her.

It was none of her business, but Mandy had to know. "Are you...naked under there?" she asked hesitantly.

Jess' cheeks turned a bright shade of red and she nodded. "Mandy, please don't tell anyone about this."

"Of course. I..." Mandy trailed off, unsure what to say. "Yeah, of course. But just out of curiosity, why did you call me?"

The two girls made eye contact for the first time that Mandy could recall. "I didn't want anyone else to see me like this," Jess responded. "And I knew that you of all people wouldn't judge me."

Before Mandy could respond, the elevator door opened, and her neighbor disappeared down the hall. Mandy stepped out, confused, and slowly walked back towards her room. What the fuck is she talking about?

She closed her door behind her and stared across the room for a long while, trying to piece together what had just happened. I thought she was a virgin. Unless... It was always possible that Jess had been taken against her will. Though, she seemed pretty calm if that was the case.

But what did she mean by that last comment? That I, of all people, wouldn't judge her. What kind of girl does she think that I am?

Mandy walked over to the mirror. She remembered the reflection that she had found staring back at her a week ago—naked, used, and covered in... Wait, how does she know about that?

Mandy certainly would have remembered if Jess had been present while Andrew fucked her. But the details of how she got back to her room were still fuzzy in her memory. Did I see her after? If so, who else might have seen me? She recalled that she had been naked when she woke up the next morning. Oh god, was I walking around the halls naked?

No, I couldn't possibly have been that reckless, could I?

Her thoughts returned to Jess, her sweet, innocent neighbor, and she smiled. It looks like I'm not the only one who has secrets. Perhaps Mandy wasn't so unusual after all, and that made her feel better about herself and the things that she had done.

In fact, it looked like Jess had a far wilder night than Mandy ever had.

Mandy sat down and tried to watch television, but it could not hold her focus. Her thoughts kept returning to Jess, getting fucked by multiple guys. Strangers? Friends? Maybe she had too much to drink?

Her hand slipped into the waistband of her pajama pants unconsciously. She began to imagine herself in Jess' position and she realized the truth. I am jealous!

Her fingers trembled as she locked the door. She threw the curtains open and looked to the neighboring boys' dormitory. Only a few windows were lit up across from her own.

Still staring out into the night, Mandy reached down and peeled her t-shirt up, over her head, and threw it to the floor. I can't just stand here, she thought as she displayed her bare breasts to her anonymous voyeurs. However, her body would not respond.

Resting one hand on the side of the window frame, she slipped the other below her waistband again. So wet. Pulling the hand out, she put a finger to her lips and took it into her mouth. She imagined that it was Jess' juices that she tasted, rather than her own.

Get away from the window. She tried to turn away, but she could not control herself.

Her hands pushed her pajama pants and panties down together until they fell around her ankles.

Mandy imagined Jess, held down and fucked at a crowded concert. She imagined herself there with her. Meanwhile, her own her fingers glided down over her smoothly shaven lips.

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