A Girl in the Library


She placed a bean bag between my feet and knelt down in front of me once again.

"Ready?" she asked, flashing a broad smile with those beautiful eyes somehow lit up.

I replied: "As I'll ever be."

"Okay," she said, then gave me a serious look for a moment, "and don't you stop until you're ready, if you get my meaning."

"Whatever you say."

Then I felt my cock engulfed in her warmth, her tongue swirling around my sensitive tip while she seemed to roll the head of my cock around her mouth, letting it fill her, then withdraw, then refill that wonderful hotness, those pretty lips stretched around me.

I could do little but gasp at the sensations rippling through my body, I was having a hard time remembering to support myself as I leaned back towards the window.

As she tended to me with her mouth, she also used her hands to explore me, taking in my thighs and calves as well as up to my hard cock. She cradled my balls softly and flashed me a cheeky smile.

Then she was focussing all efforts on my erection, teasing out a deep moan from me as she upped the tempo, her head beginning to bob up and down on my shaft.

It was wonderful, and the adoration in her eyes when she looked up at me just took it to a whole new level, and I knew I wouldn't last long. The vibrations from her own breathing and little moans helped build up this energy inside me that could not be held back.

I could feel my orgasm surging up, and for a moment, hoped I hadn't misinterpreted her earlier request for me to keep going. The energy bubbled up inside me, and suddenly it was too late to hold back, my cock throbbing as my hot seed emerged.

Kayla seemed happy enough to take my come in her mouth, and as I came down from the great high she'd taken me to, she was lapping at my softening cock and making little contented noises.

"God you have a beautiful cock," she said, pulling away from me as I became just that little bit too sensitive to continue.

"I just can't get enough."

I returned her smile, "You can have as much as you like," I said.

"I'll hold you to that, mister."

I felt the cold pretty quickly afterwards, and reached for my pants as Kayla took to performing a few cartwheels in front of me.

"Are you not a little cold?" I asked, since she seemed in no hurry to put on her training jacket or sweatpants.

"Not even a little bit!" she said mid-spin, "feels like I'm burning up inside!"

She came to a halt and stepped between my legs, where I could hold onto her, my hands pressed to her little waist. True enough, I could feel her heat through that thin leotard -- she wasn't even a little bit cold.

"I'm buzzing all over," she said, her elfin face so beautiful as she looked down at me like that, smouldering with desire.

I couldn't help but slip my hands round to her shapely little butt, and ducked forward to plant a kiss just above her mound.

I knew what she meant -- it felt like a thousand Christmases happening at once, I was still shaking a little from the raw adrenaline flowing through my system as a result of merely being with this hot little gymnast. But underneath that, I could tell well enough how cold it was.

"I think I might need some chocolate to get my energy back," I said.

Thankfully, the vending machine was relatively well stocked with calorific candy bars, no doubt to keep those little grey cells going when students were up against their deadlines. We had enough change for a Snickers each, which we both devoured like ravenous beasts, perched on the nearest step in the stairwell.

"So I've lost track of which date we're on now," I said between mouthfuls of chocolate.

"I think we must be on number five or six by now," she said. "The things you did to me, we must be."

"So does that mean it's all right for us to sleep together?"

"I think it's now required," she grinned.

"So what's next?"

Kayla jumped to her feet, then reached out for my hands, which I presented her only to be pulled up myself. "Next," she said, "we should head up to the top floor."

"What's up there?"

"Oh, nothing much..." there was a glint in her eye.

So, curious as to what was on her mind, I followed her up to the top of the building, where it turned out her target was the female restroom.

"See you in a minute," she said, stopping me outside the door.

She went inside, and the door closed behind her, leaving me waiting there, standing in the glow from the stairwell and facing the dark shelves. I was beginning to wonder what she was planning, but then she came back out -- too quick for a bathroom break, I thought.

"That was quick," I said.

"Got what I came for," she said, with that mischievous glint her her eyes again.

She held up her hand, and inside it was a box of condoms.

"Are you shocked?" she asked meekly.

Rock hard between my thighs, I think my cock was making some kind of a statement, but my brain was a little unsure what to say.

In a little haze of lust and surprise, I said: "Well, if we are on date five or six..."

"Exactly," she grinned, and walked past me. "Come on, I can't wait."

She walked into the bookshelves, no longer concerned about the darkness -- in fact, actively seeking it out, walking along a crack in the floor tiles like it was a balancing beam. As she went, I couldn't help but stare at her sexy butt squeezed inside that leotard.

A moment later, and I managed to break out of my daze, scampering after my horny little gymnast.

"Must be a table around here, somewhere," she was saying as I caught up. There was, and she didn't waste a moment perching on its edge, holding out her arms to pull me towards her.

We kissed again, the sparks flying as her tongue slipped inside my mouth. As we tangled, her hands were pulling my clothes off, and my hands were in her hair, then slipping down to the neckline of her leotard and under the thin material.

"Wait," she said, stopping me from peeling it off her. "I want you to fuck me in my gymnastics costume."


She grinned, "Maybe it'll be my lucky suit from now on."

Then off came my boxers, and Kayla was tearing open a condom packet, peeling the thing down my erect cock.

I stooped briefly, nudging aside her damp leotard to reveal the pretty petals of her open vagina. I kissed around it a little, savouring her juices and running my tongue up to envelope her clit in my hot mouth.

She was already so wet -- I just craved that tangy, saltiness of her pussy one last time before I filled it.

Then she was coaxing me upwards and forwards, pulling me close so my hardness pressed against her heat.

"Fuck me," she said, gazing into my eyes.

Careful to keep our protection in place, I touched the head of my cock at the entrance to her pussy, feeling that irresistible heat radiating from her as I nudged forwards.

Looking in her beautiful almond eyes, I eased inside her, sliding my shaft into her tightness, feeling her enclose me, her feet coming up behind me to pull me in. Her arousal was obvious as I glided inside her, her juices coating my cock.

"Oh God, that's amazing," she breathed. I think I murmured something in reply, but it was all a little overwhelming to say anything intelligible.

I withdrew, and the expression on her pretty face was almost one of pleading, desperate for more. Slick with her juices already, I thrust my cock back inside her, my entire shaft tingling with the ecstatic sensations of her hot pussy enveloping me and the exquisite feeling of being inside such a beautiful girl as Kayla.

Gazing back into my eyes, my pretty little gymnast let out a quiet gasp, her lips spreading in a blissful smile.

We moved together, slowly at first, though building up pace in no time. Kissing her, caressing her, holding her, it was the most blissful sensation I'd ever experienced. Her pussy so firm, so hot as it squeezed my shaft.

She lay back against the tabletop, and my hands found their way around her smooth curves to the gentle rise of her chest, and her hard little nipples straining against her leotard.

The air was thick with the scent of her arousal, blended with her perfume, which seemed to drive me on like some kind of magic.

Then, quite suddenly, all the lights in the library were switched on.


For a long moment, we froze mid-thrust, looking at each other with the kind of dazed surprise that a rabbit might have when facing a pair of oncoming headlamps.

We were still apart from the rise and fall of our chests as we drew in oxygen to recover from our exertions.

There was a curious mixture of emotions -- both of us so swamped with adrenaline, our bodies wracked with lust for each other. My cock was still so hard, buried inside her, and even though I was more than a little nervous that we were about to be discovered, it was still such a thrill to be inside her, and she was now bathed in light, revealing her full beauty to me.

That moment seemed to go on for ages. We did nothing but listen, and eventually heard the low sound of voices. They were somewhere on the bottom floor, and to me the obvious source was a couple of security guards doing a routine patrol.

Whoever it was down there, they didn't seem to be rushing their patrol. The library was fairly large, so after that momentary freeze, I think both of us started to relax at once.

"We should get out of here," I whispered.

Kayla flashed me a look of pure lust.

"I'm so close," she said, "Just a little longer?"

I raised my eyebrows at the riskiness of the suggestion, but slowly began to move inside her, squeezing my hips to withdraw, then thrust again.

"You'd better be quiet," I whispered, as she started moaning quietly again.

"I'll try," she said. "Now fuck me! I'm right on the edge!"

With her prompting, I penetrated her hot pussy, building up my power until we were both shaking the table as we writhed together.

I wonder if the prospect of being caught added to the thrill of the situation, for it really took no time at all before Kayla was trembling again with another orgasm, and I could see her desperately trying to stifle her cries as the forceful climax swept through her petite frame.

Caressing her slender curves as I continued to thrust inside her, I held myself a little in check until I was absolutely certain she was over the edge and there was no heading back.

At last, I released and felt that glorious sensation of my hot seed flowing out inside her.

Spent, I collapsed on top of her for a brief lull, and we were kissing again, feeling so at one with each other.

Then the overriding imperative of our lust began to fade, and the sense of panic started to return. Where were the security guards?

I lifted myself up and reached down for my clothes, Kayla sitting up to pull the crotch of her leotard over to recover her sweet little pussy.

"Where are they?" she asked in another whisper.

I paused, listening. "I think they're coming up the stairs," I said. "But they're not on this floor yet."

"What if they're coming to get us?"

"Because of my flashlight antics?" I asked.

"I don't know," she smiled, "maybe flashing is against college rules."

"Can't be. Half the fraternities would be shut down."

She said, "Come on!" and grabbed my hand, and we were off again, this time skulking through the shelves like a couple of cat burglars.

"We could just tell them we got locked in," I suggested in a hushed voice.

"If we were both fully dressed and didn't smell like sex, that might have worked," Kayla grinned. "If they find me like this, I think we'd be in trouble."

"D'you think we can get past them?" she asked. "Maybe get out of here?"

Part of me was a little sad at this possibility, craving more time with this hot little gymnast. We'd only had a few hours together, and although we were joking about being on our fifth or sixth date by now, the reality was that we had only just met. There was still the possibility that this would turn out to be nothing more than a crazy one-night stand.

And though I'd not really taken much time out from football to really think about maintaining a full-on relationship, something had changed in me tonight. I wanted as much of Kayla as I could possibly get.

Still, being a man, my pride kicked in and I stifled my concerns, saying casually, "You they left the library doors unlocked?"

"There's a good chance. The trick is going to be getting past them."

We crept to the stairwell, and edged over the banister to see if we could spot any movement, both listening out for any noise that might offer a clue as to the security guards' whereabouts.

"We could just hide," I whispered, "then continue as though they'd never come."

"We could. But wouldn't you rather a warm bed than a whole night in this cold place?"

She had a fair point.

"I guess so," I said, perhaps a hint of regret in my voice despite the powerful sense of physical satisfaction currently flowing through my veins.

I was about to suggest that we could go back to my place -- or hers, if she preferred -- when she held a finger up to her lips, silencing me. We could see hands gripping the handrail a few flights below us -- the security guards were coming up the stairs towards us.

We poised to flee.

From the sound of them, there appeared to be two campus security guards, and they appeared in no hurry to clamber up the steps. Their voices were as relaxed as their climbing pace, and actually made us relax a little -- clear as it was that they were here on a routine patrol, not targetting two horny students loose in the library.

Still, as they arrived on the floor below us, we were on a hair trigger ready to explode into a mad dash for the safety of the bookshelves behind us.

Somehow, we held our nerves. I think if the guards had taken one more step up towards us, we would have sprang into action, but after a long pause in which it became apparent that their conversation was tending towards the following weekend's football game, their patrol route veered off into the floor below us.

We waited a little longer, counting time using the pounding beats of our nervous hearts.

Then I looked at Kayla and she nodded. Silently, we pulled ourselves up and took to the steps, tip-toeing our way down to the floor below.

The guards' voices were getting steadily quieter and quieter -- they were heading down towards the outer perimeter of the floor, by the windows. Kayla peered around the edge of the doorway, and looked back to give me the signal to proceed. Then both of us scampered down the next flight of stairs, alert for the slightest hint that we had been discovered.

Feeling a little safer, we headed back down to the second floor where we had left our stuff.

"Do we risk it?" I whispered.

"I'm not going outside like this." I could accept that -- she had to be cold enough already dressed in nothing but her leotard. She added: "You stay here and keep a look out -- I'll get your stuff too."

I nodded, and she scurried off towards our beanbags. If anything, I was feeling a little gloomy at the end of our library adventure, but if did something to thwart our chances of escape now, she might never forgive me. I had to go along with it.

A little while later, I heard the voices of the security guards again. I was almost willing them to come downstairs, to head us off at the pass and seal off our route of escape so that I might be locked up once again with Kayla.

They didn't, however -- they were heading up to the top floor, and momentarily, Kayla returned dressed in her jacket and sweatpants again, clutching our papers.

"Can't forget these," she smiled.

I returned her smile, "Absolutely."

Then she grabbed my hand again, and pulled me downstairs and out towards the main entrance.

My last chance was that the security-conscious guards had re-locked the main doors behind them after they entered the building. We would then have to hide somewhere on the bottom floor and hope that they had already satisfied themselves that that floor was secure. My heart in my throat, I reached out to push the door.

It opened.

Silently, I groaned my disappointment. Was that it? Now that we were free to go wherever we wanted, would Kayla want to see me again?

Outside, it was drizzling, only adding to my sudden misery. We continued to hold hands, but paced it away from the building and possible detection by campus security. Round the next corner, we stopped to catch our breaths.

"Well I guess this is good-bye, then," I said, more than a little gloomy.

"Are you crazy?" she said in a somewhat sharp tone.

"Well..." I wasn't really sure what to say.

"You know you're required to sleep with me?" Her statement filled my entire being with the warmth of pure unadulterated joy.

"I am?" was all I could utter, my brain suffering something of a power overload.

"You do want to?" she asked, and there was now a hint of worry in her voice.

"Of course! I'd give anything to..."

"Good," she grinned, and grabbed a hold of my hand again. "Only, we're not going to sleep very much."

"No? I like the sound of that."

"No," said Kayla. "We're going to go back to my place so I can have that long-overdue shower..."

"And then?"

"And then I'm going to tear off your clothes and fuck the living daylights out of you."

She looked at me with those big, beautiful eyes, and I knew that for us, this night was only just beginning -- and that it was going to turn out to be the best night of my life so far.

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