A Gift From His Father Ch. 07


As John could see the extra pounds were unevenly distributed mostly on her belly, hips and legs. She didn't look bad but he would make her look beautiful and youthful again. "You haven't change a bit since I first met you," he lied as she completed her second rotation. "How do you feel, remember that you can be completely honest with me, Candice."

He was right, she thought, she could confide in him. He was a good friend that she could trust.

"Well, to tell you the truth," she said, "I am miserable. I have gained a lot of weight, not been a good mother to April and now she's gone and gotten her breast enlarged without telling me. I must be a really bad mother not to have noticed or confide in me." She was on the verge of tears.

John soothed her and Candice relaxed, taking her once again into his strong young arms, she melted in to his embrace. Pushing on her mind he calmed her further and he told her he would help her. Pushing again she believed him. He walked her over to the wall near her closet and had her stand still as he began sculpting her body like an artist working with stone, chiseling away the unwanted inches and pounds.

Candice's flesh warmed and when she looked down at her belly she saw her feet for the first time in almost four years, the fat that obscured her view was gone. She felt lighter, looking into the adjacent mirror she couldn't believe her eyes, a naked version of her was staring back. She wanted to jump up and down, but John calmed her again and told her he wasn't through. He toned her muscles and watched as muscular definition manifested itself on her limbs and abdominals. Focusing his attention to her breast he saw that they were much smaller now, but proportional to her new body. Nevertheless, he began to enlarge them and Candice held her breathe as she watched them swell. After a few moments they had grown to 36 inches and bordered between a "C" and "D" cup. He grew her nipples slightly, when she became aroused they would protrude a half inch. He increased their sensitivity; she would be able to climax by nipple stimulation alone. He gave them extra firmness so they would never sag, and made them soft enough so that they would always look natural and never look cosmetically enhanced.

Finally John looked at the wild mass of hair that covered her sex. He trimmed it short and shaped a small landing strip to with an arrowhead pointing down. A closer look revealed Candice's swollen sex, her minor labia lips protruding from her major. He heightening her sensitivity there as well, she would enjoy sex.

He looked her over; she looked amazing having already done her hair and makeup, he made her face narrow, too reflect the weight lost there. Candice looked as he remembered her as he was growing up, just a bit "top heavy", but that was fine. With that thought he remember to strengthen her back muscles to be better able to handle the new weight and he instilled a mental command that she would eat sensibly and exercise regularly.

He released Candice allowing her to move freely, again. She lightly ran to the mirror and looked herself over. She squeezed her new breast and her knees buckled at the pleasure that she gave herself when she pulled on her nipples. Recovering she laughed when she looked at her groin, she laughed again enjoying John's sense of humor, shaping her pubic hair. She was delighted and ran back to John to ask how he was able to do all of that. He took her to her bed and gentle pushed her down and stepped between her legs as she spread them for him. With his hand he pushed her gently once more causing her to lie back lifting her legs and placed them on his shoulders as he moved his mouth to her vulva. While he did all this he pushed into her mind that she was enjoying the results of a vigorous exercise program that she had been on for the last six weeks. She would slowly reveal the results at her job over the next few weeks.

Candice squealed with delight as John ran his tongue along her swelling lips enjoying the liquids that she was producing.

"You'll need new clothes," he planted in her mind, "there's a nice little boutique in the mall across the street from the Main Street Bank, see the owner Cindy Ash. She will be happy to help you."

He increased the speed of his tongue and like a flower opening it peddles to the sun, she began to open her womb to his ministrations. The taste of her juices were like honey and he couldn't get enough, he longed to stick his tongue deeper into her so he allowed it to grow and snaked its way down her love tunnel.

By now Candice was moaning loudly and having trouble lying still. Using his fingers he found her clit and he lightly rubbed it with his fingers causing her to almost jump off the bed. Probing her mind he quickly learned what she liked and concentrated his activities there. She loved what his tongue was doing and couldn't imagine how he was able to reach so deeply, he laughed to himself when he realized that it had grown over twelve inches long. He began to retract it but continued to stimulate Candice's clit. She was at the edge of a huge climax, pulling his tongue completely out he thinned the tip wrapping it around her clit like a lasso and manipulated it.

That was more than she could bear and exploded with the biggest climax that she had had in over five years. All her pent up sexual energy released caused her gush her juices unto John's face. He was quick enough to catch a mouthful, but there was a lot. Candice was screaming now and her pleasure just kept on flowing like a burst dam. John wondered if she was a natural "squirter" or if he had caused this. Finally, she began to slow and shuddered occasionally as she began to relax. John reached out his hand and a large towel appeared, he wiped his face and mopped up most of Candice's juices and dropped his pants shedding them he mounted her. She was still trembling in post orgasmic bliss and screamed with delight as he entered her. She wasn't very tight, so John strengthened her muscles and she quickly tightened her grip on him. John grew himself in girth and length until her heard Candice moan and he knew she had never had anyone as large in her before. Taking his time he pulled out slowly until he was almost out and without warning shoved in hard and hitting bottom. She was taking all of him and wrapped her legs around his torso as he continued to saw in and out. She was holding on now and enjoying the ride as John got to his feet and Candice began riding up and down on the large shaft between her legs. She controlled the pace and depth. Panting and sweating she threw her head back as John held her tightly as he walked to the mirror to watch as she rode him.

Freeing one hand John reached up and pulled on Candice's left nipple and she exploded increasing her pace like a balloon flying free as it loses its air and collapsed. John caught her and carried her back to the bed and laid her down. She seemed to have lost consciousness.

John hadn't come yet and thought that Candice could survive one more orgasm. He looked into her mind to find out if she was a fan of anal sex and was surprised to learn that she was. He cuddled her still recovering body in his and reduced his size slightly while he used her juices to lube her. He lifted her slowly and turned her on to her hands and knees; pressing his cock against her anus he began to penetrate her, he relaxed her muscles further and increased her pleasure as he pushed gently into her tight hole. When he was in as far as he could fit, he rested for a minute and increased his size just a bit. She was so full. It had been almost a dozen years since anyone has entered her back there. How did he know? John pulled Candice to him and rolled onto his back so that she could control the cadence. Placing her hands on his solid abdomen she began lifting herself up and down, squealing with delight as the pleasure increased. Her husband didn't particularly like anal sex and he thought she was perverted for enjoying it. It wasn't the same as having a hard cock in her pussy, but the fullness she felt caused her enormous pleasure. She could feel John was getting close, and she wiggled and slid on his pole at various speeds squeezing and milking him for all she was worth.

John grunted announcing that he was coming and released a torrent of his own juice into her bowels, which cause Candice to come as well, much to her surprise. They both collapsed in a heap on the bed, sweating and panting. John slowly shrank and slid out of her anus unleashing a mixture of juices everywhere.

Candice excused herself to use the bathroom. John looked at the mess on the bed and sniffed at the strong smell of sex in the room. When Candice returned she was surprised to find the bed clean and the fresh smell of lilac, her favorite scent permeating the room. She easily crawled into the bed next to John. She was still not used to her new lean body it as if it were a dream that could end at any moment. They kissed, again. John ended the kiss and told Candice that this was to be their secret as he looked into her face he couldn't help but see how much she now resembled her daughter April or was it the other way around.

John had made Candice very happy, thoughts and regret that she had been carrying ever since the divorce were now faded memories. She would find another lover maybe two or three, after all she was smart and once again beautiful; she wouldn't have to wait long and in the meantime there was John.

Sensing that April was returning from her trip to the market, he left Candice to her thoughts and strolled to the den where he had activated the television, a familiar HBO movie filled the big screen. Before he could sit down his clothes covered his body and he smelled like he had just stepped out of the shower.

April entered the kitchen carrying a couple of bags of groceries, and saw John getting up from the couch in the den, she smiled to herself when she saw the movie on the television, how many time will HBO run that movie this month, she thought.

"Hiya," John said and planted a kiss on her lips. April let the bag drop spilling the contents on the counter and returned the hot kiss.

"Hi yourself," she said as he broke off the kiss, leaving her breathless.

"Apes, I can't stay for lunch, I have a few things that require my attention. I am sorry that you went through all this trouble for me." John said as he picked up her hand and kissed her knuckles.

"That's alright," she cooed, he was making her hot for him again.

"By the way your mom came home. I think she is in her room," he told her as he headed for the door.

"Oh no," she thought, no wonder he didn't want to stay.

"We had a nice chat," he said. "She seems to be in a really good mood. He pushed on her mind for both of them to accept their physical changes and that April would reinforce the six weeks of diet and exercise that he made Candice believe.

April walked him to the door and placed another steamy kiss on his lips, making him think twice about leaving. But, he had to find a new house and was interested in meeting his step mother and step sisters.

Mary dropped Elizabeth off at the local UC Campus where she planned to visit a few of the fraternities and sororities; they had always been a good source of sexual energy in the past. Mary continued on to the hospital where she hoped to meet up with James and see who else would be willing to engage in a little afternoon delight.

Everyone was out back in the pool area, Heather, Isabel and Samantha were lying on their chaise longue chairs, oiled up trying to tan their pale bodies while their mother Jacqueline Winchester Smith did lazy laps back and forth in their oversized butterfly shaped swimming pool. The pool had a black bridge crossing it where the butterfly's body would have been, bright orange and black colored tiles on the pool's bottom made it look like a large Monarch Butterfly from the air. Her three daughters were cynical about their mother's sudden obsession with physical fitness since their father's passing. She was wealth after all, who cared what she looked like, and anyone she dated was only going to be interested in her money. She was stunning, often mistaken for the actress Andie MacDowell she had long black tresses and a very nice shape for a woman of her age. For reasons she couldn't explain she now felt compelled exercise vigorously, every day. She bought Universal gym and converted one of the extra bedrooms into an exercise room, complete with mirrored walls and enough floor space to do her aerobic routines. As she continued her laps, she was becoming hungry; and was looking forward to her garden salad lunch; she had lost ten pounds in the last three months.

Jacqueline came from old money, she was from the same Winchester family renowned for the rifle that bore their name, her only children Heather, Isabel and Samantha were identical triplets. Like their mother, their porcelain skin didn't tan easily. But unlike their mother they were tall and lanky and thin without much of a shape, they had almost no breast at all despite being in their early twenties and past the age where their womanly curves should have revealed themselves.

The girls seemed content lying in a row on brown wicker chaise lounge chairs, wearing matching bikinis of the same style but different colors. Finally getting bored Heather sat up and resumed playing her game of ring toss. Gathering the pool rings into her hands from her sitting position tossed the red, blue, green and yellow ring at the naked pool boy, in an effort to loop one or more around his erect penis. Missing mostly, her toss too low, hitting him in the scrotum and causing him unbearable pain, but unable to move he could only grimaced and brace for the next toss. Had he been able to he would have been curled on the ground in the fetal position. He was perspiring heavily as he bore the pain, but was reaching his limit. Heather refused to release him until he passed out at which time she would let him rest until she could think of new tortures for him. Isabel and Samantha sat up as their cocktails were brought to them by an equally naked muscular male; he too was sporting an impressive erection and sweating though the temperature wasn't that warm. He was a commercial package delivery man for the premiere overnight delivery carrier. He stopped by to deliver a package when he was captured; maintaining an erection for almost six hours was extremely taxing, but better than the punishment for failure. He didn't know how he was able to achieve it, but assumed he had little choice in the matter as he no longer was in control over his body.

Lunch was brought out by a black man who looked beaten as he carried the tray of food; he was in a similar condition. An attorney, he had stopped by to get signatures on a few documents, unfortunately he had a full day planned out of the office and wouldn't be missed until late in the evening. He didn't know how he was being manipulated, but only that his limbs no longer obeyed him; he had no control over anything he did. He wasn't permitted to speak and there were painful punishments for failing to perform simply tasks as asked. He set the food on the tables between each of the girls and went to the pool to beckon Jacqueline to come in for her lunch by holding a large towel for her to wrap herself in. Seeing him she swam to the shallow end and allowed him to drape the towel around her and he had a smaller one to wrap her long raven hair. She walked the short distance to her lounge chair leaving dainty wet foot prints behind. She wasn't very tall, only 5'5" and her body looked enticing in her bikini, her nipples poking through the thin material as her nether lips did the same. They all talked between bites of nothing in particular, their captives stood nearby with wide smiles on their faces waiting for further instructions while horrified looks filled their eyes.

John had spent the afternoon looking at houses that were large enough for his purposes. He saw two that he thought would work and had two more to see, but he was near the address where his father's widow and his step sisters lived. He knew he was taking a chance that they might not be in, but decided to drop by anyway.

"John, are you sure you want to meet your sisters and stepmother, they are a little unusual," said John's father from within the ring he wore on his finger. "I can't say anymore, they are more than they appear, be alert."

John was becoming more accustomed to hearing cryptic telepathically messages from his father from time to time, he thought of it like an early warning system. "Message received," he thought. Being eighteen years old and feeling even more invincible with the power of the ring he wasn't worried that there was anything he couldn't handle.

Before too long, John pulled his F-150 into the long circular driveway of one of the biggest estates in the area. The gates were open and there were several cars parked outside along with a delivery van, but no one was about. He parked and strolled up to the main entrance which was larger than most homes in his neighborhood. He pushed the button that appeared to be the doorbell, and he heard the sound of a camera pivoting and zooming in on his position. And then the intercom system chirped. "We're out back by the pool could you, please come around," a young female voice stated flatly and then clicked off not waiting for a response.

John thought that was a little strange, but perhaps they confused him with someone they were expecting. He trudged through the plush landscape admiring the beautiful California stucco and Spanish tile before finally finding the pool area. He opened the rich wrought iron gate and saw the four women at the opposite end of the pool enjoying refreshments and talking to one another while being attended to by what looked to be their male servants. They waved him in and he walked the thirty yards to join them.

"Hello ladies," John said as he got close enough so that he didn't have to shout, "I am..."

Before he could finish Heather said, "Another salesman!" And she froze John so that he was unable to move.

He was still able to move his eyes and he scanned the scene and saw the three identical sisters looking at him and all three males with erect penises and panic looks in their eyes and he knew he had unwittingly walked into a trap. Suddenly one of the naked men shook free, the muscular delivery driver was able to move again and he ran as fast as he could away from them and towards his still idling truck.

John struggled, using his mind to strengthen his resolve.

"Help me, Issy, he is strong, this one." Heather yelled as she strained to keep John immobilized.

Isabel looped her mind control over John, adding her will to that of her sister. And the black lawyer was released and able to move and sprinted off in the same direction as the delivery driver, they could only control one person at a time. The added mind control slowed John's efforts but didn't stop him as he began to break free.

"Sam, we need you." Heather yelled.

"But they're getting away," Samantha said.

"Forget them, this one is stronger than all of them put together," she said as she grimaced in the effort she was exerting.

Samantha looped her mind around John too; as she tightened her grip she watched the pool guy scurry away as the other two had. But it wasn't enough. John was flexing his mental muscles now, scowling in deep concentration he broke one and then another and finally the last mental lasso causing the triplets to fall back grabbing their heads to ease the pain. Just as John was regaining his composure a small vase broke over his head rendering him unconscious.

When he awoke, he was standing immobilized inside a dark room within the mansion. Suddenly the lights came on and the four women were facing him as he stood in the middle of some sort of gym. He tried to speak but found that he couldn't. He tried to flex his mental muscles and learned that he didn't have the strength to resist.

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