A Good Man Is So Hard to Find


"Cum in my mouth baby" she instructed.

He did as he was told and let his cock jizz in her beautiful mouth as he watched her swallow every drop.

"God! You're amazing."

He practically ripped her clothes off and took off her thong with his teeth. He allowed her to keep her thigh high black nylon stockings and garter belt because he thought she looked so fucking hot in them. Then there he was again, staring at her beautiful pussy. He started to lick it again as he stared up at her.

"Did you miss my tongue on your pussy?" as he looked up at her and licked her some more creating a nice tease sensation for Gia.

She could barely breath or talk as he slowly licked her some more. "Yes baby, I did", as she felt the warm tip of his tongue on her twat.

She tasted so damn good. She was just what he needed. He hadn't even fucked her but he knew he wanted her beautiful body around him every day for the rest of his life.

"Oh Gia, if only you knew what you were doing to me with that body of yours" as he sucked on her cunt harder. He spread her pussy lips wider to reveal her wet clit but this time he wanted more. He took one last long taste and blurted out, "Fuck, I need to be inside you now"

Within seconds, he slipped his hard cock into her wet pussy and almost went weak at the contrast of colors between them. He immediately remembered that was why he loved black women. He loved seeing his white cock disappear in Gia's black chocolate mound. He fucked her nice and gently at first but lost total control as he saw her tits bounce with each thrust.

He quickly went to fucking her hard as he put her legs over his shoulders and entered her deeper. He loved knowing he was fucking every inch of that wet pussy of hers as she moaned with each of his deep thrusts. He especially loved seeing her tits bounce harder. It only made him fuck her harder.

Gia was sweating as Daniel continued to fuck her good. She continued to spread her legs as his thrusts got deeper and deeper. She was so close to cumming but wanted him to continue. He was plowing her deep as she felt herself convulsing with a big orgasm. She started screaming in pleasure not caring if anyone heard. Daniel loved hearing her scream. He loved knowing that he was fucking his woman well. Then he started to feel his orgasm come over him as he gritted his teeth and moaned deeply and just as loudly

Afterwards, they both collapsed on the bed. Then Daniel looked down at Gia and stared at her.

"You know this is more than just a fuck right"

"Yea, I know"

"I think I'm falling for you Gia"

"I know, me too Daniel"


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by Anonymous06/02/18

Gia didn't know his name?

Gia delivered mail and did not know his last name? She was in the man's office and there is no name plate? Makes no sense!

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