A Good Kind of Scare


"He actually kissed me. Touched me." I said. My voice full of excited accomplishment, "He really fell for it."

"Fell for it...I guess we did give him a bit of a scare." She said. "...and you are thinking about why it did." She spoke softer. "Katie, listen, he is a growing boy and boys notice girls. Why wouldn't he take notice of you?"

"Because..." I guess she had a point. There was still something that was a bit off. Something in the way Mom looked at me.

"You wanted him. Didn't you?" She said. I didn't have to say a thing. Mom grinned. She shifted in place, as her face got closer to mine. The credits scrolled across the television. I could feel Mom's hand shift onto my pajama'd leg.

"I scared him." I said.

"Katie, you are going to have to deal with it. Some way or another." Mom said. She was never one to have too much of a mothering tone.

"Mom?" I stopped. "Did you see Teddy...undress? I mean, you knew he was naked?"

"I was hiding." She replied. I looked at her. "Yes."

"You could have jumped out at any time." I said.

"I could have." She said. Was she saying that she wanted to see us? She watched, as Teddy got undressed. Her eyes had never left me. I could feel my excitement taking over again. My mother liked watching us. Watching me. Mom's hand slid up my leg getting closer to me. Leaning in I closed my eyes and felt the warm lips of my mother kiss my own. Her hand grazed the crotch of my bottoms. I got wet kissing my mother. Then... She pulled away.

"No." The word escaped my lips trying to cling to the moment.

"You know you can always come to me," She said, "to help you. Would you like Mommy to help?" She looked at me again. Stunned in place I stared at my mother. She began to put her hand up the front of her sweatshirt revealing her flat stomach. The folds of her shirt gave me just enough of an idea to tell that when she groped herself there was nothing to prevent it. Her nipples were erect and pushing through the thick fabric.

"Mommy... I need you." I said. The tone made me sound like a child again. I fell back on the couch as mom pinned me beneath her. My T came off with one motion exposing my mounds once more. Pushing in, our tongues locked once more. Grabbing ahold of the fabric of the sweatshirt I lifted it and gazed at the most perfect tits. I could only hope for mine to become like hers one day. As I reached up to touch them my arms were thrust above my head. Unable to move, I was helpless. The warm softness of her breasts rested on my own; her erect nipples caressing their younger reflection in small circles. Shivers ran up my spine and our kiss deepened. My hips started to buck up against her ass as she grinded my own. "Oh," I inhaled deeply as my mother dug her hand down the front of my bottoms.

"Oh, Katie." Her hand found the lips of my vagina, warm and soaking wet. Rubbing softly she made herself at home in my folds.

"Mommy..." I said weakly. I could barely hold it in. I was kissing my mother and she was in me. She inserted a finger as I let out another short gasp. I bucked my hips to try and get her further in. I began to suck and caress her swinging breasts. They were so soft. I took a mouthful and her nipple would harden further against my flicking tongue. She began to move faster. Deeper. Harder. My body contorted, bucked, tremors spreading through every muscle of my body.

"There we go." She said softly. I looked up and the fading evening sun kissed the warm curves of her body. I wanted so much to pull her pants off and return the favor but my body wouldn't move. She lifted her hand and stuck her figure in her mouth before leaning in and kissing me once more. "Make sure to clean up for dinner."


Dinner was quiet. It looked as though Teddy was going to be staying the night at his friend's house. Mom sat close as we ate.

"So, do you know what you are going to go as for Halloween?" Mom said breaking the silence. I hadn't thought about it. I had been, well, preoccupied with other things beckoning for my attention.

"I'm not sure." I said.

"I hope you go with something a little better than last year's getup." She said. In past years I had really gone against the grain a bit and stuck with more gory interpretations. No sexy nurse or slutty bunny. I was more of a zombie or comic villain kind of girl. Halloween had always been the one time of year where I could depart from the girly day to day and do something completely different. Last year I was a scarecrow complete with straw coming out of every seam. I stood at the end of the road and scared the kids that would pass by. It was great except for the week long itch that the loose straw gave me. With only two days left before the big day I had almost no time to make something.

"I think I'm going to have to stop by the store tomorrow, any suggestions?" I said. I could see her thinking it over what would she want to see her little girl in. "What are you going to wear?"

"I'm going to go with a classic." She toyed.

"What? Bride of Frankenstein?" I guessed.

"No." she said with disgust. I waited for an answer. She wasn't going to tell me what it was but her face showed that her mind wandered to something she liked. "How about you go with a nurse's outfit?"

"Come on, Mom." I said.

"I'm just saying you should try something new... Something Teddy might like?" or what you might like. She was purposely doing that. I finished my meal with a myriad of ideas running though my head. No costumes that would work.

Later, I lay in my bed with still no idea of what to do. All of my costume ideas I hated. It didn't help that all my ideas were being guided by how I think my mother would like to see me in. There had to be something. I still couldn't sleep. Though, I had no intention. I was in my underwear by the time I made my way to my door. I walked down the hall and the door to her room was cracked.

I entered the room to find my mother waiting in a sheer nighty reading a book. It's kind without the frills that left plenty of room to show off her bare chest and cut short of her panties. I had no idea that she even owned one of those. As I moved forward she looked up from a book.

"Hey Katie, is there something wrong?" She asked putting her book on the nightstand. She stood up from her bed as I approached. Looking from her breasts to her face I paused. I moved in and gave her a hug, her soft breasts pressing against mine. For a moment she hesitated and then wrapped her arms around me. We held each other for a moment.

"I need your help." I whispered in her embrace. I could tell she was smiling by the way the she breathed.

"I love you." She said. Releasing from our embrace I could only stare. I never noticed how beautiful my mother was. I don't simply mean her perfect chest or how toned she is...her eyes. Her deep blue eyes were so beautiful and they were transfixed on me. Her hand stroked my hair and traced my chin. Her gentle motion lifted my lips to hers. We kissed softly and embraced. "Here." Mom's hand left my side and reached for my bra. With one effortless motion my bra dropped to the floor as my mother's hands resumed their position at my side.

"You are so beautiful." She said breaking our kiss as she looked at me. Her right hand ascended to my breast and began to caress it. Her lips met mine once again as her tongue teased my own.

"Not as beautiful as you." I said as I grazed a hand over her left breast. I gently outlined her nipple as it hardened through the sheer fabric. She simply kissed me again as she led me to her bed. Her lips were soft and slow.

"Do you like to kiss your mother?" She said. I nodded. "Do you want to see mommy's breasts?" I nodded again. Slowly, I grabbed the front lace and gave a gentle pull. The two sides parted sliding effortlessly as her perfect breasts met the night air. I took my hand and guided my mother back to my lips. As my hand descended down the soft of her back I found her ass. Taking a firm hold her body arched forward and I took my place at her left nipple. A clear sense of shock escaped her lips before closing her eyes in pleasure. Licking and toying with her made my heart race.

"Mom?" I asked. "Do you think Teddy wants to fuck me?" My hand traced its way around the edge of her underwear to the warmth beneath her thighs.

"You know he does." She said. Almost as if to say that she nearly let us.

"Do you want to fuck Teddy?" I asked. Her eyes lit up searching my own. "When you saw him get undressed that night," I started to feel my mother getting wetter with each word," was it hard?" Her eyes closed as I started to rub her wet mound through the front of her panties. Lowering her head to mine I began to nibble her ear as I spoke. "Did you pleasure yourself? Imagining him.." my middle finger pressing harder on the damp cloth, "inside you." A shiver crept over her body as her hard nipples pressed to my own.

I shifted from my back as my entranced mother switched positions. My hips began to grind slowly against her as my; lips traveled down her neck, kissing her collar bone, giving each nipple a brief taste, kissing passed her navel, grabbing each side of her soaked underwear. God...the smell of her juices filled the air as her panties fell.

There it was. My mother's pussy, completely shaved and dripping at the thought of her son. Inserting one finger her hips bucked gently. The velvet warmth of her aroused flesh softly squeezed as I began to push deeper. I pulled out my now glistening finger and brought it to my mouth. It was sweet. My mouth watered. I needed more. Leaning in, my breath teased her.

"Katie..." I looked up at my mother's deep blue eyes. With eyes locked I inched forward and gave her wet lips a soft kiss. Taking a small breath, I waited for her eyes to open again as I licked her juices off my lips and moved forward. My tongue began to explore as it made its way over my mother's labia and clitoris. Our soft moans filled the room. Licking deeper and deeper I could taste every inch. The warmth of her thighs met my ears as her hand began to push through the dark strands of my hair. Pushing my tongue further into my mother's pussy I flicked and sucked until- screaming with ecstasy, every muscle tightened and I felt the warm squirt of my mother's love cascade into my mouth and over my face.

Crawling over the limp body of my mother I moved to her side. Opening her eyes she looked her cum covered daughter and gave her a kiss. Using her free hand to wipe every last drop to our mouths I fell asleep caressing her perfect breast.


I woke the morning of Halloween with a grin on my face. I had decided to skip class the previous day in order to pick out the best Halloween costume. Each store had either too kiddy of outfits or were too... sexually overused. Then I found it.

The wind whispered past brushing a few leaves on the sidewalk. A stray leaf skittered up to the edge of my black leather boot. The wind picked up and fluttered my black mini-skirt...as well as my cape. Purple and black leather pressing every curve I had.

"Batgirl?" Teddy spoke up. He wore a brown coat and hat with white gloves. He wore a pair of dark sunglasses so, even though his head turned, you couldn't tell where he was really looking.

"You're supposed to be?" I asked. Teddy lifted his heavy black frames.

"The Invisible Man." He said.

"Doesn't he have bandages over his face?" I said.

"They're in my backpack." Teddy said placing his glasses back down as he walked. It looked as though he tried his hardest to wear as much as he could. I couldn't fault him in it for how chilly it was. Still, I could barely tell it was him as it was.

"Not planning on scaring anyone then?" I teased. Teddy pushed past ignoring my taunt.

Once we got home the house was decked out in all its ghoulish attire. All the cheesy ghosts and vampires covered in fake webbing and blood. And in the doorway stood our mother. Dawning a black dress with a distinctly revealing v-plunge front, the mistress of darkness waited for her children. I wonder how long she has been holding on to that one. A have to admit though, she pulled it off.

"Welcome my children. Come, rest up and eat." Her impersonation was a bit off making Teddy and I chuckle. "What?" She looked down checking herself.

"You forgot the hair Mom." Teddy clarified, always the retro kid.

"The wig didn't fit." She said. "And I could never get my hair to do that."

"I don't think you need it." I winked as we entered. With her naturally dark hair it already had the sex appeal without being cheesy. Over dinner Teddy found his voice again, clearly excited about getting out and enjoying our favorite holiday. I would put in my choice neighborhood. Mom asked if there was a party that we were planning on going to. I brought up a party that I knew Teddy wouldn't be caught dead going to because...neither would I. My little trick was going to enjoy our homegrown treat in the black dress.

With our costumes prepped and ready Teddy and I left the house. With a little more teasing we parted to go our own ways for the night. While Teddy headed down the road I went the opposite way and circled around the house. Walking back to the front door I adjusted my costume. I made sure my mask was put on right and rang the doorbell. After a few moments Mom opened the door with an elegant sweep. "Trick or treat?" She pulled me into the house and shut the door. Hardily pushing me into the back of the door Mom got up close.

"Are you here to punish me? Batgirl." Her eyes were hungry, "I brought a few toys to take care of do-gooders like you." The strength of her voice was intoxicating. The skin-tight dress squeezed and pressed as she crossed the room. Reaching under the end table she pulled out a dildo. As I wait at the door she swayed back tracing her cleavage with the wet of the plastic penis in clear view of the unobstructed window. I waited at the door as she approached. Without hesitation her hand clutched my crotch. "Let's see how good you are." She said. I braced the wall between the door and the window riding her grasp.

"The window." I barely made out glancing to my right. I squirmed in her control.

"What? Batgirl is afraid people will see that she isn't the innocent girl they thought?" She said. She plunged the dildo between her alabaster breasts. "What if someone comes to the door? What if they see?" her fingers passed my skirt and pushed aside my panties allowing my juices slide down my leg. "What if it is Teddy?"

"Yes.." I whimpered.

"What if he comes in? And rips off your skirt?" As soon as the words leave her mouth she pulls my skirt and panties to my ankles. "What would you want him to do? Come on. Tell mommy."

"I want him to fuck me." I said. Mom teased the dildo against my swollen lips.

"Where?" She whispered. Prodding the tip against my pussy she continued.

"There" I managed as I felt the plastic cock sink into my folds. Tickling the walls of my vagina and pushing in and out. "more." Her pace quickened. I was dripping as I felt her fingers pressing every inch deeper into me. With one more push mom turned it on. My legs went weak. Moaning and gasping in ecstasy I gripped the wall. Releasing what control I had left. Mom thrust the vibrating cock further and further. Then the doorbell rang.

My heart beat a thousand times faster. Someone was at the door. I reached to cover myself but I found myself stopped. Mom looked to the door and then to me. She closed my legs trapping the still vibrating dildo inside me and answered the door.

"Trick or treat!" The voices sounded like high school guys.

"Happy Halloween gentlemen, let me get you some treats." Mom said in a sultry voice. The bowl of candy was on the other side of me. Taking her time leaning over to grab it, she made sure to give me a secret kiss. All while she gave them full view of her tight ass gaining a few muffled responses.

"Here you go boys." She started to hand them candy. I started to wonder, through the fog of my pleasure, if they could hear the slight hum coming from the other side of the door. And then "Hey, would you boys like to come in?" She actually asked them to come in! My legs began to buckle as my heart raced faster. A stream of cum flowed down the warm inside of my thighs. After a brief moment of argument between them my Mother wished them happy Halloween and closed the door. I open my legs pulling out the dildo, dripping over the floor.

"That was close," cooed Mom.

"You're bad." I said.

"What, did I scare you?" She grinned and gave me a kiss. "Okay." I took her hand and she locked the door. Mom pinched my ass and I gave her a little butt smack. Our arms were exploring and groping as we shut off the lights in the living room and shut ourselves into Mom's bedroom for the night.

Tossing my leather skirt to the far side of the room I pushed her to the wall knocking off a small picture. I grabbed the dildo, still wet from my juices. "You are going to pay for that little stunt you just pulled." I warned. Taking the top of her dress of was as easy as I imagined. Unzipping the outfit it effortlessly peeled away exposing all of her. Thrusting my mother to the bed her round breasts bounced with the springs. "I can play rough too." She simply grinned. If she didn't think I had it in me I was going to definitely show her. I lifted her round ass to the air and gave it a hard smack. An audible gasp followed by a soft moan left my mother's lips. She turned with excitement as I grabbed the vibrator, toying with my mother's pussy to a glistening state. I inserted a finger and licked the dildo. Resting the vibrator between her trembling ass cheeks I inserted a second...then third. Her throbbing velvet flesh sucked on my fingers. I pushed deeper feeling every bit of my mother's pussy. With the vibration against her asshole it made it easy to slip in the last of my fingers. I reached deeper. It was so warm. My mother's velvet lips were kissing my wrist.

When I removed my hand from her begging pussy my wet fingers walked to her ass. Her cries of pleasure screamed into the pillow. "Yes, yes Katie yes." My mother's cries muffled. Her ass lifted, pleading for me to continue. I shut off the vibrator and slid one dripping finger down the line of her ass. Using my mother's cum to lubricate her ass my finger began to prod to the rhythm of my mother's soft moans. Ready to insert into this new territory we scrambled to the sound of a knock at the bedroom door.

"Mom?" Teddy's voice came from the other side. My mother's eyes darted to mine and I immediately dropped to the floor. Sliding myself under the bed my mother covered herself in her sheets.

"Yes, Teddy?" She replied. The door creaked open and the silhouette of my brother entered the darkened room. "Are the parties over?"

"Can I talk to you about something?" He walked closer. I could only see his legs but even in this light I could tell he was hard.

"Of course honey what is it?" she said. The bed shifted above me as mom apparently sat up and then invited Teddy to sit.

"I love you Mom."

"I love you too Teddy. What's wrong?" She said. "Is this about what Katie and I did?" Teddy turned to face her.

"Ever since that night I haven't been able to stop thinking about either of you." Teddy said. Silence. "When I kissed Katie...I wasn't going to stop."

"It's okay, Teddy." She said with the slightest smile in her voice.



"I want to fuck you."

Silence. I could hear the sound of my mother lowering the sheets.

"I know." Her voice changed. Seductive but dark. Beckoning. Teddy's feet left the floor as the mattress bowed above me. The bed began to rock as the sound of my brother and my mother making love reigned over me. My right hand slid down to my aching pussy still holding my mother's vibrator. One after another Teddy's clothes fell from the bed. The bed began to rock more and more. Reaching out I could feel I was already lying in a small puddle of my own wetness. I managed to grab hold of Teddy's fallen shirt. Holding Teddy's scent closer to my nose I plunged the vibrator deeper to the rhythm of his thrusts.

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