tagBDSMA Gift of Submission

A Gift of Submission


I had talked to Michael so many times before, but that was over a year ago when I was still quite new to on-line chatting. At first, he was polite, friendly, and conservative. After talking to him for several months, our conversations started to become a bit too sexual for me. I began talking to him less and less, and finally refused to speak to him at all, afraid of where all this might lead. Now here I am a year later, and not so timid about what I want and about to have this man in my home.

The week before, out of the blue one afternoon, he had IM'd me. To my surprise, he asked if I would be willing to meet him that night at 10:00. I couldn't believe that I agreed and invited him to my home. I was about to submit to his every desire, and do so willingly.

Well, it wasn't an hour later when my phone rang. I assumed it to be one of my girlfriends. I couldn't have been more wrong! It was Michael again. He said that he still hadn't worked everything out, but that he was tormenting me a bit, just in case. He added that he wanted to hear me cum one more time just in case he wasn't able to make it. He admitted that he loved to hear me cum, and was hoping he could make me do so, many times tonight. I spoke softly, as my fingers slowly trailed down over my breasts. I circled my nipples with my forefinger and then lightly pinched each one.

As he spoke to me seductively over the phone, my hand glided down over my abdomen and rested on my mound. I gently teased my swollen lips with my finger, running it along their length, feeling my juices already coating them. Firmly, I pressed my fingers between my lips, teasing the entrance to my wet hole. I ran my fingers along my slit, pausing to flick my fingernail lightly over my clit. My body began to shake, as my fingers worked deftly against my clit. My breathing became raspy, as my moans filled the mouthpiece of the phone. I barely heard his soft, soothing voice as my orgasm burst from deep within my body. Crying out and moaning against the phone, I heard his voice again, pleased and complimentary, telling me that he had to go but would still call me by 9 PM, if he could make it.

At 9:00 PM, my phone rang again. This time, I was hopeful that it would be Michael and it was! But he still didn't know if he was going to make it here, or at least, he told me he didn't know! I couldn't help myself as my hands instinctively found my pussy once again. I found myself lost in his voice, needing his approval, begging him to let me cum for him again. I came for him a couple of times and he again said that he would let me know.

Gasping, I said that I thought that this was the phone call letting me know, and he laughed in his low, guttural, devilish tone, and said, "No, this call is to tease you all the more. I want you thinking about sucking my cock all night, even if you don't get the opportunity. I'll be there in 20 minutes." He then stated 'matter-of-factly' that he expected me to be wearing nothing but a thong and my nipple clamps when he arrived, and that he also expected me to have all my toys available to him. He added that I must not touch him in any way, without permission and asked me if I knew what would happen if I did. I somehow knew the answer and replied, "You would not touch me any more." He chuckled a devilish laugh and told me that I was indeed right, and added that he would leave immediately.

Almost reluctantly, I told him that I would have to have on a robe, as I couldn't chance walking around the house in nothing more than a thong. All of a sudden, I felt as though I had done something wrong, that he might not be pleased with my rebuttal. But he laughed and told me that he understood completely. After we hung up, I headed downstairs to the basement, where I would arrange my toys. I grabbed the nipple clamps from the bag and placed the first one on my already hard nipple. I didn't tighten it all the way, leaving it somewhat loose. I wanted to give him the opportunity to decide whether or not they were tight enough, although I wasn't sure why. I then placed the second one on and let out a soft moan, as the teeth bit slightly into my flesh. They felt so good on my sensitive nipples, I could already feel my juices flowing. Then I arranged my paddle, flogger, riding crop, vibrators and assorted toys on the small table, placed strategically in front of the futon sofa.

I, anxiously, sat on the sofa and waited the few more minutes until he would be here. As soon as I heard the outer bulkhead door open, I rose to my feet, stood in the middle of the room, and pulled my robe tight around me, hiding the clamps. My heart was racing as I heard his footsteps on the cellar stairs. My mind was a whirl, not knowing what this night would bring. I heard him as he entered the inner door and walked through the small entry room to where I was standing.

He smiled a huge smile at me and asked, solemnly, if I had done what he asked. I smiled back and said, "Yes Sir." Suddenly, the look on his face changed and he commanded me to show him the clamps. I slowly and nervously opened the front of my robe, revealing the clamps fastened to my very erect nipples, the long black chain swaying gently between my breasts. He immediately took hold of the chain, and very gently ran his fingers under it, lifting it ever so slightly from my body.

That gentle motion was enough to send a ripple through me and make my nipples become even more erect. He smiled and said "Mmmm yes, very nice," as he began to casually tug the chain upward. I leaned my head back and moaned softly as he pulled my breasts upward. I actually had to stand on tiptoe, as he pulled the chain higher and higher. I closed my eyes and sighed deeply as it felt wonderful having my breasts tugged so far from my body. His eyes twinkled as he told me how beautiful I was. Quickly, he released the chain, letting my breasts bounce back into place.

He walked around me, and I did not move, as he purposefully inspected every inch of my body. I began trembling; his eyes scanned over my body and penetrated my soul. He walked behind me once again, avoiding any direct contact. His voice was calm and reassuring, as he told me to remove my robe. I couldn’t believe how much I wanted to please him, letting the robe slip, cascading off my shoulders. I held it in place at my elbows for a moment, then fall to the floor where it gathered around my feet. He placed his hands on my shoulders, sending chills through my body. I shook visibly as his hands ran down my back and over my ass. Leaning in close to my ear he whispered softly that I looked incredibly sexy, standing there, waiting for his touch. Knowing not how to respond to this, my body did as it blushed to my core. I remained silent and breathed deeply, trying to hide the lust building inside me.

I heard him move behind me again, and a light shuffling of the items on the table told me he was inspecting my toys. With a cool chuckle he commented on what a nice selection I had for him to play with. I smiled and said I had hoped he would like them. He complimented me on my choice of leather floggers, saying the one I had is very nice indeed and it felt good in his hand. A moment of panic washed over me as I thought about him actually using them on me. Perhaps I should grab my robe, run up the stairs, and tell him to leave.

Before I could react, I felt the tails of the flogger gently caressing my back, sending a shiver coursing through me that escaped my mouth as a moan. He dragged them slowly up my spine and then let them fall haphazardly over my shoulder. Another shudder ripped through me as the tails caught my sensitive nipples, forced outward by the clamps. I could feel my nether lips swell and my pussy become slick with my juices, as he flipped the tails so sensuously over every inch of my body, racking my body with chills. He softly trailed them over my breasts and shoulders and then down my back again, lightly tapping them against my ass. He circled me a couple of times, letting the leather drag along my skin; my back, my ass, my legs, my stomach, my breasts, my pussy lips. The feeling was incredible and my body reacted to his touch with more and more need. I trembled as he moved the flogger over my body, again and again, not wanting him to stop, needing him to use me.

When he moved in front of me again, he took the chain between my breasts in his hand and began to pull downward. He kept tugging downward, forcing me to sink to my knees. He held the flogger high, letting the leather strips fall over my shoulders, and down my back. He lifted it just slightly and tapped the tails on my lower back and buttocks, then dragged them up over my shoulders again. He let them fall atop my breasts, tugging at the nipple clamps as they fell past them, causing me to moan deeply. He gently tapped the strips against my breasts, causing me to groan ever more urgently. He took the handle of the flogger and gently traced my jaw line. When he reached the spot under my chin, he used the heavy end of to raise my eyes to his, looked at me, and told me I was amazingly hypnotic. I smiled a hazily, lost in the feelings he had stirred, and simply responded, "Thank you, Sir".

He maneuvered around me once again, this time pausing behind me. He ran his hand from my shoulder, down my back and across my ass. He placed his hand on the small of my back, and in a commanding voice said, "Bend over". I leaned forward slowly, letting my arms hold me up, raising my ass high in the air. Running his hand over my ass he said he loved the way my thong outlined my nice round ass. I was so turned on, so wet, that I blushed with embarrassment. My head was in a whirl and I wanted to feel the flogger against my skin so badly, and he knew it! He teasingly trailed it over every inch of my ass and thighs and began asking me if I liked the feel of the leather against my skin. I moaned an 'uh huh' as he continued to whisper in my ear, teasing me, asking if I needed to feel the leather bite into my flesh. I groaned and said "Oh yes....please Sir?", just as I felt the first slap of the tails across my ass. Here I was, down on all fours, begging this near stranger to whip my ass, forgetting I was a married woman, about to do things I would never even consider with my husband.

He was gentle as he swatted my ass, and commanded me to tell him if it ever got too hard. He did not wish to hurt me or cause any more pain than I wanted. I just moaned, and agreed to tell him if he got carried away, although in my mind, I was beginning to think that would not be possible. He began to rhythmically smack my ass with the flogger, turning it and flipping it over and over with his wrist. It felt wonderful, erotically painful but very sensuous. As I ground backwards against his attentions I started to beg him to whip me harder. He leaned in close and spoke softly "Are you sure?" I moaned aloud "YES! Pleeaasseee, Sir?" I could tell he was smiling, even though my eyes were closed, reveling in this mixture of pain and pleasure.

He began striking my ass, letting the leather strips bite softly into the flesh of my ass, every so often trailing down to my pussy. The slight sting was exquisite. I found myself wanting more and more, wanting to please him and show him how much I enjoyed his strokes. I began to beg him to strike me harder and harder, as the lashes cut across my soft flesh. I was moaning and grinding against the whip and began to build to an incredible climax. Just as I was teetering on the edge, he abruptly stopped and said "Not yet, my sexy little slut." I groaned and writhed as he stopped flogging my ass and moved away from me, leaving me quivering for more.

He told me to turn around and face him. I swung around quickly to be face to face with his crotch, his cock straining against the thin material of his jogging suit. He slipped his pants down and showed me his erection. I looked up at him and asked if I might be able to taste him. He smiled and said "Yes, you may enjoy my cock." I wrapped my lips around the swollen head of his cock and rolled my tongue around the tip. I sank down the length of the shaft, feeling the head hit the back of my throat. I flicked my

tongue over the veins bulging along the underside of his throbbing cock as my fingers traced lightly over his balls. Pulling back slowly, letting my lips suck the taught flesh over his hard cock, I pressed my tongue into his tiny slit tasting a drop of precum. As I worked my mouth over his cock I wanted to taste him even more, so I devoured him completely, sucking hard against his pulsing manhood. After a few moments enjoyment servicing his cock, he pulled back and said that I had had enough for the moment. I grimaced my disappointment as he chuckled devilishly.

He moved behind me once again, leaving me kneeling, and picked up my paddle, running the soft fleece-lined side over my ass. He asked if I preferred the soft fur or the leather side, as he swatted me with the leather? I mumbled my response of wanting the leather and he slapped it hard against my ass and asked me again; telling me he wanted to hear my response this time. I replied that I, in fact, preferred the harsh leather to the fluffy fur. He glided the soft fur across my ass and informed me that this side was only to relieve the pain caused by the other side. Then he flipped it over and began to paddle my ass, gently at first. I begged for him to strike harder, pleading with him to make it sting deliciously. He leaned over me and asked me to please tell him when he was hitting my ass hard enough. I told him I would, as he began to rain blow after blow across my ass, each one gaining strength and momentum. By the time he landed the last few, my ass was stinging wonderfully.

He then turned the paddle over and ran the soft fur over my ass, telling me how it had turned a wonderful shade of pink. I was breathing quite heavily, moaning softly, very close to cumming. He again leaned over me and asked "Would you like to cum now, beautiful?" I groaned and told him that I would, very badly. He smiled and again began raining blow after blow to my ass, alternating with the soft side every few strokes. In seconds I was screaming and moaning as my orgasm coursed through me, causing me to spasm and shudder uncontrollably. He whispered to me that I came so incredibly wonderful, as he held my shaking body close to his own. He admitted that it was very hard for him to make me wait, but that it made it that much more intense to do so. I blushed as I panted and tried to regain some composure.

As I was beginning to calm down, Michael knelt behind me and gently stroked my ass. Slowly his hand moved lower and teased my lips, running along them with his fingers. He could not believe how incredibly wet I was, as he slipped his fingers into my pussy. He began to slide two fingers deep into my wet hole, as he remarked that not only did I have a very wet, very silky pussy, but that it was actually 'creamy'; deliciously inviting and obviously needing to be used. He started stroking in and out of my pussy, then placed his thumb on my clit, pressing against it ever so slightly. As he finger-fucked me, he massaged my clit more and more rapidly, bringing me to another violent orgasm, very quickly. He whispered, as he buried his fingers deep inside me, "Mmmmmm, I can feel your pussy clenching my fingers, sucking them deeper inside you. You cum so incredibly beautifully. You were made to be a slut and your Master will bring that out in you."

Then he ordered me to sit up and show him just how much of a slut I was. He asked me to touch myself and stroke my clit, then show him how wet my hand was. I did so without hesitation, even though I had never masturbated in front of any man before, slipping my hands inside the edge of my thong, feeling my wetness. I then presented my fingers to him for inspection and he placed them along my lips. Instinctively, I flicked my tongue out and began to suck my own juices off of each finger, slowly and seductively. He became more aroused and told me to lie back on the floor.

As I laid down, he told me to show him my pussy as I fingered myself. I eased my fingers between my very wet lips and began to stroke my clit while he moved towards the toy table. When he returned he said, "No, I want to see your sex. Spread your lips and expose yourself to me." I slid my other hand down to my nether lips and spread them very wide, using my thumbs and middle fingers, my index fingers rubbing either side of my clit. As my orgasm built, and my clit swelled even larger, I arched my back and closed my eyes, knowing that he was breathing more heavily watching my performance.

All of a sudden I felt a light pain sear through my clit, as he brought the riding crop down on it sharply. I moaned loudly, arched more, and began to gyrate my hips up and down. He smiled and cooed "Ohhhh so Master's little slut likes her clit to be spanked also!" I gasped and begged "Oh yes Sir, please, more?" as my orgasm built higher. He started tapping continuously against my clit as I writhed on the floor, so close to cumming.

He calmly told me "Let it go. Cum hard for me." as I began screaming and bucking against the crop. Every inch of my body was spasming, cumming violently, shudder after shudder, as he moved away and picked up my vibrator. Returning, he knelt between my legs, and before I had recovered from cumming so hard, placed the vibrator against my clit and turned it on high. This sent shock waves through my body as another orgasm washed over me. He continued to massage my clit with the vibrator through the orgasm, bringing me to another one immediately.

He spoke softly, telling me, "Let it all go, keep cumming (as if I could have stopped at this point), that's it, cum harder, again and again." I was bucking wildly, thrashing about, arms flailing, head tossing back and forth, as I came over and over and he continued to assault my clit. I felt like I was going to pass out, light-headed and reeling, from cumming so hard. He moved the vibrator away from my clit after I had cum several times and placed the rubbery, cock-shaped, vibrator cover over it. Quickly he buried it deep inside my pussy, pulled it out slowly, brought it up to the light and commented "Ohh my! Just look at how wet my little slut is."

He returned the 'cock' to my throbbing pussy and began fucking me, at first slowly then more rapidly, again building another orgasm. I started moving my hips in time with his penetrations and he sighed "Oh yes baby, fuck that cock, fuck it like it were mine.

After I came a couple more times, he stood and told me to take his cock in my mouth. I stumbled to my knees, on wobbly legs, and sucked him deeply into my throat, pulling back slowly. I lapped at the base and rolled my tongue around the head, feeling his cock jump in my throat. I sucked at him voraciously, wanting him to cum in my mouth very badly. Deeper and deeper, faster and faster, until finally he asked me if I would like to taste his cum.

I mumbled an "Ohh yes Sir. This slut would love to have her mouth filled with your cum."

He stated simply "Then take it, take it into your mouth. Suck my cock deep and fill your mouth with your reward." I buried my nose against his groin and sucked him very hard, my throat constricting against the head of his cock, and felt the first spurt of cum hit the back of my throat. I gulped, as I felt him explode again and again. I pulled back slightly, not wanting to lose any of his delicious cum, and drank down every drop. He moaned softly and said that I truly was a cock loving slut, and then gently stroked my hair. I kept sucking his softening cock, flicking my tongue against the sensitive spot under the head, as he reached over and grabbed the flogger once again. As my mouth moved over his cock, he began to flog my ass gently. I felt him again growing in my mouth and as he got harder, so too did the thwacks to my ass. And the harder the swats to my ass got, the more intently I sucked his cock. Suddenly, as I was about to cum, he pulled his cock from my mouth and told me to bend over again.

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