tagMind ControlA Gift From His Father Ch. 15

A Gift From His Father Ch. 15


"What's going on?" Heather asked. "Where are you taking Lee?" she didn't understand that Lee was threat to her and her family. John realized that the shape-shifter didn't recognize Heather, probably due to his "bimboizing" of her, which changed her appearance. Heather had unwittingly saved the day with her lust. Nevertheless her bimbo urges were still in charge of her and John's cock was much too close for comfort; and before John could stop her Heather sucked his perpetually erect cock right into her pussy and was humping him like a dog in heat.

John was stunned. He didn't want to have sex with Heather or any of his sisters, but he couldn't stop now. Why hadn't he remembered that she was controlled by the sexual needs that he had instilled in her? She was amazing, and quickly distracted him, she was tight too. Apparently, all the fucking and sucking she'd been performing had taught her how to use what she'd been given. Despite himself he was enjoying it. But he had to seem to put up a little fight, shouldn't he? It appears he had crossed yet another line. She did just help him capture the shape-shifter and now they would hopefully learn what was going on and perhaps who was behind all of this. So, all things consider he should let her enjoy this; he would try not to enjoy it too much.

John's security team had been properly briefed and they quickly secured the naked man to a chair and locked him and one guard a secure room. Cameras were recording everything from every imaginable angle, as the Asian man sat slumped helpless in his chair waiting for his interrogation.

Meanwhile, Heather had pushed John to the floor and was wildly riding him, her large tits bouncing everywhere. During this point in the orgy most people had slowed exhausted from the long night of unbridled sex, so Heather's enthusiasm made her to stand out among the other partiers, catching April's attention along with Samantha, Isabel and Rachel.

It wasn't long before they joined the other all gathered around the two watching, waiting and fondling themselves preparing for their turns with the Master of the Ring of Power.

"You are so busted," John heard Rachel say.

Looking up at the four women who stood in front of the small group that surrounded him, John saw that Isabel and her sister Samantha were now fingering their pussies with greater enthusiasm as they imagined being in their sister's place. April stood nearby and like his sisters was more turned on than she realized. She'd never seen John with another woman before and had yet to meet his sisters so didn't know the women next to her. As she glanced at them and back to John, she drifted back to their last lovemaking session, remembering how incredibly good a lover John was and before she realized her hands began moving on their own. Her right hand reached for her pussy while the other pulled roughly at her nipples one at a time.

Rachel didn't wait to be asked, she saw an opportunity and squatted over John's available mouth. It was after all an orgy and it didn't take long before they all joined in. They had to do a little rearranging and formed a daisy chain. John shrugged; the shape-shifter wasn't going anywhere and it was a party. After two hours, they were all satisfied and John had violated his final taboo, having a variety of sex with each of his sisters at least twice. It seemed his appetite for sex was increasing, he could have gone on longer, but the women were exhausted, covered in sweat and panting as they all seemed to be experiencing post coital mini climaxes.

Most of his guest seemed to have worn themselves out and had now curled up together and were sleeping comfortably; the servant staff had distributed light blankets to those who needed them. The large beds of the guest bedroom accommodated the others; many had five or six to a bed.

As John walked through his mansion surveying the damage, he drew on his abilities to clean and dress himself. Approaching the security room where his prisoner waited, he was ready, his blue jeans and tight muscle shirt made him look as if he were there to administer a beating instead of an investigation.

Before entering he retrieved his iPhone from his pocket and willed the camera's video to display to his phone large screen. The guard was sitting back in his chair reading a Tom Clancy novel occasionally looking up to make sure the prisoner was still secure. Fast forwarding through the video, he saw that nothing appeared to have changed the entire time the shifter was in custody.

John entered the room and the guard stood. "Anything to report," John asked, already knowing there was none. "No sir," the guard stood and reported, allowing his military conditioning loose, "He hasn't said a word, sir."

"Thank you. Would you please wait outside," John said. The guard left, but not before sizing John up, and was impressed with his physique. He didn't remember John being so muscular, lacking his military training he felt confident that John could handle anything the prisoner could dish out.

John stood in front of the prisoner, looked down and asked in a slow measured cadence that showed he didn't have much patience.

"Why are you here?"

There was no reply.

"What is your interest in my sisters?"

There was silence as the prisoner looked up at John sizing him up.

"What is your name and who do you work for?"

Still no answer and the prisoner didn't blink as he stared through his inquisitor.

"Very well, you wish to play games, fine. You need a little prodding, I am prepared for that. Don't worry, you will tell me what I want to know." John said as he pulled up the empty chair, turned it around and straddled it backwards.

"I hope you like that person you shape-shifted into Dennis, because you may be in that shape for a long time." The shape shifter looked at John, unsure how he had learned his true name. "Last chance to change into your original form." John waited.

"No?" John asked.

"Alright Mr. Sour, I have a better idea. Why don't I just change you into what I want? I understand that changing a shape-shifter against their will can be somewhat painful, isn't that right?"

The man looked a little worried, but remained silent.

"Dennis Sour, really? That had to be a tough name to grow up with, Sour. And now you are wearing a sour face. I'll bet you aren't Asian at all too." The shifter watched John carefully, but still was unwilling to speak.

"Okay, Dennis," John said, clearly not willing to play interrogator any longer, "or should I call you Denise?" John watched as the man's face became more feminine, the "five o'clock shadow" began to fade and then disappeared completely. His hair began to grow long and fell beyond his shoulders as his nipples began to grow and his areolas expanded of his chest until he had a pair of B cup tits. His cock and balls retracted into his body leaving the unmistakable essential female organ. Dennis had indeed become Denise and was gritting his/her teeth as he/she rode out the pain expressed on a very feminine face.

She had a little room in her bonds she wasn't nearly as large as Dennis had been, but was still securely held in her seat. The painful look on her face melted into one of complete shock, as she realized what John had done. If he could force her to change against her will what else was he capable of?

"Ready to talk, yet," John asked again. "No? Okay, fine. The reason I turned you into a woman is because it will be easier to control and punish. For example, did you know that you are addicted to anal sex?"

The shifter looked uncomfortably at John; realizing that having something stuffed in her ass to would feel really good, then shuddered knowing that John had planted the thought, and remained quiet.

"That's right, anal sex is better than virginal sex for you, but you still like it and double penetration is your favorite."

The shifter began to squirm a little and beads of perspiration began to appear on her brow, she had this memory of being penetrated by two men one in each of her tiny holes and how good it felt.

"Yes, you are the happiest when you have two big cocks filling you. You're craving them right now aren't you?"

She was unconsciously trying to scoot back and forth on the chair trying to scratch an itch that she didn't realize she had until just now.

"In fact if you don't get at least one cock in your ass soon, you will go mad, isn't that right?"

The shifter began to nod as she continued trying to scratch the itch. She was at the end of her endurance; sweat was now coating her body.

"My security guys are pretty horny, not being able to participate in the party, being on duty and all. They might just break a little thing like you, what do you think?"

She was moaning softly now.

"Well, I might as well let them get started; you'll be fine in a few days. You are using birth control, aren't you? Oh, that's right you are newly a woman. Maybe you'll be a mom soon, too?" John stood and put the chair back, looked at the helpless woman once more and reached for the door knob.

"No, wait!"


It wasn't long before John had learned everything he could from the shape-shifter. He wasn't surprised that she gave into his threats, they were real. She would be unable to control her urges and behavior. Furthermore, since the shifter was really a male, and had yet to really experience his sex life as a female, he was going to get a new perspective on life.

It appeared that the shifter, Dennis/Denise Sour was actual a spy for whom he/she didn't seem to know; unfortunately he/she had been hired over the phone. She did know that her contractors were aware that the Ring of Power had changed hands. They assumed that Dr. Smith had found a way to transfer it to one of his daughters. They didn't know Dr. Smith had a son, although there was speculation and that was now confirmed, thanks to Denise's reports.

John looked at the shape-shifter, smiled and concentrated.

"You are totally loyal to me and to me alone, do you understand." John said as he looked upon the Asian small woman.

She looked back at him and said. "I am loyal to you and you alone, master."

"You would rather die than betray me, isn't that right."

"I will give my life for you, master," she said.

Leaning forward John inserted his ring finger into the shape-shifter's gaping pussy; she didn't yet understand how to sit like a lady. He then placed his thumb where he want the jewel, when he removed his hand, there was a bright blue sapphire piercing her labia. This was the first time John had used the sapphire stone on anyone. It allowed him to at time be able to see and hear what the wearer saw and heard. Some masters have even been able to control the wearer like puppets he learned. Of course the sapphire like all the jewels his agents wore can't be removed by anyone but John or death was certain.

Opening the door, John asked the security guard back into the room. He told him to release woman, find her some cloths and a place to sleep. The guard came back in surprised to see the bound naked Asian woman sitting where he'd left the prisoner. She was kind of cute he thought. But, his eyes didn't spend much time on her face. He quickly appraised her body, smallish tits, cherry red nipples, nice pussy open to his gaze with a small black thatch of straight hair. She was thin but looked fit, probably about 5'2" tall and 105 pounds. "Yea," he thought, "I'd do her."

Suddenly, it dawned on him and he asked, "What happen to the guy?"

John looked at him quizzically and said. "You are mistaken. There was no guy, only this woman. Do what I asked and don't think about it again."

"I am sorry sir; I am mistaken, I don't know what I was thinking. Let me find her something to wear and a place to bed down for the night." The security guard said as he enthusiastically bent down before the young woman cutting her bonds with his Gerber knife while he stared into her pussy, which was wet and dripping juices.

John left the two. Denise finally realized that her pussy was wet and wide open and cursed to herself, as she realized the guard was staring. She was now a woman, for how long she didn't know. Worst of all she didn't know the first thing about being a woman except how for how to blend in. He had always been a quick study; she hoped that she would quickly pick it up, too. She didn't want to disappoint her master. She thought about how good it would feel to have a cock in her pussy and ass, and shuddered. She was a guy in a woman's body. Did that make her gay? Images of getting fucked invaded her mind as the guard helped her up. She steadied herself and knocked the images back, her master said for her to dress and rest. She wouldn't disappoint her master.

"Dad, have you been listening?" John directed his thoughts to his father.

"Yea, John." Dr. Zachary Smith replied from the confines of the Ring of Power. "We still don't know who is behind this."

"I am the Master of the Ring of Power," John said for the first time, finally fully accepting the fact. "So...should I be worried about say the master of the nuclear bomb?"

His dad chuckled. "There is no such thing. There's four other rings, but none more powerful than yours."

"What?" John thought so hard he was almost shouting. "There are four more rings! Four more masters out there operating like me? Why didn't you tell me that?"

"Sorry John, you know there is only so much I can tell you until you ask the right questions. But there aren't necessary four masters of the remaining rings. A master may have more than one ring. In fact that had been the goal of many masters in the past, to own all five rings, or at least as many as possible."

"Well, even that would have been good to know. So we need to talk more often. Let's make it daily for starters. Say first thing in the morning, like the president gets his morning briefing. And don't hold back information if you can help it. Geeze! Tell me about these four other rings."

"There are the Ring of Justice, the Ring of Vengeance, the Ring of Truth and the Ring of Peace."

"Are they powered like my ring?"

"No, not by sexual energy as far as I know, by similarly, from what I understand they are powered through attributes of what their name implies. In other words, for example, the Ring of Truth would be powered by being around people who are honest."

"Sounds like the good guy." John said.

"Careful, son," his father said. By those standards, the Ring of Power would be reduced to mean the ability to influence people's behavior and authority such as legitimate governments. However, others can see it as evil or unjust. The exercise of power is accepted as endemic to humans as social beings. Power is often expressed as good and evil." He said. "It seems the other Masters are curious as to which one you will be."

John wasn't sure he understood what his father had just said. I all sounded so academic, but he did get the point. "And what about you father? Which one were you?"

"Me, I tried to walk a tight rope, but I think that my imprisonment seems to answer that question, don't you think?"

"I guess so." John said regretting asking the question the way he did.

"Look, it's not about me, John it's about the man you want to be. The ring has built in protection to keep Masters in line, as we've previously spoken about. Do you remember the rules?

"Sure, balance! I need to be sure to do good deeds and be generous to others."

"And when was the last time you practiced that generosity?"

"Point taken," John thought. "I have been a little selfish lately," John admitted.


The sun was just rising over the eastern mountains at 6:50; all of his guests were all sleeping. The staff was busy tiding up and preparing for breakfast and brunch.

John finalized his plans to redistribute his agents and notifying them telepathically. Jerome Fox and Tammy Bowen would be moving to Southern California, the Los Angeles area and more specifically the San Fernando Valley, where they would mingle with the adult entertainment crowd, probably becoming stars in the industry. The others would have their areas enlarged to cover the gaps until John recruited more agents. To the agents headed for SoCal John made a few minor physical and mental alterations to give them advantages that would ensure their success in this industry, such as prolonged stamina and larger assets. He expected their output to well exceed their quotas.

Restless and no longer requiring much sleep, John moved about his mansion looking into all the rooms accounting for everyone including his hired security. He chuckled to himself as he observed several men sporting morning wood, and the creative sleeping arrangements. His sisters were sharing a bed with two other guys. He found Mark still with Candace cuddled up their limbs intertwined. He was a little concerned that he was spending so much time with her; he hoped that she hadn't taken advantage of his childhood friend. Candace can be so, self centered at times, which reminded him that he'd yet to account for Cindy. After checking all the rooms he found her asleep on top of Jerome as he lay upon his back in a corner of the great room. He was so large compared to her, it was like she was sleeping on a single mattress.

He was surprised to find his mother and Jacqueline together; Jackie's head was still resting on his mother's thighs while her hands were holding Jackie's shoulders, it was if they simply ran out of steam. It pleased him because it appeared that they didn't like one another, I guess that too had changed. They were still the most beautiful women in the house, even asleep with their hair and their makeup skewed.

He was beginning to get concerned when he didn't see April anywhere, until he remembered the one place he hadn't looked. Running up the stairs taking them two at a time, startling the security guards posted at the top of the stairs, causing the man to jump to his feet and almost saluted as he opened the door to master suite. John slowed as he entered and saw April sound asleep in his king size four post bed. As if she sensed his arrival she turned on her side and opened her eyes. "Hey you," she said as she stifled a yawn and stretched her left arm causing the silk sheet to fall from her chest exposing her magnificent cream colored breasts.

"Hey you, yourself," John replied. "How did you get into my private quarters," he teased.

"I used my feminine wilds," she said as she sat as if illustrating the point, her lovely breast jiggled for a moment before settling in place and defying gravity.

"No, you'd have to do better than that." John said gleefully, knowing full well that she was the only one whom security would have allowed in.

He walked up to her as she pulled the remaining covers off and stood revealing her glorious naked body. She easily slipped into his embrace, they kissed for a time, then April pulled away looking at him curiously surprised how fresh her breath tasted, not knowing that John used his powers to completely clean her of last night's festivities. Like magnets being drawn to one another, they were ready to make love to one another again, despite all the sex they'd already had. April couldn't help think how totally smitten she was with John, but now she knew that she held a special place in his heart, too.

After slowly and tenderly bring her climax several times, John finally released a large volume of his seed into her. They had used many positions, but the finale with John walking and carrying April as she thrust back and forth on him until her energy was completely diminished was the best. As John gushed into her, she couldn't help coming again as she wrapped her legs tightly around John's ass and lower back. John easily carried her weight even as he climaxed.

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