tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Good Deed's Desserts

A Good Deed's Desserts


Tasha and I rounded the corner, deep in discussion about the party at the weekend, who'd made out with whom and so on. We'd made it a contest to see who could kiss the most girls, and I'd won, but Tasha apparently had gone further and gone down on Samantha.

"Didn't think she was gay," I said.

Tasha laughed. "Neither did she."

Parties had got a lot more interesting in the past year, as everyone was turning eighteen and using it as an excuse. I was the youngest in my class, and now I too had passed into legal adulthood.

"I want pussy," I said, sulking.

Our conversation was stopped by the sight of two young men harassing an elderly woman. She was bent over with age, thin as a rake, and held her walking stick menacingly as the two men laughed.

"Hey dickheads!" I yelled, and ran at them, Tasha beside me.

The men retreated, calling us 'cunts' for spoiling their fun, but a police car drove by and they scarpered.

"Thank you, young ladies," the old woman said. "For your kindness, I grant you each one wish - but it will only last one day, so use it wisely."

Without waiting for our responses, she turned and continued on her way.

Tasha chuckled mischievously. "I know what I'd wish for."


"You say first."

I thought about it, but I was still furious about those two young men. "What is it about having a dick that makes men into such assholes," I growled. "Sometimes I wish I had a dick, just so I could understand what goes on in their heads."

"It would be cool being able to pee standing up," Tasha said, putting a hand to the front of her skirt and miming the act.

"Your turn," I prompted.

"Oh, just that your clothes would keep falling off," she said, grinning brightly, "so that everyone could see what a slut you really are."

"Oi! You're the slut. I'm still a virgin."

"Only because you're a coward."

I glowered at her. It was a fairly accurate assessment. Not for the first time, I tried to find the courage to ask Tasha for a date. The kind of date that would end with me stripping her slowly, kissing her breasts and working my way down to her sweet pussy. As I imagined my tongue sweeping sensuously through her delicate labia, I felt an unfamiliar stirring in my crotch. I frowned as the constriction in my knickers turned painful, and flinched as the elastic broke suddenly

I stared down in shock as my knickers fell down about my ankles.

"Holy shit!" Tasha cried. "It worked! My wish!"

A feeling of dread crept over me. If her wish had come true, what if mine had too? Was what I was feeling beneath my skirt... a dick? "Shit, Tasha!" I cried. I lifted my skirt so we could both see the penis growing out from my crotch. Already it was six inches in length, semi-hard, and I sensed there would soon be more.

Tasha's eyes opened wide. "Wow," her lips said, soundlessly.

I lowered my skirt abruptly at the sound of voices, just as a small crown of classmates and others from our school turned the corner and swept us along with them, enthusing about the party. Samantha was there, giving Tasha a shy smile. Before I had a chance to process what was happening, we were in school grounds and heading for class. My sense of panic increased by the minute as I tried desperately to keep the bulge in my skirt concealed.

"Hey, you lost a button," Tasha said, pointing at my shirt. In fact, I'd lost several, but the one at the top was obvious since my shirt opened now to reveal more of my bra than I was comfortable with.

I had no idea what to do. As I walked to my seat in class, by bootlaces came undone, and as I sat and tried to tie them again, they snapped. Even worse, as I bent down, the clasp of my bra broke behind me. "Help me!" I hissed quietly to Tasha, who smirked in response.

It was impossible to concentrate. Miss Henry droned on about algebra, when the only bra I could think about was the one peeking through my shirt, and doing an increasingly poor job of concealing my breasts. That Miss Henry had noticed this was evident by the way she blushed every time she looked in my direction.

And, of course, her blushing served only to arouse me. She was definitely the prettiest of my teachers, and the only one I regularly fantasised about. Beneath my skirt, my dick swelled until it was achingly hard. I could see Tasha holding back laughter as I adjusted and readjusted myself into ever more awkward positions.

At the end of class, as everyone stood, and as I tried to stand, my skirt's elastic failed, and two more buttons popped off. I sat again hurriedly, only too aware of the heat in my cheeks as everyone stared at me, some openly laughing. Even Tasha - bitch! - laughed as she left me behind, until there was only me and a brightly blushing Miss Henry.

"Kate," she said anxiously. "Is something the matter?"

"My clothes won't stay on," I said, a definite note of misery in my voice. The last of my buttons pinged off, and my bra snapped at the front. Miss Henry was treated to a perfect view of my very obviously swollen nipples.

I hadn't thought it possible, but her blush deepened. She ran to the door, locking it and lowering the blinds to give us privacy. "Don't you have anything else to wear?"

"In my locker, though I don't think it will help." I dared to stand, and my boots disintegrated. I held my skirt up, covering the prominent bulge of my erect dick as well as I could, but my shirt and bra fell to the floor.

Miss Henry gaped at me. "What on earth!" My favourite teacher was now staring openly at my bare breasts, and I couldn't help wishing she'd put her hands on them.

I tried to explain. "Tasha made a wish this morning that my clothes would fall off." My socks were slowly unravelling, and the seams of my skirt too. "In a few seconds, I'm going to be completely naked."

"It's impossible," she said, but my skirt and socks begged to differ. I was left holding the remains of my skirt tight against my throbbing dick.

Miss Henry nodded, clearly lost for words, and at a loss what to do. I knew it would be stupid to make a pass at a teacher, even if I was over eighteen, but she was right there in front of me. I might never get another chance. And Tasha had called me a coward!

I stepped closer, and again, until she could reach out and touch me. That she made no attempt to move away gave me hope. "Please, Miss Henry," I said. "Put your hands on me."

"I, er, we... really shouldn't," she said, moments before she did, cupping my breasts reverently and teasing my nipples.

I melted beneath her touch, and quite forgot about holding the skirt in place. I was too focussed on touching her, on the silk of her shirt beneath my fingertips as they glided up from her waist to her chest. I wanted her to be as naked as I, so that I could kiss her breasts like I had dreamed so often.

"Oh, wow," she said, looking down. "I didn't know."

I glowered down at the guilty member. "That's just for today," I said. I abandoned any further attempt to explain as her fingers caressed the shaft.

I could stand it no longer. I tore her shirt open, and pushed her bra up over her breasts. "I want you," I said, and bent to suck on a nipple. She moaned with lust under this assault, stroking my cock with one hand while I alternated between her breasts, teasing and licking their swollen tips.

Until she pushed me away. "Too sensitive," she said. "Stop." Instead, she dropped to her knees to take my dick into her mouth, sucking fiercely on the head before descending the shaft.

She was so good at it! She stroked the shaft with one hand while progressively taking more of it into her mouth, even into her tight throat, all the while using her tongue and lips expertly. I was in heaven - and hell, because it was too good, too intense, and despite trying to hold back I lasted less than a minute.

Reflexively I grabbed her head to keep her there as I stiffened between her lips, and cried out in ecstasy as my cum burst forth, filling her mouth. She pushed me away, gasping for breath, as more creamy cum spurted out, splashing against her face and breasts.

"I'm sorry!" I cried. "I couldn't help it!"

She laughed and took me in her mouth again, sucking gently and licking me clean until my climax was over. "Just warn me, next time," she said.

I perked up at the sound of that. "Next time?"

A loud knock on the classroom door made us both jump, and Miss Henry hurriedly snatched up tissues to clean her face and breasts.

"It's me," a muffled voice said. It was Tasha. "I brought spare clothes."

I waited until Miss Henry was presentable, and hid behind the door as I opened it just enough for Tasha to enter. "What have you two been up to?" she said with a cheeky grin, which made Miss Henry blush all over again.

"Nothing," I said innocently, snatching the clothes from her. It was Tasha's running gear. "You know you won't get this back."

She shrugged. "Worth it. You going home?"

"Uh huh."

"Think you'll make it?"

"Do I have a choice?" I finished dressing, tied my laces and stood. It was just the tracksuit and trainers. I didn't have any underwear, and the bulge at my crotch was quite obvious. But if I ran fast enough, no one would notice.

I turned to Miss Henry and startled her by kissing her. "Until next time," I whispered in her ear.

Then, school bag over one shoulder, I opened the door, and ran.


I made it as far as the corner where we'd met the old woman before my laces went, and by that time my top had already unzipped itself irrevocably. I was holding it together with my hand as I ran, and praying that the elastic of the trousers would hold. It didn't for much longer. Using both hands to hold myself together, I continued at a slow pace until the trainers gave up the ghost.

The sun was high, and the pavement too hot for bare feet. Too many sharp stones. Too little life left in my increasingly threadbare tracksuit. Out of desperation, I darted through someone's garden and over their back fence, the last shreds of clothing falling from me as I landed in the field beyond.

Walking through that green sea of rye wheat, I felt so free. Only my head and shoulders were visible from a distance, and no one who might see me would have any reason to suspect the rest of me was bare, let alone that a sizeable dick was swinging in front of me. Or, often, sticking up in front of me, as memory of Miss Henry's expert lips stirred it to life again. No one could see if I stroked my hard dick as I walked the mile or so towards my house.

Of all the things I could have wished for, why a dick? So stupid. I should have wished for all the pussy I could eat. Now that would be a day to remember. Although... Miss Henry had adored my cock. For her at least I would be sad to see it gone.

It was with my thoughts full of my teacher and all the things I wanted to do with her that I climbed over the wall, as I had done a hundred times before, into Tasha's back garden -

and found myself face to face with Tasha's mum, who had wandered out of the house, cup of tea in hand, just as I dropped down onto her lawn.

"Uh, hi, Mrs Carter," I said.

To my surprise, she didn't scream at the sight of a naked intruder sporting a large, erect dick. She just looked at it briefly, raised an eyebrow, and asked, "Shouldn't you be in school?"

"I'm having a weird day."

"So it seems. Um, Katie... Why do you have a cock?"

Mrs Carter had seen me naked often enough to know I didn't have a dick. Her husband, Tasha's dad, had died when Tasha was four, and ever since then both she and Tasha had been having regular sleepovers at our house. It hadn't occurred to either Tasha or me that she was doing more than actually sleeping with my parents until I walked in on them all unexpectedly one day.

The image of Mrs Carter eating out my mum while my dad took her from behind is burned forever in my mind.

And not in a bad way. She was an older, sexier version of Tasha, a few wrinkles it's true and breasts not so perky, but the way she dressed and carried herself was so confident.

"Tasha and I helped an old woman this morning and she granted us wishes."


"Yeah. I wished for a dick, and Tasha wished me naked."


We just stared at each other awkwardly for a minute, and then she laughed. "So, does it work?"


"It's just that it'll be hours before anyone's home, and it would be a shame to waste the opportunity..."

My dick, which had wilted considerably since climbing the wall, surged to life again as I understood what she was suggesting. My best friend Tasha's mum wanted to fuck me, and I totally wanted to fuck her. "It doesn't seem fair that only one of us is naked," I said with a cheeky smile.

"Oh, I don't know," she said. "Lie down."

I did as asked, lying on my back on the grass. Mrs Carter straddled me and bent down to kiss me. I could hardly believe it. I was making out with my best friend's mum. "Can I tell Tasha about this?" I asked.

"Can I tell your mother?" She laughed at my expression, and bent to kiss me again. My dick was between us, and she stroked it with one hand as she kissed my neck and my breasts, and bit my nipples gently while sucking on them until I whimpered with each touch. "You're so much like your mother," she said.

Lifting herself up, she tugged her knickers to the side and lowered herself slowly onto my dick. Bit by bit I penetrated her, the soft beautiful warmth of her vagina gripping me firmly, hidden by her skirt. "Fuck you're big," she said.

She rode me slowly in cowgirl fashion for a while, before urging me to help, and we soon found a method that worked for us both. How surreal it was that I was losing my virginity this way, fucking my friend's mother with a dick I shouldn't have. How strange that I was entirely naked and she fully clothed. How strange that we were doing this outside, only just out of view of the neighbours' windows.

I was so excited. She felt so good. I hoped I would last more than a minute this time. What would Tasha think about me fucking her mum?

Fucking was hard work, but the need to come overrode all other considerations. I tried to get as deep into her as possible with each long thrust. The sound of our fucking sounded so loud to me, that surely the neighbours must hear us, but Mrs Carter didn't seem to care and so I didn't.

"I'm close," I said to warn her, half expecting her to stop me.

"Do it, Katie," she said. "Come in me."

She grabbed my breasts and pinched my nipples fiercely, and I cried out loudly as I climaxed. I could barely think beyond the need to fill her with my cum. I held her hips tight against mine as I erupted into her, each orgasmic pulse of pleasure echoing through my whole body.

I wanted it to go on forever, but all too soon it diminished, and after a minute Mrs Carter eased off me and straightened her knickers. "I do love the feeling of cum inside me," she said.

As I lay there feeling wiped out. Mrs Carter drank her tea, then slowly undressed, folding her clothes neatly. She left her knickers until last, and then showed them to me, the black lace soaked with my cum. "Look what a mess you've made," she said. Squatting over my face, she pressed her pussy to my mouth. "Lick me clean, and maybe I'll let you fuck my ass next."

I blinked with surprise, but her suggestion had an undeniable impact on my dick, which immediately hardened again. "Yes, Mrs Carter," I said, and set to work eagerly. Finally I was getting the pussy I'd craved.

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I'm happy you enjoyed it - thanks for commenting!

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I really enjoyed this story. The potential for a series isplain to see.

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I sneaked this one in just before the contest deadline. There's definitely scope for a sequel... :-)

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You did desert us and poor Katie. Did she get Mrs Carter's ass? Did she have Tasha? Did she have Miss Henry again? The day's not over!

Great little fantasy.

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That's true... :-)

And it's a rare example of an acceptable misspelling, so why not.

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