tagGroup SexA Gift to Myself

A Gift to Myself

bygolden smog©

I'm sure the world's full of men who always get it right on Valentine's Day, but I've seldom been lucky enough to have one. Last year, I decided to give myself a Valentine's Day gift, something I'd always wanted.

I'm pretty adventurous, and I'd been in threesomes before, but I have an enduring fantasy to be with two men who are close friends: with each other I mean, not bi, but easy with each other sexually. So, early last February, I set about giving myself a Valentine's Day present that would put candy and flowers to shame.

Men prepared for an adventure such as the one I had in mind don't exactly grow on trees, so I had to go about my mission the old fashioned way: telephone personal ads. After much screening, and two or three second thoughts, I agreed to meet a pair of men at a local coffee shop.

Apart from the obvious safety issues, I had to consider that fate (and/or my own poor judgment) might deal me a pair of oafs. I've never been very good at judging a book by its cover when it comes to guessing what someone will be like in bed. I knew how reckless I was being, but I resolved to jump, and trust that the bungee cord of my judgment would hold me.

My tummy was harboring a swarm of butterflies as I entered and walked to the counter. I felt overwhelmingly uneasy as I got a juice, knowing they could be anyone, checking me out first before identifying themselves. I had dressed in simple black pants and a tight white sweater, so as to highlight my generous bust and reasonably hour-glass shape.

As I turned to find a table, an affable but nondescript man approached me. "Mary?" He asked pleasantly.

"Hi, you're Ted?"

"Sure am. We've got a table over here."

He led me to where another, slightly younger man was already sitting. The second man was dark and Latin looking with that macho patina common to young Latin men. He rose as we reached him.

"This is my buddy Jim," Ted said, and we shook hands nervously. Neither of them was my type at first glance, but I resolved to keep an open mind now that I had come this far.

The first few minutes we were on guard all around, but I have a reasonably lively mind, and was able to keep the conversation afloat until it had achieved its own momentum. I was still quite jittery, but I began to rather enjoy fighting it. I made a conscious effort to keep my hands still, stopped myself from shifting too often in my chair, forced myself to speak slowly and animatedly, rather than quickly and nervously. Jim was engaging but obviously shy. He kept flicking a straw in a rapid, repetitive way which made me glad of my own outward composure. Ted was naturally talkative, and made me laugh outright more than once with strange tales and odd ideas.

After about an hour of wide ranging conversation, we had achieved enough common ground about personality and ideas, and we agreed to adjourn to a motel room. Sitting in the back seat of Ted's car, I hoped I wasn't going to regret my impulsiveness. As they exchanged some brief remarks about work postponed for the afternoon, I had a disorienting moment of doubt. Who were these guys? What kind of men sought out this sort of thing anyway? I knew I was sane, but what about them?

While Ted went into the motel office to make the arrangements, Jim and I made small talk in Ted's car. To my surprise, his manner warmed with his friend absent. One-to-one, his shyness eased, and there was an appealing candor in his voice. As he turned to explain some involution of his job to me, I was suddenly conscious of how close together we were in the confines of the car. I felt my first viscerally sexual thrill of anticipation. There was more to this fellow than the nervous, reticent guy in the coffee shop had suggested.

Perching uneasily on the edge of the bed, I was edgy again, not sure how to begin with two strange men. Lucky for me, they'd done this sort of thing before. Ted leaned forward and kissed me, not a quick or perfunctory kiss either, but a long, slow, searching kiss that reached all through me. Jim got up on the bed behind me and began massaging my shoulders. I leaned back slowly, enjoying his strong, deft hands, and he started to kiss the back of my neck, moving his lips slowly around my left shoulder as if he knew where my sensitive spots were. His former shyness had translated into a gentleness when he touched me. Though at many times that afternoon he would be vigorous and assertive about what he wanted, he invariably touched and kissed me with a kind of tenderness that I thought men reserved for their wives or girlfriends.

I couldn't believe their ease with one another in such a sexual situation. They touched and admired my body as easily and freely as if each was alone with me. Their obvious bond created a kind of safe place for me, a place where I was purely sexual for them and for myself. This feeling was powerful and unique, something I'd never experienced before except in fantasy. The feeling became like a lens which focused and magnified my excitement. I could feel heat rushing to my middle, and I was almost embarrassed by my ragged breathing. The truth was, I was so excited I could barely think at all.

"Let's take some of these clothes off," Ted said. As Jim pulled me back against him, Ted began sliding off my pants and caressing my bare legs and hips. "You're gorgeous!" he said slowly. Now although I'm easy enough to look at, I'm not gorgeous; but I'll tell you, lying between two friendly, sensual men with hard-ons while they complimented me on my body sure made me feel gorgeous!

Jim pulled off my sweater and caressed my hair as it fell back on to my shoulders. As I took my bra off, I was conscious of Ted watching me.

I lay back on the bed and while Ted began kissing me all over in an unhurried way, Jim started to slide his hard cock over the skin of my face. Finally, it was I who guided it into my mouth. Kissing my belly, Ted made a sound of enthusiastic approval. They had been clear that they were entirely straight, but it was obvious that the sight of my mouth moving on Jim's shaft was one Ted had been waiting to see.

While I used my lips and tongue on Jim's cock, he ran his hands over my face and hair, across my nipples. He pushed himself further into my mouth and moaned. "Look at this!" he said with lively admiration while he ran his fingers through my abundant light brown, wavy hair. His touch was almost affectionate, but his hard prick was urgent in my mouth. The contrast stirred a deep and uncommon excitement in me.

Ted was nuzzling my vulva eagerly. I had shaved myself early that day and I was conscious of how sensitive the skin of my outer lips was as he parted them with his tongue. Jim's movements were becoming more urgent. I was trying to concentrate on finishing what I'd started with him, but Ted did something utterly distracting. I've always longed for analingus, but never had a boyfriend who was game. Now, here I was with two strangers, and one of them was doing it before I knew what was coming. I gasped in surprise and pleasure. It was even more intense than I'd expected, and I lay utterly still for a moment, unable to move or think, my whole body consumed by the unfamiliar sensation. His tongue moved slowly and with exquisite languor. I spread my legs as wide apart as I could. My entire vulva clenched and pulsated, but Ted taunted me by not touching me, except where his tongue was busy parting me from my reason.

Finally, I got hold of myself long enough to give proper attention to Jim. He came in my mouth with a groan that was masculine and sweet at the same time.

Jim moved away from me, but continued squeezing and caressing my tits. Ted pulled away then too. I was disappointed, but told myself we had lots of time. "I want to feel inside that gorgeous pussy," he said. During sex, his tone of voice when speaking to me was confident, almost with a note of polite command. His voice and his touch maintained a kind of tenderness though, an admiration, perhaps, that made me pleased to do as he said.

As he retrieved a condom from somewhere, he and Jim exchanged an unexpected gesture. As I lay on my back, I saw their hands clasp in a quick movement, the way men shake hands sometimes. Nothing was said, but I had a powerful sense of satisfaction. While in one way the gesture excluded me, it also made me feel more female, the embodiment of a strong sexual experience shared by the two of them. Together, they would admire, enjoy, and please me, and I was aching to be pleased!

While Jim played with my hair, kissed my lips, fondled my nipples, Ted straddled my hips and began rubbing the head of his cock across my clit and down to my vagina. My hips rotated and thrust at him, urging him to plunge, but he teased me first. Finally, he pushed quickly and fully inside me, and I cried out with relief and pleasure. As he started fucking me in an even rhythm, I raised my legs around his back and moved with him.

He came more quickly than I might have liked, but as soon as he'd disposed of the evidence, he returned to licking my clit. His tongue was deft, and he made it clear that he was enjoying his work. Having seen both of them through, I laid back and focused on his considerable skill. He had a lovely control of his tongue, and my excitement finally burst over me in an all consuming orgasm that they also seemed to enjoy.

When he had moved away a little, I sat up. "Once I cum," I said breathlessly, "I kind of like to keep coming if I can. I could use my fingers," and I slid one inside my wet pussy. "But maybe one of you has something more satisfying to recommend?"

"I think I can help you there," Jim said and pushed me gently back.

When he entered me, he teased me as Ted had. I began rubbing my clit, and had cum before he was even fully inside me. My cries of pleasure were mingled with pleading, but he took his own time. He began fucking me with strong, powerful thrusts.

Ted sat beside me while I came again. "Oh yeah!" he said, rubbing my nipple, "That looks great! Keep going!" He urged me on while Jim kept up a powerful rhythm.

Ted went up on his knees by my head. Leaning forward on one hand, he used his other hand to turn my face toward his dick, which was halfway to an erection. More aggressively than his friend had earlier, Ted pushed himself into my mouth so that his cock, not fully hard yet, was entirely enveloped by my lips and tongue. With one cock in my mouth, and another seeming to fill me between my legs, I could feel their pleasure, hear their gasps. I arched my body, straining to take both of them in fully, rubbing my fingers over my clit to bring myself to orgasm again.

When I had had as many orgasms as I could, I gave my attention to sliding my warm tongue around and along Ted's hardening cock. His way of thrusting in and out of my mouth was more demanding than Jim's had been but his gently commanding manner continued to excite rather than disturb me.

"Why don't you turn over," Jim said, pulling out of me and standing. "I want to do it from behind." Eagerly, I turned and got onto my knees. Jim came behind me and started sliding his dick into me, slowly at first, then more powerfully. Ted got up and stood to one side for a better view.

"Look at that!" he exclaimed with enthusiasm. "You look great!" he said with convincing sincerity, reaching out to squeeze my breast as it moved in response to Jim strong thrusts. I was crying out with gasps of pleasure and amazement. Being fucked from behind is generally a pretty absorbing experience in itself. To be flattered and touched by another man who's getting excited by watching, added a profound depth of fulfillment that was new to me. I felt completely surrounded by their affection and desire, their admiration and encouragement. They loved to hear me pant and see me writhe with ecstasy, and told me so, which only made me writhe more sinuously, of course.

Finally, Jim was panting too, but from exertion. "I've got to lie down!" he laughed, and pulled me on top of him on the bed. I straddled his hips and pointed his cock at my inner lips, then lowered myself smoothly onto him, leaning down to kiss him quickly. As I straightened up, Ted was kneeling beside me again and guiding his cock back into my mouth. I sucked him for a minute, but then drew away to begin moving my hips and clenching my inner muscles around Jim's throbbing erection. While he squeezed my tits, I went up onto my feet so that I could slide my pussy along the full length of his cock.

As Ted ran his hands over my ass and made sounds of approval and encouragement, I began moving faster and faster, up and down, driving Jim to begin jerking inside me and gasping as orgasm overtook him. I could feel that Ted was willing his friend's orgasm too, wanting to see a man coming inside me while he squeezed my hips in his hands. When Jim had finished, I raised myself carefully and swung my leg over to lie beside him.

"Was that a good one, Jimmy?" Ted asked, sounding pleased. Again, I had the strange but exhilarating sense of being a happy participant in something deeper than sex with strangers usually is.

Ted came and lay down on my other side. He pulled me around to face him and then turned so that we were in a 69 position. He put his hand on the back of my head and thrust his hips toward me. As I took him into my mouth again, he began licking between my legs. Finally, I pushed him onto his back and flipped around to give my whole attention to sucking him off. He had done such a lovely job on me, and I wanted to please him. Something in me responded at a gut level to his flattering but slightly domineering manner.

I was slow and thorough. I moved my lips in detail up and down his shaft. I held him as far into my mouth as I could, then flicked my tongue up and down the length of him. I moved one hand to caress and gently squeeze his balls. As his hips began to move more urgently, I moved my hand to grasp the base of his cock while I worked the rest of it in and out of my mouth more quickly. Jim lay beside us and ran his fingertips over the skin of my shoulders, breast, and face. He pushed his hand through my hair where it fell in a cloud over Ted's hips and belly. He complimented me on my skill. I felt my pussy throb in sympathy as Ted began to cum. He held his hand on my head as his cock pushed up into my mouth, and hot fluid started to squirt into me.

Lying between them while we rested, I idly touched each of their penises with affection, marveling at how exotic men are. I tried to explain this to Ted and Jim, how, even after many years of experience, men could still seem wonderfully mysterious and unknowable to me. They replied that women were likewise exotic to them.

They lay, one on each side of me, and I marveled as I stroked each of their bellies, their strong legs, their resting penises. How lucky I had been. Their ease, their skill, and their appreciation and respect for me had given me an experience unlike anything I'd ever known before. I had "jumped," and the bungee cord had given me an unforgettable flight.

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