A Gift in Disguise Ch. 02


Lorraine led me to the loveseat where we both sat.

"Tom, before we go on, I want to ask if you have any reservations about this."

Before I could answer, she continued.

"Because I have. I have a concern that if for some reason you feel you have not adequately performed, you may suffer a setback. You've made excellent progress, and I don't want to undermine that. I'm convinced that in any normal sexual situation now, you will be able to have full and enjoyable intercourse with a woman.

But this is not exactly a normal situation. Now I'm asking you to participate in what is really a laboratory experiment rather than spontaneous sex. I'm asking you to fuck for science, not for pleasure. Spontaneity is often essential in good sex. I'm quite concerned that this adds an entirely new layer of pressures on you, pressures you may not be quite ready to handle.

I'm not going to try and talk you into doing this if you don't want to, but it might help if you understand that even male adult entertainment performers have difficulty getting an erection on demand. That's why it sometimes takes far longer than people think for porn movies to be made. Even the 'pros' have times when they simply can't get or sustain an erection.

So, Tom, what I'm saying is that if you don't want to do this today, both Kim and I will understand completely."

As Lorraine talked, I had been staring into her eyes. They were her "professional" eyes, not her "lust" eyes. Her concern was genuine. She had never before expressed any uncertainty about what she was doing.

I continued to look at her silently for a few seconds after she stopped. Then, something came over me, a feeling that I had not experienced with her before. I stood up from the loveseat and walked in front of her. She remained seated, watching with a puzzled look. Perhaps she simply expected me to walk out.

Instead, as I stood just a few feet in front of her and between her and the bed, I began to disrobe. First my shoes and socks, then my shirt, then my trousers. I stood in front of her, still in my briefs, so she could see the raging erection the briefs concealed. Her eyes locked on the bulge, then slowly traveled up my body. Her eyes of lust returned and burned into mine. Slowly, without breaking our gaze, I slid the briefs down my legs and stepped out of them. My cock bobbed hard and red in front of her.

After a few seconds I turned and slowly walked toward the bed, then laid down on it on my back.

Lorraine stood, and her hands grasped the hook-and-loop fastener that ran much of the length of the lab coat. There was that "tearing" sound as she separated the hook-and-loop fastener material, opened the lab coat, and revealed her body beneath it. Unlike our first time fucking, she was not naked. This time she was wearing a filmy bra and bikini briefs.

Now, I know conventional wisdom says that a woman of 50 should not wear lingerie made for much younger women, but on Lorraine, the bra and bikini briefs were perfect. With her facing me, they accented her firm and shapely legs. They also allowed just the right amount of her black pubic hair to peek out the sides of the briefs and a narrow strip to shoot up toward her navel. The filmy bra did nothing whatsoever to conceal either the visibility or tautness of her nipples. The dark hair on her legs and under her arms contrasted with her light skin.

She let the lab coat slip off and drop to the floor. Her eyes never left mine, and they had changed from the ultra professional "consult with me" look to the by now familiar and almost predatory "I want you to fuck me until I pass out" look I had seen before.

That look was not an act. Oh, the first time we fucked and she did not know what to expect, she may have been acting a little to give me confidence. But with her first orgasm driven by my "gift" and in each subsequent session when we masturbated each other or fucked, it became clear that her sexual appetites were very real and not contrived. I never gave it much thought that she might be getting as much from our sessions as I. But if she was, well, then so much the better.

It was that sexual stare, that eye-fuck, that made me forget everything about today's session with Dr. Geiler-Callaghan. The sensor patches on her body faded away.

She walked slowly toward the bed where I lay, now slowly stroking my cock in my hand. My eyes were fixed on her, though, and I recalled the photos she had shown me the week before. Maybe it was my imagination, but her entire body seemed subtly different. No, her body had not morphed into the body of a 20-something, but it did suggest she was well below 50 and had the sexual appetites of a younger woman as well. All of my senses focused on her now.

She walked alongside the bed, then reached over and pulled my right hand from my cock and placed it on the briefs over her mound. I could feel the swelling, the warmth, and a hint of wetness in addition to the crinkliness of her pubic hair cushion. She controlled my hand and moved it over her mound until I understood that she wanted me to continue rubbing just that way. Then she reached up with both her hands and deftly unfastened her bra. She moved her hands to her breasts, still holding the bra in place, and cupped them enticingly. Then she simply let the bra fall to the floor, exposing her beautiful breasts. The nipples were pink and taut, just begging for my lips to stimulate them.

Then Lorraine took my hand that had been rubbing her mound and slowly guided it down inside the top of the briefs. I felt her pubic hair against my fingers, and I felt my index and middle finger tenderly containing her clitoral hood. Her breath caught when I applied only the slightest pressure to my fingers, gently squeezing the hood and its bud between them. I applied pressure with my palm to her there. Her eyelids fluttered with the sensations of sex my hand imparted.

After several seconds, maybe a minute, Lorraine came out of her sexual reverie, carefully removed my hand, and stepped back from the bed. She slipped the briefs down past her knees and let them fall to the floor. She stepped out of her shoes and briefs, then walked back to the edge of the bed.

In one smooth motion, she was on top of me, straddling my thighs and holding them closed. The strength in her legs both surprised and excited me.

Almost automatically I reached my hands up to cup her breasts, but she intercepted them, grabbing each of my wrists in her hands, and pushing and pinning them to the bed alongside my head. Though I am much stronger than she, I had no desire to overcome her just yet. Her breasts hung seductively just beyond the reach of my mouth. Try as I might, I could not lift my head and body enough to reach them.

It was then that I noticed that Lorraine's hairy pussy was riding on the underside of my cock which she had pinned between us. She had begun a slight undulating motion causing her clit to rub against my hardness. Her undulations slowly intensified in both length and pressure.

She released my arms and repositioned herself so that we were face to face. There was nothing but sexual fire in her eyes, a look I had seen before.

She opened her mouth as if to speak, but no sound came out. Instead, she brought her mouth down ferociously against mine, driving her tongue into my mouth as if she were trying to fuck me with her tongue. I responded by wrapping her in my arms and holding her on top of me. I held her loosely enough that she could move her nipples against my chest, an action I knew had a sexually explosive effect on her.

Though we had been entangled for only a few minutes, maybe ten or fifteen at most, the constant rubbing of her clit and hot, wet, hairy pussy against my cock was sending a warning signal of pending orgasm to my brain. Since I and presumably she also had abstained from masturbation for over a week, and because I had learned to sense the height of her arousal over months of sex with her, I was sure she was as close as I was to orgasm.

She pushed, hard, against my chest with her hands, digging her fingernails into my skin as she used the force of her upper body to come upright and straddle my lower abdomen. She continued, perhaps running on sexual instinct, to try and undulate her pussy against any part of my body she could contact. Her face was reddening now, her facial muscles contorting when sexual nerve impulses struck her. Her hair was disheveled, matted in places to the perspiration on her face. Her breathing was erratic and deep.

Lorraine slid her hand down along her pussy, underneath her, and found my cock. In what must have almost been a semiconscious motion, she lifted her body on her knees, put the head of my cock at her pussy opening, and settled down onto it. As my cock slid into her, its thickness stretching her and its heat searing her, she gave a low, guttural growl. I felt her pussy muscles kneading me, trying desperately to satisfy their need emanating from her mind.

Lorraine's pelvic thrusts became more urgent now. She sat on top of me, the fingers of her right hand flicking her clit to the upward thrusts of my cock into her. So intense were my sexual heaves that I lifted her entire body off the bed, then held her up with my arched back while she continued to stimulate her clit. When my body settled back to the bed, she rotated and thrust her clit against my body with my cock still inside her. I could tell from the intensity and frequency of the thrusts that she was seconds away from cumming. I could feel my own orgasm starting sharply, almost painfully, from deep within me.

I reached up and grabbed both her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers. I knew the effect it would have on her -- and on me.

But just a moment before my own orgasm hit me, and I exploded inside her, her eyes flew open, her facial muscles contorted in orgasmic pleasure, and her body began to spasm as every muscle in her body became involved in her orgasm. Her mouth was open as if to scream, but no sound came out. I continued to thrust my erupting cock deeply into her. Her eyes suddently clenched shut and the muscles in her arms and legs quivered while the sensations of orgasm swept over her.

Several seconds later, in the instant her orgasm began to subside, she gave out with a long, low growl and collapsed on top of me, even as I continued to empty my jism inside of her. She was gasping for breath, perhaps because her muscular contractions had kept her from breathing for many seconds.

We lay together, she on top, me still inside her, both exhausted and covered in perspiration. I had not yet pulled out of her, but I could feel my cum flowing out of her and between us. Now she lay with her weight fully on me, motionless except for her breathing. It was becoming more regular now, but her weight on me told me she had no strength. I made no effort to pull out of her, but my now-shrinking cock was receding on its own.

After several minutes, she stirred, then rolled off of me, still not speaking. Her eyes were open, looking at me warmly, but still she did not speak. In a few more minutes, she leaned toward me, kissed me on the lips, and then arose and walked into the next room.

I lay there another minute or two, surprised at how much of my own strength had been sapped by her sexual energy. Finally, I arose, gathered my clothes, and went into the shower room. There was a note for me, suggesting that I shower and then come into Lorraine's office to meet with her and Kim.

The shower helped reinvigorate me. I dressed then proceeded to Lorraine's office. Instead of Lorraine sitting behind the desk, it was Dr. Kim Geiler-Callaghan. I expressed my genuine concern at Lorraine's absence.

"Don't worry, Tom. Lorraine's fine. I removed the sensors from her body, then she showered. She's completely exhausted. Please, sit down."

The doctor realized she had not completely reassured me.

"She really is fine, Tom. Please, don't worry. I've looked at the data you and she generated, and there is absolutely no cause for concern about her health. It will take me at least a couple of days to fully analyze it. I told this to Lorraine, that there's really not much for us to discuss until that analysis is done. She's going to nap for a while. You really did wear her out, even though she was on top. I've rarely seen her so completely relaxed. She will call you and arrange for the three of us to get together once I've got the results assembled. In the meantime, do you have any questions?"

I started to speak, but my voice was weak and feeble, and I seemed a bit incoherent.

Kim laughed lightly. "Now you know why Lorraine needed a nap! In fact, I'm a little concerned about your driving to your home. Are you sure you'll be all right?"

I nodded.

She gave me an understanding smile. "All right, Tom. But if you need to pull off and rest, don't hesitate to do it. Even though you're in your early 20's, you may not fully understand just how much physical and nervous energy you expended in your session with Lorraine."

She got up from behind Lorraine's desk and walked to the refrigerator in the office. She found an energy bar and a small bottle of water. She handed both of them to me.

"Sit here for a few minutes. Eat and drink these before you leave to go home," she ordered. "Lorraine will call in a few days."

She walked out. As she did, I watched her ass wiggle a bit under her skirt, and my gaze dropped to her shapely calves. Given my own exertion and depletion, I was surprised to feel a twinge of sexual restoration occurring in me.

The following Tuesday, I returned from my university classes and found a voicemail message from Lorraine.

"Hi, Tom. Please give me a call so we can meet with Kim and go over the test results. And Tom, thank you."

I called her immediately.

"Hi, Tom," she said. "How are you doing?" She asked it in a more friendly than clinical way.

"I'm doing okay, I guess, but I'm still a little ... I don't know ... sore or tender or something."

"I'm not surprised," she replied. "I rode you pretty hard. I'm sorry if I was a little wild, but I couldn't help myself. It's almost frightening that each time we have sex, my climaxes get better and better. I can't remember ever cumming that hard, even when I was younger. It's becoming like an addiction -- but in a good way.

Anyway, Kim is ready to meet with us and go over her analysis of my charts. When would be a good time for you? She would prefer Friday afternoon again, but she said she could adjust her schedule if necessary."

"Friday is fine. What time? Two?"

"Yes, she had suggested two, too, so I'll see you then. It shouldn't take more than an hour."

Lorraine greeted me at the door that next Friday. She was wearing a no-sex-today outfit, which was actually fine with me. She had so thoroughly drained me a week earlier that even though I was getting hard-ons, I wasn't producing much cum when I'd masturbate. And even though I hadn't masturbated since Wednesday, I really didn't have fucking on my mind -- or anywhere else.

She took my arm and led me into her office. Kim was already there, seated behind Lorraine's desk, with her data displayed on Lorraine's computer. When we entered, Kim stood and extended her hand, professionally.

"Tom, it's good to see you again. Thank you for coming today. Even though Lorraine and I could have discussed the results of last Friday's encounter, we both thought it would be better if you were here."

She motioned for me to sit.

"Now," she continued, "Let me once again reassure both of you that Lorraine's heart is doing just fine. Tom, you didn't know it, but I had her come to the office yesterday. We did an echocardiogram. Her heart is actually improving since her last echo about a year ago. That is highly unusual. So that's the good news.

And let me quickly add there really isn't any bad news, in case you were waiting for another shoe to drop. Unfortunately, though, the data from the tests we did last Friday don't really tell us what has caused her remarkable improvement. The data does not confirm or refute that your sexual interaction may have contributed to it. I don't think we really expected those data to produce conclusive results, though. In fact, I would have been surprised if they had. Still, we can't rule in or out that possibility.

I wish I could be more informative, but I can only recount what the data shows. Do either of you have any questions?"

Lorraine spoke up first, and her response was more personal than professional. And blunt.

"Kim, is there any reason why Tom and I shouldn't continue to have sex regularly?"

"No, not that I can see. Obviously if either of you have any adverse side effects you might want to reduce the frequency of interaction or even stop briefly to see if the side effects go away. And having watched and heard both of you last Friday, I suspect its absolutely pointless to suggest that you both might want to be a little less aggressive." She laughed lightly before continuing. "But I think your own bodies will guide you on that point."

"Doctor," I started to ask a question.

"Kim, Tom, please," she interjected.

"Kim, I guess you're telling us that there was also nothing in your data that might tell you about the electrical charge my body builds up during arousal, right?"

"That's correct, Tom. Of course, the sensors were only on Lorraine, so I really wouldn't have expected any data about your chemoelectric or physioelectric responses. But you've raised a very good point I wanted to bring up before we leave.

Your 'gift' as Lorraine calls it -- appropriately, I'd say from her reactions when you two are having sex -- is unique. I've been unable to find anything in the medical literature that even mentions it appearing during sexual arousal and having an effect on either party. Of course, there has been a substantial amount of research and reporting on the body's chemoelectric properties. Indeed, both our hearts and our brains produce electrical impulses. The chemicals in the brain that produce arousal and orgasm in specific areas of the brain have been researched as well.

I haven't looked into the instrumentation available to monitor your and your partner's brain activity unobtrusively. Clearly, neither you nor she was inhibited sexually by the wireless EKG leads, so that might be a place to start. Because I haven't personally experienced your 'gift', I really don't have any special insight into what it might take to precisely record what is happening inside you. CT scans and other instruments that have been tried to monitor women while they were masturbating were useful but inconclusive.

What I'd suggest you do is talk with Lorraine and see what you both think would be best for both of you. From what she has told me, you have made remarkable progress, so neither of us want to do anything that might diminish that."

Lorraine nodded in agreement. We talked for a few more minutes, then Kim said she needed to leave to get to her office for an appointment. She arose to leave, so I took that as my cue to leave, too.

"Tom, could you please wait? I have some things to discuss with you," Lorraine asked.

Kim looked at her and suppressed an almost imperceptible smile. I barely caught it. I sat back down while Lorraine escorted Kim to the door.

"So, Tom," she said when she returned, "What do you think about Kim? Do you trust her?"

"Well, yeah. I mean, you and I were both evidently comfortable while she watched us masturbate and fuck, and I can talk with her without getting too embarrassed. And obviously her watching didn't keep me from getting a hard-on, so yeah, I guess I trust her. Why?"

There was a pause, a moment or more of indecision before Lorraine continued.

"She would like to interview you further to try and get a better idea about what may be happening in your body that causes charged electrical transfer during sex. Would you have any particular problem with that?"

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