tagMind ControlA Gift From His Father Ch. 05

A Gift From His Father Ch. 05


John woke up early; it was Wednesday he had a busy day planned. Although he didn't need to he began a rigorous exercise routine, after doing a series of pushups, sit-ups and pull ups he went for a quick run through this neighborhood. On a whim he opened his mind to listen to what his neighbors' thoughts were, not many were awake yet but there were a few.

He was surprised to learn that like many American's throughout the country, many of his neighbors were barely hanging on to their homes having exhausted their savings after losing their jobs. A common theme running through all of his neighbors' worries seemed to be the way the banks had handled the situations, one bank stood out from the all the others as being the worst offender, the Main Street Bank of the City of Mountain View California.

He returned home sweaty after running five miles in less than 15 minutes, fortunately no one saw him, since the neighborhood was only beginning to wake. He would need to be careful not to be seen exercising his abilities.

It concerned him that so many people he knew were suffering and since part of his duty was to help others, he had an idea, but would need to learn more before he could formulate a response and solution. Although he was a student of Keynesian economics, the key word was "student"; he would need time and help to pull this off.

He showered and afterward ate a hearty breakfast that was waiting for him on the table when he was ready. He returned to his bedroom and was struck by its small space. He would need more room, eventually a bigger house, but in the meantime he simply enlarged his room and upgraded furnishings, going from a double bed to a "California King", while adding a couch, some tasteful paintings, a mirror over his bed and upgraded the carpet. That would have to do for a while, he thought. What he had done wasn't simply moving out the walls to enlarge his space, no he caused the space to increase without adding to the overall square footage of the house. In other words, he enlarged his 12'x12' room by three times without subtracting from the other rooms or adding an inch to the house. John didn't quite understand what he had done, just that this was the outcome that he wanted, he thought of it as dimensional physics.

His space enlarged he was now able to concentrate on his plans for the day. He had yet to call Mrs. Greene, and thought maybe he should just stop by; he could do that after his bank visit, which shouldn't take long, leaving his afternoon open. He dressed comfortable; since it was warm and would change his attire once he arrived. It was time to try out his new sports car, a sleek burgundy 2013 Nissan 370Z Roadster; it would send the right message, he thought. The car handled like nothing he had ever experienced. He shifted from one gear to another loving the sound as he put the V6 332 horse power engine through its paces. It wouldn't be long before he would run into traffic, but wasn't concerned. John timed the traffic lights to change as he approached, and only stopped to retract the roof. As he approached traffic he increased his speed and his car began to dematerialized, becoming out of phase with the rest of the solid matter and allowing him to pass through all solid objects. He was invisible, and as he moved through one vehicle after the other he could hear and see everything. Occasionally he slowed to observe drivers as they listened to their radio programs and music stations. Many had cups of coffee at the ready, but a surprising number were completing their morning grooming while sitting in traffic. John disengaged his "phantom mode" as he called it once he had gotten through and quickly slipped into the bank's parking lot.

Feeling a bit sporty he changed into a tan Andrew Fezza Taupe Sport Coat with a light blue dress shirt, no neck tie dark tan slacks and completing his attire with Air Giovanni penny loafers. He activated his special car alarm with a chirp and strolled into the bank. He paused in the foyer scanned the place and removed the latest pair of Stephen Murray sunglasses, putting them into the left breast pocket of his sports coat.

Everyone looked busy, but seemed to be aware of his arrival. He spotted one or more tellers sneaking a peek at him, blushing and adjusting hair, or makeup between customers. Their behavior caused John to chuckle to himself and he thought it might be fun to look through their clothing like he did in the mall the other day. Slowly layer by layer the clothing of the all the people in the bank began to fade away until he saw all of them completely naked. It was amazing to see all the breast and male equipment suspended in the air through their clothing. He didn't want to see the men naked so he backed off the effect to see the men in their underwear.

"John Smith, good to see you again, welcome back. Who are you seeing today," Tammy greeted him in her usually chipper voice, and batting her long eyelashes, knowing full well he was there to see Mr. Adams.

John turned to greet her seeing right through her clothes, "It is good to see you, too, Tammy. You're looking very lovely today! You look incredible," he said as he looked her over, beginning with her face and then stepping back to take in all her beauty.

She was perched on four inch heels she looked like a model from a vintage edition of a Playboy centerfold, seeing her without her clothes. She was half the woman she was the last time they met. John blinked and his vision returned to normal to see her attire so that he would be able to comment on it, and then went back to nude version. It was hard to tell which version he liked best. She did look amazing.

"Thank you Mr. Smith."

"John," he interrupted to correct her, "Call me John.

"Alright, John it is," she smiled and her entire face lit up, "Am correct that you are here to see Mr. Adams?"

"Indeed you are," John replied looking past her to see all the naked staff peaking at him.

"Please have a seat, I'll tell him that you are here."

"She certainly seems enamored with you. You'll need to act on that given the opportunity," his dad's disembodied voice said in his mind, "cute little thing. It seems that your suggestions took hold and have bared fruit."

John looked around at all the gorgeous naked women walking around on their tiptoes most with their breast suspended in the air defying gravity. He'd switch back to normal vision to see their clothing, alternating between the two ways of seeing within a split seconds. It was having unintended effects, causing a growing need and made the wait go quickly. The female traffic was interesting and he was fascinated by all the various shapes and sizes, and more than a few women had come to work in "commando mode". He was beginning to suspect that there was a lot more going on here than just high finance.

"Mr. Adams would be free shortly," Tammy said. "Can I get you something to drink, coffee, tea, water, me," She said as she looked down at his crotch and licked her lips, causing John to notice just how bright red her lips were.

"Are you free for lunch," she asked, working the eyelashes.

"Gee, Tammy, I have plans for lunch," He paused as he watched her closely. "I have a few minutes after my appointment if you can get away."

"I'll see what I can do," she replied and paused. "Mr. Adams will see you now," she said obviously hearing his voice over her headset, "Do you remember the way or should I escort you?"

"I think I remember the way," John said, "I hope to see more of you later." With that he turned and walked towards the bank president's office.


Elizabeth walked into the Main Street Bank with Penny following closely behind. The place where Elizabeth had spent so much of her time as Ms. Lizzy, she not only knew every employee by name, but their children and spouse, their likes and dislikes, it was her family. It all looked so different now, smaller and not quite as eloquent. She paused in the lobby for Penny to catch up, tugging at her dress which fit snugly on her new younger more voluptuous body. It was an old style but classy for its time, she had to be careful how she moved, the button holding her ample breast in were straining and she had nothing on beneath it. They were there to access her safety deposit box and bank account.

"Penny, we are going to the safety deposit box area first and the ATM afterwards," be observant and alert, I may become distracted and I don't want to be here any longer than needed," she said towering over Penny in her elegant black stilettoes.

Penny simply nodded, there wasn't much to say, she'd do anything Elizabeth asked. She followed behind Elizabeth as she approached Rachel Sanford's desk.

"Hello Rachel, how are you and those two adorable children?" Elizabeth said, immediately regretting the question. Rachel had no idea who she was and she certainly couldn't tell her, perhaps she would let it pass.

Looking away from her computer screen, Rachel expected to see a familiar face, instead saw the face of a lovely thirtyish black woman. She was captivated, her eyes they seemed to seize her, it was painful to look away, and it was several moments before Rachel was able to speak, catching herself, lost in the stranger's eyes.

"I am sorry, may I help you," still finding it hard to speak.

"Yes, I need to access my safety deposit box," Elizabeth smiled broadly, putting Rachel at ease.

"Of course," she said as she handed Elizabeth a sheet of paper, "please fill out this form, when you are done it will take but a minute to look up the account."

Accepting the form and selecting a pen from the cup, Elizabeth looked over the form, it was standard stuff. She quickly completed it and returned it.

"May I see your ID?

Elizabeth handed Rachel her old identification card. She looked at the photograph and back at Elizabeth.

"Is this some kind of joke," she asked.

"Pardon me," Elizabeth said as if she had been accused of some great injustice.

Looking her in the eye she said, "This identification card belongs to... you." The photo changed before her very eyes. "I am sorry; I don't know what came over me." She accepted the completed form, read the account number and typed it into her computer. IT had been a while since the box had been accessed.

"Do you have your key?"

Elizabeth pulled the key from around her neck and showed it to the woman. The gesture and chain looked familiar, she hesitated.

"Is there something wrong," Elizabeth asked.

"Have we met," she asked, staring hard at the women, "you look so familiar."

"Well, yes, I come in here all the time, but I just changed my hair style," she lied.

"That must be it," she said breaking off her stare, "Please follow me."

Elizabeth rose and followed Rachel to the back with Penny trailing. She stopped in a small room and asked them to wait while she retrieved the small steel box, setting it before the women; she waited while Elizabeth opened the box with her key.

"I will give you some privacy, please take your time." Rachel said and left the room.

Elizabeth picked up the box and emptied it unto the table. She inventoried it contents which included a small cloth pouch, a passport, several banded official looking documents, several loose hundred dollar bills and a few old faded photographs. She picked up the small cloth bag, loosening the strings and pulled the bag open and dumping it into her palm. Several small jewels tumbled out, most of them diamonds, but a few rubies and sapphires among them. Closing her hand tightly she shook them as if feeling their weight then returned them to the pouch carefully making certain none stuck to her hand. Closing the pouch tightly she set it aside and picked up the stack of bearer bonds. She flipped through the stack the first twenty read "Microsoft Corporation" and the next thirty "Google Corporation". She smiled and turned to Penny who instinctively handed her the brown leather Fossil satchel. She opened the bag and gentle placed all her treasures inside one by one. Lastly she picked up the photos, taking her time she lingered on each before putting them with the rest. She locked the box and left it for the clerk to return. Penny followed her out to the main waiting room. It was about 10:30; Elizabeth could almost see Ms. Lizzy gingerly making her way into the bank, this was her usual time. She froze as in her memory she went over her routine, beginning with Tammy and then going throughout the bank delivering her muffins.

John completed his business with Mr. Adams, there were several documents that needed his signature, with the help of his father he was certain that he didn't sign anything that he shouldn't, and he didn't trust Adam's. In either a test or trap Mr. Adams had included a power of attorney, John's father had warned him about these tactics. Being caught Adams made a big deal about how that had been mistakenly included among the papers. John allowed it to pass, Adams would get his soon enough. The big question was how many people were in on it, and would it bring the banks down, too? There was plenty of time to figure that out, once all his pieces were in place.

Completing his business with Adams, John found Tammy waiting for him and ready to take an early lunch. John adjusted his vision so that he would see everyone in their underwear and chuckled inwardly at the variety, some of the men had boxers with large yellow smiley faces, and other childish prints, there were far too many women wearing thongs and too many guys wearing "tidy whites". He asked Tammy where she felt like eating and she suggested the Embassy Suites and room service. John smiled, took her hand and they walked out of the bank, crossing the street and into the nearby hotel.

Elizabeth was confused, shaken from her daydream when she didn't see Tammy at her desk, she looked around and saw a much thinner version of Tammy walking with a tall young man, and she could only see him from behind and couldn't be certain but her extra senses were screaming at her to follow. She still needed to use the ATM, and she knew where they were headed, so she had Penny follow and she would catch up.

She slid her card into the ATM and typed in the password, "muffinman" and proceeded to empty the checking and savings accounts of the former Ms. Lizzy. This was supposed to be impossible to do, yet she somehow was able to coax the machine to drain both accounts down to the last twenty dollars. With her banking completed she caught up with Penny who was patently waiting in the lobby.

"They are in room 423," she said without being asked.

"Fine," Elizabeth said as she panned the lobby, there was a small mall adjacent to the hotel which included a women's boutique, "Let's buy some clothes."

As John and Tammy entered the tastefully decorated hotel room, Tammy was giddy. She pulled him to the bed and sitting she unzipped his fly and reaching in found what she was looking for and pulled out his long thick rod. She love the feel of the warm stiff veiny gland, she had never seen one as large. She licked around the helmet head for a minute and then put only the head into her mouth enjoying the playing with the sponginess of it as she slid her hand up and down the shaft. With her other hand she gently cupped his balls, hefting them feeling their weight and then licking them, too, before returning to take the entire shaft down her throat, surprising herself at how easily she was able to swallow it all. It thrilled her and she felt a tingling spreading in her groin and knew she was becoming wet.

"Mmmm, that is nice," John told her, "I am going to give you three minutes to stop doing that." He kidded.

Tammy doubled her efforts knowing that John wouldn't be able to hold out much longer, she felt him shutter and she fondled his balls again as if to coax him over the edge. It had the desired effect.

John sighed, "Here it comes," and he release a large surge followed quickly by several smaller pulses.

Tammy struggled to suck it all down, there seemed to be a usually large amount of it and a few drops escaping and ran down her cheek, despite her efforts. She thought to herself, "I love this, it taste so good, like butterscotch." She pulled the large penis from her mouth and used her tongue to catch the escaping drops. Looking up at John, she said, "please sir, I want some more," and giggled at her joke.

John laughed and began taking off his clothing and said, "Let's get more comfortable first and I will see what I can do."

Tammy didn't waste any time and was ready to rip her clothes off until she remembered that they were on loan. So she slowed down and took more care with them. John noticed this and lightly probed her mind, chuckled and made a mental note to assist with the matter. When Tammy had finished disrobing and tending to her clothes she found John reclining on the bed admiring her stunning body. No one would have believed that a week ago she had been this overweight disproportioned young woman. She was still a little self-conscious, but John quickly took care of that.

"Look at you," he said and gave the appropriate whistle, "you are a knockout! What have you been doing since I saw you last? No, don't tell me. Whatever it is don't stop, whatever you do."

She blushed, really blushed her entire body turned a deep pink and she slithered over to him and kissed him deeply admiring how sweet his mouth tasted. John reach around and pulled her ass onto the bed enjoying how her erect nipples pressed into his chest, with his free hand he reached up to caress her breast. As the kiss ended he leaned down and capturing a plump nipple in his mouth. He decided to have a little fun and heighten her sensitivity in all her erogenous zones. And as a test, he left her breast and nuzzled her neck, and Tammy let loose a heavy sigh. John thought that she may have been expecting him as she had place a few drops of Davidoff Cool Water, one of his favorite scents. Taking his time he let his left hand wander down toward her mons and felt that she favored a landing strip, he kissed her there and felt her muscles spasm, she had enough. She pulled him up to her lips, as he dragged his large member across her legs and thighs and almost slid completely inside her as she squealed in delight. Decided that is was time to get serious he pinned her to the bed holding her hands over her head and slowly inching his way inside. She was panting now, anticipating the full feeling that she knew was coming. For a moment she had forgotten how big he was, but he kept on stretching her slowly until she thought that he would split her in half. And yet he continued to slowly push farther into her until there was no place else to go and he hit bottom.

Tammy tried hard to not hyperventilate, she was breathing so hard, the full feeling was incredible and she had never felt anything so good. "Oh my God,' she thought, "he's only just gotten all of it in me and I am about to come, what will happen when he starts to pull out."

As if waiting for his cue, John slowly began to back out. Tammy screeched it was so deliciously electrifying. He kept pulling back slowly, so slowly almost pulling completely out, to the point when her nether lips were kissing the tips of his penis and then he rammed his rod back into her as hard as he could crashing into the bottom and bouncing back out, in and out, in and out. He seemed to be growing in thickness, Tammy was seeing fireworks. John continued to pump he was beginning to perspire but Tammy's groaning only spurred him on.

"Nnnnggghhhhhhhh," she screamed, and John let go of her hands, she reach around him and held on for dear life wrapping her legs around him too, as he continued to stroke in and out.

"Ahhhhhhhh, my, my, I can't, can't Ohhhhh," she couldn't complete a thought as her orgasm crashed upon her and she just held on.

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