tagMind ControlA Gift From His Father Ch. 02

A Gift From His Father Ch. 02


Thanks for your fine feedback. I have taken it all into consideration. And now Chapter 2.


John was in the grips of his climax when he heard the twin screams, one coming from under him and the other from behind him. He turned his head in the direction of the scream from behind him and saw the naked silhouette of a voluptuous female body. Standing weak kneed in his doorway, her hands still pumping her vital parts, her silk nightgown circled around her petite feet, she stared at the couple on the bed.

"Oh my God, that's mom! What is she doing there?" John surmised. "I wonder if April heard her."

April was still trembling in the aftermath of a very satisfying orgasm, and her view of the doorway was obscured by John's body.

"What is she doing? She is just standing there, masturbating. Why?" John thought. If he says something April will freak out. "What are you doing here mom? Get out of here!" He thought. She didn't look like she is planning on leaving anytime soon. His eyes were adjusting to the dim light and he was able to better make out his mother's form, large breast, large areolas, taunt nipples and a full bush of black hair peeking out from behind her active hand. And for a second there seemed to be a small sparkle of light flickering from behind her fidgeting fingers.

"Is it my turn now?" She asked in a voice that he didn't recognize as she stepped forward into the room, not stopping her activities.

"Who, what, mom what are you doing in here, get out!" He said in the best voice he could muster, hardly having to fake surprise.

April screamed. Pushing John off her and pulled the bed covers to hide herself, saying once she regained some composure. "I am sorry Mrs. Smith, John and I were just messing around and it kind of got out of control and...where are your clothes?"

And then turning to look at John and asked, "John, what's going on here?"

"I don't know, really." John said almost pleading. "I think she is sleepwalking."

April sat up clutching the bed sheets tighter to her body, "No, I think she is masturbating."

"Yeah, I can see that." John said. "Let me have the top blanket," John said pointing to the mass April was using to conceal her nude body.

"Help me get her back to her room." John said as he tugged at the blanket, freeing it from his bed and draping it around his mother. As he neared her she removed her hands and reached out to embrace him. He put the blanket around her and then realized that he too was still naked and was sporting several inches of aroused manhood. Embarrassed that his mother's naked body was have an obvious effect on him, he found a pair of shorts and quickly put them on as April arranged the sheet around herself in a way that John found wasn't helping his aroused state. Mary tried to embrace April as well, but John returned in time and caught the blanket just as she was beginning to shed and would have caught April unaware. "What was wrong with her? She is either sleepwalking or seems to be in some kind of a trance." He thought. "I have to get her to bed and get April home and figure this out quickly. "Mom is supposed to be going out of town on her date tomorrow," he remembered.

Arriving at her room, he and April led her to her bed, but she wouldn't bend to enter it. "Go to bed, mom," John said.

She doffed off the blanket and slid effortlessly between the sheets, pulling John off balance and into the bed on top of her. Before he could react, she planted a very passionate kiss on his lips. As soon as John was able break the kiss, she moaned, "Take me John." Reach up and pulling him into her ample breast.

April stomped her foot and said, "So, this is the way things are in your house. Well, you can leave me out of it." Discarding the sheet she ran naked back to John's room to dress and go home, John staring at her naked blushing body as she sprinted down the hall.

John could only deal with one crisis at a time; he would be able to deal with April later. But his mother's behavior was having unintended effects on him, fortunately his erection was trapped in his shorts. She was really getting to him. He managed to slip out of her grasp without hurting her.

"Mother, sleep," he commanded.

"Okay, Johnny, "she said and immediately closed her eyes and seemed to quickly fall into a natural slumber.

"What the hell was that all about?" He asked, not expecting to get an answer, but he did.

"It's my presences, or the presence of the ring, I should say." John heard his father's voice in his head. "You did well, Johnny. I don't know if I would have been able to pry myself free of Mary if I had been in your shoes or should I say shorts."

John looked back at his now sleeping mother, her nude body lying in her bed, the sheet thrown open. He had to force himself to stop staring, she was beautiful. Her large breast falling into her armpits making them look smaller than they actually were. He finally moved, take the few steps to the bed and pulling the sheet and blanket over her, she stirred slightly but didn't wake, turning on her side and pulling the sheet up under her chin. John left the room closing the door behind him.

He walked quickly back to his room, knowing that April had already left as he heard the door slam as she left the house. He searched for his cellphone to call April. "Okay, why was mom reacting in that way? Am I going to have to deal with this on a regular basis? I will not have an incest relationship with my mother, no matter how hot she is. I have got to fix this. Mom is going to Cabo San Lucas on the first date she's had in years. And then there's April. She must be thinking all kinds of stuff. I have to fix that, too."

"Don't worry, Johnny. You have the power to control people's minds. Mary, your mother was simply reacting to reminisce of my presence in the ring and following old habits. You can erase, modify or enhance that behavior if you like. She is simply waiting for your commands."

"I don't want to command her, she is my mother." John replied.

"Great choice, Johnny, nevertheless you can make your mother and almost anyone else do whatever you want, by simply concentrating and commanding it. So, go back to your mother's room and tell her the whole thing was a dream and tell her how you expect her to behave and she will."

John walked over to where his mother's nightgown remained on the floor. He picked up the cool satin gown, feeling its weight in his hands and fighting the temptation to smell her scent. It was his mother's gown. He was not happy with these thoughts. She was a woman, not a girl like April. Maybe he would have to seduce an older woman to see what they are like, but not his mother, no, never.

"Okay, dad, how do I get her back into her nightgown?"

"As you alter her programming, ask her to put it back on. Unless you want put it back on for her?"

"No! He didn't want to do that. He couldn't trust himself." He walked back into his mother's room carrying the gown in his left hand, she was still asleep.

"Mom, can you hear me? Don't wake up just tell me if you can hear me."

"Yes, Johnny, I can hear you. Are you ready to make love to me? I am ready for you, feel how wet I am."

"No, mom, I am not. You will no longer be attracted to me, sexually." John stated flatly. He watched her face frown. "You are to act as the loving mother you have always been. You are not nor have you ever been sexual attraction to me. I am you son and that would be wrong. Do you understand?"

Mary said, "Yes, Johnny. I understand. Sex with my son would be wrong. No sex with Johnny, but why?"

"Have I displeased you in some manner," she asked. "I can make it up to you Johnny. Please let me make it up to you."

"No, mother, you have a boyfriend, both of you are going to Cabo San Lucas tomorrow. You are excited about it and you will have a good time and return home well rested and happy. Nod if you understand."

She nodded her head.

"Good, now anything that you saw, heard or felt tonight was simply an over active imagination and a dream. You will be embarrassed to share it with anyone and will forget it quickly. Nod if you understand."

She nodded her head again.

"Good, mom, your flight leaves at 9 AM tomorrow. You are excited to be going. You will wake at 6AM and be ready for me to take you to the airport at 8AM.

"I am going away with Jim for a romantic weekend." She said in a dreamy monotone voice. "I need my rest. I have to get up early."

"That's right mom. I will see you in the morning. Good night."

"Goodnight, Johnny, you're a good son."

Satisfied that she was going to be alright, John smiled and left the room closing the door behind him. "That was easy," he thought. It was like I had hypnotized her.

"Yes it is like hypnosis, but I like to compare it to 'glamour' that vampires are infamous for, you know like putting a spell on someone." His father spoke to him from the ring.

"That is very interesting, dad. Can I do that to anyone?"

"Yes, almost anyone can be overcome by your Jedi mind tricks, but like in the movies, not everyone."

"So, I can simply do the same thing to April."

"Yes, you could. But do you really want to? You will have to be selective of whom you share your secret with and remember that April isn't going to be your life partner. I can assure you of tha..." His father didn't complete his last sentence, he seemed to have been cut off, like the words caught in his throat or an unknown force had constrained his speech.

"Dad...dad...are you okay?"

"I am sorry, Johnny. I have said too much. I may no longer converse with you right now."

And then the voice in his head when silent and John knew he would have to wait to see when it would return. He was concerned, but his dad did give him some very valuable information. He really like April, he'd known her for such a long time. He wasn't in love with her, but she was very comfortable to be around. She may be his best friend. He dialed her number. It rang a few times and went to voice mail. He tried again and this time it immediately went to voice mail. "So she either turned off her phone or was deliberately not answering. " He thought. It was late and he had a big day ahead of him. He would deal with April tomorrow. He made a mental note not to forget to get to the bank early, perhaps right after dropping his mother at the airport.

He checked his email from his smartphone, and saw among the many junk emails there was one from his favorite high school teacher, Mrs. Greene. He opened it, among the cordial greeting was a reminder that he promise to come back to talk to her freshman class about how to avoid some of the pitfalls that freshman often found themselves caught in. She asked that if he could come by as early in September as his schedule would allow, she would be very appreciative. He made a mental note to reply, but it was tired, it had been a busy evening and he was more than ready for sleep.

The next morning, his mother woke him at 7AM. Normally, she never had to wake him; he was always up early, he was a morning person, like his father. As he went about his morning chores, brushing his teeth, and was about to lather his face, when he remembered that he didn't have to shave, he simply willed his beard not to grow unless he changed his mind. He opened his mouth wide and fixed a couple of teeth that had fillings and straightened two of his bottom teeth, (central incisors) that were slightly crocked. He looked at his work and smiled. Thinking that he could use a little whitening, he added that, too. He didn't want to linger too long as he didn't want to make his mother late, he decided to shower thinking he could come up with a way to get rid of body odor and bad breathe later.

He grabbed his jeans and a tight fitting shirt, laced up his cross trainers and headed to the kitchen for a glass of OJ. He stopped at the bottom of the stairs when he saw his mother bent over looking into the refrigerator. She was wearing a multi-color silk stripped scoop neck day dress, which really accentuated her lovey curves. Immediately, John flashed back to last night, seeing the naked images of his mother standing before him, one hand on her breast and the other fingering herself. He felt himself begin to stir and chastised himself for having such thoughts. Her humming brought him out of his reflection and he continued into the kitchen. Hearing him enter, she stood up but continued to look into the refrigerator, she told him that she had left a few meals for him to heat up and hoped that he wouldn't eat too much junk food. She turned to look at him and as he stood almost frozen in place.

"Johnny are you alright," she asked, jerking from of his thoughts.

He was taking in her beauty as if for the first time, and she was stunning. The dress couldn't have fit her better if it was tailored for her. She was showing ample cleavage and plenty of white skin in need of a tan. Images of her naked form entered his mind again.

"Jonathan Smith, what has gotten into you?"

"Oh, sorry mom, it's just that you are so beautiful! Wow! Where'd you get that dress?" He whistled. "Jim doesn't stand a chance! Are you going there for a weekend or to find me a new daddy?"

"Johnny stop it." She blushed turning several shades of red in a few seconds and then she asked. "Do you really like it?"

"Are you kidding, mom? I love it. Maybe I shouldn't let you go and keep you here to myself." He walked over to her and gave her a playful hug, kissed her on the cheek and asked. "So are you ready to go?" Just in time he stepped away as he felt himself jerk below. "What the hell?" He thought.

"Ready as I'm ever going to be. Let's go!" She said that as if she was struggling with her confidence. "I've put my bags in the trunk of my car." I didn't see yours? Where is it?"

"Damn", he thought. "I forgot I gave away my car. Oh, I left it downtown last night and took a cab home, had a little too much to drink." He lied.

"Smart boy," she said as they walked through the door into the garage.

John opened the door for her and she got into the passenger side of her SLK Mercedes Roadster. John slid behind the wheel started the engine and they were at the airport in no time. He dropped his mother at the terminal gave her bags the porter and just as he was about to give her a hug and kiss good bye, he felt himself stirring again at the mere thought of taking her into his arms again. "What is wrong with me?" He chastised himself and gave her a pecked her on the cheek instead. Just as finished, his mother her someone call her name and turned to see her date Jim about twenty yards away collecting his bags from a cab.

"Well, so long mom, have a great time. I will see you in a few days."

She was waving to Jim and didn't seem to hear him, but excitedly she turned back to him and said good bye clutching her baggage claim and boarding pass, kissed him on the lips, accidently and hurried away to catch up with her date.

John smiled and waved as she caught up with Jim, the both turned and waved. John took a mental picture of Jim and filed it away. He unconsciously memorized every detail and could have easily recreated it if necessary. He hadn't seen his mother this happy in a long time. Yet, something bothered him. Dismissing it, he jumped back into the red sports car and headed to the bank to meet the president and keep his promise.

Unseen his ring changed back to its original glory for a few moments then back again to its high school ring disguise.

John enjoyed driving his mother's car. She traded in her SUV on a few weeks ago and he got a vicarious thrill helping her select the car of her dreams. John thought it looked good on him and was looking forward to getting a new set of wheels himself. Traffic was light and he made good time from the airport to downtown Mountain View. He pulled into the bank parking lot about an hour after the bank had opened, in the small town that means that most of the urgent morning business had already been taken care of and there would be a lull in activity before the mid-morning surge prior to the lunch hour, in other words, his time was perfect. As he strolled into the bank, only having been there to occasional perform an errand for his mother, he stopped in the foyer to survey the place. It suddenly dawned on him that not a lot had changed. It was an old building, but tastefully decorated, and just this side of stuffy. There were a few customers in line to see tellers and a few people talking to bank representatives at desks in the open area and of course lot of activity between the office and with the clerical staff. John suddenly realized that he may want to alter his appearance, if he wanted to be taken seriously. He walked into the men's room, stopping at the sinks gazed at his reflection in the mirrors. He thought that a simple change of attire from jeans to a business suite would suffice. Pulling out his cell phone he went on line and looked for men's suites and found just what he was looking for, since it was warm and summertime he chose a tan "Natural Stretch 3-Button Poplin Suit" with a light blue shirt and broad striped tie of tan and orange. He concentrated and his jeans and muscle shirt transformed into what he saw in his browser. He looked in the mirror and liked what he saw.

Just then the door opened and an older gentleman walked in, seeing him at the sinks he smiled as he looked him over. The old man chuckled to himself as he noticed that the young man was wearing cross trainers with his suit, and parked himself one of the far urinals. Scanned his mind John was surprised to learn that he forgot about his shoes. Using his phone again and went to the Johnston & Murphy website and selected a pair of tan Deerfield loafers with tassels and matching Double-Pinked Belt. Concentrating again he transformed his shoes and belt. The shoes were a little tight, so he loosen them a bit and quickly realized the value of buying quality textiles. The man at the urinal completed his task with a shake and walked away as the sensor activated automatic flusher washing away any trace of urine. Taking careful steps he stopped at the nearest sink to clean his hands, while John combed his hair. The man was just about to say something when he noticed the expensive shoes now adorning John's size 11 feet. He stopped and stared for a few moments as John put away the comb, and said, "Have a nice day," turned and walked out of the restroom. He was now the one chuckling to himself. As he walked he found the shoes a little stiff, so he concentrated for moment and the problem was solved.

He strolled up to the receptionist desk and asked to see the bank president Michael Adams; he was asked if he had an appointment by a cute little twentysomething that couldn't seem to take her eyes off of him.

"No, I don't have appointment, but I would like about three minutes of his time." John stated confidently. "Tell him John Smith is here to see him."

Instead of picking up the phone, she stood up and walked down the hall to the president's office. He followed her with his eyes; she had a cute face, her name tag read Tammy Bowen, from the waist up she looked pretty normal, but as she rounded the row of desk he could see the large amount of weight she was carrying most of it on her thighs and butt. Curious, he sent a quick mental probe to learn a little more about her. She was 29 years old, single, lived alone with two cats and frustrated that none of the diets she's tried had helped her lose any of this weight. She would die to go out with someone like that confident young man at her desk, but no one takes her seriously because of her size. John let his eyes drop to her legs and he could see they were heavy and he suddenly was aware of the pain she was in when she walked, her derriere was large, not as large as it had been. Tammy had tried everything short of starving herself, but she couldn't seem to reduce her size and weight any further. Exercises only seemed to develop more muscle mass, she was miserable, but tried to remain pleasant. He continued to watch with interest as she entered the glass office and began persuading Mr. Adams to see the young man. John turned slightly and used the mirrors to continue watch, not wanting to be seen watching their conversation as Mr. Adams turned followed Tammy as she pointed to the reception area and John. She spent several minutes talking to him, and finally left the office smiling.

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