A Gift From His Father Ch. 07


"You cost us our playmates, looks like you will have to do instead," Heather said as she stepped forward and circled the helpless young man. "Strange, he didn't seem as frightened as the others," she thought. "Don't worry you won't need to say anything, we will pull from your mind what we want to know."

John felt her probe brush off his guarded mind as he was able to get a better look at his step family. The girls were identical; there were no identifiable marks on either of them.

Heather called out two her sisters, "Issy, Sam, see if you can you probe him, I am not able to get through."

John rebuffed each probe easily, he may not be able to move, but he could still guard his mind. While they were trying to break through he affixed an invisible letter on each of their foreheads, the initial of their first name, and only he could see them, he would now be able to tell them apart. "So, it seems you aren't without some skills," Heather taunted him. "No matter," she said. "We can break you as we have so many others, but first things first. Mother," she called.

His stepmother, Jacqueline stepped forward and waved her hands in a frightening gesture and John's clothing was ripped of his body, as if invisible hands grabbed them from his collar and pulled in opposite directions, even his shoes were removed, leaving him completely nude and stunned by the ferocity of the attack.

All three of his step sisters stepped forward and began to circle him; they looked over his body, particularly impressed with the size of his flaccid manhood.

"Samantha," Isabel said, "Looks like we hit the jackpot, sisters."

"Let's find out what it looks like erect," Samantha said.

John suddenly felt what seemed like a warm mouth engulfs his penis and despite his efforts was unable to resist in his weakened state.

He cringed as he felt himself rise and stiffen; he then remembered that he had left himself in an above average size. As the invisible mouth continued to work unseen on John cock the women watched in delight as John continued to grow longer and thicker than anyone they had ever seen before.

Both Elizabeth and Mary had been successful in their quest for sexual partners. Elizabeth had found the Omega's up to the task for the most part, although all eight young men were now totally exhausted and sleeping it off. The frat brothers had used every combination imaginable to seduces and overcome the gorgeous nymph that seemed to have wandered into their house; this day would be talked about for years to come in the annals of the fraternity. Meanwhile, Mary was unable to locate James, so she busied herself with three second year med students, two males and one female, in two different settings. It was Interesting that both Elizabeth and Mary chose the exact same moment to transfer their collected sexual energy to John through the ring.

Just as John reached the peak of his erection, Heather walked up to him and began to taunt him. "Do you know where you are, I mean what room," she asked not waiting for the answer that she knew he couldn't give. "We call this the playroom. Sure, mother uses it as her gym, but this is where we keep all of our toys." She showed him the riding crop she had retrieved and slapped it onto her palm. Isabel stepped forward wave a 12 inch black dildo and Samantha had a pair of gold weighted nipple clamps and a cock ring. "I can see you are wondering what we are planning to do with these toys," Heather asked. "I think you can imagine if you try."

John was beginning to worry. Although his strength was slowly returning, it wasn't return fast enough for him to prevent being sodomized, whipped, or worse. He tried again to flex his mental muscles; after two long minutes, there was nothing, although he was sweating heavily and finally relaxed in futile frustration.

As the girls continued to slowly circle and taunt him, John was only able to follow with his eyes; he was struck by the image of the initials he inscribed on their foreheads, I, S, H. They went around again, S, H, I. And finally, H -- I -- S! John realized that may be clue to what his father's crime was and why he was being punished.

Samantha asked, "Did you bring some lube for that big fat dildo, Issy?"

"He won't need it," she replied, "Let him take it like a man." She laughed and the others joined in.

Just when it seemed his fate was sealed, John felt an incredible surge of energy enter his body and he immediately knew where it came from and welcomed it. As he is accepting the energy charge it appeared as if he's in pain, but the feeling is more akin to having an intense orgasm, but his captures didn't know that and they assumed he was once again struggling against his bonds and they continued to circle him laughing at his expense.

With the energy transfer completed, John could have easily broken his mental bonds, but he didn't react yet. He waited for the right moment, to catch them completely off guard.

"Well, buddy, looks like its time you to learn firsthand how it feels to have a large cock up your ass!" Heather chuckled. "Okay Isabel, let him have it!"

Isabel wanted to take a step but found that her feet didn't move. She tried to put more effort into it but it didn't matter, it was if both her feet were rooted into the floor.

Heather, turned to her sister and asked, "Come on Issy, what are you waiting for, do him!"

Isabel attempted to tell her that something was wrong and she couldn't move, but now she couldn't open her mouth to speak.

"Never mind," Heather barked, "Sam, put the nipple clamps on him."

Sam, too found that she was unable to move or speak. Frustrated with her sisters' lack of action she lifted the riding crop with the intent to punish her hostage's naked nice ass, but found that she couldn't swing her arm down. In fact like her sisters she couldn't move. Her eye swelled as John stepped forward and gently took the crop from her hand. Before his stepmother could react she too was frozen in place. John had immobilized all four of them; they were now at his mercy.

"I don't think so," he chided Jacqueline. "Not this time."

He stared at the four frozen women; eye opened wide and felt their shared terror. He duck walked them together in a semi-circle so that he could address them.

He relaxed his forgotten erection and calmly told them to take off their clothes. They shed their pool robes and bikinis, tossing them into a pile, and stood before him hands at their sides, unable to move on their own again.

John was once again clothed similarly to when he arrived.

He looked over the helpless women standing before him and probed their minds. He quickly broke through his sister's puny defenses and learned all he needed to know about them. He neutralized their mind control powers. Focusing on his stepmother he removed her ability to use telekinesis.

They felt their powers leave them and were very frightened. They had no idea who John was; Heather had cut him off before he could say. They didn't know whom they had trifled with or the extent of his powers. They trembled in fear as they saw the anger in his eyes.

Slowly, however, his anger seemed to cool. John remembered he needed maintain a balance. So he would consider this as he metered out a light punishment. He would give them another chance. He focused his attention on his sisters; they were truly identical, had it not been for his markers, he would have had to rely on his mental probes to tell them apart. He touched Heather's mind again and learned that she took solace in her being identical to her sister, thinking she wouldn't be punish as severely if she pretended to be one of her sisters. Their bodies were slim without the curves women their age displayed. Their small breast looked even smaller swelling slightly and topped with bright red button like nipples. Their bellies were flat, sporting "innies" for navels and all three had shaved pubis, making them look much younger than their 24 years.

John was surprised at all the ideas for revenge came to mind, he was angry but decided that the punishment should fit the crime. They didn't know who he was, yet they were ready to hurt him, he remembered the three other men they had captured and abused. They hurt innocent people, apparently for months. Yes, they need to be punished, maybe not as severely as he had first though. He reflected on what he had learned from his mind probes and thought maybe he could help them, since their childhood wasn't very nurturing.

First he would reveal his identity then he would make a few physical changes. Their reaction would determine their fate, he was in charge now. John lifted the gag and allowed the women to speak; he turned and addressed Heather, "How do you explain this behavior, Heather? Is this how you get your kicks?"

Heather was visible shaken. He knew who she was; she wouldn't be able to hide behind her sisters. She tried to think of a way out of this, to smooth talk him, but soon realized the futility of such thoughts.

"We are really sorry," she said sound much more desperate than she intended. "We didn't mean any harm."

Her sisters joined in suddenly finding their voices, "Really, we were just having a little fun."

"Oh, you call what you did to those men fun? You think shoving that large dildo up my butt would be fun?" John roared. "Well, let's see how much fun it is."

Isabel walked up behind Heather, in stiff jerky movements, clearly fighting her body's movements. Heather found herself bent at the waist and Isabel easily pushed the large black dildo all the way into her anus. Heather began to scream, begging for it to stop, while Isabel apologized frantically unable to stop the assault.

"What's the matter Heather, Isabel is just having a little fun," John said.

Isabel held it firmly in place while Heather panted surprised by the size of the dildo and that it was now inside her. Samantha gasped at the site and found herself marching to join her sisters as a duplicate dildo appeared in her hand. As if on cue, Isabel bent at the waist, still clutching the dildo she had sunk into her sister's rectum. Samantha gave Isabel the same treatment she had given Heather until like Heather the unwanted dildo magically popped through and she too stopped and held it still. Jacqueline thought she might escape the fate of her daughters, until she also found herself walking to join the circle. Heather and Jacqueline found they too had identical dildos in her hand and unwillingly repeated the actions, Heather on her mother and Jacqueline on her daughter. Now all four were bent at the waist with large dildos in their rectums, they could no longer move, which allowed them to breath, neither woman having ever been this full or anything in their rear passage shy of a thermometer. They all knew what was coming next. John waited.

All of them yelled and pleaded, promising they were sorry, and that beginning to cry, real tears falling from their eyes.

John stood them upright and approached Jacqueline. Abruptly being forced to stand with their rear passages filled was a little discomforting, but John knew that it won't do them any real harm.

"What do you have to say for yourselves," John asked her.

"I know who you are," she said in a voice that betrayed her confidence.

"You do? It's about time, please tell your daughters, so that they too will know who they are dealing with." John spat, a little more venomous than he intended.

"You are John Smith!" Jacqueline announced.

Samantha asked her sisters, "Whose John Smith?"

"Our bastard half-brother," Heather replied.

Hearing the mean comment, John bent them all back into position and had they begin working the dildos in and out, eliciting screams of apologies and regrets, so John stopped.

"Heather," John said, "I can see that you are going to be a problem. It appears that you can't be trusted. I will have to come up with a special punishment for you."

Hearing that Heather, immediately regretted the comment, but knew her apology would be insincere and get her into more trouble, so she held her tongue.

John was growing tired of this game. He didn't come here to fight. If they thought of him in that way he would never win them over. So, he decided to take another course of action. He had them remove the dildos and drop them to the floor as he stood them up and marched them back into their positions.

"Perhaps we got off on the wrong foot," John said and he released them from his grip. They all sighed mightily and attempted to regain their composure.

Jacqueline cleared her throat and spoke, "John, please forgive our earlier actions, I can offer no excuse for our behavior. Let's recline in the family room and discuss the reason for your visit."

"Fair enough," John said. "You may put your robes on."

"Very well," Jacqueline said. "Girls why don't you get us some refreshments, and while you are at it release the help from their confinement."

Heather shot a look at her mother, but backed down when she saw the look in her mother's eyes.

Isabel and Heather prepared cheese, crackers and sliced deli meats and while Samantha opened a bottle of Chteau Lafite Rothschild Pauillac 1996 and brought five crystal glasses. Heather reminded Samantha to release the maids from their quarters, and told her that she should probably bring them with her.

The girls returned carrying two trays and the opened bottle of wine.

When everyone had a glass of wine in their hands Jacqueline offered a toast, "To new relations and old problems resolved." They clicked glasses and sipped their wine. John hesitated and saw something in Heather's behavior that confirmed his suspicions.

"Heather," he called.

She lowered her glass and replied, "Yes, brother?"

"My wine taste a little funny, would you mind taking a sip and telling me what you think?"

"Oh, that's the expensive stuff; you have to develop a palate for it." She attempted to dismiss the request.

"But I insist," John said and he compelled Heather to him and had her take the glass and raise it to her lips as her eye grew twice their size.

"Nooooo," Jacqueline cried, running to the two and slapping the glass from her daughter's hand. "It's been poisoned.

They all watched as the glass fell to the floor shattering the crystal and staining the Persian rug.

Angered by the near death experience, Heather called for Maria and Carmen to come and clean up her mess. The two frail young Latin women scurried into the room with cleaning tools to take care of the mess. They wore short tight black and white uniforms and blushed seeing their mistresses' near naked bodies, their beach robs doing little to cover their bodies.

John scanned they minds and learned that as he suspected they were undocumented and had been treated poorly and had very little freedom in a sense being held against their will. He reached his limit and had enough. He called the Maria and Carmen to him and asked them to have a seat.

"Ladies," John said "We are going to make some changes."

Maria and Carmen, from now on these women will do anything you ask them to do. All you have to do is ask.

Maria and Carmen looked at each other and then back at John.

"She needs to clean mess, she makes," Maria said in her broken English and pointing at Heather.

Heather couldn't stop herself, finding the discarded cleaning tools and she began cleaning up the broken crystal and spilled wine. Try though she might she couldn't control her body. The others watched in horror, hoping that they wouldn't be made to pay for the way they had treated the two undocumented workers.

Maria giggled at the sight and was eager to do more. Pointing at Isabel she said, "You jump and bark like puppy."

Isabel began to jump up and done making barking sounds, much to the delight of the two maids.

Carmen not to be left out pointed to Samantha and said, "You go and clean house."

Samantha's eyes widened as her body jumped forward and began to straight the room and clean.

"No, start in bedrooms," Carmen corrected her.

And Samantha left the room to begin her work.

The two looked at Jacqueline and then at each other, exchanged a few words in Spanish and then Maria said, "We hungry, you go cook and make it be delicious."

Like her daughters, Jacqueline was compelled to obey and her body seemed to have a mind of its own as she jiggle and wiggled out of the room towards the main kitchen, leaving John with the two young women, watching Heather attempting to remove the stain from the rug and Isabel jumping and barking.

John said, "Ladies, looks like they will be busy for a while," as he turned his attention to Heather.

"Heather in addition to doing everything and anything that Maria and Carmen ask you will also do the same for your sisters. You are completely submissive to them. You will not be able to harm them, me or yourself in any manner. If you as much as think about it, you will have a spontaneous orgasm, each stronger than the previous and yell, 'Yabba-Dabba Do".

Heather's eyes grew large and felt the undeniable beginning of an orgasm; she sighed unable to prevent the warm feeling from spreading and yelled "Yabba-Dabba Do, Yabba-Dabba Do".

"Oh, my," John said, feinting surprise and shock, "You must learn to control your thinking."

Heather turned a bright red all over and yelled "Yabba-Dabba Do, again.

He looked at Isabel who was still jumping and barking, "Isabel, looks like you are going to have to help Heather. Why don't you take her to the bathroom and help her settle down, when you're done you both can help clean the house.

As the two women left, Heather on weak needs and leaning on her sister, John turned to Maria and Carmen and said, "That was interesting. I am sorry for the way you've been treated; I am in a position to help you in many ways. I am willing to be very generous. What would you like?"

Carmen smiled brightly and glancing at Maria said, "Our English not good. You help?"

John smiled and told them he understood. He increased their English skills to college graduate levels, reading, writing and pronunciation, erasing any trace of an accent unless they choose to use it. Then he asked, "What do you think?"

Maria answered. "I don't feel any different, did you do something?" She squealed and covered her mouth with both hands for a second and then said, "Listen to me. I am speaking perfect English. Carmen, you try."

"Look at you," Carmen said, "You and me, we sound like we've been speaking English all our lives, this is wonderful!"

Maria said. "Mr. Smith, we don't know how to thank you for this marvelous gift."

John smiled and reached into his pocket, he didn't carry a lot of cash on him, but did have about eight hundred dollars, retrieving it he separated it into equal parts and handed them the money. At the same time he implanted his cell number in their minds and told them that they were to go through the girls' clothes and take what clothing they liked, change out of the maid uniforms and they were free to leave when they were ready. He told them they could buy more clothing from a boutique in the mall across the street from the Main Street Bank and have the owner bill him. Finally, he handed them "Green Cards", and told them that he may have a proposal for them, kind of like a job, but to get themselves settled and they could talk about that later. Maria and Carmen accepted the cards, hugged and kissed John on the cheek and hurried off to find clothes from the triplet's closets that they would like.

Isabel and Heather worked together and had finished cleaning the kitchen and pool area. They returned and the two completed the cleanup of the crystal glass and wine, they surprised John by doing a good job. He looked at them and was amazed at how closely they resembled each other; they were almost a mirror image of each other. Their short black hair reminded him of the style Morena Baccarin wore as the evil alien queen Anna in the television series "V". But he didn't like the looked; they looked too androgynous and far too pale.

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