A Gift From His Father Ch. 08


He asked them to face each other and spread their arms and step away from each other a bit while widening their stance so that their feet were about a foot apart. After he had them positioned the way he wanted them he had them lower their arms and asked them to remain still and trust him. He planned on improve their good looks by sharpening features and removing blemishes and pimples, telling them what he was doing so that they would remain calm.

He wanted to add about six inches to their height. He began with Carmen; she smiled as she watched her line of sight being lifted until she had the new perspective of five feet nine inches. John liked what he had done and repeated the process on Maria, her legs growing longer until she was the same height as Carmen. Both girls were excited, and fought to maintain their composure awaiting their next physical change. John had to admit that he was a breast man; he never tired of watching the way the unhindered flesh move, so he began to enlarge Carmen's breasts. She was a "B" cup; he thought with her new height she could handle a size "D". Slowly they began to swell ballooning at the bottom at first, while her nipples remained in place. Then the top began to fill and expanded more and more. Maria watched in awe as her friend's bosoms grew three times their original size. They stood out proudly, defying gravity as they grew; she licked her lips thinking about how they would feel to feed on them. She continued to watch as her areolas grew a little larger and grew a deeper darker brown as her nipples hardened and protruded about a half inch. Satisfied with what he has done he repeated the process on Maria. He wanted the shape of her breast to be little different, so he allowed more volume to collect at the bottom and made her areolas a little larger and her nipple a half inch long. Both girls were dizzy with anticipation as they watched their bodies change, it was torcher waiting. Next John tightened their abdominal and back muscles, allowing just a hint of their six packs to be visible. Both girls had "inny" navels; he changed Maria's, and she now sported an "outy". Neither of them had paid any attention to grooming below their waist and each had a mass of hair dark hair badly in need of grooming. John shaped them both as he preferred, short with modest landing strips allowing for their labia to easily be seen. The girls were surprised to see this, never really spending much time looking at this part of their anatomy. Admiring the site of the minor labia protruding, John duplicated the look on both girls at the same time increasing their sensitivity three times their previous levels.

Pleased with what he had done, John thought he could be a little more detailed in his makeover. He straightened and whitened their teeth while repairing any that required the slightest attention. He grew their hair longer so that it fell down their backs ending at the bottom of their cute heart shapes butts, making it easy to manage and resistant to split ends. As he looked at Maria and Carmen, they now looked very similar physically, but their faces were very different, and that was good, he didn't want them to look identical. Carmen's had the classic oval shape face, while Maria's was squarer in its shape; John enhanced their natural beauty, reshaped each of their noses slightly and removed the slight bump in Carmen's nose. He added a small mole to the left cheek of Maria, just above the corner of her lips and for Carmen he added cute little dimples on both cheeks. He filled their lips a little more, which made them even more kissable. He improved their vision to 20-20 so that they would never need to wear glasses.

The girls were stunned by their appearance and were to become impatient, John told him that he has one remaining thing to do and that it would take just a second. He had almost forgotten to increase their arousal levels and sensitivity in their nipples. They would be addicted to exercise and eating sensibly. He looked them over again and had to agree that they were perfect, beautiful didn't begin to describe they appearance. Still naked he didn't realize he was painfully erect as he admired his handy work and told them he was done.

They both simultaneously reached for their breasts, hefting them to feel their weight and then pulling on their nipples and just as quickly, both dropped to their knees moaning as they came, Carmen first followed by Maria. John was afraid that he had made their nipples too sensitive, but the girls told him not to change a thing, cooing while continuing roam their hands over their bodies exploring and enjoying each new sensation it produced. They curled to the floor and leaned against the walls not believing how wet they had become just playing with their nipples. Carmen's hands had now drifted to her pussy, her sex was now much easier for her to see and within a minute she was shrieking and quivering as she climaxed again. Maria watched her closely and was panting as she followed with her own song of passion. When they could stand no more pleasure, they saw that John was dressed and getting ready to leave. He explained that their sensitivity would return to normal levels tomorrow morning and would reach these levels only after they satisfied their quota of two energy transfers a day. They would have the night to play and experiment. Then he walked up to Maria and inserted his ring finger into her slippery hole and placed thumb over her labia, she squealed enjoying the contact, John had to mentally calm her, when he removed his hand she had a diamond stud piercing her labia. He did the same to Carmen, and explained it was like the CPU of a computer. He would have a woman name Elizabeth stop by tomorrow to train them and answer their questions. He expected them to begin producing immediately afterwards. He told them they both had limited mind control power, much like his sisters had. It would come in handy, and they promised to use it wisely. They would need to practice that, too.

Just as he was about to leave he became very serious, kneeling close to them he repeated his earlier explanation to make certain that they fully understood that this was a lifelong commitment and their time was their own, but they must collect sexual energy and transfer it to him. They were free to work or not, go to school or not travel or not. Elizabeth would be by tomorrow at 11AM to train them.

All this was imprinted it in their minds so that their inebriated state they would remember. They would know that they would need to find a place to live, but had their suite until the end of the week; John had taken care of the bill. He pointed the coffee table where he'd left their new iPhones; they hadn't noticed them before now and encouraged them to call if they had any questions. Looking around the suite he couldn't help notice the shopping bags and boxes of new clothes and shoes, he told them not to worry; all their purchases would fit them perfectly. He said good bye and was out the door.

Barely aware of all the things John had told them, Carmen and Maria helped each other climb to their unsteady feet and took enough steps to make it to the couch where they plopped themselves down bouncing off of one another as they hit the leather couch together. They watched as their tits jiggled and wiggled for several seconds before settling. They looked at each other, Maria broke into a big grin and chuckled out loud, Maria laughed, too and then they both began to laughing hysterically. After a minute they began to settle down, staring into each other's eyes, this time Carmen snorted and it all began again. Finally having gotten it out of their system they noticed how much their large breast shook and a quivered with the slightest movement. Maria reached out and touch Carmen's left tit, enjoying the feeling of the ample tit she smiled as she grabbed the long nipple. Carmen moaned and reached out to grab both of Maria's nipples between her forefinger and thumb, causing Maria to gasp and sigh encouraging more contact. Carmen leaned in and kissed her friend deeply while continuing to massage her breasts. Soon both women found themselves wrapped between each other's legs, unsure how or when the managed to make it to their bed. They happily wrestled with one another trying to see who could make the other cum the most. After about ninety minutes exploring each other's limits, they finally curled up in each other's arms and fell into a deep restful sleep.

The long day had finally ended and Cynthia was exhausted, she was sitting at her desk in her office in the back of the store trying to balance her accounting books. Although she appreciated all the new business, she was tired, unaccustomed to working long hours on so many consecutive days. Since business was so good, she thought she could risk modifying the store hours so that she and her staff didn't have to work so hard, she was currently open 7 days a week, 10AM to 8PM which meant she still had two hours of bookkeeping, before she could leave. That was simply unsustainable. She decided to close at 6PM daily and close on Monday's until she could train enough staff so that she didn't have to be there so much. She really needed some time away, even if it was for just a couple of days.

What she needed was either a business partner or an employee whom she could trust not to steal from her. She had no family here and her ex-husband was a lying cheating SOB, so he couldn't turn to him for help. She remembered that she had a note from the nice young man that was responsible for sending her all the new business. His name was John Smith, of all things. She thought maybe he was interested in a partnership or could recommend someone she could trust. As she thought more about it she recalled how young he looked, but he dressed well and obviously he was doing something right. Tammy, the incredible shrinking woman from the bank told her he had a couple of million dollars in their bank, who knows what else he has stashed at other larger banks and financial institutions.

She dialed the number, after four rings got his voice mail message. "Hello, you've reached John Smith, please leave a message and your number; if I know you I will call you back as soon as I am free. If not, take a number." "BEEP!"

"Hello, John, this is Cynthia Ash, from the boutique. I am calling you for two reasons, first to thank you for all the business you are sending my way, and secondly, because of all the business I was hoping that you could recommend some I could trust to help me run the place, when I am not there. I haven't had much rest since things got busy. Not that I am complaining, it just caught me a little unprepared. Now, I am rambling. Please call me back if you have some ideas. Thank you."

She thought that she sounded sincere, and hoped that he didn't think her ungrateful. She hated leaving messages; she was rarely satisfied with the way they sounded.

She was just about to go back to what she was doing when the phone rang. She let it ring a second time and then picked it up. It was John Smith returning her call. He had listened to her message and was sympathetic; he even apologized to her for not allowing her time to prepare for the onslaught of new business. He told her that he did have a few ideas and that if she was interested they could meet briefly just before she opened for business, tomorrow. She eagerly agreed they ended the call.

If any of his ideas were viable, she would soon be able to get some much needed rest. She sighed happily as she picked up her pink vibrator again and resumed running it over her clit while squeezing her plump left nipple. Relief was in sight. She chuckled at the double meaning, while she masterfully moved the toy to reach her most sensitive spots. She was close, as her mind began to relax giving way to her need for release. As inched closer to her fourth climax of the day. Was that right? She tried to remember when she began masturbating at work, she rarely masturbated at all until recent, now she seemed to need to get off several times a day or she would become very cranky. As she tried to remember, it seemed like the need began a few weeks ago, but she didn't understand why. Could it be related to the reoccurring sexual dreams she had been having.

It was always the same dream, with slight variations; they included her being sexually involved with two beautiful and sexy black women who had come into the store, back before business was so good. Together they had lesbian sex together for hours. She was getting close just thinking of the dream. It never failed to wake her each night with a as she climaxed. She didn't know who these women were or why they had chosen her, but here she was masturbating to it again. She opened her eyes wide as she came. It was good, she had better, but it wasn't bad. The strange thing was that she had never been with a woman before, let alone two. She rested back into her chair, panting. She knew several black women; but none resembled the two from her dreams. They were absolutely beautiful and if she were into women, she knew both would be out her league. The more she thought about it the hotter she became and she place the small dildo between her legs again. She was really working herself up; again, she couldn't believe she was doing this again, so soon. It was building too fast, it would be a very strong release, she thought. As she continued she began to see more clearly the faces of the women, and the magnificent breasts they possessed. She longed to suckle at those breasts. As soon as she came to that realization the dam broke and hours of pent up sexual passion was released, and her screams echoed through the empty store. She was loud enough to bring security had this been normal business hours. She found herself again panting in her executive chair trying to catch her breath, she gazed at the pink dildo in her hand, she brought it closer for inspection, and it was covered in her juices. Before she could reason she brought it her lips and licked her juices off the toy. Part of her was disgusted, while the other part confused and delighted. She licked the dildo clean, enjoying the tangy taste. What was wrong with her, it reminded her of the women in the old porn movie "The Devil in Miss Jones", the one that was masturbating in public unable to get off. Was she going crazy? She knew that she couldn't go on like this. She needed a lover; she surprised herself by not committing to the gender of that lover. She scared herself, this wasn't like her. She worried that she might end up in some dive of a bar trying to pick up anyone who was willing, or worse, she might end up at a lesbian bar and give in to the first dyke that talked to her. No, she worked too hard since her divorce from that asshole to lose everything just when business was taking off. Shrugging it off, she opened a browser, went to Goggle and typed in "Adam and Eve"; she would find a better dildo.

James and his receptionist Julie Lee were preoccupied; James had his face between her legs and was demonstrating the skills she had helped him to polish. He was doing an excellent job; she had closed her eyes focusing on her pleasure not seeing Mary Smith quietly entered the office. Mary made sure to lock the door, surprised to find it unlocked, she didn't want to be disturbed. Using her limited mind control she kept them focused on pleasuring each other while she disrobed. Leaving her clothing and purse on the desk she crouched down behind James and took his familiar hard cock in her hands and began gently stroking it. She felt his confusion and need to know who had joined them, but she pushed a little and he continued to work his magic tongue in Julie's tight twat, she was moaning louder and seemed to be closing in on a mighty release. She was leaning into him now, resting her heavy naked breasts on his back while moving his head where it would do the most good. When she put him in just the right spot she reached for his cock, surprised to find a pair of manicured fingers already wrapped around it. How was that possible? Who had joined them? Suddenly the fact that it was another woman seemed to make it alright. She was too close now to care. Then the other hand found her clit and touched it in just the right way pushing her over the edge. Mary felt that James was ready to come and quickly moved to capture his cock in her mouth in time to catch his seed, sucking and swallowing all that he gave. Both James and Julie were now panting as they slowly began to recover.

James had to pry Mary off his softening cock and finally recognizing her. Taking her into his arms he kissed her and tasted his seed in her mouth. Feeling left out he heard Julie clear her throat and he remembered the two hadn't yet met. He introduced them; Julie Lee had been his receptionist for six months. She was in her late twenties, and was the prettiest Asian women Mary had ever seen. Bending forward and resting on her elbows she took Mary's hand and they exchanged pleasantries, Julie thanking her for the helping hand, and smiled a smile that lit up the room. And she could see why he hired her, she made a good impression easily.

Mary told them that she was looking forward to getting to know her better and pulled the young woman closer until their lips met. James was stunned, he didn't know that Mary was into women and that was enough to cause his spent cock to stir. Julie also tasted James seed and tried to collect all that remained with her tongue as she mashed her large tits against Mary's, it was almost electric when their nipples rubbed together. As they broke the kiss, Julie's hand captured both of Mary's breats, fondling and gently squeezing them and taking a nipple into her hungry mouth much to Mary's delight. Julie pushed Mary back on the small couch and climbed on top. Mary guided her around so that they were in the classic sixty-nine and Julie reluctantly abandoned Mary's tits for the bigger prize. She couldn't believe that she was doing this. She had played around with her roommate in college; it was enough to satisfy her bi-curious nature. But she never thought she'd be doing this with a complete stranger, and was surprised how eager she was to find out what she tasted like. Lowering her mouth to Mary's snatch she was fascinated by how pretty she found it, and the diamond stud only accentuated its beauty. Spreading her lips like a delicate flower, she could see how moist and ready Mary was and began doing the things that she remembered her roommate had enjoyed and hoped that Mary would like them too.

Seeing his two lovers together was too much for James and he moved around behind Mary spread her legs and slipped inside her velvety snatch. Although a little disappointed, Julie was content to work on Mary's love button and lick around her hole as James slowly pushed back and forth. Mary was secreting copious amounts of love juices which Julie sucked up like a woman possessed, nothing went to waste. Occasionally, James would pull completely out of Mary and slide into Julie's waiting mouth. Mary was enjoying the attention, several small orgasms shook her, meanwhile she continued her talented tongue on the young Asian woman, she loved the way she tasted and played around her clit driving Julie mad with desire. Using her mind she timed their orgasm to coincide at the exact same time, which triggered James as he flooded Mary with thick ropes of his seed leaving the three of them out of breath and happy.

Breaking their silence, when he was finally able to form words, James asked, "Did we have a date?"

Mary looked at James and started laughing, the others joined in soon after, as it seemed the sillies thing to say at the time. When they all settled down, Mary explained that she was in the area and wanted to surprise him, she giggled. She didn't realize that she would have the opportunity to do just that.

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