tagMatureA Gilf's Cum Slave Ch. 02

A Gilf's Cum Slave Ch. 02


Annabelle Shaw eyed the gawky, skinny nervous boy bagging her groceries and smiled. The Fortune 500 CEO had just gotten out of work and had stopped at the store for a few things -- and a fresh load of boy cum if possible. And with Annabelle's 62-year-old libido firing like a woman's half her age, it was definitely possible.

"Be a dear and carry these out to my Lexus, would you darling?" she cooed to the youngster, Timmy it said on his name tag, a scrawny, glasses-wearing lad, tall and thin. "I promise to make it worth your while."

"Oh, no, ma'am, we can't take tips," he mumbled nervously, looking anywhere but at the gorgeous silver-haired GILF, who looked supremely elegant yet sexy in her black business suit with shortish skirt covering nylon-clad legs.

"We'll see about that," she purred, walking ahead of the lad with the bags, knowing his eyes were fixed on the muscular legs flexing in those nylons above her expensive heeled shoes.

He loaded the bags into her trunk as she watched, smiling. Looking around, she saw no one had seen them.

"Timmy, do you get breaks?"

"Uh, yes, Mrs...uh..." he stammered.

"Granny, dear, just call me Granny," she cooed. "I do so love when young boys like you call me that."

"Ok...uh..Granny...yes...I have one now, in fact, I was just going to sit in back and read for awhile, I have college exams coming up and..."

She opened the door -- the backdoor and motioned him inside. He balked.

"Get in, Timmy," she said sternly. "I won't ask again. And the customer is always right, remember? Do you want me to talk to your bosses?"

"No, Mrs..uh..Granny..but..."

She smiled -- and grabbed his shirt, forcing him inside, getting in next to him and locking the doors. She sat back and slowly unbuttoned her blouse, revealing a thick ripple of wrinkled neck flesh and cleavage, down to the tiny bra she wore, her huge but firm tits spilling out. Timmy gasped.

"I'm just guessing, but you've never been with a woman, right?" she asked, unlocking her bra and watching Timmy's eyes bulge at the sight of her white tits offset by those tanned wrinkles.

"Uh...well...golly Mrs..I mean Granny.."

"I take that as a no," she sighed, reaching for his head and pulling it to her chest. "Lick, boy, lick!"

Timmy groaned in the suffocating clamp of her thick flesh, running his nervous tongue into the salty crack between them then mouthing mounds of white meat, finally feasting on a nipple, suckling it hard, moaning, lost in the blur of emotions and physical reaction, his cock throbbing in his pants. She held her tits up, tilting her head down, smiling at the young man suckling at her breasts like a newborn.

"Eager, I like that," she cooed. "Now run your tongue up my chest...mmmmmmm, that's it, lick the granny wrinkles there! I love my neck suckled too, boy, so suck that turkey waddle!"

She lifted her head, allowing the sucking boy access to the wrinkled folds of warm, creamy neck meat and he ingested it all madly, sucking in mouthfuls of her fleshy throat, tonguing it, moaning madly and feeling his cock about to explode.

"I haven't much time, I have conference calls to make," she sighed, popping his sucking mouth from his feast of her neck and throat and the maddening flesh there. "Tell me, and be truthful: When is the last time you jerked your cock?"

He sat back, eyes wide, looking into hers and trying not to look down at those flashing tits in the backseat of her car in the growing dusk.

"Uh..I uh..don't know what you..." "Timmy, I'm about to suck your cock and want to know what to expect," she giggled. "Just tell me."

"Uh....few days ago...been busy with school, work...I mean......"

"Nice," she sighed, pushing him back and reaching for his pants. "I'm sure this won't take terribly long..."

She tugged his pants open and out sprang a nice long cock, eight inches or so, skinny like him, with a giant pair of hairless balls beneath, full of boy cum. She smiled at the dribble of pre-cum oozing from it as he moaned and stabbed upwards, almost involuntarily fucking the air.

"Eager indeed," she hissed, leaning over to breathe fire on his throbbing cock.

She encircled the base of his cock with her bony fingers and traced her tongue from the bottom to the top, excruciatingly slowly, taking a full 10 seconds to reach the dripping tip -- which instantly exploded, lacing a thick strip of hot boy cum from her forehead, down her nose to her mouth. She giggled and stuffed the geysering cock into her thick tits, fucking him with them, feeling the endless spurt of cream jet onto her thickly wrinkled neck and fill the folds there, oozing its last into a bubbly lather between those creamy white orbs. When he finally finished cumming, spent and panting, she sat up and let her tits fall apart, a mass of white clinging to her hot flesh, her tits covered with cum, thick ropes of it clinging in the space between. He looked at her, gasping, watching the cum on her neck dribble down to join the rest in those marvelously old, wrinkled tit.

"My...my God...granny!" he gushed, breathlessly. "I...I don't know...what..."

"What to say? Nothing. What to do? This!"

She reached for his head and smashed his face into the blanket of ball brew on her chest, rubbing him into it, groaning as she did, feeling his resistance wane the longer he was held prisoner in her cum-lathered breasts, his tongue coming out and slurping his seed from her tits.

"That's right, boy, that's right, suck the cum from Granny's tits!" she howled, rubbing his face all over the thick sheen of goop there, feeling him slurp them clean, swallow and go back for more. "Women love a man who respects them enough to eat his own cum! This is a teaching moment, boy, so suck your cum!"

She came as he worked cleaning his sperm from her old boobs, clenching her muscular old thighs together and grinding it out. She held his ears now, working him from side to side, pulling him back to look at his astonished, cum-laden face, directing him to the meaty white flesh of her inner tits, forcing him to suckle a cum-dripping nipple, then the other and then dragging his moaning face up to her waddle, thick with clumps of his jism, which he eagerly slurped clean, suckling in mounds of creamy, dreamy neck meat and cleansing them. Then it was up to her chin, nose and forehead, licking clean the strips of jism there and finally, opening his mouth and kissing him madly, frenching him and sucking out loads of hot cum and forcing it back into his mouth.

She finally broke the kiss, holding his cummy face in her hands, pushing it back, smiling at him and spreading her long, lean legs, revealing the tops of her muscular thighs above the garter and nylons she wore, her bushy graying pussy exploding into view, anxious, wet and open.

"You've earned this," she hissed, pulling him atop her, his still stiff dick instantly devoured by her insatiable pussy, wrapping her rugged thighs around his ribs and squeezing him to her. "Fuck me, Timmy, fill me with more hot cum!"

He moaned and worked hard on his first fuck, thrusting into her powerfully for such a skinny young man, pounding her pussy, his big balls slapping at the crack of her ass as she pulled his face to the warm smother of her old, wrinkled neck, the boy lapping and sucking at the aphrodisiac of the wrinkled flesh there, suckling it, eating remaining sperm from it and feeling his nuts knot anew as he blasted his second load in minutes, deep into her twitching womb.

Annabelle squeezed him harder, draining him, cumming on his thrusting boner, feeling the scorching load fill her womb. She finally unlocked her long, strong legs and put the soles of her feet into his face after slipping off her shoes, forcing him to smell the day's work sweat of them, giggling and cumming again as the superbly eager young stud ran his tongue madly over the soles, sucking on her bony, long toes before she pushed him away and sat back, thighs open, her cunt open lewd and wet and plugged with his thick seed.

"I don't have to ask, do I Timmy?" she cooed and the boy instantly dove forward, surprising her with his insistence, burying his face into her sloppy soupy pussy and slurping madly, Annabelle's lusty thighs locking like a vice around his neck and ears as he sucked her clean, gobbling his load down his throat.

"Mmm, so nice, so nice," she mewed, eyes closed, running her bony old fingers through his hair, quivering her muscular old thighs on his trapped neck, squeezing him deeper inside her to feast on her cum-thick pussy. "So nice...."

She finally unlocked her legs, his face having gone red to purple from the scissor squeezing, and he sat back, gasping for air long denied, a smile beaming on his cum-shiny face. She laughed, pulled herself together and leaned forward to kiss him gently on his trembling lips.

"And there's your tip, young man," she sighed, buttoning up her blouse. "You got a blowjob, you got laid, you were shown how to appreciate a true woman and learned the respect of eating your own cum from her! Now go, enjoy what you've learned and pay attention to the other women to come into your life with as much enthusiasm as you've paid me!"

And he was gone, stumbling out of the car, forever changed. She climbed into the front seat, smiled at him as he waved goodbye and drove off, in search of new adventure..

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