tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Girl Can Always Use Help

A Girl Can Always Use Help


Shannon was a lovely young woman. Tall and voluptuous with long dark hair and exotic eyes, she was never without the opportunity for a date. She lived alone in a quaint house on a quiet street. Shannon was a bit of an exhibitionist and usually didn't bother to close her drapes in the evenings and was often seen moving about her home in the nude.

Shannon happened to also be "between boyfriends" and one balmy summer evening she had opened her French doors that led to the garden off her living room. She enjoyed the fresh air and warm breeze that drifted into the room and caressed her naked skin as she settled in to watch T.V. It had been a couple of weeks since her last date and she was feeling a bit pent up and unsatisfied.

She flipped through the channels and found nothing to her taste, so she got up and perused her selection of movies. As she scanned the titles, she began to think that it might just be better to go to bed. Just then her eyes fell upon a movie she had completely forgotten about; a movie one of her former lovers had left behind many months ago. Back then she had not been particularly interested in it, but now it raised her eyebrows. A porno flick! She watched it with him once but paid it little attention, thinking it was more for her lover's pleasure. Now, feeling a bit wicked and wanton, she grabbed it and before she could change her mind slid the disc into the player.

As the movie began to play, she went into the kitchen to grab a bottle of water then placed herself comfortably on the couch with a few pillows to prop herself up. The images on the screen began to get more interesting. Clothes began to come off and hands began to explore forbidden territories. As Shannon watched the action, her nipples started to harden. Unconsciously she started pinching one of them, pulling it away and letting it pop back. She licked her lips as the girl in the movie wrapped her hand around the thick cock of her partner. The girl stroked the thick shaft slowly and Shannon enjoyed watching the fat head disappear and reappear from the top of the girl's hand.

The girl bent over and with her ass toward the camera, showed her slick pussy, taking the head of the man's cock into her mouth at the same time. Shannon was now completely engrossed in the action, wishing she could join the couple on the screen. They changed positions and began to fuck in earnest, the girl producing high pitched squeals and moans while riding and bouncing on top of the man. Shannon enjoyed the noises that their hard sex was making and she turned the sound up on the TV. She began to rub her fingers gently over her clit, enjoying the feel of her slippery pussy juices as her hard nub slid between her fingers.

Meanwhile, out in the street a young man was walking home from work. Shannon's garden and patio were to the side of her house and he noticed the light from the room shining on the plants and trees. As he passed he heard noises coming from that side of the house and was curious. Coming closer to the garden he suddenly recognized the noises and a bright blush flowed across his face. He thought he should leave the occupants to their pleasures, but curiosity overcame him and he found himself quietly creeping into the garden. From the shadowy darkness he had a clear view of the room and to his surprise, Shannon on the couch. Although he was unable to see what she was watching, he realized immediately that what he was hearing was a video and this gorgeous woman on the couch was masturbating as she watched! This young man could not believe his luck. He found himself a comfortable spot in the darkened garden, leaning against a tree that gave him a perfect view of the action. His pants already had a large tent growing in them and he carefully unfastened his belt, opened his pants and pulled his stiff erection into his hand. He made a soft groan as his hand slid up his shaft. He looked quickly at the woman to see if she had heard. She continued on as before and he felt safe in his hiding spot.

Back in the house, Shannon was getting more and more engrossed in the movie and began to work her hot pussy harder. Her hand slid and slipped over her swollen clit. Wanting more, she pushed three fingers into her cunt and began to fiercely pump herself, mimicking the fucking in the video. She slipped lower on the couch and her pussy juice was oozing down her ass cheeks and dripping on the floor. She was moaning, panting and pinching her nipples as hard as she could.

Out in the garden Shannon,s peeping friend was thoroughly enjoying the show. Every time she would push those fingers into her hot snatch, his cock would throb harder and he wished that he could push it into her soaking cunt. Stroking his cock and lost in the moment, he had unknowingly begun to inch forward in his quest to see more. Moving ever closer to the house he watched as Shannon worked her pussy edging ever closer to cumming. Before he knew it he found himself so close that he was almost in the doorway! Stepping back he bumped into something.

Suddenly, Shannon heard a noise and her hand stopped mid-motion. Her head spun toward the sound. Her eyes widened as she saw the man at the door. Her gaze quickly slid from his face down his body to the swollen rod in his hand. He stopped working himself the moment she had heard him and now a large drop of pre-cum dripped from the head of his cock. In her altered state, Shannon was fascinated with this drop, and watched it ooze down his swollen cock, over his hand and down his balls. She unintentionally licked her lips. Slowly she began to work her pussy again and the man resumed his stroking. Shannon's eyes flicked back and forth from the T.V. to the man and back. Finally her eyes locked on the man's throbbing cock, now only feet away. She found that she enjoyed watching his hand slide up and down the thick shaft and over the engorged purple head.

As he began to jerk himself faster she realized that she was on the verge of cumming and her fingers worked her clit until she arched off of the couch, throwing her head back just as the force of her orgasm hit. She thrust her hips up and down as she came hard and whispered "Oh God! Oh God! Yesssss! Yesssss!" over and over. As the last spasms of the orgasm rocked her body the man was shocked as he heard her softly say "fuck me, fuck me HARD". His shock only lasted for an instant, and then he was rushing in and pinning her legs back on the couch as he shoved his cock into her tight cunt. When he had pushed himself all the way into her pussy, he could still feel the lingering spasms of her sugar walls from her orgasm. He was having a difficult time not blowing his load into her right away, but he wanted to feel her cum on his cock while he filled her with his hot spunk.

He slowly pulled out just until his head was all that was inside and then shoved the full length of himself into her again and she moaned and screamed as he did it, grinding her hips against him. He repeated this over and over until Shannon was begging him to just pound her. Finally he gave in to her request and began pumping his cock into her flaming pussy with abandon. Shannon screamed and bucked, crying "make me cum! Make me cum on you hard cock!" He was beginning to think that he wasn't going to be able to hold on when her cunt suddenly tightened around his cock and got even hotter than before. Shannon screamed "Don't stop! I'm cumming!"and began to buck even harder than before. He grabbed her hips and shoved himself all the way in to feel her pussy spasm around him just before he began shooting her full of his thick cum. She continued to thrust against him and this made his load squirt out around his cock and drip down his balls. They collapsed onto the couch panting and sweating.

Their passion spent, they looked at each other and awkwardness set in. He stood up and began to fasten his pants while she tried to straighten herself up on the sofa. He cleared his throat, whispered his thanks and headed for the door. Suddenly Shannon spoke up and said "Hey!" The man turned and looked at her. A small smile played on her lips and she said "feel free to drop by any time." He looked abashed but nodded his head and darted out the door. She collapsed onto the couch and thought "I have got to watch porn more often!"

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