tagLesbian SexA Girl Called Shine: Work and Play

A Girl Called Shine: Work and Play


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When Shine and Mercedes arrived at Mojo Mike's, Rush and George were hefting the last amp up the ramp to the stage in the main room.

Mike was down at the bar with Fisher getting ready for the lady's night rush.

"You guys are late again," said Rush.

Shine and Mercedes set their instrument cases down.

"My fault," said Shine. "You guys can take a break. Mercedes and I can hook up. We'll let you know when it's time for sound test."

"Fine." The two headed for the bar.

Shine waved down to the bar. "Yo, Mike!"

Mike gave her a brief grin before sliding a tray of glasses into the dish washer.

Mojo Mike had first hired the Gold Star Girls to bolster his

Thursday lady's night, and found them to be a real crowd pleaser.

They covered an eclectic mix of gothic and alternate rock.

Recently, they'd started to throw in a few originals as well. In the year and a half they'd been playing Thursdays, Mike's had managed to pull in a healthy set of regulars composed of about half lesbians and the rest straights of both sexes. The Gold Star

Girls earned their keep.

Shine got through set up, warm up, and waited 'til T-off at eight o'clock. She was ready for some music and hoped some fun would rev her up for the evening.

By eight the tables were filling up. She scanned behind her.

Everyone was in place, Rush on drums, Mercedes on keyboards, and George on bass. Shine nodded and turned to the crowd.

With a dig of her riff, Shine pulled up to her mic and took them into AFI's Medicate.

Shine twisted, strutted and wailed through song after song. By break time an hour and a half later, she'd forgotten all about her doldrums. She gathered her sweat dampened hair behind her head, drained the last of her water, and stepped down to the bar for a Coke.

The place was hopping as they kicked off the second set with Perfect World by Gossip. Two songs later, the double table near and to the right was vacated, and then filled by a group of late twenties lesbians that Shine had never seen before. There were nine in total, six femmes, one boi and two butches. The femmes were pretty enough, but no standouts. The one butch Shine could see clearly was very obese and wore denim coveralls. Definitely not. The other sat at the head of the table, facing away from Shine.

She wore a black leather vest over a white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up and black jeans. A tattoo of a woman morphed with an eagle covered her visible arm. Piercings lined her ear nearly from top to bottom. Other tattoos peppered her neck. She had closely cropped sandy blond hair. But Shine could just make out a lock of hair that was preserved along the edge of her forehead and ran down in front of her right ear to her shoulder.

She couldn't see the woman's face, but the femme she was talking to noticed Shine staring. Shine saw her point at the stage, and the butch turned to look. She was beautiful. Despite piercings in her nose, lip and eyebrow, she had big, feminine eyes and a youthful, boyish charm. As their eyes connected, Shine sensed an instant chemistry grip her. The woman stifled a grin, and then turned her seat to face the stage. Shine lost her line and had to look away to find her place in the song again.

When she reengaged, the girl was focused on her with all the resolve of a killer. Her eyebrows rose and fell. Shine completed the song chorus, smiled at the butch, and then turned a circle, giving a complete view of her jeans, the jeans with sufficient strategically placed holes that they removed any possibility that Shine wore anything underneath. They had so many holes, in fact, that they practically looked like blue Swiss cheese. As Rush battled through a drum solo alone, Shine focused on the young woman again, posed her strawberry highlight above her right forehead, and half-grinned.

The girl's tongue protruded from her mouth, fondling her lips and boasting a barbell tongue piercing. Shit! thought Shine. She made another mis-strum. She didn't know about other girls, but to Shine a lover's tongue piercing felt good literally everywhere on her body. The girl continued to tongue tease her.

"Shine! What the fuck? Get with it!" It was George.

Shine raised her eyebrows to the sexy butch and turned to the bar. She managed to play the few remaining songs without any other major mishaps. As they were wrapping up, Shine turned around and said, "One more. 'She's So Lovely.'"

"What?" said Rush. "We're doing the Butchies? Did I miss something?"

"Yeah, the betty in leather and steel, right center," said George.

Rush peered under the lights. "Yeah, got her."

They went directly into the last song, and Shine focused on her favorite fan, serenading and posing all her wiles. The young woman ate it up. Her jaw slackened and she stared unblinking into Shine's magnetic eyes. The woman's right knee started to bob up and down furiously, but she didn't seem to realize it herself.

By the end of the song, she had the woman so wound up Shine wouldn't have been surprised to see her heart pop right out of her chest.

She placed her guitar on its stand. "Hey, guys, let's go hang with that table a little while."

"Fine," said George, "but I can't stay long. I got an essay to write tonight."

"And you better not dog on tear down. You already owe us about ten already!"

Shine nodded. "Don't trip."

Together they strolled to the table. As the Gold Star Girls blended into the group, Shine stood up before the butch.

"Nice show," she said.

"What was your favorite part?"

Shaking her head and swallowing her beer, she said, "Far and away the platinum blonde up front." She pulled a chair from a recently vacated table nearby. "Sit down. I'll buy you a drink."

Shine crossed her arms. "I'm eighteen. We only get to work here if we never touch a drop." Then she smiled and relaxed.

"But I'll take you up on your other offer." She moved in and sat down in the woman's lap, nearly causing her to drop her beer bottle.

Shine leaned into her and examined her face, her light, pretty skin, and her polished piercings. She kissed the woman in her temple, and then forehead.

She whispered in the girl's ear. "You know, it's a tradition here that the best fan gets to take home the front lady."

"Uh, yeah?"

"Yeah. Do you want to take me home? I'm not really in the mood for partying."

The woman looked shocked. "Shit, kid, don't you at least want to know my name?"

Shine rolled her eyes. She held out her hand. "Hi, I'm Shine."

"Shine? Did you say Shine?"


"Okay, cool. I'm Kate."

"Great to meet you, Kate. Now, you wanna fuck or what?"

Kate stared at her blankly, stuck in neutral.

Shine stood up, straddled her and sat back down again. She wrapped her hands around Kate's neck and got busy with her, mouth to mouth.

Kate's eyelids weighed down until she couldn't hold them open, and she began to hum. "Mmmmmm...." Hoots and applause rounded the table.

Shine continued until she felt Kate's disposition physically change under her, and then she kept up a while longer. Shine released the girl and stood over her, Kate's hands on her partially covered ass, her body shifting salaciously snakelike, inches from Kate's nose. The killer's resolve had returned to Kate's face.

"You ready now?" taunted Shine.

Kate didn't speak. She grunted. "Yeah."

* * * * *

Shine followed Kate into her hovel of a house and set her guitar down. Nothing about it impressed. It was a studio house, essentially one big room. Shine didn't think she'd ever seen one of those before. They passed through the living room where two ratty couches sat facing each other over an old coffee table. A generous bedroom section was visible off to the left centered with a queen sized bed and scuffed up oak furnishings. The only inside door in the house must have led to the bathroom.

Kate walked into the kitchen and set her backpack down on the counter. She opened the refrigerator door and leaned over to examine the contents. In the dim of the house, the light of the refrigerator illuminated her face.

"Want a drink?"


Kate looked up at her. "I'm all out."


She set her sights on the fridge contents again.

"I have Bud and some microbrew stuff, wheat."

"I'll take the wheat."

Kate extracted a bottle of each, popped the caps on her countertop and handed Shine the lighter colored of the two.

Shine looked her over. Despite Kate's destitute habitation, she kept her person in top form: killer style, a fresh face, and a fit body. She looked like a woman in the early stages of going somewhere in life.

Shine tipped the bottle back and savored the brew. "You live alone?"

"Yeah," answered Kate. "I had roommates when I first moved out of the house, but they cramped my style. I'm much better on my own, even if this is all I can afford."

"It's not bad."

"You're being nice."

Shine wandered toward the couches, and Kate followed.

"You're talking to someone who still lives at home. I'd take this in a heartbeat," she said sincerely, looking around again.

Kate passed her and sat down on the near couch.

"What do you do?"

"Waiter. I just got a swank job at Sampson's on the Green. It's at the Seven Oaks Country Club. Heard of it?"

Shine shook her head. "Golf. Not really my thing." She strolled to stand in front of Kate.

"Not mine either. But the tips are easy bank."

Shine took Kate's drink and set both bottles on the coffee table. She moved onto the couch, straddling Kate.

Kate slipped her hands around Shine's back, smiling. "Hello, there, sweet thing."

Shine gripped Kate on her shoulders, massaged, and then moved to the neck. When her hands arrived at Kate's soft hair, Shine leaned into her for a joining of their lips. Kate responded by wrapping her arms around Shine's waist further, constricting like a boa intent on the kill. Kate's hands wandered up Shine's back, caressing soothing strokes in succession.

Caressing back down Shine's back, Kate progressed her kisses to Shine's neck.

"Ooouh. You taste as good as you look."

Shine paused for a break between deep breaths. "I have a policy about that. If you're going to take a bite, you have to eat all of me."

A flex of Kate's legs told Shine that her innuendo had had the intended effect. Kate's fingers wandered languidly down to the thighs of Shine's holy jeans. They inserted under the edge of each of the gaping holes, playing, rimming the edge, searching like a wily fox seeking a tasty rabbit who was hiding in one of those holes, always just out of reach. Kate's fingers advanced, eliminating each hole of Shine's jeans one by one, knowing the fluffy bunny would eventually be found. Shine knew at this rate, the rabbit would be soused. She was already wet.

Shine removed her half-shirt and bra, presenting her bare, soft chest to Kate.


Kate licked loops on Shine's velvety skin, occasionally sucking, but focusing mostly on the rabbit hunt. Shine didn't mind. She was in no rush. Kate's fingers had advanced around her body, but ran out of holes mid-cheek. Kate gripped her ass and dug her fingernails in. While enjoying Kate's tender care, Shine managed to dislodge Kate's breasts from the bra underneath her shirt. She squeezed and pushed them gently.

Kate's legs flexed again under Shine, and her breath picked up.

Shine looked her in the eyes and was pleased to see her killer resolve renewed. Kate's fingers moved crotchward, blindly seeking and scouting holes. The fox's desperation was beginning to show as fingers scratched and scrambled. It was now close enough to smell the savory rabbit, but it could not penetrate to its cozy burrow-fortress. Shine sat up a bit to aid her. Kate's fingers muddled around the perimeter of Shine's crotch, just out of reach until Shine rolled her eyes in impatience. She sat up, unzipped her pants, and pulled them down to her bottom, leaving just enough space for Kate to slip a hand under. The Fox had its warm, wet quarry, and soon it would be time to eat.

Shine panted as Kate rubbed her fervently, mound to anus.

She leaned down, slipped her hand between their torsos, beneath Kate's pants, and between her legs. Kate parted her left leg and groaned. She tilted her hips forward as best she could to give Shine better access.

And there the two women stayed for a period, only hands in motion. Other body parts breathed, undulated or snapped, but the two hands vibrated furiously. Kate sank two fingers into Shine, gripping her by the pussy like a fishing hook. She pulled hard enough to rock Shine back and forth on the couch. Shine sucked wind, and her eyes rolled back in her head. She lost focus and unconsciously snorted.

Shine redoubled her concentration and put her hand in motion again, but it didn't last long. Kate was going to extract the first orgasm of the night. Drawing close, Shine leaned forward over Kate's left shoulder. Lower lip stiffened, she held on as the orgasm ripped through her, the contractions throbbing pleasure inside her.

As she relaxed, Kate withdrew her hand and Shine sat down next to her. Fuck! she thought. She was determined not to fall far behind. She unfastened and unzipped Kate's pants. Then she shoved Kate onto her side and pulled her pants down to her thighs. She admired how the men's briefs flowed over Kate's pale ass and hugged her female package. Moist. Shine rubbed there a minute, and then peeled back the underpants. Kate's labia glistened with anticipation. Kate reached behind to lift her cheek for Shine, open herself up a little.

Shine leaned over and began to lick at Kate's labia intensely.

Shine lifted the top lip and inserted her tongue into the sensitive flesh. Kate released a long, soft womanly moan. She extracted a leg from her pants and sent it over the top of the couch, spreading herself wide open. Now, Shine could lick her juices and insert her fingers as well. She judged Kate for three of them. They sli in easily, audibly bringing Kate up. She thrust and licked until Kate began to shudder and whimper. Then she went quiet and Shine felt her body squeezing rhythmically on her embedded fingers.

After she was done, Kate smiled at her.

"Get on your back," said Shine.

As she repositioned, Shine removed the rest of her own clothes, the Swiss Cheese pants on top of the pile. She returned to the couch, straddling Kate, and worked her way to Kate's smiling face.

"Oh, yeah. Bring it to Mama!" Then her eyes popped. "No way. Look at that clit. Shit!" Kate flicked it back and forth.

"That is so sexy!"

"And tasty," said Shine giving her a not-so-subtle hint.

"Oh, my God, what a pussy! You have the..."

Shine decided not to wait anymore and lower herself onto Kate's face mid-sentence. As soon as mouth met vulva, Shine could tell that Kate was salivating. The sheer quantity of liquid caused them to slide against each other. Kate lathered the mixture into a froth that seeped over her chin. She pressed into Shine. She was a whole face kinda girl.

When she felt Kate's tongue go hard and deep, she couldn't stop herself from grinding.

"Deeper," whispered Shine, reaching behind her to find Kate's wetness. When she did, she rotated the labia in stimulating circles. Kate twitched under her, opening her eyes, and grunting into Shine's crotch.


Kate strained to open her jaw, but was already at maximum depth. As she adjusted, her teeth dug into Shine's ass.

"Shit!" said Shine, squinting. "Like that!" With a few wags of her pelvis Shine climaxed. "Huh!" she shouted. The rabbit was well eaten, the fox satiated.

Kate gave Shine a few moments, and then shoved her backwards on the couch onto her back.

"Wait right here."

She retreated to the bedroom and returned naked. She held a rather ordinary looking strap-on in her hands.

Shine huffed to herself. She got up and approached Kate, who was untangling the straps.

Shine put her hands on the toy. "Let me."

Kate looked up from her distraction. "Oh, thanks, but it's all good. I can put it on myself."

"No. Let me wear it tonight."

"No, really, I got it."

Shine kept a grip on the toy. "Let me wear it."

Kate looked somewhat confused and somewhat perturbed.

"This is mine. I'm always on top."

"Not tonight. Tonight, I'm on top."

Kate gave her a who-in-the-hell-do-you-think-you-are look.

"Excuse me? I said, I'm always on top!"

"Fine," said Shine. She turned away and walked toward the couch. "Take me home."

Kate looked more perplexed than ever. "Are you serious?!"

Shine didn't look at her, but continued to assemble her clothes.

"Yeah, I'm done."

"Oh, come on, Shine. I'm just... look... I'm always on top.

That's just me. Be reasonable. I thought... ya know," Kate flailed her arms in an attempt to get Shine to complete her thought, "you being a femme..."

Shine finally looked at her. "Not tonight." She pulled her bra around her waist and fixed the clasp.

Kate's dilemma crushed her, the force of it visible in the contortions on her face.

"Goddammit, Shine!" Her mouth hung open. "Okay, fine!

Just... fine!" She threw the strap-on on the couch. "Have it your way!"

Shine had to turn to one side so that she could hide the satisfaction that crept onto her face in the form of the hint of a smile. She disposed of her bra for the second time and donned the toy.

As Shine approached her, Kate turned to the bedroom, but Shine caught her by the arm.

"No. Right here."

She swung Kate roughly over to the back of the couch and bent her over the top of it, presenting Kate's backside to Shine for the taking. Shine kicked Kate's feet out to spread her legs and bring her goods down to business level.

"There's no need to be rude," objected Kate. "You got what you wanted!"

Shine slapped her hard on ass. "Quiet."

"Shit! I'm not into that!"

Shine slapped her again, but Kate just grunted angrily this time.

Shine lifted the shaft to Kate's lips and wetted the tip in her juices. Kate sighed, still not altogether enthused by the turn of events, but unable to resist her body's reaction. Without delay, Shine sank the dildo into Kate's flesh. Intense sensation induced a long moan that Kate could not contain. She leaned forward in submission, planting her head in the couch cushion.

Shine slapped her on both sides and rocked forward and back, watching the slick rubber slide in and out. Kate continued to moan, the sounds muffled by the cushion.

"Has it been a while since you got your pussy stuffed?"

The only response was Kate's continuous ghostlike whines.

"Bet you forgot what it felt like. Bet you forgot how good it feels."

Shine rocked her a while, dousing her ass with slaps and pinches. When she felt like Kate was good and warmed up, she gave her one mean, hard thrust, causing Kate to suck air and throw her head up. Then she gave another and another.

"Yes, Shine, yes. Fuck me!"

Shine obliged with as much concentrated force as her little body could deliver. Kate reached behind to grip her own cheeks and pull herself wide apart.

She slurred, "Goddammit, Shine, go!"

Shine gripped her by the waist and tried to get some consistency to the job, finding a balance between force and speed. Kate started a whine that indicated a rise to climax. Shine tired, but she kept up her cadence.

Kate turned her head to the side, exhibiting a grimace of erotic excess. Slowly her face pinched until she came, releasing a yowl at the top of her lungs, her hips erratically shifting on Shine's shaft. Heavy lidded, Kate balanced on one arm to rub her body all over with the other. She looked back to face Shine and said, "Is that what you wanted, to hear me scream?"

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