tagErotic CouplingsA Golfer's Dream Come True

A Golfer's Dream Come True



Tim Saxon was an accomplished golfer at the age of 27 years old. He attended college on a golf scholarship and while not good enough to make the professional tour he was a scratch golfer. Tim was still single but he had his share of flings, some of them with waitresses at the country club. Tim belonged to a prestigious country club and in his line of business he often entertained clients at the club. Tim stood at 6' and weighed 180 pounds. He had the typical golfer physique along with the flat belly that accompanied most good golfers.

The club had been selected as a tour stop for the LPGA. Tim was actively working as a volunteer preparing for the tournament. The entire community was excited about the LPGA event coming to town. As the date neared the golf course was in excellent shape and everyone was ready to host the professional ladies of golf. In the recent years many Asian lady golfers had joined the LPGA and they had begun to dominate the tour. Tim hoped that at this tournament one of the American golfers would prevail.

The day was finally here and most of the golfers arrived on a Monday evening. Some of them would arrive on Tuesday as well. Monday through Thursday were scheduled as practice days although there were some special events on Wednesday. A couple of the ladies held a clinic for local golfers and spectators. The tournament was a three day, 54-hole event that would run Friday through Sunday. Tim was all set as a volunteer to manage the marshalls responsible for gallery control. However on Monday Tim received a special request.

One of the Asian golfers, whose name Time could not even pronounce, had arrived without her caddy. Apparently he had taken ill and was in the local hospital. Tim being a scratch golfer and being very familiar with the course was offered the opportunity to caddy for the lady golfer. She had a long and difficult first name to pronounce but her last name was Kim. There were also about six other Asian golfers whose last name was Kim. To keep things simple for Tim he was to call her by her last name.

Kim spoke decent English but she was not fluent. Still she had worked hard learning the language and she was able to communicate effectively. Kim had arrived early because of her caddy's illness as she wanted to become familiar with the course and test her substitute caddy. Tim had accepted the offer to caddy and he met Kim that Monday evening.

Kim was 22 years old and it was her second year on the tour. Tim looked at her and he liked what he saw. Although she was 22 she looked more like 15 or 16 years of age. Kim was a slender girl with the bumps in the right places. She was taller than the other Asian golfers and she had a cute delicate figure. Tim had always been a leg and ass man so he liked Kim's figure. Her breasts were small but obvious in her snug golf shirt. She wore slacks that hugged her slender form and framed her cute shapely ass. Kim's ass was round and curvy as opposed to many of the others who had flatter bottoms.

Kim was very sweet and polite and she liked Tim. The two of them agreed on a practice time for Tuesday and then they parted that Monday evening. On Tuesday morning Tim met Kim at the club and they proceeded to the practice range. Kim worked on her swing and hit over a hundred balls. Tim marveled at her grace and tempo as she hit ball after ball seemingly effortlessly. After the range they played 18 holes and Kim was pleased with Tim's knowledge of the course and the greens. After the practice round they stopped for lunch and then it was back to the practice area for chipping and putting. Kim spent hours working on her short game and then they called it a day.

Tim offered Kim a ride back to the hotel where she was staying and she accepted. On the ride to hotel they worked out the schedule for Wednesday. Kim decided to get a later start on Wednesday morning as she wanted to schedule a massage with the hotel's masseuse. Tim told her he would pick her up after lunch. Tim returned his home and reflected on his first day with Kim. She was a terrific golfer and her swing was poetry in motion. She had worn white golf slacks that day and Tim could hardly keep his eyes off of her curvy ass. On her follow through her pert breasts poked out the material of her golf shirt. Tim could not get her image out of his mind. It had been all business and very professional that day and Tim knew that's the way it had to stay. Still he could fantasize about fucking her in her cute ass.


As planned Tim picked Kim up after lunch. That day they walked the course and Kim played shots from different spots around the green. She also putted from various locations on the greens in anticipation of the pin placements. She finished up back on the range and once again hit over a hundred balls. She seemed tireless as she went through her drills. On the ride back to the hotel Kim told Tim that she had been unable to get a massage. Apparently the masseuses were in high demand. The hotel had brought additional masseuses in to accommodate the lady golfers but they still couldn't meet the demand. Tim then offered to give Kim a massage and he regretted his words as soon as they left his mouth.

"I could give you a massage. I am told I have great hands," Tim offered and then immediately apologized, "Oh I am so sorry. That was inappropriate of me to do that."

Kim smiled at Tim and replied softly, "It's alright; I know you were being kind."

"Yes but I should not have offered. It's not my place," Tim added.

"Maybe not massage but would you rub my shoulders?" Kim asked.

"Of course I would be happy to," Tim offered.

Tim parked the car and entered the hotel with Kim. They went up to her room and Kim offered Tim some water. They both drank a bottle of water and then Kim sat on a chair and asked Tim to rub her shoulders. Time massaged her shoulders and neck and Kim liked the feel of his strong hands. Kim cooed as Tim worked her shoulders and upper back.

"You do have nice hands. It feels good to have you rub my shoulders," Kim said softly.

As Tim worked on Kim's shoulders, neck and upper back; he secretly wished that he could get to the rest of her body. He tried to imagine her without clothes on and he wondered how she would look naked. Tim then realized that he had a boner and he tried to clear his mind of his nasty thoughts. Tim stopped when Kim said that he had done enough.

"Thank you that was very good. I feel much better now," Kim said as she turned to face Tim.

Tim didn't pick up on it but Kim noticed the erection in his pants. She blushed slightly as she was embarrassed. Kim quickly dismissed Tim from her room as she was nervous that he had got excited. Tim said goodbye and left Kim's room after agreeing to pick her up at 8:00 AM on Thursday. After Tim left, Kim locked the door with the double lock as if she needed extra protection. She was still embarrassed that Tim had got an erection from massaging her shoulders. However she was also strangely pleased that he found her that appealing to get excited. She also noticed that his erection seemed very big at least in comparison to the few men she had dated.

That night two different scenes played out at two different locations. Tim lay in his bed jerking off while fantasizing about Kim. He pictured her lying nude in bed as he massaged her body. His hands roamed all over her delicate flawless skin and ended up at her curvy ass. Tim imagined massaging Kim's buttocks and playing with her anus. Then he pictured her on all fours with his fingers in her pussy and ass. Finally he visualized his cock entering her ass and he fucked her until he came. Tim then ejaculated on his body and cum shot up into the air and landed on his chest and abs.

While Tim was jerking off thinking about Kim; she was in bed reflecting on Tim's erection. She imagined that he was approaching her with his big cock bobbing in front of him. She felt afraid as he approached her with his ominous large member. Kim shivered as she visualized the big dick pushing its way into her sweet pussy. As she had these erotic images she let her hand drift down her body and into her panties. Kim then stroked her pussy as she imagined the big cock entering her. Kim rubbed her clit frantically and then she moaned softly as her orgasm hit her. Kim plunged her fingers into her pussy and rode her hand until her climax subsided.

Tim and Kim both fell asleep that night thinking about each other. They both wondered were things might go over the next four days. Tim knew that he could not come on to Kim and run the risk of offending her and possibly impacting her performance in the tournament. Kim also knew that she needed to keep her distance and focus on the tournament even though she liked the idea of the company of a man.


Tim picked up Kim as planned and they made their way over to the course. Kim would warm up and play just as she would the first day of the tournament. Thursday was a dress rehearsal for Friday. At first she warmed up on the range and then she went to the putting green. Two other girls joined Kin for the 18 hole practice round. Even though it was practice everyone was serious and focused as if it were tournament play. Tim was extremely helpful to Kim as he understood the greens very well. He helped her on her approach shots to the green and with her alignment when putting. It was a good round for Kim as she shot a 4 under par 68.

After the practice round, Kim and Tim had lunch in the clubhouse. They discussed the round and critiqued some of the holes. Kim was pleased with her score but she still wanted to work more on her sand game and putting which she did after lunch. Following her practice drills, Kim and Tim reviewed the plan for Friday. Kim had a 10:15 AM tee time. They would arrive at the club at 8:00 AM giving Kim enough time to warm up and putt.

Tim drove Kim back to the hotel and he was surprised when she asked him if he was up to giving her another back rub. They entered Kim's room and Tim was surprised again when she changed into a two piece outfit. Kim put on an outfit with matching shorts and a halter top. This time she stretched out on the bed and lay face down. Tim looked at her soft yellow flawless skin and he felt that familiar surge in his loins.

"Down boy!" he thought to himself.

Tim then noticed some body lotion on the night stand next to the bed. He picked it up and spread some across Kim's shoulders. Kim cooed when he rubbed the lotion into her skin and massaged her shoulders. He spent a good amount of time on her shoulders when Kim asked him to do her lower back. Tim poured more lotion in his hands and rubbed Kim's back between her halter top and the top of her shorts. He felt his cock stiffen in his pants when he touched her soft delicate skin. If it had been any other girl he would have had her naked but he behaved himself.

Kim cooed and moaned softly as Tim's hands worked her lower back. Then she got very bold and asked him to do her legs to. Tim's hands were shaking as he massaged her calves and worked up to the back of her thighs. As Tim massaged her thighs Kim subconsciously let her legs part. Tim then massaged the inside of her thighs and he was dangerously close to the bottom of her shorts. Tim stared at her curvy ass as he massaged her legs and he felt like he might cum in his pants if he kept it up.

Tim had no way of knowing that Kim was very turned on. So much so that she had a mild orgasm and her panties were damp. After the massage they both were too embarrassed to move right away. Tim had a raging hard-on and Kim could feel the dampness in her pussy. Kim was afraid that Tim would see the wet spot in the crotch of her shorts if she turned over.

"Please excuse me. I am very comfortable and I would like to stay here," Kim said meaning that she didn't want to get up.

"No problem, I'll pick you up at 7:30 in the morning," Tim told her as he stood up to leave.

Tim was glad that Kim didn't get up as he had a woody that was very obvious in his pants. Kim caught a glimpse of it when she looked in the mirror and saw and image of Tim. She quickly looked away so that he would not catch her looking at him. Tim said good bye and left the room. As soon as he was gone, Kim flipped over and pushed her shorts and panties down to her knees. Then she plunged her fingers into her pussy and rubbed her clit rapidly. Kim's other hand made its way under her halter top and found one of her breasts. Kim played with her tits and nipples as she finger fucked her pussy. She had a massive orgasm and she covered her face with a pillow to muffle her cries.

When Tim arrived at his place he wasted no time in jerking off thinking about Kim. He didn't wait until bedtime that day. He headed right for the bathroom and jerked off in the toilet as he thought about fucking the pretty Asian. Tim imagined that he pulled her shorts down and off her legs. Then he visualized lifting her hips so that her ass was in the air. He thought about eating her pussy and rimming her asshole as she cried out with pleasure. Then Tim ejaculated and shot and enormous load into the toilet. How he wished that he was in her ass filling her with his seed.

That night in bed they both masturbated again thinking about each other. This time Tim imagined that his big cock was sawing in and out of her curvy cute ass. Kim was also thinking about cock but in her fantasy, Tim was filling her pussy with his big dick. They both came again before they went to sleep.


The next day Tim picked up Kim and he was more nervous than she was. In fact Kim seemed very composed and focused. It took a few holes before Tim settled down but then he was fine. Kim ended up with a first day round of 69 and she tied for fifth place at 3 under par. After the round Kim practiced for awhile working on specific shots that gave her a little trouble that day. When she was finished practicing, Kim opted to take the courtesy car back to the hotel. She informed Tim that she would meet him at the golf course in the morning.

At first Time was disappointed that he wouldn't get to massage Kim again and see her in her halter top and shorts. But the more he thought about it the more he decided that it was better that way. Still Tim had the image of Kim's graceful swing and follow through which caused her to tighten her buttocks. That day she had wore white pants with a robin blue golf shirt and Tim continuously checked out her ass. That night as he had done on the previous nights he masturbated with the image of Kim's ass in his mind.

On Saturday Kim went off in the afternoon in the next to the last group. She had another fine round; this time a 70 which put her at 5 under for the tournament and tied for fourth place. There were two other Asian women and one Swedish girl ahead of her. The Swedish girl was leading at 8 under. That day Kim had worn beige slacks and a pink top. Once again her ass looked great when she swung and Tim checked her out continuously. Kim once again took the courtesy car back to hotel and told Tim she would see him on Sunday. Tim took it in stride this time and went straight to his home.

Sunday was the final round and Kim was in the second to last group to tee off again. She had another decent round of 70 but it was not enough to catch the leaders. The Swedish girl won the tournament with a final score of 10 under par. An American girl shot a blistering 64 and finished in a tie for second with one of the Asian girls at 8 under. Kim had finished at 7 under and tied for fourth. Kim was disappointed that she did not win but she was pleased with the way she played. Kim was also very complimentary of Tim as her caddy and she told him that she would not have done so well with out him.

"Tim, I would like very much if you had dinner with me today," Kim offered.

"I would love to, thank you," Tim accepted.

Tim and Kim returned to her hotel and then Tim went home to shower and change clothes. He returned to the hotel to pick Kim up and when he arrived she was in the lobby waiting for him. At first he did not recognize her in her dress. She looked beautiful in a green jade dress that fit her snugly. Her curves were obvious in the dress and her ass looked incredible. When Kim walked, Tim noticed that the dress had a slit in it that showed ample leg. She was stunning.

"Hi, I made reservations at the Seafood Grille. I hope that is okay, if not I can change them," Tim suggested.

"That is fine, I love seafood," Kim accepted.

Tim escorted her out of the lobby and held the car door open for her as she slid in the passenger seat. Tim could not help notice the expanse of leg as she got in the car. He had seen as much leg before when he massaged her body but there was something different about the leg poking through the dress. It was very erotic. Tim drove them to the restaurant and had the valet park his car.

As they entered the restaurant Tim noticed a number of heads turn when they saw Kim. He knew that they did not recognize her as a professional golfer. It was her stunning beauty in the jade dress that got their attention. They were shown to their table and Tim ordered a bottle of white wine. Then they selected their dinner choices from the menu. They toasted each for a successful tournament.

"Tim, you could be a professional caddy. You are very good. No one would know that this was your first time," Kim complimented him.

"Thanks but it was fairly easy with a good golfer such as yourself," Tim replied somewhat embarrassed by the accolade.

"No really you should think about it. You're young and single and you still have plenty of time to work for a company," Kim continued.

"I wouldn't even know where to start, who to contact or who would take a chance on me," Tim responded.

Just then their food arrived and they enjoyed a delicious dinner and a very good white wine. The conversation continued over dinner and Kim offered to contact some golfers who she knew were not happy with their current caddy. Tim was a little apprehensive but he agreed to let her contact the other golfers. He figured what did he have to lose? He loved golf and to be on the pro tour and travel the world could be very rewarding. Kim was right he was young and he still had time later in life for the corporate world.

After dinner they left the restaurant and as they walked out, Kim looped her arm through Tim's and their bodies came together. Kim nuzzled Tim as they approached his car and held onto his arm on the drive back to the hotel. Kim was feeling very lovey that evening and she invited Time to her room. Once in the room Kim changed into her two piece outfit again and told Tim to make himself comfortable. Tim took off his jacket, got a drink from the mini-bar and kicked off his shoes. He sat back in the chair as Kim stretched out on the bed.

"Are you up for giving me another massage?" Kim asked.

"Of course, I would be happy to do that," Tim replied trying to hide his excitement.

Kim handed the lotion to Tim and he began with her arms. Tim massaged her arms, then her shoulders and then her lower back. He was careful not to get lotion on the strap to her halter top. Then Tim moved his hands down to her calves and massed them thoroughly. His hands then moved over the back of her knees to the back of her thighs. Kim cooed as his hands turned her on and she subconsciously moved her legs apart. Tim moved his hands to the inside of her thighs and massaged her dangerously close to her pussy.

Kim cooed some more and Tim had a raging hard-on in his pants. His cock was bursting to get free and then he decided to go further with Kim. He moved his hands back to her lower back and then he lifted the halter top over her shoulders and head. Kim allowed Tim to bear her back and she moaned softly when he massaged her back and shoulders. Encouraged by her moans and groans, Tim turned Kim over and removed the halter top from her body. He stared briefly at her cute firm titties and then he went to work on the front of her body.

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