tagErotic HorrorA God of Old Ch. 09

A God of Old Ch. 09


Ancient Egypt:

"Master!" Senak called out, her hands beating against the invisible barrier before her.

Footfalls grew louder from down the hall.

A few moments later, her Master appeared, his usual serene expression now replaced by anger and distress.

"We have been betrayed," he told her somberly, his hands landing on the invisible barrier, mirroring hers from the other side.

"They're murdering my sisters," she told him, hot tears spilling from her eyes, "they butchered Rea and Akeneb in your bed."

He growled in frustration.

"What is happening? Can you not break free, Master?"

"No," he said bitterly, that one syllable enough to make her despair.

More tears spilled forth as she beat uselessly against the barrier.

A jumble of voices reached her ears as three soldiers burst into the room. Two wielded swords, a third carrying a spear, the point dripping blood.

Their eyes looked past her to Enkartep.

"No god now, are you?" the spear-wielder sneered.

The angry beat of Enkartep's fists on the barrier made the arrogant looks disappear briefly, all three jumping in surprise and fear.

"Only cowards would murder the innocent and helpless," her Master spat angrily.

"Any woman who would spread her legs for you is not innocent," one of the sword-carriers answered coolly.

"Then I am among the guiltiest," Senak snarled, brandishing the daggers, despair replaced by defiance.

The trio glanced back to her, weighing their weapons in their hands.

Before the brief battle commenced, she glanced back to her Master, staring at her from the other side of the barrier.

"For Enkartep!" she cried, launching herself at the spear-carrier.

Halfway through her attack, she threw one dagger at one of the sword-wielders, the blade catching him in the shoulder. He staggered back, grunting in pain. Senak dodged the spear, slipping past it's wielder's guard to jab her dagger into his belly. The third attacker came up behind her, but she was quick enough to kick out, catching him in the stomach. With a shrill cry, she tore the dagger from the spear-carrier's stomach, fresh blood cascading out onto her hands, and leapt at the one she had just kicked.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the other sword-wielder coming on, wounded and hampered yet angry and motivated. Another kick bought her some space, and she spun, leaping agilely at the other sword-wielder. He blocked her attack with his blade, but she ducked underneath his attack, slashing at his thigh, catching flesh underneath his light leather. This maneuver, however, left her too close to him; he recovered quickly, his pommel smashing into her face, sending a spray of blood and teeth out into the air. She stumbled back, right into the grip of the other soldier. His hand closed around her wrist, and his blade sliced down, cutting off her hand, the dagger clattering to the floor. Defiant and enraged, she did her best to not make a noise, but could not help a squeal of pain.

Blood trickled onto the floor as the two soldiers shoved her against the barrier.

Her Master was mere inches from her.

"My priestess," he said solemnly.

"My Master," she replied, her remaining hand coming up against the barrier, splayed fingers meeting his from the other side.

"All your whores will die," one of the soldiers told Enkartep, his compatriot taking a hold of Senak's hair, yanking her head back to expose her throat.

A flash of steel sliced her neck wide open, blood spurting onto the invisible barrier. The two soldiers kept her pressed against it as she struggled, gurgling helplessly, the view of her Master dissipating as she died.

The soldiers let go of her once the struggling stopped, letting her dead body slide down the barrier until it slumped onto the floor.

"All your whores will die," the soldier repeated.

Enkartep was speechless, trembling with rage. It felt strange, such anger, after a century of serenity and confidence.

The soldiers spat on the barrier before they left, dragging Senak's lifeless body with them.

He turned on his heel and marched back downstairs.

"They butchered your sister," he snarled to Akehar, the impassive priest showing no emotion besides smug self-satisfaction.

"She was already gone," Akehar shot back.

All Enkartep could do was glare at the priests.

And then he remembered that he had the full range of his powers down here.

A vicious smile crossed his lips.

"I have changed my mind."

"About what?" Susuk asked.

"About not killing you."

A loud crack sounded in the chamber, as with a gesture, Enkartep snapped the priest's neck.

The others watched as Susuk's body dropped to the floor.

"I will kill each of you," he told them, "over and over again."

With another gesture, Susuk's neck healed, the priest rising with a look of confusion on his face.

"You will all suffer a thousand times over. Sadly, that is not enough for what you have wrought."

Another gesture, and Susuk began to choke, his hands moving to his throat. After a few long seconds, he dropped dead again.

"But it will have to do."

Present day:

"What are we going to do without Master?" Kristin asked Stacy, the two women moving closer together, seeking each other for comfort as their Master left them.

"I don't know," Stacy answered, her eyes wide with uncertainty, "but hopefully he'll be back soon."

They watched as the helicopter lifted into the air, keeping an eye on it for as long as they could, until it was a tiny pinprick on the horizon.

The warmth and security that their Master brought them had dissipated, but they had each other.

"What should we do?" Kristin asked, nuzzling into her fellow priestess.

Stacy returned the affection.

"Let's go back to the room," she suggested, pulling Kristin after her.

They strode through the grounds, seeing many different parts of it, from the lush gardens to the winding walkways. Here and there were warriors, standing guard despite the lack of a threat.

"Oooh, look over there," Stacy said, gesturing across the way.

Kristin followed her outstretched hand.

Their Master had apparently put many amenities into this construction.

One such amenity was the large pool across the way. Clear water burbled gently, with little nooks cut out into the side of the pool, four on both longer sides of its rectangular shape. Just in front of the pool was a small lawn of green grass, complete with cushioned benches, perfect for lounging and tanning.

"Race you," Stacy said.

"You're on," Kristin shot back.

The two women dashed for the water, shedding their robes as they went, showing off their nakedness to each other.

Kristin hit the water first, but Stacy was quick to follow, catching up to her, wrapping her arms around her from behind. They kissed, finding their way to one of the nooks, relaxing on the underwater benches hewn from the wall. Hands found curves and tongue met tongue, the women luxuriating in each other. The water was at a perfect temperature, making it easy to simply soak, to sit back in the nook, kissing and caressing with little urgency.

Under the water, their hands trailed further south, each one finding a soaked slit.

Stacy gestured to the stairs that led up out of the nook onto the lawn, and Kristin swam over, settling at the top of the steps, just above the water. Her eyes lit up as Stacy swam in between her legs, targeting that slick sex. Two voices quickly rang out with lustful moans, one loud and shameless, the other muffled by a juicy mouthful. Kristin slid her hand down, twining it into her fellow priestess' hair, her other hand finding her breasts, squeezing and groping the pert peaks.

"Oh yes, that feels so good," she sighed, her hips hitching up slightly.

In response, Stacy gripped harder at her creamy thighs, denting the flesh there, anchoring herself further to her prize. Her mouth was locked onto the drenched slit, wet slurps sounding as streams of juices flowed forth. She raked her eyes up over Kristin's body, from her heaving belly to her round breasts, up to that freckled face, thrilled incessantly by the need and love that abounded in the gaze aimed at her.

Not so long ago, these two women had been independent and idealistic, dreaming of great adventures, of finding ancient treasure that would catapult them into riches and fame.

But now they were broken. Their minds had been overwhelmed by the pleasure that their Master could summon, and so had been rewritten to give primacy to that pleasure, whether it was theirs or someone else's.

As such, Stacy was relentless in sucking at that ripe cunt. Even when Kristin came three times in quick succession, keening in ecstatic agony, Stacy refused to stop her oral affections.

It was only when she saw that same desire in her paramour's eyes, that same need to give pleasure, that she stopped.

Stacy rose up, the water glistening all over her, and straddled Kristin.

They made out for a few minutes, hands again roaming, her moans hiking higher when Kristin found her breasts and rubbed at her nipples, giving the sensitive buds as much attention as she could. The initial intent on Stacy's part had been to let her lover please her as well, but she was too easily caught up in the sublime bliss that was touching and caressing those curves.

"I want to taste your cunt," Kristin murmured into her ear at one point, reminding her of that initial intent.

She moved quickly, settling over her lover's face, steadying herself on the edge of the pool.

Warmth and wetness slathered at her folds, making her shiver and whimper. Her hips began to move, undulating atop Kristin's eager mouth, staining it with her own nectar. Both women were broken, so now the tables were turned, Stacy moaning atop her fellow priestess, feeling the sensations cascading over her, decadent and divine. Those sensations continued, even after several climaxes of her own, even after her body was wracked with shudders, unused to such unrestrained stimulation. At one point, she swayed dangerously backwards, catching herself with a hand thrown back onto Kristin's thigh. A subsequent glance behind her revealed Kristin's sopping slit, shining with juices in the sun. In her brokenness, it mattered and meant nothing that she had not so long ago drank in those juices, that she had already driven her lover to heights of euphoria. Her service-oriented mind locked that cunt in as a target, a way to make Kristin feel good, the past pleasure already forgotten.

"I want to taste your cunt," she gasped down to Kristin, who obliged.

The cycle repeated several times, the women pleasing each other, until they were as sated as was possible in their permanently addled mind. They had moved up onto the grass, now lounging together, sweaty bodies entangled tightly.

"Are you hungry?" Stacy asked Kristin, drawing lazy circles on the other woman's belly with a finger.

Kristin nodded, petting Stacy's brown tresses affectionately.

"I want a cheeseburger," she said.

"I want sushi," Stacy murmured dreamily.

They managed to pull themselves up, and padded off to the bedroom, where they had eaten before. In their minds, now lashed to the will of Enkartep, they knew that their hunger would be sated there again.

Somehow, their Master knew their desires, even from far away.

On a table on the balcony of the bedroom, there were two plates: one had a cheeseburger, complete with fries, and the other had a dozen or so pieces of sushi.

The two women sat next to each other as they gorged. As happy as they were to chow down, eating for them now had lost its necessity in biological terms; the only reason they were eating, besides that pesky hunger in their bellies, was to have the energy for pleasure. Had the women retained their intelligence and logic, they would have marveled at how such brokenness infiltrated every aspect of their mindset and personality.

Once full, they made their way back outside, exploring the grounds, curious as to what their Master had designed.

There was another pool on the other side of the grounds, this one filled with colorful fish. Side by side with it was what looked like a running track, circling a central portion for other exercises.

Beyond that was, to their surprise, a small menagerie. They marveled at the collection. Rhinos, giraffes, lions, monkeys, peacocks, among others, all of them domesticated enough to simply go on about with their animalistic business while the women walked through their midst. One of the few animals that noticed and engaged them directly was an adorable baby hippo, huffing loudly as it ran up to them. They could not help but pet it, stroking along its slick back, its exuberance adding to the cuteness. Once it went back to its mother, they tore themselves away from the small zoo, heading back into the grounds.

At one point, near an ornate fountain, the two women noticed two warriors standing guard. The creatures blended in to the grounds, silent and unmoving.

Before meeting their Master, they would have reacted to his warriors with horror and terror.

But now, after having taken so many warriors, the sight only engendered arousal.

Kristin and Stacy shared a meaningful look, and padded over to the warriors.

"Hello, warriors," Stacy said, moving closer, running a hand up one of the warrior's muscular arms.

"Hello, priestesses," they answered.

"What are you guarding against?" Kristin asked coquettishly, moving to the second warrior, pressing herself to his side.

"Our Master's enemies," they answered in unison, glancing down at the women.

"There are none here," Stacy pointed out.

"Only helpless priestesses," Kristin pouted, "left all alone by their Master."

Stacy fought back a giggle as she grinned at the fake distress.

"If some strong warriors wanted to take advantage of these priestesses," she added, "they would be unable to stop them."

"They might even ask for it," Kristin continued, unable to fight back her own giggle.

Solemn and stoic as they were, they could not resist the not-so-subtle invitation, especially as the women were already naked.

Loincloths hit the ground, showing off two surging shafts. Two sultry purrs were the response as the priestesses knelt before the warriors, eager to please.

They had their chosen partner, and so they began to work.

Kristin licked and lapped her way up and down the length before her. The taste was musky and strong, the flesh twitching slightly at the feel of her administrations. Her eyes flickered up to the warrior's; the dark gaze staring back at her was mysterious and unflinching, but she knew he appreciated the sensations. It did not take long for streams of pre-cum to come forth, teasing her taste buds with a preview. She pounced on each trickle, lapping them happily up, shuddering from the heady flavor.

Next to her, Stacy was using a different tactic. Her lips were by now halfway down the warrior's length, the head of that member pushing through her throat. The wet ring of her gullet massaged him, drawing him deeper, the warrior unable to stop himself from shoving slightly forward. She gurgled meekly, staring submissively up at him, just as happy to either slowly push her mouth down or have him forcefully shove every inch into her throat. Tears brimmed at her eyes as drool slicked her chin.

Both women were caught up in the coalescing waves of bliss. Their hands mirrored each other; one moved to one of the warrior's muscular thighs, the other to their own soaked sex. They moaned together, Kristin's louder as Stacy's was muffled by her mouthful of meat.

Kristin moved further south, sucking a swollen testicle into her mouth, her hand now stroking at the spit-slicked length. The warrior groaned, leaning back against the wall, its weapon forgotten on the ground.

Stacy was now only a few inches away from the base of that thickness. Her tongue squirmed against the underside, lavishing it with wetness and warmth. Several of her fingers had already slipped past her slit to caress at the channel beyond.

Had an onlooker stumbled upon the sight, they would have been terrified but also confused. Here were two nubile women, young and eager, kneeling before two monstrous creatures, not intimidated nor repulsed by such fierce visages. They threw themselves into their tasks with enthusiasm, sucking and slurping at the twitching shafts before them.

"How does yours taste, Stacy?" Kristin asked, now dragging her tongue up and down her warrior's length.

An excited squeal was the answer, as Stacy was busy using her throat to pleasure the warrior in front of her. Lines of drool and slimy fluids dripped from her chin, her passage smooth and steady, the wet whack of contact sounding every time she took him to the base, spluttering around him.

Kristin giggled, glancing over at her fellow priestess, understanding the non-verbal response.

"Just like mine," she sighed, lapping at the head, drawing out more beads of pre-cum.

After a few more breathless licks, she joined Stacy in submissive supplication, wrapping her lips around that surging meat, driving her mouth down until she gagged on it. The warrior grunted, leaning back against the wall, his dark eyes staring down at her. She giggled at his reaction, one hand still working at her pussy, the other now fondling his balls, gently massaging them. Drool quickly escaped from the corners of her lips, the pace unforgiving, Kristin fucking her throat on the warrior.

Stacy was the first to provoke her warrior to orgasm, but Kristin was not far behind. As they felt the spurts of seed fire down their throats, they reached climax, in reaction to the pleasure that they had caused.

Once the women came off the cocks, they shared a sloppy kiss, hands running over each other, stopping to appreciate a pair of perky breasts or to squeeze at two pert ass cheeks.

The warriors watched, very quickly ready again, back to full erectness.

That detail did not escape the attention of the women.

Kristin got down on her hands and knees, while Stacy laid back, spreading her legs wide.

"Fuck me," both begged.

The warriors moved swiftly, descending on their priestess of choice.

In seconds, both women were in their preferred state of being: giving pleasure, especially to a fellow servant of their Master.

Stacy groaned and writhed, locking her legs around the warrior's waist as he rutted into her soaked sex, driving deep inside her with each thrust. His lean muscles rippled dangerously as he laid into the squalling woman, his hands gripping at her hips, his guttural growls mixing with and complementing her desirous mewls.

Next to her, Kristin was taking the rough thrusts of the other warrior with unrestrained glee, shouting happily, doing her best to push back against his efforts. One of his hands was locked at her hip, the other underneath her, stroking at her breasts with a surprising degree of tenderness, making her shudder from the sensations.

The warriors created by and bound to Enkartep had been created for battle.

But now they were unleashing a different type of fury. Claws sharp enough to tear a man apart like tissue were instead caressing along flesh, while strength matching a hundred men was instead being used for more carnal purposes.

And whereas even the most seasoned and battle-tested man would cower at the sight of these supernatural creatures, Stacy and Kristin felt no fear, only desire and appreciation. They cried out to their chosen warrior, both already having endured several climaxes, eager for more.

"Oh yes, that feels so good, don't stop," Stacy moaned.

The warrior fucking her growled in response. One of its hands had trailed up her stomach to squeeze at her breasts, enamored by the soft pertness, taking time to enjoy how they felt in his grip. Stacy encouraged the attention, arching her back to jut her breasts higher towards him, the pleasure battering her senses, her pussy drenching his shaft with copious juices. Her stuttering moans spiked higher each time a new deluge trickled out, heralding another blissful orgasm. Hearing Kristin's ecstatic moans trail off into sultry purrs, she glanced over to where her fellow priestess was cavorting with the other warrior.

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