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A Gift From the Empress


This story is something I have been playing around with in my head. As a writer I wanted to try my hand a erotica once. Personally I have always enjoyed many stories on this website of all different genres and wanted to contribute to it. I noticed that I found it hard to write a decent length and interesting sex scene and I enjoyed the challenge.

This story contains sex scenes between women of legal age, larger than normal cocks and references to incest. If this is not your cup-of-tea please try one of the many stories written by the many amazing people on this website.

All characters in this story are 18 years of age or above.

I do one or two read-throughs before posting, but seeing my dyslexia some errors slip through.



Sarah was sitting in the back of a limousine, her heart pounding in her chest knowing what she was about to embark on. She looked around the limo and saw that it exuded luxury. Thick leather seats, exotic wood trim all around and a fully stocked bar, "A car fit for an empress." she thought.

Which doesn't surprise her seeing the Empress actually send her personal limousine to pick her up. Sarah's mind was still not fully convinced that this was not some dream and that instead of meeting the Empress she was about to wake up. However, this was not a dream.

Sarah was just a normal girl, born in 2342, she had finally turned 18 this year and what is about to happen to her is something that only happens to a few women in the world and normally she would have had no chance of being selected.

She looked outside the window and looked at the building, cars and people, and thought she could not even imagine living in a world that was before the coming of empress Lana and the goddess Lilith.

When the goddess Lilith came to Lana in 2018 she was determined to create a new world order. One where men did not exist and women could live in peace. Free from oppression and the false rule of men who had taken the words of their gods into their own hands.

See the world was created a many gods together and they had swayed their power of humans since the dawn of time, however, the gods got jealous with each other and started fighting. One by one the gods fell, from Odin to Zeus until ultimately only Jehovah was left.

Jehovah had many followers under various names, and ironically even created Lilith herself. But when he tried to oppose his will upon her she refused. She was there for cast out and left to die, but she refused to die and swore her revenge. And on a fateful day in 1652 she took her revenge. She slain the god and took his power into herself.

After that Lilith was free to do with human kind as she pleased, and seeing men were created in Jehovah's likeness she despised them all. But she had one problem, women needed men, for one simple and primal reason. Propagation, she had to find a way to make women fully independent from men and Lilith being new with her power did not know how to do that, so she led humanity be and focussed on a solution. During this time humanity fell into anarchy without any gods to guide and protect them. And almost 400 years later Lilith had her solution, and now she needed a vessel. That is when she appeared in front of, the now empress, Lana and created the first Futanari.

That is how Sarah had learned the history of the goddess, which everybody knows and now she was on her way to meet the chosen one, the empress Lana. See nowadays women get impregnated by a futa and all futa get their gift from the Empress directly.

Men quickly turned infertile after the coming of the Goddess and within 200 years men were nothing but fotos in history books. But usually the Empress chooses who she gives the gift with care. Only the smartest, strongest or most wealthy women get chosen to receive the gift. However, sometimes she chooses a woman who does her a personal deed and Sarah was one of those.

Sarah works part-time at a catering service and she was lucky enough to be working the night when the Empress showed up unannounced at a fund-raiser/orgy. As the night had progressed Sarah had caught glimpses of the Empress but of course she had not dared to speak to the Empress.

As the night progressed the fund-raised turned into the aforementioned orgy, Sarah and her colleagues were having a hard time not to join in and it was not for a lack of offers and encouragement by some of the guests. They had explicitly been forbidden to join in and only offer refreshments in their skimpy French-maid outfits.

As the orgy started to slow down and break up, Sarah noticed empress Lana getting out of the crowd. The Empress was naked save for her jewellery, Sarah was stunned by the sight of empress Lana in the flesh.

She, as everyone had, seen the Empress naked during the yearly celebration of Lilith, where the Empress would give the gift to a number of chosen women who would subsequently fill a bath with their seed which the Empress would then enter.

But seeing the Empress naked in real life was something else. As Sarah was staring at the Empress who was leaving when Sarah noticed the necklace of the Empress slip-off. Sarah reacted immediately and went to retrieve it, she picked it up and ran after the Empress and her guards.

"Your highness you dropped something." Sarah shouted trying to run in the heels she was wearing. The Empress turned around her massive cock still half erect and dripping cum, she looked at the serving girl who was approaching.

Once Sarah reached the Empress, she bowed her head and offered the necklace. "Your highness you dropped this." Sarah afraid to look the Empress directly in her eyes tried to avert her gaze by looking down, this only resulted that it looked like she was staring at the Empress' tits and when she tried to look lower her view changed from the Empress' tits to her cock.

Then she swallowed and looked up directly looking in the Empress' face. Empress Lana accepted the necklace and smiled "Thank you my dear, see anything you like?" Sarah turned bright red, embarrassed that the Empress herself thought that she was staring at her body.

Lana looked the serving girl over and liked what she saw. Her perky boobs were accentuated by the low-cut maid outfit and the skirt was short enough that she could clearly she the girl's panties which were unsurprisingly soaking wet. Under the skirt were nice, smooth long legs of which the Empress was an enthusiast and when she looked up she saw a beautiful innocent face with nice red lips.

Lana could already see them wrapped around her cock, which she noticed was getting harder already. Even after 300 years and having every woman in the world at her disposal if she wanted to, Lana still enjoyed finding and fucking beautiful women. Lana smiled and knew she had to have this girl. She knew she could have this girl right here, right now if she'd want but preferred to seduce and tease the girl a bit.

"Thank you so much my dear, tell me is it hard to be the only one of team not enjoying themselves?" as Lana motioned towards the orgy where a girl in a half-torn maid's outfit was being taken by a futanari whilst being "forced" to eat a pussy.

Sarah looked at her colleague Janine who was being taken and felt her pussy throb. "Yes your highness, it is hard," she replied "but we were instructed not to mingle with the guests."

"Ohh... my dear you must be soaked now and to be fare I would have loved to have seen you in the orgy. I know we would have had a lot of fun." Sarah could not believe her ears, the Empress herself is telling her she would have liked to fuck her.

"I'll tell you what my dear," Lana continued "for being such a good serving girl and for returning my necklace to me I would like to thank you. If you want I would love to receive you at my palace where we shall have some fun, and if you'd want I will give you one of 2 gifts."

Sarah was speechless, she though she must be dreaming and pinched herself. Lana laughed at this "No my dear you are not dreaming." the empress ensured the girl. "Yes your highness it would be a honour." Sarah managed to stutter out.

"Great leave your information with my assistant Laura and we'll plan a time." Lana added. "Your highness?" Sarah croaked "May I ask a question?". "Of course my dear." Lana replied. "What... What are the gifts if I may ask?"

Lana smiled and knew she had the girl under her spell, however she wanted to seal the deal and thus moved towards the girl. She put her lips on the girl's and started kissing her. Lana's tongue slid across Sarah's lips and begged for entrance. Sarah quickly opened her lips and felt the Empress' tongue slide into her mouth finder her own. As the two women started to make-out Sarah forgot with whom she was and her hands started to roam Lana's body.

Lana broke the kiss enjoying the Sarah's touch on her and said "Well my dear, you can have one of two things. One, I could impregnate you, which would mean you will be allowed to live in one of my palaces. Or I could give you one of these." Lana took the girl's hand and put it on her now rock hard cock.

Sarah was flabbergasted, she felt like she'd won the lottery and in a way she had. Everybody entered into the yearly Futa-charity lottery for a chance to win the gift and here she was being offered the same prize by Empress Lana herself. "It would be the greatest honour your majesty."

"Great my dear, then I will see you and your lovely ass soon." Lana gave the girl's ass a squeeze, then smiled and turned around.

The rest of the night was a blur for Sarah, she finished her work at the gala and returned home. The next morning she had to look at the card given to her by the Empress' assistant to make sure she did not have some amazing dream. But it was all true, she was going not only to be fucked by empress Lana but she could choose to become pregnant with the empress' child or become a futanari. Both had their charms, pregnancy would mean a life of luxury in one of the imperial palaces, surrounded by the upper echelons of society. There would be no end to the luxury, great food and hard cocks all of which the empress was known to surround herself with and Sarah would have access to it all.

Or she could receive the ultimate prize according to many, which would result in a life of sex, pleasure and worship by other women. Not mattering which one of the two she would choose Sarah knew she was in for one hell of an afternoon when she would visit the Empress.

And that is how she ended up in the back of the Empress' limousine, on her way to getting fucked by the Empress herself. Sarah had put on a sexy lingerie set which she had bought with her mother for the occasion. Her mother extremely proud what her daughter had achieved had made sure she would make a good impression on the Empress.

Sarah also had to promise to fuck her mother as the first women after Sarah became a futa. After the rise of the Empress incest had become legal, as willed by the goddess. Nowadays it was normal for women to share their bed with their mothers, sisters and aunts especially if one of them was a futa. This was partially due to the fact that the long-time wife of the Empress was her sister.

Futanari were not only had a massive libido but they also emitted pheromones which would turn on all other women close to them. This led to some problems when men still ruled, however, after the Empress took over laws like public indecency were quickly abolished. Now it was normal to see a couple fucking in the park, or for a futa to walk around proudly displaying their cock.

Fashion had also changed. Lingerie, latex clothes and other previously deemed sexual clothing was now normal day-to-day wear and in a society has hyper-sexual as it was today seeing someone walk naked or in very revealing clothes was normal.

Sarah's heart started to beat faster when she saw the gates of the imperial palace approaching through the window. She knew she was in for a life changing experience and she was soaking wet thinking about it.

The limousine came to a stop in front of the palace and the car door was opened by a girl in a similar outfit as she had been wearing the night she met the Empress, the only difference this girl had a huge cock swinging between her legs. Sarah got out of the limo and heard the maid say "If you would follow me miss, empress Lana is waiting for you." Sarah followed the maid in awe of the grandeur of the palace itself.

Sarah was led inside and followed the maid to a large door. "The Empress is waiting for you inside her pleasure room." the maid said while motioning towards the door. The maid turned and walked away, Sarah could not help and gaze at the behind of the sexy maid and the easily 12 inch phallus swinging between her legs. Sarah turned back to the door, took a large breath and pushed it open.

Sarah was awestruck by the room before her, the walls were a deep red colour lined with selves full of sex toys. There was a door which led into a massive walk-in-closet which would probably contain all sexy clothing imaginable, on her right was a massive shrine dedicated to goddess Lilith featuring a life-size marble and gold statue of the goddess herself and in the centre there was a huge bed. Upon this bed lay the Empress herself, clad in nothing but a sheer white robe her massive cock sticking high into the air.

Lana was slowly stroking her cock, being the Goddess' chosen one came with some perks, one of which was that she could control the size of her cock. Lana had made sure that she was boasting a good 16 inches for this girl knowing Sarah could take it easily. "There you are my dear," Lana said seductively "come join me on the bed."

Sarah moved towards the bed still gawking at the massive cock before her, her pussy throbbing with the thought that she was about to take that. She moved onto the bed and next to the Empress. She instantly felt the Empress' hands on her. "Nice outfit you have." Lana purred "Did you buy that specially for me?"

Sarah shuttered at the Empress' touch "Yes your highness." Sarah replied. Lana put her finder on the girl's lips "Tu-tu-tu no 'your highness' here, in here I am Lana to you. Unless you prefer being submissive then you may say your highness or mistress."

"So my girl, have you made a choice?" Lana asked with a smile. "Yes your high... Yes Lana, I would like to become a futanari." The Empress moved closer to Sarah's lips "Mmm... excellent choice, you are going to enjoy having a cock of your own." Sarah could feel the older woman's breath on her lips.

Lana had enough of her teasing, she wanted the girl and she wanted her now. Lana quickly look Sarah's lips and started kissing her. Sarah could quickly feel the older woman taking control groping her body and taking her lips. Lana quickly removed Sarah's bra and feasted upon the young perky breasts she had before her. Sarah moaned as Lana took one of her nipples in her mouth whilst teasing the other. All the younger girl could do is surrender to the pleasure given to her.

Lana switched between nipples enjoying the young flesh under her hands and in her mouth. "Now my dear." Lana said lifting herself off the younger girl's breast "It is time to serve your empress.". Sarah quickly moved onto her hands and knees and positioned herself between the Empress' legs. Sarah took the cock between both of the hand feeling the throbbing flesh and gently wrapped her lips around the head. She heard Lana let out a small moan as she started sucking the massive cock before her. "Mmm... I have been dreaming of your lips ever since we met." Lana moaned, and what lips it were she could feel that the girl had experience with sucking cock.

Sarah felt a wave of pride hearing she was pleasing her empress and that motivated her to take the cock further in her mouth. She felt the massive phallus at the entrance of her throat and she was happy that her mom had a fetish for face fucking her daughter with a strap on. Due to this "training" Sarah was able to take the cock deep in her throat without gagging.

The younger girl moaned around the cock and saw her spit began to dribble from her mouth. "Ohh... yea someone has been practicing, I love your throat my dear." the Empress uttered. Sarah kept sucking the woman for some time until Lana started to move onto her knees, but when Sarah tried to release the cock from her mouth she felt Lana's hands on the back of her head "Ohhh no you are not done yet." the Empress ensured.

Lana started to move her hips, slowly face fucking the girl. She heard the girl moan around her cock, the vibrations pleasuring her cock in return which spewed a load of pre-cum into the girl's throat. "Yea? You like being face fucked by your ruler?" the only response Lana got was another moan from the girl.

"Mmm... great, but I've barely started my dear." Lana teased while increasing the pace of her thrusts. Slowly Lana thrust her cock deeper and deeper into the girl's throat, inch by inch disappeared into Sarah and Lana's thrusts got move violent with the stroke. Sarah was in mental ecstasy, being face fucked like this turned her on immensely and seeing the Empress' body move closer and closer Sarah couldn't help but feel a bit of pride. She was able to take the massive cock of her liege all the way, even if it was constricting her breathing. Despite a lack of oxygen she pushed through determent to take every inch in her mouth and throat.

Lana could feel the girl pushing back trying to take every inch, so she helped the girl by grabbing the back of her head and pushing her hips further. Suddenly Lana could feel her balls hit the girl's chin, it had been a while since someone had taken her cock fully in her throat and this was what Lana needed to set herself off. "You perfect little slut, take my load, you have earned it.". Lana moaned while she felt the cum rushing up her cock. Sarah could feel the Empress' cock expand and she felt the first drops shoot directly into her stomach. Sarah was now convulsing due to the lack of air and this combined with the sensation of the Empress cumming in her mouth was enough to set Sarah off herself.

Sarah moaned through her orgasm while she released the cock from her throat, she could feel Lana coat every inch of the inside of her throat and mouth with cum. And when she finally got the cock out of her mouth Lana still had enough cum to coat her face. Once both women were done with their orgasms Lana leaned down and started licking the cum off Sarah's face.

Lana loved the taste of cum and Sarah was being the perfect little slut for her, sitting still so she could lick it all off her face. Once Lana had cleaned Sarah's face she kissed the girl sharing her hot cum with her. Sarah slipped her hand into her panties and started to rub her clit while Lana was licking and kissing her.

"Pleeaaasss.... Empress I want your cock!" begged Sarah "Please stick your cock in my pussy!" her hand roughly rubbing her clit. Lana loved girls like this, doing anything and everything just to get fucked by her. And even though being Empress for over 3 centuries now she still loved it.

"Take your panties off my dear." Sarah did as she was told and quickly took off her panties. Lana practically salivated at the sight before her, Sarah had her long legs spread while she laid on her back in front of the Empress. And even though Lana would have loved some more foreplay and to enjoy the legs before her. She knew she needed to fuck this girl first "Well I can always invite her a second time." she thought.

Lana crawled forward until her cockhead was resting on the girl's pussy and with one simple push she felt Sarah's pussy stretch around her cock. Sarah could hardly believe it when she felt it, the Empress was really fucking her now. Both women moaned as Lana's cock sank deeper and deeper into Sarah's cunt.

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