A Gift From His Father Ch. 09


Candice and April licked John clean and then licked each other's face clean. Candice almost commented aloud that she loved the butterscotch taste, but April sipped her tongue into her mother's mouth and followed it with a series of small kisses.

John was tired, but continued to monitor the women's thoughts. They both were thinking the same thing. They had shared a man, John Smith, April's boyfriend and childhood friend. Neither was sure what that meant. And they shared each other. Something neither would have dreamed of doing. There were many more unanswered questions. Were they now lovers. Would they enjoy each other again? What would that do to their mother/daughter relationship? What was that thing when their nipples touched? They would definitely have to try that again.

April soon fell asleep, looking forward to tomorrow and more sex with John and her mother; maybe she should call her Candice now. They were lovers after all, equals.

Candice was exhausted, sexually satisfied and troubled. Although she thoroughly enjoyed the sex, she felt that her relationship with her daughter was done. She'll soon insist on calling her by her first name, thinking that they were equals. Why hadn't she resisted the temptation? Now, she had lost her little girl forever. With those last thoughts in her mind fatigue overcame her and she fell into a deep restful sleep.

John thought about their concerns, pondering the consequences and thought he had an answer. Satisfied that he could make things work he too drifted off to sleep.

John awoke early, he was learning that he no longer required more than 4 hours of sleep. Both women were still sleeping soundly. He thought again about Candice's concerns and how important it was that she not loses her motherly influence over April. Looking at her in the dim early morning light, he put his plan into action. He made a small physical change, allowing her to lactate at will, and her milk would be like a powerful drug giving her mind control power over almost anyone who consumed it. John and his agents would be immune.

Of course this meant that she would have to be told of his powers. He was thinking of making her an agent, she seemed to have a healthy appetite for sex. But he didn't want this for April. Not now at least, maybe later. He wanted April to complete her education; she had so much more potential. Candice would resume guiding her daughter on the previous course. They could continue to have sex, but she would be able to control her daughter, their mother daughter relationship would remain intact. April was still in the dark about John's capabilities that too would wait for the appropriate time. These directives he implanted in Candice's mind while she and April slept.

Getting out of bed he went to the bathroom, relieving himself first and then while gazing into the mirror he cleaned himself up. With a thought he had shaved, showered, cleaned his teeth and even trimmed his hair. He added his favorite scents to his newly shaved face and under arms. Still naked he marched off to the kitchen to prepare a light breakfast as he arrived in the kitchen he was fully dressed in black Dockers khakis, a red muscle shirt and a pair of loafers. His previous day's attire simply disappeared from existence, while his wallet, keys and cell phone waited for him on the kitchen counter.

He looked in the refrigerator and didn't see what he wanted, so he imagined fresh pineapple, strawberries, melons and croissants, yogurt and freshly brewed coffee. Knowing that both Candice and April were coffee fiends he filled the bedroom with the rich fragrance and within seconds both woke hungry and craving their favorite beverage. He warmed the house so that they wouldn't feel the need to cover themselves and within a few minutes he heard them stirring.

April popped up and zipped to the bathroom to pee and brush her teeth, while Candice sat up and watched her daughter moving about the room as John message reached her consciousness. She blinked and smiled. While April was in the bathroom, she lifted her tit and squeezed the nipple. Sure enough a several drops of milk began to spill forth. Candice giggled aloud and immediately began to think of how she would soon have April suckle her. Taking a few drops on her finger she brought it to her tongue to taste. It reminded her of vanilla ice cream.

She was ready to confront her daughter now, certain she could get her to drink her mother's milk. She got up and strolled into the bathroom.

"Good morning sweetie," Candice said as she leaned on the door frame watching her daughter finish brushing her teeth. "Sleep well?"

"Mmmm...Good morning mother, or should I call you Candice, that was some night we had. She looked over at her mother's naked body and licked her lips." April wasn't sure what had gotten into her but she felt liberated and horny as hell, horny for more sex with her new lover, her very own mother.

"Now, don't forget that even after last night I am still your mother." Candice scolded; knowing April wouldn't miss the chance to level the playing field.

"Now mother," she said as she walked up to her and pulled her into a passionate kiss that caused Candice's knees to weaken and pussy to moisten. "I mean no disrespect. It just seems that things have changed now. I am only stating the obvious."

"Mmmm, April you are making me wet." Candice said as she pulled her daughter close carefully making sure their nipples didn't touch. "Look you've made my nipple erect."

April took the bait and began playing with her mother's tits and leaned in to suck on her nipple. Candice released a little milk upon April's second suck and it quickly filled her mouth. She swallowed the sweet liquid.

"Oh my, where did that come from? It tastes so good. Mother, why are you lactating, never mind." She said and lowered her mouth to suckle some more. After a minute Candice had her switch to the other tit and April savored the milk. Candice finally had to push her away.

"We'll have plenty of time for that later, but I have a feeling that John will be leaving soon, and that coffee smells good," Candice told April.

"Oh yeah," she said, and reluctantly pulled away from her mother.

"Tell John I will be out in a moment, and no more calling me by my first name unless I agree, understand."

"Of course, mother," April said. "I don't know what I was thinking."

John had been monitor things from the kitchen and knew how please Candice was that once again had control over April. John pretended to clean up from all the work it took to prepare the meal, just as April sauntered into the room, jiggling naked into the kitchen the way John loved to see her.

"Hey you," April said. "Looks like you've been busy." She moved in to kiss him passionately.

He took the opportunity to squeeze her ass and fondle her tits. "Yeah, I just thought I would prepare a light meal for my favorite two ladies. Are you okay after last night? Things kind of got a little out of hand. I mean, I enjoyed everything, but I never dreamed that I would be getting it on with your mother." John lied.

April agreed that things did get pretty wild and she too never thought she'd be getting it on with mother. She thought things were fine between them and now that he and her mother were now intimate things would be better. As long as she wasn't left out, she accentuated by pointing her finger into John's chest. John to laughed and slap her affectionately on her bare ass as she walked off to get a cup of the rich smelling coffee. She fixed a plate for John and herself, inhaled the rich aroma of the coffee, and sat down next to John, she kissed him again and began to eat her food, surprised at how hungry she was.

Candice put on a sheer lace peignoir with sequins, ruffles and bows; even cinched shut it hid nothing; it would have the effect she desired. Sometimes partial nudity was sexier than complete nudity. As she wiggled and jiggled into the room she kissed John on the check and thanked him for last night and then kissed April on the neck eliciting a sigh as she found one of her erogenous zones. April couldn't take her eyes off her mother, she was stunning. She went to the cabinet to retrieve her favorite coffee mug which meant she had to reach on her tip toes. When she turned John was standing there admiring her in her sexy robe. He pulled the cinched bow free allowing the robe to open and reveal her naked flesh, her left breast exposed she released a single drop of milk, which John caught on his finger.

"What is this," he asked as if he didn't know.

April volunteered, "It seems that after last night's marathon, mother is now lactating. Taste it. It is delicious."

John licked the drop from his finger and made a big showing of how good it tasted. Candice told him that there was more where that came from. John admitted that it was a tempting offer but he had a lot of work to do today and asked for a rain check. Candice smiled and told him he was welcomed anytime. You would have thought that April would be jealous, but she was eager to have her mother alone and have more of her delicious milk. She was getting used to the idea of sharing John. She was beginning to realize that they would never be exclusive. They were both young and sex was still so new to them.

After Candice and April had eaten their fill, and John had nibbled on a croissant while drinking two glasses of orange juice, it was time to go. He took both women into his embrace kissed them deeply causing them to crave more of his touch, he could smell them becoming aroused, then he left.

Candice told April "Now isn't that just like a man to get you all wet and excited and then leave."

They both laughed. April walked over to her mother and took her by the hand; I think I know how to take care of that. And they headed back to the master bedroom.

John climbed into his truck and headed down the street towards downtown. It was time to check in on Tammy and see if it was time to bring down Mr. Adams.

"Nice work back there with April and Candice, son," he heard the voice in his mind complement him.

It was what remained of his father, trapped within the Ring of Power, his father's gift or legacy to him and what had made all these impossible things possible.

"You realize that you'll need to convert Candice to agent status. She has great potential this one," his father told him.

John agreed. "Once she begins using her milk on a few people she'll be ready. I wonder how long it will take before she collects enough to use in non sexual situations. And how long before she learns to dehydrate it or freeze dry it so that it will be easier to distribute."

"You'll need to watch her closely, you don't want her to get out of control, son."

Again John couldn't disagree with his father's assessment. Perhaps he'll have Elizabeth look in on her. It began to dawn on John that he didn't have any men he could trust at his disposal. He would need some soon once he settled into his new place; he may have a need for security. That thinking led him to one he'd been putting off for a while, should he have male agents. There was likely a wealth of sexual energy from the gay community. He was definitely missing out on yet untapped potential markets. Despite having no interest in sex with other men he had to be practical, he required more sexual energy and it didn't matter where it came from or who collected. He would have to begin to recruit some men, not necessarily for agents, but he did need some guys he could trust.

To say that Mary's rendezvous with James and Julie was hot would be the understatement of the century. With plenty of time to explore each other's bodies, a large bed to spread out on and a luxurious shower to play in, Mary had the time of her life and left two very satisfied partners.

James was so impressed with Mary's newly unleashed libido that he asked her to join him and Julie at a swinger's party the next night. He explained that he had treated a wealthy patient many years ago and was on the "A list" for his parties, after attending his first he was hooked and went often in his earlier years. But now he only went on special occasions. Tomorrow night's party was the annual Fall Equinox celebration, his friend was an astronomy buff and since the equinox only happened twice a year it was as good as an excuse as any for a sex party.

Mary was thrilled. She would be able to collect a huge amount of sexual energy while there and it would please John and that was what really mattered. She didn't have any idea what to wear, and then she laughed out loud after realizing that wouldn't be a problem since she'd like not be wearing much soon after they arrive. Still she wanted to look her best. James described it as a very classy affair. His friend even supplied lounging gowns for the women and short togas for the men. They hid nothing as they were made of sheer material, but they helped to keep things tidy and clean.

After arriving home in the early morning, she got some much needed rest. She and Julie had worn James out, he had incredible stamina, but after their play earlier in the day he wasn't able to compete. Fortunately, James and Julie had plenty of the latest sex toys and Mary learned a great deal about them first hand. Her favorite was the double dildo, which she had hear of and seen inaction in many of the porn DVDs she'd been studying. But what surprised her was the "Double Delight Strap-On". She was able to feel it from both ends and pretending to have a cock was fun. She and Julie spent hours trying it on each other and James even let her try it out on him. Just think about the night was making her horny all over again.

She shed her clothes and drew herself a hot bath, her muscles were a little sore and soaking in a hot tub would be soothing and help her to fall asleep quickly. While she soaked she did a little maintenance trimming her "landing strip" and attended to her nails. She would add polish later in the day as she prepared for the party. Still she needed something sexy to wear to the party. She called her son and left him a message, no doubt he was probably busy, but she heard that he knew of a clothing boutique that featured the kind of attire she needed.

John called back quickly and was happy to hear from his mother. They talked about many things, including her plans for tonight and her need for sexy evening wear. She laughed when he told her she would look sexy in a burlap bag, but that he was meeting with the owner in a few hours, he got her size and told her to expect a delivery that afternoon.

With that being done, Mary climbed out of her tub after almost an hour of soaking. She was very relaxed and after wrapping herself in her fluffy terry cloth robe, she padded to the kitchen for a light snack before heading to bed for a nap. As she began to fall off to sleep, visions of the previous night filled her mind and she knew she would be ready for more sex when she woke.

Cynthia arose from her cot in the back room which doubled as the office of her retail store. She hadn't bothered to go home last night. After finally finding and purchasing her new sex toy, she felt a surge of new energy and worked well into the night and by the time she was done it didn't make much sense to go home only to turn around and come back early for her meeting. She started the coffee pot and used her restroom to freshen up. She'd spent several nights there so she had a supply of everything she needed including a change of clothes.

John arrived on time, the sign on the door said they were closed, but Cynthia had left the door unlocked for him. As he entered the buzzer sounded announcing his arrival. Cynthia rushed out of the back office, she seemed a little bit wired to John perhaps she'd had too much caffeine he thought. Then he did a light scan and learned what the poor woman had been dealing with the last several weeks.

She greeted him professionally despite how young he looked. And they took a seat and they discussed business. John was prepared to buy the business from her, if she wanted to sell, or invest in it. The poor woman was exhausted, frustrated and very horny. John assured her that he would be able to provide her with a suitable assistant who would be able to lift some of the load from her shoulders. If she wanted a business partner he told her he was able to invest in the store, expansion or opening a second location.

Cynthia seemed visibly relieved to know that help was on the way. The conversation turned and they talked about other things, when John mentioned that she seemed a little tired since the last time they met. Using his mind he calmed her and helped her to realize that she could trust him. Before she realized what she was doing she was confiding in him about her trouble sleeping and about the dreams. It was like a weight lifted off her to be able to tell someone about her mixed feelings and desires. John was attracted by her honesty and directness. They had about twenty minutes before her small staff would arrive and about fifty minutes before it was time to open.

John asked if she had any more coffee, she felt bad that she hadn't offered him any. But John assured her it was fine, as he followed her to the small office in the back of the store. He wasn't interested in coffee, just wanted to get her into a more private location.

As she looked at the empty coffee pot, she remembered that she had drunk the last of it. She offered to make more when John asked her a question that caught her completely off guard.

"So, Cynthia...do you like men?"

She stiffened for a moment and then surprised herself with her response. "God, John I love men. But now I think I love women too."

As her words hung in the air, spoken aloud for the first time, she blushed heavily. "What I wouldn't do for a hard cock right now," she said again surprising herself.

John unzipped his pants freeing his oversized cock and said, "Like this one." He laughed to himself; he had always wanted to say that.

Cynthia quickly fell to her knees before him and took his cock in one hand while she tried to suck his entire length into her greedy mouth. She licked, sucked and worshiped his cock like she hadn't seen one in years, which wasn't too far from the truth. After several minutes of bobbing her head back and forth on his knob, John lifted her and bent her over her desk. He easily pulled her dress out of the way and ripped her thong from off her ass, then rammed his cock into her pussy. He had read her mind and knew that she needed him to be a bit rough with her. She screamed and came almost immediately. That didn't stop John as he continued to saw in and out at a pace that had Cynthia coming again. He reached around and under her dress to feel her smallish tits. With a little effort he was able to get his hands under her bra and toy with her nipples eliciting another scream as she came again. After several more minutes, John was close and asked her if she was on the pill and if he should cum inside. She said that it was okay to come inside, but she'd rather swallow his cum if that was okay. John chuckled to himself and thought why not both. He started to climax and that caused Cynthia to come again. But before he was done he pulled out and Cynthia scrambled to get in place, quickly grabbed his cock and covered as much as she could with her mouth while pumping him with her fist. She hadn't considered that she would taste herself and became more excited as she did, it wasn't bad and her mind drifted to wondering what other women tasted like. John released a huge load which brought her quickly back to reality. He filled her mouth and she swallowed several times trying to keep up with the volume. Her first thought was that he tasted like butterscotch followed quickly by surprised at how much cum he was producing. Finally he began to subside, but not before cum began leaking from the side of her mouth and down her neck. She released his cock which was quickly becoming flaccid but didn't seem to change much in size. John carefully stuffed it back into his boxers and zipped up. Like a cat Cynthia used her tongue to lick every drop that remained, cleaning her fingers of the precious goo that she scrapped from her neck. She wasn't sure if it was from all the "cum" she just consumed or the thorough copulation she'd just received but she felt better than she had in weeks, completely rejuvenated. She thanked John and as she hurried to clean herself up, just as she hearing the door open announcing her employees arrival.

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