tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Good Day at the Mechanic Ch. 01

A Good Day at the Mechanic Ch. 01


It wasn't a good start to my day. The check engine light had been on for weeks, but I'd been ignoring it because I didn't have the money to spare to get it looked at. Unfortunately, when I started the car this morning it ran rough, and it didn't get any better while I ran my errands. I finally gave up at 1 and drove over to my local mechanic. I've been going there for several years, but when I got there the owner was out. When I walked into the front of the shop, I didn't see anyone, so I walked on back and found the tire guy, Carl, and another black man eating their lunch.

"Hey, Carl, " I said, "I don't know if you remember me - I'm Jamie. You've changed a couple of my tires recently."

"Sure I do," He replied. "How could I forget you and that dress you were wearing the last time you were in here?"

I know I blushed bright red and looked down and my white blouse and short khaki skirt when he said that, but I was able to ask, "What dress?"

He grinned. "That blue one that you have that's cut so low. I could see your bra. I was just telling my cousin Jim, here, about it."

Jim grinned and nodded. "He sure was, ma'am. You made a real impression on him." Then he paused and added, "And a real impression on the front of his jeans."

Carl turned and smacked Jim on the arm. "Shut up, fool, you're gonna embarrass the lady. Don't mind him, ma'am. He just likes to act the fool."

I couldn't stop blushing, but I took a deep breath and replied, "I'm glad you liked it, Carl. I wore it to be admired."

He smiled. "Oh, I sure admired it, ma'am. Just like I admire what you're wearing today."

Jim added, "You can't admire it any more than I am, cuz. Damn she's fine."

I was really embarrassed, but I was also getting excited. Fat girls like me don't get this kind of attention very often, and I wanted it to go on. I was also very nervous, but I reached up and unbuttoned the top two buttons on my blouse so that Carl and Jim could see my cleavage. When I did that, they both straightened up, their eyes glued to my tits.

"Do you like that, guys?"

Carl's eyes were wide, a look of shock and desire on his face. Jim looked at me sternly and said, "You better be careful, ma'am, you don't want to give us old boys the wrong idea."

I bit my bottom lip and nodded, watching Jim's face while I unbuttoned my blouse, stopping at the upper swell of my belly, "I know, Jim. But I don't see good-looking, strong men like y'all too often."

Carl still couldn't seem to talk, but Jim was perfectly happy to do the talking. "Why'd you stop, baby? Show us more of your skin."

I shivered a little and replied, "I'm scared... I mean, I'm a fat girl with a big belly and fat thighs, so why would good-looking men like y'all want to see my body?"

Carl took a deep breath and said, "Honey, men like us don't get to see a beautiful white girl like you very often. I know Jim fucked a white girl, but I never have, so I've never had a chance to see creamy, white skin like that outside of a porno."

"You ... you really want to see more?"

Carl and Jim both nodded, "We sure do, baby. Show us that big belly and those great big tits."

Jim grinned and added, "How big are they, baby? You know you want to tell us."

I smiled and opened my blouse the rest of the way, showing them my belly, stretchmarks and all. "I'm a 44F, sir."

Carl whistled admiringly and looked at Jim, then back at me. "Looks like we got us a needy one here, cuz. Now what is she doing with those fat tits and that fat ass not out for us to see?"

I started trembling as I realized that I had gotten in over my head. "But... In here? It's so dirty..."

Carl frowned, "What, bitch, you're too good to get naked in here where I work all day? After you teased us like that? You know you're gonna get it now. I was gonna be gentle, but now..."

Jim reached over with his long arms and grabbed the front of my bra and yanked it down, breaking the closure and causing my tits to flop out and slap against my belly. I screamed, but he immediately slapped his rough hand over my mouth, squeezing my left tit with his free hand. Despite my fear, or perhaps because of it, I could feel my excitement growing.

Jim looked back at Carl, "Goddamn, brother, you need to feel this bitch's titties. You ain't never felt anything like this."

Carl walked behind me and pulled my skirt down, the waistband dragging over my belly before slipping down and baring my ass. He whistled softly and said, "Look at this, Jim. Bitch ain't wearin' no panties. Looks like she was ready for some black dick."

I whimpered, "Nonono. I just do that sometimes because it makes me feel sexy... I wasn't planning anything, sirs."

Carl snorted. "Whatever, bitch. You're gonna get some black dick, whether you want or not. Now get on your knees."

My mind was racing as I sank to my knees. Part of me was about to orgasm from the fear and excitement, and another was terrified, wondering what my husband would say if he ever found out. I didn't say anything, just watched as Carl and Jim unzipped their jeans and shoved them down, freeing their cocks. I was glad to see that both were bigger than my husband, even though a distant part of my brain was screaming that this was wrong. Jim's cock was shorter, but nearly as thick as a Coke can, leading me to wonder how I was going to fit in into my cunt. Carl's was nearly as thick, but much longer, maybe 9 inches.

The guys stepped up, grinning at each other, and rubbed their cockheads, already slick with precum, all over my face. Jim grabbed a handful of my hair and wiped his precum in it, making me gasp with dismay.

"I... I have an appointment later! I can't have my hair all messed up and dirty. Please... Please just don't..."

Carl laughed and slapped my tits, "Shut up, bitch. You'll be lucky if you can walk when we're done, much less leaving all neat and clean."

Jim just shook his head and spat at my knees. "That's right, sweet thing. We're gonna wear those tight white holes out." With that, he yanked me to my feet by my hair, causing me to cry out again, and dragged me to a stack of tires, then shoved over them.

I whimpered softly to myself as Jim shoved me down, crushing my tits against my chest, against the hard, cold rubber of the dirty tires. He roughly kicked my feet apart, spreading my thighs open to give him access to my cunt. He didn't hesitate, he just shoved his cockhead into my cunt, grunting as he slipped all the way in with one stroke.

"Goddamn, cuz, this bitch was ready for us. She's so wet it's running down her thighs. She needs some black dick, because she ain't getting what she needs at home." Jim grunted as he fucked me, stretching and abusing my pussy in a way that my husband never could.

Carl walked up to me, grinning as he stroked his cock, "I've been watching you when you came in here, teasing me with those fat titties and that big ass. You've been wanting a big black dick in your holes for a long time, haven't you? You can tell us, baby."

I whined softly and nodded. "Yes sir. I've been thinking about it forever. I was just too scared..."

He patted my face and smiled as he pushed his cock into my throat. "It's okay, baby. Me and Jim will treat you right. We won't hurt you too bad. Just relax."

My eyes widened as he pushed his cock against the base of my throat, choking me, while Jim was shoving me forward with his thrusts, rasping my tits and belly against the tire. I gagged on Carl's thick, musky cock, trying not to choke, trying to breathe, tears streaming down my face as they used me. Even through the tears and pain, I could feel my orgasm building, my cunt aching in a way that I didn't know it could.

Jim grunted behind me as my pussy started to spasm with orgasm, "I'm gonna breed you, bitch. I'm gonna shoot my cum up in your belly!" He started slamming into me, shoving my throat over Carl's cock and making me choke.

Carl moans, "Goddamn, cuz, this bitch's throat is almost as good as a pussy!"

Jim grunted and slammed deep in me, his cock twitching as he shot his seed into me, making me orgasm at the feeling his cum splashing in me. I could feel my cunt trying to clamp down on his cock, but it was just too big. When he pulled out of me, my pussy was gaping open, and his cum started dripping down my thighs and onto the floor.

Carl said, "About time, bubba. I want to feel that white pussy around my dick and shoot her full so she can have some black babies." He pulled out of my throat and walked behind me, shoving his dick into my sloppy pussy. "Holy shit, Jimmy, you were right. This bitch has been needing black cock for a long time."

He shoved into me, his cock going much deeper than Jim's, making me cry out as his cock hit my uterus. As soon as I yelped, he started cumming, blasting his sperm into me. I could feel him shaking and hear him grunting behind me as he filled my fat pussy with his cum. I was cumming so hard that my mouth was hanging open, drooling onto the floor as I was finally fucked by the black dicks that I had needed for so long.

(To be continued)

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