tagLoving WivesA Good Plan

A Good Plan


Malcolm Brown was a Scotsman, he was 23 and had finished university and turned his attention to designing safety features for cars.

His first design hit the jackpot. He patented it and made a fortune. He settled in the highlands of Scotland and married a local lass called Jenny. At five foot 9 with a long slim body, a tanned complexion she had inherited from Spanish relatives and tumbling dark hair, she was the ultimate babe. Jenny had it all, she had always been a babe but had parents who had tried to protect her from the dangers of modern life and who had been only too happy when she married a multi millionaire who clearly loved her desperately and wanted to settle in the area.

Malcolm was nothing special himself, chubby with a hairy back and a stubby little cock, he couldn't believe his luck in life. He had enjoyed no success at university with women whilst his housemate seemed to fuck anything that moved. Now he had the last laugh, the sexiest woman he had ever met was his wife and he got to fuck her every day.

Jenny may have been slim and pretty but she had killer tits. Solid, firm round boobs that sat high on her chest and were so big they bounced and could bruise her chin when she was having sex.

Malcolm had his little joke with his young wife:

"It is like God stuck the wrong set on you, so slim and fit but with these huge boobs jutting out."

"But you still love me don't you?" she asked nervously.

"Of course, honey and I plan to live up here with you, away from the hustle and bustle of life. I will keep you safe and give you anything you want."

"Thank you Malcolm. I am so lucky."

Malcolm smiled to himself. He had snared this babe and he would never risk losing her.


The phone rang one day. Malcolm answered and it was his old university flat mate, Mark. They chatted and it became apparent that they had gone in very different directions. Mark joked about how he couldn't keep a job because he either fucked the boss's wife or the sexy secretaries until he got caught and fired. He was skint but happy.

"Same old Mark," Malcolm thought. Mark said that they should meet up. There was no way Malcolm was going to introduce Mark to Jenny, Mark had spent 3 years teasing Malcolm for being a fat hairy virgin who no-one would ever fuck but now he had Jenny.

Malcolm headed down to London without Jenny and never mentioned her during the weekend. When Malcolm thought he was alone he called to check that Jenny was fine. Only problem was that Mark sneaked up behind him and heard every word of the call.

"Holding out on me eh?" Mark said. Got a picture of the desperate bird that would go out with you?"

"No," said Malcolm a bit too quickly.

"Yes you have, show me your wallet. The two had a playfight but Mark intended to win and wrestled the wallet free.

He appeared to nearly choke when he saw the picture of the gorgeous Jenny in her wedding dress.

"You must have some serious cash to have snared a babe like that."

"Well Mark, thanks for the insults," Malcolm said snatching back his wallet. "I will leave you to your squalid life of failure and head back north. Don't contact me again."

Mark smiled.


Malcolm settled back into life in the highlands but regretted meeting Mark and was pleased to have him out of his life for good. Two weeks later he was chatting with the local farmer in the small local pub one evening when the farmer said:

"Have you met my new farm hand yet, lazy guy from down south. I am going to sack him soon."

"No," said Malcolm.

"He is staying with Brenda and I and he has an eye for the women. I can tell. I suspect he wants a crack at my wife so you better keep that lovely young Jenny away from him too."

"What is his name?"

"Mark Wellford."

Malcolm jumped to his feet and headed for the door. Sack him, sack him tomorrow Jim," he shouted as he ran out and back home.

He got home and scoured the house but no-one was there. He was frightened. He phoned round the houses in the village. Eventually he tried Jim and Brenda's.

"Hi Brenda, is Jenny there, I can't find her anywhere."

"Yes, she is here dear. You are home early. I thought you were with Jim. We are just having a cup of tea and then she will be home."

"Oh, ok, that's good. It is odd, she could have left a note. Has she met Mark?

"No honey, he is out working."

"Good, send her home now please"

"This is not the middle ages, Jenny will come when she is ready."

Brenda hung up the phone and guided Mark's giant schlong back into Jenny's tight pussy.

"There you are dear, your husband is so insecure. We will need to be more careful. As I was saying Mark is the best fuck I have ever had but you two are so hot together. When Mark said he would fuck me if I brought him to you, I couldn't resist.

"Oh God Brendaaa," moaned Jenny. "I never knew what an orgasm was until 2 weeks ago. I am addicted to them now. I am addicted to you," she said smiling at Mark as he fucked her.

"I love it when a plan comes together," Mark said arrogantly as he mauled at Jenny's big firm tits and drove his big cock into her. "Are you going back to your fat husband now?"

"Come with me, I will fuck you in front of him, God I love your strong muscular body and huge cock."

"I want you and his money Jenny. We need to be clever."

"For a slice of the action I think I can help you there," said Brenda, as she pressed her big farmer's wife jugs into Mark's smiling face.

"Whose tits do you prefer?" said Jenny playfully as Mark erupted and filled Jenny with shot after shot of his sperm.

"Girls, girls, there is plenty of my cock to go around.


Jenny pretended to be mad with Malcolm when she returned and slept in the spare room. Her pussy had an amazing ability to remain tight but after tonight's pounding, even her stupid husband may notice a difference.

Malcolm went round to Jim's place the next morning to confront Mark. He was met by Brenda in a dressing gown that fell open and showed her huge mounds to Malcolm. Within seconds of being inside she had fallen on Malcolm and allowed her breasts to press into his face. In trying to push her away Malcolm cupped her breasts to push them off his face. Jenny rushed into the front door:

"I saw you coming this way, you forgot your wallet darling." She saw the seen in front of her. The busty red head draped over her husband, huge tits filling his hands. Mark stood at the door firing snaps from his mobile at Malcolm with his hands locked on Brenda's huge jugs.

"Oh no, I trusted you. I want a divorce," Jenny screamed.

"No honey, you don't understand."

"I understand just fine, you like older women. Well, you are welcome to him Brenda."

"I will do anything. Please stay."

Brenda looked down at him:

"If Jim finds out he will shoot you."

"Ok," said Jenny. "Give me the money and I will not tell anyone. I don't want you getting shot. I will just go but I want all of it and the rights from the design."

"Jenny I'm innocent."

"Your choice Malcolm."

"I have no choice," he mumbled into his double chin.

The arrangements were carried out over the course of the day. Jenny left that evening, leaving her husband a broken man, and a broke man.

She met Brenda and Mark that evening. After a celebratory fuck with both women, Mark passed Brenda account details for a new account with half a million pounds in.

"Thanks busty," he said casually, pulling his huge dick out of her.

"Well, I am just glad I could introduce you to Mark dear," she said turning to Jenny.

"Oh Brenda, silly. You didn't, I met Mark when he was at university. We fucked like rabbits. When we heard about Malcolm's money, he put a plan into action. I would have gone mad waiting for Mark though if Jim's big cock hadn't been so accommodating." She giggled. Brenda looked shocked.

"I think she is more of a sex addict than me," said Mark grabbing her arse. "You are a great actress babe but an even better fuck."

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by Anonymous

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by trandall999104/01/18

Now this was just plain stupid

Mark already knows about the two of them. WTF. Why did you write a pure garbage story? Stop writing please, or go read Vandemonium1

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by Anonymous02/15/18


Malcolm would never give up his money. That money can always get another Jenny!

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by loki858809/19/17

I felt like the beginning was really good but about half way through it felt rushed. it had alot of potential

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