tagText With AudioA Glorious Morning

A Glorious Morning


The following audio story is a story my wonderful wife came up with. It is her version of a morning tryst we had with each other. If you all like morning sex and love to hear a hot woman telling it I suggest you listen to this one.

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Click Here to listen. (4 min/mp3)

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I wake up at my regular time of day. I can't believe it is four o'clock and I had already started my daily routine. I put on a fresh pot of coffee, so stimulating to the taste buds. Next I flash up my computer, ready to take on my morning card games. As I get ready to play I light my day's first cigarette and inhale its addictive plume. A regular morning not unlike many I've had before. But then my schedule was changed so wonderfully. Something so different, and so brilliant it would make any other day seem regular beyond comparison. As I sit at the computer, engrossed in what I am doing.

I am oblivious to your presence and fail to notice you enter the kitchen. I feel your hand on my shoulders, and goose bumps scatter across my body from the pleasant intrusion. You take your hands and caress my neck...mmmm...my shoulders, I purr in the content of your touch. Your hands creating warmness through my body as they travel to the front of me and take my swaying breasts, a hold so erotic, so stimulating I feel a familiar wetness start between my legs. God how I loved your touches. Your hands slide on the silky barrier of my nightgown. I feel the cool silk against my hot skin, and moan as my nipples harden beneath your touch.

"Oh this is so awesome!" I hum as I feel you place your mouth upon my neck. I tilt my head to welcome this new sensation and savor in its caress. You know I am enjoying the moment as your strokes draw another moan from me. My breathing becomes labored as you walk to the front of me, blocking out the card game that has long been forgotten. You lift up my silky night dress, your movements demanding full contact. You lower your mouth to my breast and I shiver with exhilaration. I feel your hot breath as you draw my nipple into your hungry mouth.

"Ohhhhhhhh yes!" I cry. A sucking, making a music so sweet. You then abandon my nipple and loss is felt for a fleeting moment. You feed this loss to another part of me. Your tongue enters me only to be greeted by my morning's dew of delight. You savor in the taste and lick harder. "Oh God this is so beautiful", I whisper to you. Faster your tongue works as it tries to capture all my juices. Your tongue can not feed fast enough and I see my sticky sweetness cover your face. You look up to me and smile, your face wet with my sugared liquid. You press your mouth to mine, giving me a kiss so deep and adoring I become lost in it. As our tongues danced, I could taste my juices left on your face. You can't take it any more and stand me up. You turn me around and have me facing away from you. God I love when you take me from behind.

I experience your cock as it buries deep into my womb. Your hips hit my ass causing a smack from its viciousness. Yes I want you to be so vicious. I want you to take me with reckless abandon. Harder and harder you thrust your manhood deep inside of me. I can no longer hold my tongue and bellow out... "Yes baby...that's it...right there...Oh God...sooo deep...yes...come on baby...fuck me hard...god yes...harder...Oh my I am cumming all over your cock...feel it baby...feel my cum all over your shaft...come on now baby...let me feel you shoot inside me...I want to feel your you cock explode deep in my hot wet pussy...Oh ya that's it!"

I feel you expand as you spurt your seed deep inside my satisfied hole. I look at you fully satisfied, a great start to any day! You look at me and say, "How about some coffee?"

We hope you enjoyed the story. It was really fun to do. My wife came up with the original idea and I wrote the script for her to follow.

Let us know if you liked her sexy voice. If you did and you let us know about it we will definitely do some more for you!

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