tagMind ControlA Gift From His Father Ch. 31

A Gift From His Father Ch. 31


In the blink of an eye, John and Penny were naked. An unseen force seemed to have peeled her clothing off, catching Penny off guard. John was there. He took her into his arms as if she weighed nothing. Penny wrapped her legs around him tightly, grabbing him around his neck. She pulled herself up his body, her wet pussy sliding along his erect cock, trapping it against his abdomen.

Lifting herself up, she pulled herself closer then slid down his muscular body, slipping his cock right into her tight, wet and warm pussy. Nothing like this had ever happened to her before and Penny moaned loudly. John was inside her once again. There was a feeling of both accomplishment and expectation. She was reunited with her master and he was going to fuck her like she'd never been fucked before. She felt him grow larger, thicker and longer. "Oh, my gawd!" She trembled through her first orgasm.

Defying gravity, they were now somehow in a horizontal position and Penny had her calves on John's shoulders as he began to stroke in and out of her, slowly at first. She panted as this incredible joy began to expand within her, emanating from her core outward. Then her mind exploded with the intensity of the moment as another stronger orgasm erupted, stronger than any she'd ever imagined.

Something was different, John realized. It was Penny. It had been months since they'd fucked last, and she'd impressed him then. When you fuck as many women as John, there has to be something really different to make him take notice. It was the way she was gripping his cock, she was tight but her pussy seemed to be caressing him differently. That alone moved her into his top ten. But there was something more, though he couldn't quite put his finger on it. Nevertheless, fucking her was making him happy; he was thoroughly enjoying her, much more than he'd expected he would.

One dizzy moment later, Penny was on her hands and knees being fucked doggy style. John held her by her athletic hips and pumped into her from behind for a while before magically changing positions. He loved watching as her magnificent breasts swayed back and forth as he bounced against her. Penny was coming again or she'd just continued in one long orgasm. After several minutes in that position, things changed again. Penny now found herself straddling her master, riding him cowgirl as John reached forward to play with her tits. she'd completely lost track of time. It seemed that she'd been coming almost continually; mentally she was having trouble keeping up. It was like a roller coaster, she'd come hard and then it would taper off, only to return stronger. She felt him grow bigger still, and knew that he was close. Using her last ounce of strength, she squeezed as hard as she could and he came with a roar, filling her as she screamed loudly, unable to hold back her passion.

John heard a familiar voice from behind him, "Hey you! I thought you were home?"

"April!" Penny gasped with a raspy voice, "Please, help me! He's killing me. Can't cum anymore." She giggled, holding out her hand to be tagged.

"Hey you yourself!" John said. "Looks like you're tagged in."

With a whirl of air and dizzying movement, April was stripped of her clothes and in John's arms, while Penny was resting on a king size bed, with a bottle of cool water in her hands.

John and April kissed gently at first, then April pierced his mouth with her tongue and John sucked it in. They continued while Penny enjoyed the much-needed water and watched. She was surprised that she wasn't sore from the pounding she'd just taken. She had just been thoroughly fucked. The water refreshed her and she wondered if there would be a second round, perhaps a double team? Perhaps she'd get to play with April. Had they played together before? She thought they had but couldn't remember. she'd had so much sex since she joined Johns agent corps, much more than she'd ever dreamed of having, most of it great. Some sex she had just to make her quota, still, she always got off. She couldn't help but enjoy sex, the way John had made her pussy, tits and lips so sensitive, as he did with all his agents. Still, fucking John was like comparing a pickup game of basketball to the NBA.

"Are you showing off for our guest?" April cooed as she looked at Penny reclining on the bed that had appeared only moments ago.

"Perhaps," he sighed as he bent down and took one of her nipples into his mouth. He nibbled on it causing April to shudder and her pussy to moisten.

"Aerobatics or bed?" he asked as he moved to her other nipple, giving her a choice of where they would continue to play.

"Bed," she said, hoping that Penny wouldn't be too nervous to join the fun.

In a flash, they were lying on their sides in the bed next to Penny. John was facing away from her, but April looked up and down her long golden legs. She was beautiful, she thought. She took another second to admire the woman, this time as a lover, starting at her dainty feet and slowly traveling up her, legs lingering where they met. Her gaze traveled farther up Penny's body, past her flat belly to her mountainous globes where her eyes rested for a time as she admired her ripe nipples, then finally up to her beautiful face. Penny was watching her and a smile appeared when their eyes finally met.

April took in a quick breath of air as John inserted one finger inside her, which he quickly followed with a second. She was wet and ready. April's eyes rolled back in her head as she melted under his touch and the warmth spread throughout her body.

She opened her legs wider and felt his palm covering her pussy and rubbing her clitoris as he made small circular motions. His mouth was near her ear and he whispered, "Come for me." April's eyes sprang open, startling Penny, who could only imagine the pleasure Johns fiancé was enjoying as April moaned loudly. Seeing Penny watching her come, she ended the moan with a smile, her eyes inviting the brown woman to join them.


In another wing of the mansion, Jim was racked with guilt as the memory of his wife's abduction played on a continuous loop in his mind. He had tried and failed to save her.

Maria and Carmen sat not far away, reading Jim's mind. "He's blaming himself," Carmen thought at Maria. "There was nothing he could do. It all happened so quickly," Maria thought back. "He did try to help. He's lucky that the only thing that happened to him was being knocked unconscious," she added.

"We've got to do something. Besides, it's been almost an hour since I've been fucked. We should ease his pain. Get him to forget about this for a little while." They both agreed. Standing together, they strolled over to the tormented man and sat on each side of him. Jim looked up from his thoughts to see their beautiful faces only inches from his own. They were very beautiful women; their makeup was perfect, their lips so very appealing.

Unintentionally, he greeted them roughly, "Is there something you want?"

Maria said, "Jim we don't want you to be sad. John will get Susan back unharmed, you'll see. Tell him, Carmen."

"That's right," Carmen said, as she placed her hand on his knee. "There is nothing to worry about."

Maria placed her hand on his other knee and rubbed back and forth once. We were hoping that we might be able to help you relax a while.

"Relax? No. What about Susan? Why aren't we going after Susan? He said he could track her."

Carmen rubbed his knee as Maria had. "Jim, don't worry. If John said that he could get Susan back, you should consider it a done deal. When the time is right we'll go after her."

Maria leaned in close to his ear and using her agent gifts, she gave Jim a few suggestions. "Relax Jim; let us put your mind at ease. Let me and Carmen make you feel good. You need to feel good."

Jim blinked and let the women push him backwards into the couch. "Yes, I need to relax," he repeated as he slowly laid back. Maria kissed him softly on his lips while caressing his face with her hands while Carmen unbuckled his belt and worked his pants off. Jim was growing firm and his cock sprang up as she pulled his boxers off and tossed them next to his pants. Maria continued to kiss him while she worked on unbuttoning his shirt and had it off before Jim knew anything had changed. Carmen pulled her dress off and traded places with Maria while she pulled her jeans and top off. Neither of them had bothered with bras and panties, they only got in the way.

Maria took Jim in her mouth and began to work his cock, bobbing her head up and down. Meanwhile, Carmen straddled his face and lowered her pussy to his waiting mouth. He pulled her down into place by her thighs as he admired her bald pussy. It was dripping wet. As soon as she was near enough, he licked her and she cooed.

In the kitchen, Chance was engaged with his bank on the phone. He was transferring several thousand dollars to his hometown. He was trying to finance a new building for the school he'd built. The girls were getting a little loud so he stepped outside and sat on the patio while he conducted his business, not wanting the banker to think he was watching porn. Little did he know that Chance's life was better than any adult movie or series.


"We aren't safe here. He'll be coming for her. Why did you take her? He'll want her back. He'll probably kill us for her," said the bald man missing the finger.

"He'll kill us anyway. But we now have a way to strike back from the grave," said his twin.

"What are you talking about?" asked the former Master of the Ring of Justice.

"Don't you see, brother? We are hopelessly outmatched. He'll be here soon and he will take my ring and kill us both. But if we use our time wisely, we can create a trap using her as both bait and the trap. We will win even if we won't be here to enjoy it."

The other brother realized that his sibling was right. "Go ahead, tell me your plan."

"What's the one thing this young master of the power ring can't refuse?"

"I don't know. He can have anything he wants."

"Yes, that is true and what he can't resist are women. Sooner or later he fucks every woman around him. He can fuck all day long and into the night. So, we give him a new woman, and she will use her body to poison him. We will make her the ultimate assassin, the killer of the Master of Power. When we are dead, we will long be remembered as the brothers that defeated him. Our names will live forever and we will become legends."

"I like it brother. How should we proceed?"

With his brother at his side, the Master of the Ring of Peace looked down at Susan who had been tossed into a pit full of slime, dirt, and feces.

"I will change her physical appearance, make her alluring to him and then poison her pussy. He will be compelled to fuck her and when he does he'll die."

"A brilliant plan, my brother. When do we begin?"

Susan was wading breast- high in the muck. With no idea where she was and what the brothers would do to her, she was defenseless and still completely naked. The stench was horrible but not knowing what else was in the pit with her was even more frightening. Suddenly, she was pulled out of the filth and flung against a wall. As she began to crumple to the floor she was pinned to the wall, her feet dangling off the floor.

Next, her arms and legs were spread wide and she was completely exposed. She screamed as the filth dripped from her body: she feared that no one would come to her aid.

Then, jets of water hit her from every direction; it was as if someone had turned several fire hoses on her at once. She closed her eyes as the water hit her face with the force of slaps. Then she was thrown face first, tits and belly forced into the wall as the hosing continued washing away all the crud, leaving her bruised but clean of the muck. Without warning, the water stopped and she was tossed back again, pinned ass and shoulders against the wall, feeling like a drowned kitten.

The two bald men stepped forward as the last of the water receded into the floor drain. They walked back and forth as they looked her over. The one missing his finger spoke, "She'll need to be much younger, perhaps in her late twenties, no twenty-three. I like that age, not too young, just old enough to have some experience."

Suddenly there was pain, intense pain as Susan's body was forced to regenerate. She screamed as the pain rippled throughout her body. Her flesh was becoming stronger, more flexible. Her skin tightened, cellulite disappearing from her thighs, butt and arms. Her breasts grew more firm and retreated higher on her chest as the lines from her face disappeared along with the grey from her hair. Her pussy tightened causing the jewel piercing her labia to rise and sparkle in the light.

The men paced back and forth as they watched her body obey their will. Susan stopped screaming when the pain subsided.

"She's too short, too small. She needs to be taller."

Immense pain attacked her body once again and she shrieked and struggled against her invisible bonds, but they held firm as her legs stretched longer. Her torso and arms stretched proportionally to her new height. The pain was different, but just as intense as before, only this time it was deep in her bones. She felt as though she was being torn apart. When it stopped, she'd passed out from the ordeal. She was now over six feet tall, perhaps six feet three inches tall. It was difficult to know for sure.

The Master of the Ring of Peace was exhausted and almost collapsed, his brother catching him as he tried to regain his strength. "Perhaps you should rest a bit, brother."

"No. There will be plenty of time to rest later. He'll be here soon, I must finish the trap."

"If you insist," he said as his brother regained his footing. "She's too skinny now."

"I know," he said angrily. "She needs to be strong and soft." He began again, this time adding curves to her ass and growing her breasts, making them fuller and larger. Susan moaned, unaware of what was happening.

She was pulled from the wall, hanging limply, arms dangling from her sides as she was levitated before the brothers as they looked over their work.

"She should have red hair and green eyes. Blonde is too common," said the brother missing the finger. His twin concentrated and his sibling watched her hair color change to a bright red, lifting her eyelids to confirm their new color.

He was almost done. He shoved his hand into her most sacred of places. She was tight, but he gave her more strength there. She'd be able to clench and hold any man until she was willing to let him go. He tugged his hand free, and staggered to a nearby table. His brother watched as he retrieved the chemicals he'd mixed earlier. There was only a single dose, but it was sure to do the job. Once the man finished his ejaculation, it would be sucked into his urethra and death would be swift.

Susan was coming around; her body was still tingling and ached everywhere. She only remembered the pain. "Where am I?" she asked. "I'm afraid that will have to change too," the brother missing a finger said. "She's not erotic enough. You need to change not only the sound of her voice but also the way she speaks. It's too American. She needs to have a foreign accent, something European or Balkan."

Susan didn't know what they were talking about, but her throat tightened and she coughed as though she was choking. Her mind got a little fuzzy and when the coughing stopped, she asked. "Vdat have you done to me? Vhy do I sound so different?"

"Time is growing short, brother. We've one last thing to do. She must be irresistible to every man." His twin was weak. He closed his eyes and concentrated. He looked at her. She looked no different, but he found looking at her painful. She was so beautiful. He was instantly aroused. He took a step forward and almost fell; he was drained. His brother didn't look, but could feel the pull and he too was aroused.

He lifted his brother, pulling his arm over his shoulder and taking his weight. "We need to leave her now. You need to rest for the final battle. You can program her from a safe distance. She's not going anywhere." The twin bald men hobbled from the room leaving Susan once again suspended in midair four feet off the ground, unable to move and sounding like a character from a Dracula movie.

The brothers watched lustfully at their creation from the safety of the warehouse control room where John Deere had once built tractors. She was magnificent, this new woman. Once programmed, she would be deadly.

Using his last bit of energy, he programmed Susan. "You have one purpose in life; you must fuck the Master of the Ring of Power. You know him as John Smith," he thought deeply, speaking into Susan's unprotected mind. She repeated the commands, allowing what she was being programmed to think.

"I have but one purpose. I must fuck John Smith, the Master of the Ring of Power," she said in a voice that was foreign to her. Susan was deep in a trance, her new voice sounded deep, exotic and so sexy. She sounded more intelligent, as if English was just one of the many languages she spoke.

"The sooner I fuck him the better. Only after I fuck him will I have any other thoughts. I will be discrete and patient, but I will fuck him, within twenty-four hours. If I fail, I will forfeit my life. He can't resist me. No man can resist me."

They listened to her repeat the litany aloud several more times. Satisfied that she would carry out her programming, she was ordered to sleep but to continue to recite it in her mind until she awoke.


"Party at my home tonight at eight. Be there or move out of state, tonight," Jacquelyn warned her nemesis, then she turned to Betty Sue and told her she needed to wash the tennis match from her body. The two turned their backs, dismissing their defeated opponents and began their shower.

Jenny Baxter, Victoria Strauss and Betty Sue Weaver had arrived early at Jacquelyn Smith's mansion, anticipating a good time and looking forward to seeing Gale further humiliated. They assisted in setting up the party, telling the servants where to put the hors d'oeuvres and what wine would be the most appropriate. While they waited for Jacquelyn and their special guest, they wandered around the main floor admiring the portraits and paintings, lingering in front of the one of the late Dr. Zachary Smith, which hung in the library.

"It's hard to believe he's gone," Jenny said to no one in particular, as she reminisced of all the times he'd fucked her right under Jacquelyn's nose. He could be a bastard, but he had a huge cock and knew how to use it. He never failed to make her cum. Thinking about him made her pussy throb. How long has it been?

Victoria sighed. I don't know, it has to have been three or four years now, as she remembered how he took her anal virginity one night on his yacht. She never thought she'd enjoy anal sex, but he seemed to know what he was talking about when he said she'd love it and come as soon as he got all his thick long cock in her ass. He was right. Amazingly, she loved anal sex, although she'd not found anyone who could fuck her like him.

"That's mistress' deceased husband?" Betty Sue asked, already knowing the answer. "He looks dreamy. How'd he die?"

Both Jenny and Victoria thought about that day. Jenny answered first. "I think they said it was a brain aneurism, is that right Vicky?"

"Yes. That's what I heard. He went quickly," Victoria said, as she remembered making the 911 call while pretending to be his wife. "Left Jacquelyn a huge fortune from what I heard, too."

Jacquelyn chose that moment to enter the room. "You girls lamenting over Zachary again?" She knew that he had been fucking them. They didn't know he'd fucked all of her friends. She missed him at times, but whom she really missed was his son John. It had been months since he'd bothered to fuck her. She knew he was busy, doing god knows what, but she resented it nonetheless. She'd have to be satisfied with fucking her girlfriends, and having them eat her pussy. Especially tonight, she thought. It will be fun. I'm going to add a few toys to the mix, including my brand-new strap-on. She smiled. She was going to fuck them all, well maybe not Betty Sue.

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