tagMind ControlA Gift From His Father Ch. 12

A Gift From His Father Ch. 12


Karen Miller found herself in circumstances she would never have guessed she'd ever be in. She was lying naked on top of a large king size bed as an anonymous woman was crawling between her eagerly spreading legs. She wasn't gay or even bi-sexual, at least not before she arrive in this hotel room, but yet this beautiful woman reeking sexual desire was on top of her and she knew that she would refuse her nothing. She was so totally captivated by her, and almost forgot the man the woman came in with until he step forward stopping at the foot of the bed to observe. Dreamily she remembered serving them at the coffee shop, the woman seemed to be head over heels in love with the man, she could see this. But apparently their relationship wasn't exclusive.

She surprised herself, why wasn't she dressed and running down the halls? Instead she was hot, hot for this mysterious woman. She had never craved a woman before, is that how one become gay? But she was craving intimacy with the man, too. This wasn't at all like her, and right now she didn't care. The woman's face was so near her own now that she could feel her breath and smell her aromatic perfume. The woman tilted her head slightly and leaned down near Karen and as their lips met and opened she didn't resist. Her legs spread wider as she felt the moistness of the woman on her skin. The kiss continued as their tongues danced and intertwined. Karen didn't know kissing could be so passionate, she was losing herself. The woman withdrew and she smiled, her lips found one of Karen's small pointed nipples and took it in her mouth and Karen swooned. She played with it roughly, but it was just the way Karen wanted it. Her passion increased another notch and her pussy was itching for some attention. As if reading her mind, the woman backed off a little and brought her face between Karen's legs. Although she couldn't see, Karen knew that her pussy was completely exposed and her clitoris was throbbing as it peaked from beneath its hood.

When the woman licked her pussy, Karen thought she would die from the pleasure. She closed her legs slightly from reflex feeling the woman's ears and hair on the inside of her thighs increasing the pleasurable feelings. The woman licked away for a while before finding the areas that Karen really enjoyed; once she found them she focused all her attention there. How did she know? Karen felt herself boiling; she was so close to a very strong orgasm. As the woman continued pushing Karen to the very edge, she was screaming in her head, "Don't stop, don't stop, please don't stop!" And then the groundswell of pleasure broke and Karen heard someone scream only later to realize that it was her, "Nnnnnaaaagggghhhhh." She was panting now holding on to the woman's head as she sucked up her juices like a vacuum, until Karen screamed out again as a second flood overwhelmed her, smaller but not by much and the woman continued as if drinking from her cunt was the waters of life. Finally when she thought she couldn't endure much more the woman backed off and laid down next to her as both panting like they'd just run a marathon.

Karen was a little scared, but the pleasure that she had just experienced told her that this couple wasn't interested in hurting her, unless killing her by climaxing over and over again was lethal, and at this point Karen wasn't sure. Her still hazy thoughts did little to explain why she was here waiting for them in this hotel room and who are they.

Sensing her confusion, John offered. "My name is John Smith and this is my newest employee, Tammy Bowen. You served us at the coffee shop, remember?"

It was beginning to come back to her, now. "You asked me to come over here and get your room..." She turned a bright crimson red. "...and asked me to shower and wait here for you." She didn't bother to finish stating the obvious. "I don't know why I let you do that to me," she said, "turning to Tammy and then back to John. "I am not into woman."

John smiled. "Is that right?"

Karen felt something change and she felt a flash of heat radiate though out her body, the realization that Tammy was naked and lying next to her was overpowering. She moved a strand of hair from her face and looked at Tammy. The look was much different, and Tammy knew it, she could see deep lust in her eyes. Karen turned, moving her body towards Tammy and brought her mouth to the blonde's, capturing her lips with her own. Their tongues were dancing and exploring each other's mouths again. Tammy couldn't believe what John was doing, it was him doing this. The poor waitress just said that she wasn't into woman and now she had initiated this passionate kiss, it was enough to turn her away from men completely. Karen broke the kiss and began planting small kisses along Tammy's body as she worked her way south. Karen spent a few moments praising Tammy's striking breast, licking each nipple and then pulling it into her mouth until each one stood hard and erect. She descended further until Tammy's juicy pussy laid open waiting for her. She lapped at it tentatively, knowing this was her first time and as if it was the best thing she'd ever tasted dove in enthusiastically licking and sucking as if she'd never get enough of the sweet nectar.

For being a novice Karen was impressive. Tammy found herself rapidly approaching a climax, gasping and pulling at her still damp nipples as she was building to a very strong orgasm.

John watched as Karen held Tammy's legs wide as she buried her face into the other's pussy. Tammy was making small mewing sounds which John knew meant that she was seconds from a satisfying release.

"Nnnnngghhhhhhhhh.....Ahhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeee!" Tammy exploded as she grabbed the young woman's head and guided her to the last few places that needed her attention.

Lapping up the Tammy's remaining juices, Karen found herself becoming more aroused and felt compelled to lightly touch herself. It was more than she could bare and she too exploded in a satisfying release of sexual energy. The two woman laid closer together this time, their fingers leisurely exploring each other's body as they laid on their backs looking at John who was sporting a large bulge in his trousers.

"For someone who isn't interested in women, Karen, you seemed to make Tammy pretty happy."

Karen continued to blush and said in her defense, "I just don't know what came over me. I got so turned on knowing that Tammy was lying naked next to me, I just couldn't control myself."

Tammy consoled Karen by turning her head and kissing the young woman, gently on the lips as they cuddled and said, "That was fine with me, I had never experienced anything like that before." Turning to Karen, she confessed that it was her first time with another woman, too.

"How do you feel about sharing?" John asked Karen.

"Do you mean you and me or you and Tammy?" the native young woman asked.

"I mean a threesome, you me and Tammy." John said as he watched Karen closely.

She seemed to be thinking about it for a while. She had never had a threesome, she had never been with a woman before and she was normally very shy. She wouldn't even shower with the other girls after sports in high school, but that was then. She felt so comfortable with these strangers, as if all her inhibitions were gone. She had only been with two other guys before; neither had her even close to the excitement that she had felt in the last 30 minutes. She looked back at John, and then her gaze fell to the monster lurking inside his pants. She had to admit that it looked huge, her other boyfriends didn't come close to measuring up, and she was curious.

"I don't know, you look pretty big, I don't think I could take something that large in me."

"Are you sure, you wouldn't want to see it up close first," John asked.

Again, something changed. Karen felt it, but she didn't know what had changed until she looked back at John. "Why are you still dressed?" She asked. "Let's have a look at the monster."

Tammy couldn't help giggling as she watched Karen reverse herself again. John slowly began to take off his shirt, apparently he wasn't moving fast enough as Karen leaped up from the bed where she and Tammy had been cuddling and grabbed John's belt in order to help him out of his pants. As Karen tugged down on the slacks John's huge cock sprang forward and slapped her on her cheek.

"Whoa, that's a big cock," Karen said as she releasing John's pants and grabbing the cock with both hands. She could barely wrap her fingers around it, but that didn't stop her from licking it up and down and trying to suck it into her mouth, succeeding only in getting the helmet like head inside.

"Hey," cried Tammy, "that's mine." She had almost forgotten how much she had been looking forward to getting John to slide his big muscle in and out of her and now Karen was making her have to wait. She quickly joined Karen and together they gave John's cock a good cleaning. While the women were busy, John removed the rest of his clothing in his favorite manner, simply making them disappear. That being done he took one in each arm and pulled them down on top of him as he fell into the bed. Tammy won the battle for his cock while Karen allowed him to puller her wet pussy on to his face.

Tammy gently lowered herself onto John's enormous cock, enjoying the feeling of just getting the large cock into her tunnel once again. She sighed at the marvelous feeling, knowing too that this was John's favorite part. Slowly she continued to lower herself, fighting the urge to simply let gravity do its job and ram the rod as far as it would go into her womb. Painstakingly she continued enjoying the feeling and knowing how much John would be enjoying the slow torture.

Meanwhile, it took all of John concentration to extend his tongue and lightly touch the dew drops hanging from Karen's pussy. Finally, being far too excited he pulled her by her thigh nesting his mouth on her snatch and began licking in earnest. He curled his tongue and extended it as far as he could into Karen's little hole. He toyed with her clit and soon had her moaning with delight.

Finally landing with John's cock deep within her Tammy squirmed around making certain that there wasn't a fraction of an inch left that she hadn't consumed. Satisfied she slowly began to lift off him in the same slow tormenting manner in which she had begun. Upon reaching the top she lifted almost completely off, only the tip of John's cock still within her. That was enough to get John's full attention and with a single hand on her thigh gave Tammy the recognition she was searching for and she plunged herself down quickly causing her to shriek with pleasure. From that point forward she began to ride John like a cowgirl trying to tame a bronco, as each thrust causing her more and more pleasure.

John knew where this was headed and Karen was getting pretty close, as he used his fingers and tongue on her clit. He sensed both of the women were on the edge and needed only a slight push more he timed his mental nudge to have them all come at the same time.

It was glorious. Karen screamed and flooded John with enough juice to drown the average man, but John was far more than average, he drank up her juices as easily as the released sexual energy was absorbed by his ring. Tammy's scream was closer to that of an alto and was just below the soprano range that Karen had just demonstrated. John mentally simulated Tammy's clitoris and she was bouncing so much she nearly fell off and then grinded herself back and forth against John's hardness while screaming and panting. For his part, John emptied a huge load into Tammy and enjoyed her gripping and releasing him with her inner muscles.

John didn't rest long; he had Karen eat his cum out of Tammy's pussy while he fucked her doggy style. Karen was really getting into it, she was beginning to really enjoy the taste of Tammy's pussy and marveled at how much John's cum seemed to taste like butterscotch. But she didn't have time to ponder this long as she was enthralled by John's amazing cock. It was large and she was completely filled, but more than that she felt so satisfied and with each stroke it got better until she was experiencing multiple orgasms, something she had heard of but never knew she was capable.

Enjoying Karen's tongue Tammy played with her small breast and perky nipples as she watched John send Karen into uncharted territory. They both came several times again, before John let loose another salvo Tammy bent herself forward she move Karen into a sixty-nine, as she hunted for John's cum. The two women seemed to be in no hurry to leave each other as they leisurely licked each other until they finally tired and drifted off for a short nap, still between each other's legs.

That left John a few minutes to contemplate what to do with Karen. She seemed to be a good candidate for an agent, but she was pretty young. He didn't want to commit her to this life if she could succeed in other ventures. He knew she was all alone in Mountain View, worked a dead-end job, and had only a few friends whom she could rely upon. She had no family remaining, having recently lost her mother to breast cancer. He could bring her along slowly, he thought, perhaps having her replace Tammy at the bank. He could make a few physical changes and keep an eye on her. That was a good plan, he thought. His observations would tell him if she was suited for the life of an agent.

Checking his watch, John realized it was getting late and he promised Candace to help her with Rachel. He still needed to convert Tammy into an agent and give Karen a makeover, so he gently shook Tammy from her nap with a mental tap, telling her it was time to convert her but that we'd let Karen sleep a little longer.

Tammy stood before John who was now seated in the center of the small couch still naked his semi flaccid cock hanging down between his muscular thighs. Tammy found herself wanting to kneel before him and wake the sleeping giant. But John had other ideas. He asked her to turn around slowly as he looked her over. He admired his work; she didn't need any enhancements that he could see. He asked her how she felt. She responded by telling him she been feeling great since losing all the weight and with his alterations she'd become pretty popular. John nodded and did a light mind probe, then scanned her body for signs of disease or infections. Satisfied he had her approach him and asked her again if she wished to be one of his agents, she could still refuse. Tammy declined saying that she couldn't think of anything else she'd rather do and the benefits alone were worth any sacrifice. John accepted her rationale and explained that he would install her diamond on her labia and that Elizabeth would be by to train her later tonight. Stepping closer John inserted his ring finger into her wet pussy, causing Tammy to shudder as she was still sensitive. Nevertheless, John ignored it and placing his thumb where he wanted the stud, he closed his eyes and when he removed his hand she had a beautiful diamond stud decorating her pussy. He then cured her of all diseases that had yet to manifest themselves and gave her limited mind control powers. Tammy noticed a warm pleasant feeling in her pussy, nipples and anus, she asked John what he had done. He explained that it was another bonus of being an agent, he heighted her sensitivity in those areas and there would be no way she'd ever not enjoy sex. Tammy raised an eyebrow and looked down at her erect nipples sticking out from her large gravity defying breasts and reached up using her index finger and thumb squeezed.

"Oooohhhhh myy Goooodddd," Tammy cried out falling to her knees as her legs gave out. "Oooohhhh that feels sssoooo good," this time caressing her larger tits, trying not to over stimulate herself.

John smiled and asked her to join him on the couch. She walked over quickly reluctant to take her hands from her breasts. John explained his plans for Karen and that he wanted her input with her makeover, telling her in a sense Karen would be her tutee. Tammy was very excited; it would be like having a little sister she said.

John woke Karen like he did Tammy, by thought and had her stand before them in the living room part of their suite. Much as he did with Tammy he had her slowly turn around so that he could assess her body. She stood about five feet four inches tall, was a little on the thin side, but had a bit of a tummy developing, causing her belly button to become an "outy". She had a few scars on her skinny calves which lacked any muscular definition. She had a nice ass on top of meaty thighs that met to form a nice little pussy covered by a closely cropped full bush of light brown hair. She had smallish tits and little rock hard nipples. She had a cute face, when she smiled, but all in all Karen Miller was rather plain. John did a quick probe and learned that Karen was envious of other women who seemed to have been blessed with more curves and she would kill to have a few more.

Before Karen could ask what he was doing, looking past him she watched Tammy biting her lip as she played with her nipples. John didn't answer but looked as though he was memorizing her body for a test. John then announced that Karen would be replacing Tammy at the bank, but she would first need a makeover and if she would trust him he would do it right now. She was about to ask him what he meant about a makeover, when John pushed on her mind to trust him and remain perfectly still.

John said to Tammy that she needs to be taller, and he was thinking about five eight. Tammy suggested five eleven and John agreed.

Karen noticed that the floor appeared to be pushing away from her as she grew seven inches taller.

"I don't have any redhead working for me," John said to Tammy. "I think she'd' look good as a redhead. What do you think?"

"Yeah," Tammy quickly agreed, "with green eyes. I love green eyes."

All of Karen's hair turned bright red and then darkened to an auburn shade as it grew long beyond her shoulder.

"That's going to be a lot to maintain," Tammy said.

John agreed and made her hair tangle free, never a split end, ever shiny and easy to style. The hair between her legs matched the hair on her head as it grew into a long full bush. Then it was cut back into a narrow strip and cropped to about an inch long.

Tammy clapped.

John focused on her small breast and they began to grow out and then full at the bottom and then at the top. Karen's eyes were wide as she felt the new weight on her chest and watched with fascination as her tits continued to swell. When they stopped growing John looked at Tammy and she mouth, "Bigger". So he continued the process until Karen had a pair of F Cups. Her tits would continue to defy gravity, but would always look natural. With Tammy's help he altered her nipple and areoles to be the perfect match for her giant melons. John strengthened her back muscles and tightened her abdominals. She had a six pack, but Tammy suggested that he put a little fat on so that it wouldn't be too obvious, so he did. He then added muscle toning to her legs and buttock, removed any scars and blemishes and gave her an even alabaster skin tone that wouldn't burn or need any sun block. Moving to her face, John straightened all her teeth and made all her filled teeth whole again. He then whitened her smile. Her lips grew slightly and he reduced her nose a bit and pointed it slightly while raising her cheek bones.

Tammy clapped again as John slowly rotated Karen. He straightened a few toes and painted her nails pink and reduced her shoe size by one and a half sizes. He painted her finger nails to match her toes.

"Well what do you think?" He asked Tammy.

"She looks like a movie star. She's gorgeous!" Tammy sighed as if she'd fallen in love.

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