tagBDSMA Goddess on the Island of Elysium

A Goddess on the Island of Elysium

byWanton and wet©

"What I wouldn't do to have a hottie like that under me," said David Shockley to his stock brokerage business partner Tony Seward. "Just look at her! These young babes really know how to turn a guy on."

David and Tony were having a drink after work at Cheeks, the trendy martini bar that was located on the ground floor of their downtown office building. It was Friday and the two brokers were checking out the female pulchritude that was prancing around the place. The girls would troll through Cheeks, eventually settling down with one of the single, available and rich young executives who were looking for a weekend hookup.

The object of David and Tony's stares was Amy, the new agency receptionist. She was in her early 20s, blonde, tanned, fit and, as David had noted, very hot. She had changed from her business clothes and wore a short skirt, a belly shirt and heels. But what caught their attention was the glittering jewelry that dangled several inches from her belly button.

"Amy is one hot babe," David said. "These girls today know just what they're doing. They know exactly how to act and how to dress to get a rise out of men. The sluttier they act, the more the men are putty in their hands. Would it be silly of me to be Amy's putty?"

"You wish," Tony said. "Deb would kill you if she ever caught you playing around. Besides, Deb is a good looking woman. Why are you even joking about messing around with this young stuff when you have a wife like that at home?"

"Oh sure," David said. "Cut me to the chase. You're right, though, Deb is a babe, but she can be so boring. She is so . . . so uninvolved. We never do anything unless I suggest it. I always initiate where we go and what we do. I'll even tell her it's her turn to decide where we're going on the weekend and she says 'Whatever you want.' If I push and tell her I really want her to decide, she'll tell me 'Anything's fine Tony, I'm up for anything.' Not that I always mind making the decisions, but just once I'd like her to have an opinion, to take control of the evening, to be more than just 'David's wife.' You know what I mean?"

"Let's see, you're frustrated because Deb goes anywhere you ask, allows you to make plans for the two of you and otherwise accedes to your wishes. Have I got it right?" Tony asked. "She sounds perfect to me. I wish my wife was more responsive to MY ideas."

"You don't understand," David said. "Just once I wish Deb would surprise me. Just once I'd like her to take charge and make plans. I wish she would make an effort to be more opinionated about her interests and what she wants to do."

"You're nuts," Tony said. "Come on over to my house this weekend. My wife would be happy to lead another husband around by the nose. How good are you at vacuuming?"

"I'll bet Amy over there doesn't sit back and let the world lead her," David said. "She looks like she knows just what she wants and has figured out just how to get it."

"I wish she wanted me," Tony said. "I'd make it easy for her."

"Well, Tony my man, I need to go," David said. "I have to go home and pack. Deb and I are heading to the Caribbean tomorrow to the Island of Elysium. She found the place online and it looks beautiful, but a bit mysterious. I still can't believe she took the initiative to plan our vacation. I hope Deb will get into the spirit of the hot island nights."

If David only knew.


Deborah Shockley, conservative and modest, was a third grade teacher at Hopkins Elementary School. Her teacher's aide, Lindsey, was just out of college. The two hit it off immediately at the beginning of the last school year.

Lindsey had far more flair than Deb. She wore more stylish and trendier clothes and she was very confident about her career and social life. Several times during the course of the school year Lindsey commented on Deb's apparent lack of drive and her all-too-familiar acquiescence to what others wanted to do. Eventually Deb took her young protégé's suggestion to heart, and decided to take action on her own for a change.

She stopped at the drug store on the way home and bought a copy of Cosmopolitan.

It was an almost laughable effort to begin the process of remaking herself, but Deb scanned the articles and discovered a piece entitled "15 Ways To Please Your Lover. Surefire Strategies to Take Control Of Your Sex Life." The article contained fairly simple suggestions, from buying new lingerie, to putting together a candlelight dinner, to getting an inexpensive hotel room for some cheap thrills, to inviting him to take part in a previously unspoken sexual fantasy. All of the ideas were based on the element of surprize.

Deb decided to finally break out of her too-conservative life, and explore a fantasy she'd had always dreamed about but had been too embarrassed to act on. She waited for an opportunity and, when Tony least expected it, she would give him the surprise of his life, IF she could find the courage. After all, Tony had always encouraged her to take more control in their relationship.

Deb decided a vacation would provide the right atmosphere for her to surprise David. The trip to the Island of Elysium would be her coming out party. She had thoroughly researched the resort and found that it was exactly what she was looking for. What she learned was that Elysium catered to an unusual clientele, one that was not, as they say, "vanilla."

Before they were to leave for Elysium, Deb did some more research. Her fantasies, after all, had only vague scenarios. She needed some expert advice. Deb went online to search for ideas. She brought her morning coffee over to the computer, logged on, and Googled "Goddess."


"Come on, Deb, we have to get going!" David shouted as his wife struggled with several bags. "If we don't get off of this boat, we'll end up back at the mainland. You are always lagging behind. Can't you keep up with me just once?"

Deb inwardly recoiled at David's domineering attitude. She had lived with it too long. If all went well, by the time their vacation was over, David would be singing a different tune – possibly in a much higher key.

"I'm coming honey," Deb said. "I'm trying to keep up. I'm sorry."

"I don't think you have it in you, Deb," David said. "I wish you would make an effort to be more exciting. Our marriage is becoming too routine. Why don't you take notice of the younger women at the resort this week. I'll bet they are here for a good time."

Deb seethed. It had finally sunk in how demanding and insulting David acted towards her. But she held her tongue – for the moment.

"Yes, dear," she said.

As David and Deb struggled up the short path to the registration desk they were unable to see much of the resort due to the lush vegetation that surrounded the main building. As they entered the lobby, a stunning blonde in a skimpy bikini approached them. Trailing behind her was a man, apparently her husband or boyfriend, who had two tropical drinks in his hand, a large straw bag over his arm and several towels over his shoulders. The blonde carried nothing.

"This way Dwight," she said, pushing through the door to the pool, letting it close before he could make it through.

"Did you see that?" David asked. "That's a woman who knows how to flaunt it."

Deb just bided her time.

Once in their own bungalow, along another path overgrown with tropical plants, Deb began to unpack their things. She surreptitiously placed a large shopping bag in the closet.

"Whaddya say about hitting the pool right away?" David said, giving Deb a tender hug. "You know I love you baby. I'm sorry for barking earlier. It's just that I get frustrated when you meekly follow the crowd. I wish you could be more assertive."

"Assertive?" Deb said. "Is that all you want? I guess I DO give in to you too often. Anything else, honey?"

"Well, you know, I'd like to be surprised from time to time," David said. "Our life is too predictable."

"I'll try, honey," Deb said. "But you probably should be careful what you wish for. Now go on and get changed. You can have the bathroom first."

As David disappeared into the bathroom to shave and change clothes, Deb decided it was now or never. She pulled the shopping bag from the closet and removed several items. It was time for her to change, too. In more ways than one.

David emerged from the bathroom, fresh and ready to hit the pool. It took his eyes a few minutes to adjust to the dim lighting. Deb had closed the heavy drapes and tilted a lamp to shine directly onto the bed in the general direction of David. She was seated in the semi-darkness in an easy chair in an open area of the room.

"I'm ready Deb, why did you turn out the lights?" David said.

"It's Deborah," she said.


"I said, the name is Deborah," she said. "Deb is too weak."

"I don't understand," David said. "What are you doing over there?"

"Just lay down on the bed, David," she said. "You ask too many questions."

David had no idea what was going on or what his wife was up to. But getting on the bed seemed to be an encouraging start.

"Ok, Deb," he said, lying back on the king-sized bed.

"I said my name is Deborah. Did you forget already?"

"Sorry, honey," he said in a ridiculing way. "Deborah it is."

Deborah rose from the chair and walked over to the foot of the bed, entering the spotlight from the lamp. When David saw her, he was stunned. Deborah was attired all in black, a marked contrast to her pale skin and flaming red hair. She wore a choker around her neck. A satin bustier was wrapped around her waist, pushing up her breasts so they nearly spilled out over the top. Black sheer panties showed beneath a brief garter belt that was attached to silk, seamed stockings. On her feet were four-inch stilettos.

"Omigod . . . Deb . . . Is that really you?" David said, shocked at his wife's appearance.

"I said the name is Deborah," she said. "In fact, it's Goddess Deborah to you. Make the mistake again and I'll be forced to punish you."

"Ooooohh, OK, Mis-tress Deborah," David said, almost as a joke. "I'll play along."

"So you think this is funny," Deborah said. "Trust me David, this isn't a joke. Now slip that swim suit off and toss it in the corner."

"What are you going to do, tie me up, Goddess Deborah," David said, obviously still not taking things seriously, but happy his wife suddenly was taking charge. "OK, I'll play."

Deborah smiled to herself. Once she had David immobile and bound to the bed, he would find out that this was no game. She produced several leather cuffs and lengths of chain from the shopping bag and deliberately went about securing her unsuspecting husband. When she was finished, he lay trussed up, spread eagle in the glaring light.

"There, there, David," Deborah said. "How does that feel?"

"I like it, Goddess Deborah," he said. "This is going to be fun."

Deborah laughed out loud at her bound husband.

"Fun! . . . I don't think so," she said. "Oh I intend to have fun, my little slut boy. But I think you'll be sorry you ever wanted an aggressive wife."

David became excited at Deborah's kinky talk, his cock starting to rise.

"I'm ready, baby, I mean Goddess Deborah," David said, looking down at his erection. "Can't you tell?"

"How dare you talk to me that way, slut boy," Deborah said. "It's time you learned some respect."

Deborah reached for the new flogger she had purchased for their vacation and stood over her husband. She looked him in the eyes and began to whip him firmly on the thighs and stomach.

"Hey! That's starting to hurt!" David said.

"Hey! . . . Did you just say 'Hey' to me," Deborah said. "You're not getting it yet are you."

She flogged him again, more firmly this time until his skin turned cherry red from the abuse. Several times she let the whip slam into his cock, which, after deflating for awhile, slowly began to grow again. She reached down to slap his cock back and forth, which caused it to grow even further.

"Look at you! You are enjoying this," Deborah said. "Well, here's some more."

Deborah concentrated on her husband's cock again as he grimaced at the pain. But his erection remained solid. She reached down and grabbed him firmly in hand, pumping his cock roughly until was about to climax. Then she stopped.

"Don't even think about cumming until I allow it," she said.

"But Deb . . . . " Tony started to plead for release but Deborah stopped his whining by wielding the flogger again.

"Deb!! Deb!!!!," What's the matter with you," Deborah said. "Are you dense?"

She slapped his cock harder and harder, causing it to fling wildly back and forth.

"I'm sorry, Goddess Deborah," David said. "I just need release."

"So do I, slut boy," she said, climbing on his chest, pulling her panties to the side shoving her pussy in his face. "Lick me good and I'll consider allowing you to cum."

David quickly began to tongue his wife's pussy, desperately licking and sucking so she would reach a quick climax. Deborah enjoyed the sensation of David's tongue on her clit, and was surprised how worked she was after whipping her husband. He licked the length of her pussy as she continued to straddle his face.

"That's it pussy boy," she said. "Push your tongue deep inside me. I want to cum on your face so I can see you wearing my pussy cream."

Deborah surprised herself with her new role as her husband's Goddess. The online instruction was paying off.

As she rubbed her pussy up and down on David's face, Deborah became hotter and wetter. She knew she soon would cum. As she built to a stunning climax, Deborah bucked wildly on her husband, humping his face as she spilled her juices all over him. She slumped on him for a few minutes before finally getting to her feet.

"What about me, Goddess?" David said, weakly.

Deborah looked at his still raging erection. "What about you? Does pussy boy want to cum too?"

"Yes, Goddess," he said.

Reaching for his hard cock, Deborah took a firm grip and pumped his erection repeatedly. David just closed his eyes and moaned. As Deborah continued fisting her husband's cock, she could feel him tighten. She held him tightly as he finally exploded, shooting streams of cum over his stomach and chest. A rope of sperm had dripped down her hand. Deborah released David's cock, brought her hand to his face and wiped it off on his cheeks. She fingered a pool of sperm on his chest and transferred it to his lips, laying a string of sperm across his upper lip. David was spent, laying on the bed helplessly, his eyes closed, still coming down from one of the most intense orgasms he ever had.

Deborah brought out their digital camera and started taking photos of her "slut boy" husband. When the first flash went off, David opened his eyes and was horrified.

"What are you doing!?" he said. "Don't take any pictures of me, Deb. I don't want anyone to see me like this."

"How quickly we forget," Deborah said. "You are to refer to me as Goddess Deborah, slut boy. I guess you need a few more lessons."

Deborah continued to take photos of her husband, including several close-ups of his face which was covered in her pussy cream. The string of his own cum was very prominent in several shots. Deborah popped the memory card from the camera and disappeared into the bathroom. When she emerged she had changed clothes, found an envelope she had pre-addressed, slipped the memory card inside and sealed it.

"I'll be right back, slut boy," she said. "Just relax. I need to mail this to my teacher's aide Lindsey just in case you decide you're tired of your wife being in charge. But I know you don't really mind. You've always wished for a more aggressive wife, haven't you? Well, this is just the start of what should prove to be an interesting week. Don't fail me or these pictures just may find their way out."

"Yes, Goddess," David said, still bound to the bed and covered in his own cum.


Over the next few days, David capitulated to his wife's change of attitude, becoming a mere plaything for Deborah at Elysium. She took control of the vacation, and everything he did on the trip. She kept him restrained much of the time, toying with him and teasing his cock until he was almost ready to climax. Then she would stop.

Deborah required David to be completely subservient at the resort, catering to her every need, whether in a restaurant, the dance club, at the pool, or on the beach. He had to follow behind Deborah wherever they went. Several women approached the couple during the week, but they always addressed Deborah, not giving him a second glance. The men at the resort were mostly standoffish, rarely interacting with anyone other their significant other. Whenever David tried to start up a conversation with one of the men, Deborah quickly came up with a task or an errand that David was to do immediately.

David was embarrassed and humiliated to be so subservient to his wife. At home it was the other way around, something that had frustrated him in the past. Now that the tables were turned and Deborah was calling the shots, David wasn't too happy in his new passive role.

Deborah seemed to particularly relish displaying her new, meek husband at the pool. She had purchased a white Speedo swimsuit for him to wear, in a size smaller than he usually wore. David struggled into the suit, pulling it snugly around his waist. There was barely enough coverage in the rear, and his cock strained against the thin, stretchy fabric even when it was soft.

One afternoon, following three days in which Deborah had denied release for her husband, she announced they were going to the pool. David pulled on the skimpy Speedo and grabbed everything they needed for the afternoon at the pool. But Deborah wasn't ready to leave.

"Come here, pussy boy," she called to David.

"Yes Goddess," he said, finally learning how to respond to the new Deborah.

When David approached, Deborah reached for the waistband of his suit and pulled it down over his cock and balls. She bent to him and took him in her mouth, gently sucking his cock until it his erection was fully developed.

"You like?" she asked, looking up at him.

"Yes Goddess," he said, excited that he was about to achieve the climax he had been denied for so long.

Deborah mouthed him again, sucking his hard cock and fondling his balls. David was rock hard and moments away from filling his Goddess's mouth with hot cum.

But Deborah released him and pulled the suit back up over his erection. It strained against the confinement, showing prominently through the suit.

"Let's go, slut boy," Deborah said. "I want to relax by the pool for awhile."

"What! I can't go like this! Everyone will see me!" David protested.

Deborah turned him around and slapped his mostly exposed ass with the flat of her hand, leaving a nasty red handprint.

"That's for arguing with me and forgetting your place again, slut boy," Deborah said. "I'm your Goddess and you WILL do as I say."

David gave in and followed Deborah to the pool where he set up two lounge chairs in the front row by the shallow end. There were 20 or so couples relaxing by the pool, enjoying the sunshine and the views of the ocean. Everyone also was people watching, which may be the most enjoyable poolside activity of all.

David hoped the people weren't watching him. He felt totally exposed as his cock strained against his swimsuit. But it was clear people noticed – at least the women did. Their eyes followed him as he trailed Deborah. They grinned widely at him and gave knowing winks to his wife.

"Oil me up, pussy boy," Deborah said.

The suntan oil was warm as he spread it generously over Deborah's back, legs and ass, lifting the straps of her small bikini to make sure he reached everywhere. Deborah luxuriated in the massage, allowing it to continue longer than needed as she soaked up the atmosphere of another fine day at Elysium.

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