tagMind ControlA Gift From His Father Ch. 11

A Gift From His Father Ch. 11


Rachel turned a little more and saw what looked to be a tattoo on the small of her back just above her big ass. She could see some colorful designs and some lettering but needed her hand mirror to see what was written there. Getting the mirror in at the right angle she saw her name written in script framed by colorful curly designs. Before she could make sense of it she noticed the same patterns and her name also written across her shoulder blades, only upside down. What happened to her? She didn't remember getting pierced or getting tattooed. Why would she have her name written upside down and two places on her back? It didn't make sense. Just as she thought things couldn't get any worse as she was about to put the mirror down and try to sort things out, she saw another tattoo on her right ass cheek. She shrieked when she read it and began to sob, big tears rolled from her eyes, falling on to her breasts and rolling to her studded nipples.

In two inch red bold letters the word "Bimbo" was emblazoned on her ass.

She was scared and confused she dropped the mirror to the floor and ran back into her room and fell into the bed. Who would have done this to her, what kind of sick prank was this? She remained there crying for several minutes, she curled into the fetal position and felt like sticking her thumb into her mouth, but realized that she did want something in her mouth but it wasn't her thumb. Where were these thoughts coming from?

After about ten minutes of feeling sorry for herself she decided to examine her new accessories more closely. She hefted her tiny tits one by one to see that each the silver ring was permanently attached; she could find no way to remove them. The simple act of examining her pierced nipples made her hot and horny and she felt a tingle in her pussy. She moved the hand mirror so that she could see down there, something she almost never did. It was hard to see, her fat belly was in the way and there was a forest of nasty blonde hair in the way. Without thinking she retrieved her scissors and a towel from the bathroom and began to cutting the thick growth as short as the scissors would allow. She was finally able see the silver horseshoe shaped barbell piercing her clitoris; and she wasn't surprised to find that there also was no way to remove it. And just looking at it was making her wet. Tossing out the cut hair in the towel she decided to shower. As she began shaving her legs, she continued and removed all the stubble from her crotch as well, leaving her pussy completely bare. For some reason she was extremely pleased as if she had just completed some task on her list of things to do. She put away the razor and washed the newly shaved area, only to find that she couldn't help but play with her new jewelry until she squealed with pleasure as she came again this morning. Catching her breath, her fingers then began pulling on her nipple rings causing her to become excited again and repeating the previous exercise until she was again panting as she weak kneed slid to the floor of the shower. It took her awhile before she was able to actual wash without playing with herself and it was become very close to the time to leave for work and she hadn't even dressed yet.

Rachel found a spot to park and took the elevator to her floor. The hospital seemed to be relatively quiet for this time of day and she greeted a few coworkers and made her way to her desk. Taking her seat and put her handbag in the bottom file cabinet, she turned on her computer. As she opened her Outlook she noticed twice as many emails as normal and one from her supervisor dated today marked urgent. Opening it she discovered an irate note. Apparently, Rachel had taken a day off without consulting with her, fortunately things managed fine without her but she needed to account for her actions and she was expected to be in her office at 2PM.

Rachel was further embarrassed, how could she have missed work like this and not even called to have someone cover for her. It was not like her. The last twenty four hours weren't like her. What did she do yesterday, besides the obvious?

The day continued and she attended to her patients and interacted with the doctors on staff. About 1PM, Candace came in and approached Rachel as she was updating a patients chart and looked directly into her eyes and said, "Rachel, I am tired of these late hours, I really would like to be put back on mornings, say the 7 to 4PM shift, okay?"

Rachel looked back at Candace; her first impulse was to ask to save it for later. "Can't you see that I am busy?" But she didn't say a word; she only stared blankly into her eyes. She began to crave that taste that she woke up with this morning. She still wasn't sure what it was, trying to maintain an air of control she said, "Perhaps I can arrange that," and then taking Candace by the arm and pulling her into an empty office said, "If you will do something for me?"

Wondering how this would play out, Candace bit and asked, "Maybe, what do you have in mind?"

By now Rachel was like a drug addict going through withdrawal and without thinking asked, "Let me eat your pussy."

Candace smiled and walked a few steps to close the door. While Rachel blushed deeply and couldn't believe what she had just asked, nevertheless was hopeful that Candace would agree. When Candace walked over to one of the chairs and pulled down her scrubs to her ankles revealing her beautiful mound, all Rachel could do was to stare. I was shaved clean except for a narrow "landing strip" of blonde hair. Candace sat down in the chair and spread her legs, leaving one foot still in her scrub pants. She looked at Rachel, as if to say, "What are you waiting for." And Rachel rushed forward her mouth already salivating and dropped to her knees before her.

"Just a minute," Candace said, "First you must strip."

Rachel was too far gone to worry about any details she quickly shrugged out of her scrubs, tossing them on the floor behind her, the matching set of bra and panties followed quickly. It was the first time Candace had seen Rachel completely naked with tattoos and piercings and she liked the look.

"I see you've added a few accessories, how nice, and I see you've shaved, too. Good girl. Now bring that tongue over here and get busy."

Rachel blushed again, forgetting about her new look. But didn't hesitate and quickly put her face in Candace's pussy and lapped up her increasing fluids. As she happily licked up the nectar she had been craving an interesting thought entered her mind. How did Candace know that I had added tattoos, piercings and had shaved?


Mary woke up late the next day, and was very sore. She was sore in places that she didn't know she could become sore.

As she sat up and crawled out of bed on the way to the bathroom, she smelled the unmistakable aroma of freshly brewed coffee. She realized that John must be home to check on her. She donned her robe and limped to the bathroom to perform her morning hygiene and then hobbled to the kitchen where John was finish a sandwich and some chips.

Stopping at the kitchen entrance Mary smiled and said, "Come over to check on me, huh?"

"Yeah, I heard you got in a little over your head. How are you feeling?" He asked as he saw her attempt to hide her injured gait.

"If we were having this conversation a month ago I would say that I am fine, but since you are the master of the Ring of Power, there is no point in lying. I fucked up and I am pretty sore all over."

John had never heard his mother swear or use any foul language, but that too was the old mom. This new mom was worldly, accustoms to having plenty of sex with multiple partners of both sexes and now was one of his best agents. Even disheveled she oozed beauty, grace and sensuality.

"I can fix that." John volunteered. "Come here and let me have a look at you."

She limped over to him as he jumped out of his chair and met her half way. He could now sense her pain and realized his power to heal her. All the energy from the orgy had given him new abilities such as a mental link to his agents and the limited ability to heal. A closer look revealed that she was bruised over her arms and legs, from what he could see that wasn't hidden under her robe.

"I am going to need you to disrobe for me if I am going to heal these bruises," said gently. Although she was his mother and they had together sexually, (not that it was his fault), and technically he was her master, he didn't think of it that way. She was still his mother and she was owed a certain level of respect.

"Of course she said," dropping her robe to the floor and pulling her red satin halter slip so that it too pooled at her feet.

She had a fantastic body, but instead of admiring it, John cringed at how badly she had been bruised by the experience. Her large white breast, ass, legs and especially her crotch were discolored and had to ache terribly. To say she was black and blue would be putting it lightly. If it wasn't for his power, she would likely need a hospital stay. It was worse than he thought.

Taking her in his arms, John lifted her off her feet and carried her back to her bedroom. He gently laid her on her back. Using both hands, holding them just above the injured areas he closed his eyes and concentrated. Had he been watching he would have seen his hands glow red as he emitted healing energy from them. He moved them all around and turned her over to reach her ass and rectum. After several minutes, he stopped. Mary opened her eyes and John looked at her again. All the bruising was gone replaced with a rich golden tan.

"How do you feel?" He asked.

"Mmmm, much better, now. I didn't know that you could do that? You know heal people."

"It's new. Thanks to all the energy you sent me. I am not sure, but I feel like I might be able to fly," he joked.

She sat up and he couldn't help but admire her nudity. She was his first crush and despite everything he was still in love with her. She cupped his hands on his face and pulled him close and kissed him in a way a mother never would kiss her son. It lasted several minutes and she pulled down on top of her as she fumbled with his belt.


John met Elizabeth at the Hyatt downtown. She had a room on the fifth floor facing the pool and lounge area. He knocked on her door and she opened it, clothed only in a towel having just gotten out of the shower.

"Looks like my timing is good," he smiled as she let him in and closed the door behind him. "Can I borrow a towel," He joked.

Elizabeth smiled and pulled him to her and locked her lips on his while letting the towel fall to the floor. He pulled her closer and their kiss intensified. She clawed at his shirt and then noticed he was as naked as her and together they tumbled onto the bed. They kissed some more less passionately as their hands explored each others' bodies. John found her impressive breasts and pulled one of the large brown nipples into his mouth. He sucked and pulled on it gently using his teeth. Elizabeth shrieked passionately, loving what he was doing. Together they rolled back and forth until Elizabeth found herself on top with John looking up at her through her magnificent cleavage as the twins finally settled into place. She smiled triumphantly as if she had won the match. John used that opportunity to grow his already erect cock to an impressive ten inches letting it snake forward finding Elizabeth's wet love tunnel waiting.

"Now you are just showing off," she said as she adjusted her position and impaled herself on the huge cock.

Once in place John began to expand and thicken it causing Elizabeth's eyes to grow large in surprise. She wasted no time and began sliding up and down leaving her juices running down its length. At times she'd pull almost all the way out and holding the mushroom head tightly and just stay there for a minute. And then without warning, she'd impale herself again all the way down and continue rapidly bouncing up and down. She was getting very close to the edge; John's large cock was making her reach her limit faster than she would have normally. It felt so good to have a large cock inside of her.

John knew exactly what was going on in her mind; his new connection to his agents gave him another advantage when they were together like this. He was matching her tempo and they would come together. As they continued to work; John could feel his cock bottoming out as Elizabeth continued her frantic pace. She was already screaming in her mind, as her passion reached its peak.

"Aaaahhhhhh!" She yelled, for what seemed like minutes, shaking her head, her long damp brown hair slowly snapping back and forth.

When John let his seed loose, she seemed to reach another octave. They slowly coasted to a stop. Both of them panting and sweating enjoying one of the best fucks either had ever experienced.

Elizabeth climbed off the monster she had been riding and John allowed it to soften. His cock was coated with her juices, shiny and deep red. She rested for a few minutes and then took it in her mouth. It was huge, but she thought she could use the practice and worked it down her throat until her nose was tickled by John's pubic hair. She licked and then pulled out to lick and suck on John's ball before going back after the monster.

John had to use his strength to hold back. This woman knew what she was doing. He pulled her around and bent down to begin lapping at her wet pussy. She tasted amazing. John was amazed at how similar and yet how different each woman tasted. Elizabeth tasted the best. After several minutes using his connection to her he was able to hit all the right spots. She could no longer hold off and screamed again as she enjoyed yet another climax. As they cuddled together fighting sleep, Elizabeth kissed him on the cheek and whispered in to his ear, "Not bad for a white boy."

He joke caught him completely off guard causing him to rock with laughter. Elizabeth joined in laughing so hard they nearly fell off the bed.

As they resumed their cuddling and catching up on the business of running his agents, John confessed the he relied on Elizabeth and that she deserved a promotion of sorts. He officially made her his lieutenant, and as a reward asked her what he could give her as a gift for services rendered.

She was taken back somewhat. Not expecting anything but a thank you for saving mom. So she joked, "Besides that great fuck?"

He looked at her and she knew he was serious.

"I don't know John. Can I think about it?"

"Sure," he said. "Now tell me about what Candace has been up to."


Although John was pleased with his new agents, he still needed more. And although he had absorbed a tremendous amount of new energy, he was expending almost as much, so he needed to have more sex and convert more agents.

He thought about Tammy Bowen. He didn't need her at the bank anymore and she would jump at the chance to work for him in any capacity. And then there was April's mother Candace Martin. She was more than ready. Driving west on Highway 280, he decided to exit to the Foothill Express Way; he'd be at the Martin's home in 8 minutes. Traffic was light this time of the morning. He sensed that Candace was still home and April was not, likely she was at school.

He pulled in front of the house and had to admire the neighborhood, it hadn't changed all that much since he and April used to play in these streets. He ran the door bell and after a minute Candace peaked through the curtain and opened the door.

"Well, John Smith. What do I owe the pleasure?" Candace gushed. She was being a little sarcastic, since she missed him and he hadn't bothered to call in days. "April's not here."

"Hello Candace," he said "good to see you too. I know. I came to see you." She stepped aside letting him in, her heart dancing in her chest and as soon as she closed the door, she was all over him.

She kissed him like she hadn't seen him in months. She was dressed for work, in her pink scrubs, her purse and keys on the stairs, she was about to walk out the door.

"Call the job," he said. "You're going to be late if you make it in at all today."

Candace hung up her phone and put back in her purse. She had told the nurse in charge that something big had come up unexpectedly and that it required her immediate attention, she would attempt to make it in later if that was possible. She then turned to John, smiling as she looked at the huge bulge in his pants and asked if he wanted to adjourn to her bedroom. He quickly agreed and as Candace climbed the stairs he followed, watching her round buttock carefully as she sashayed up the stairs. Upon reaching the top, she pulled her top off and tossed it into John face. She giggled as he caught it and reached behind her back releasing the snaps holding her bra in place. Her breasts immediately lurched forward, but remained within the cups. John caught up with her and gently removed the bra. Her breasts were impressive. He pulled a large nipple into his mouth and sucked. She rewarded him with her milk.

After a minute he pulled away, "Mmmmm yummy." He said. I hear you are having a good time sharing your marvelous milk. I'd like to hear more about it, but later."

She smiled and pulled him closer and kissed him deeply tasting her milk, "Mmmmmm, I agree, yummy indeed."

John smiled and slid her pants past her round ass and down to her ankles, as she stepped out of them.

"Going commando, I see. What's the occasion?" John asked noticing that she hadn't bothered to put on panties.

"Oh, that," Candace smiled and said, "I've been training my supervisor to eat my snatch, instead of giving me lousy hours, it saves a little time."

"Interesting," John said, "how's that working out."

"Pretty good, actually, in fact she'll be going nuts pretty soon when she learns I may not be in today. I'll fill you in later, but right now how about some of that amazing cock or yours. I've missed it."


Arriving for her shift, Rachel was right on time, as usual. She looked through the staff assignments and the patients list and got busy with the more mundane aspects of running the recovery room of a medium size metropolitan hospital. After about thirty minutes she began to feel something gnawing in her mind just outside of her consciousness. She couldn't quite put her finger on it but something wasn't quite right.

She checked on her patients and consulted with a couple of doctors, it was getting close to noon and she wasn't hungry, but something was bothering her. She saw June Mathews sitting at one of the nursing stations entering data on a patient. "That's not right," she thought. "June isn't scheduled today." She checked the schedule, Candace Martin was. "Where is Candace?" She was beginning to panic and she didn't understand why. She looked at her wrist watch. "What's going on?" She went back to her personnel screen and saw that Candace had taken a PTO at the last minute, citing that something had come up.

She stared at the entry and was becoming angry. "How could she not come in today? I need her." She was puzzled. "Why did she need her?"

June surprised Rachel; she actually jumped two inches out of her seat.

"I'm sorry Rachel, didn't mean to startle you, I just wanted to ask your opinion on the patent in room 2614B."

Rachel gathered herself. "You didn't startle me," she lied. "I was just checking the schedule and you caught me in deep thought," she smiled and tried hard to shrug it off.

"Mrs. White in room 2614B..."

June began to explain the question, but Rachel couldn't hear her. She was thinking of licking pussy, and not any pussy, but Candace's pussy. "That's right," she thought, "I have to eat Candace's pussy today. But Candace isn't here; I'll have to find another pussy to eat, but whose? I can't just walk up to someone and ask them if I could lick their pussy, can I?" With that thought she got up and began walking away.

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