tagBDSMA Gift for My Master

A Gift for My Master


"It is time," You tell me. "No more shrinking from what I want and what you want to give me."

"Yes, sir," I reply as I bow my head obediently.

You raise me to my feet from where I have been kneeling at your side and gather me in your arms. Raising my chin, you look into my eyes. I see that you care for me, are not going to hurt me. I trust you.

"We have been preparing your pretty little bottom," You begin. "It might hurt a little at first, but you will enjoy it and I will savor it knowing you have given it to no other."

"Now, kneel on the bed and present my sweet pussy and ass to me," You command with a quick, soft kiss on the lips and swat on my bottom.

Kneeling on the bed, you can see that the butt plug you inserted earlier is still in place. You can't resist touching, kissing, licking and softly biting my pussy and ass from behind. You run your hands over my bottom and part my pussy lips with your fingers so you can see my wet, pink cunt.

"Mmmmm," I hear you growl as I feel your tongue enter my pussy and you begin to gently tug on the plug in my ass.

"Ohhh," I cry out as you gently slide the plug from my ass one ridge at a time.

You continue your ministrations to my cunt as you slide the plug from my bottom completely. My asshole is dilated a bit and this pleases you, knowing it will make your venture into my ass a little easier now that you have prepared me.

You can't wait to be inside me so you stand and slide your cock into my pussy from behind and begin to slowly pump. As you fuck me slowly, thoroughly, you open the bottle of lubrication and begin preparing my ass.

You wet my back hole and your fingers and slide your middle finger into my ass as you continue to thrust into my pussy.

"Ohhhh, yes, please," I beg you and thrust myself back onto your finger and cock. I can't get enough. I am your hot little bitch in heat.

The sight of me fucking my body back onto your cock and finger are almost too much and you pull from pussy so you don't cum in me too soon.

My ass is spread and ready for you. Ready for all you have to give me. You pull your finger from my bottom and begin to spread more lubricant on and around my hole. You drench your member in lube as well and bring the swollen, pink head of your cock into contact with my asshole.

You take me by the hips and push forward. My body resists the intrusion and I moan.

"Shhh, relax my sweet little whore," You comfort me as you stroke the small of my back and continue to push forward. "I will be still, push yourself back onto me a little at a time."

I take a deep breath and let it out as I try to ease back onto the head of your cock. You push forward gently at the same time. I take another breath to relax and you are able to slide your head into my tight virgin ass.

"That's the hard part, baby girl," you comfort me as you slowly begin to push farther into me until you are fully seated in my ass.

"God, you're so tight," you moan. "I won't last long."

You hold still for several long moments, allowing me to grow accustomed to your size until I start squirming under you, moving my ass back and forth on your cock.

"Ohhhh, yes," I moan as I begin to enjoy the full feeling in my bottom.

"Please fuck me," I beg.

That is all you need. You begin moving in and out of my ass with increasing speed as you tightly grip my hips. After only a few strokes you lose control, throw your head back and come.

"Yessss, coming in your sweet little ass," You groan. "Take it all."

And I do take it all, all your come, all your pent up need and desire, every drop you have to give me.

You have made me your slut in every way now. I am yours.

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