tagLoving WivesA Good Wife Shouldn't Drink

A Good Wife Shouldn't Drink

bySally Tart©

Hello to all my fans out there in Web Land. Sorry this new story has been so long in coming, and such a long story. Due to things in everyday life I just couldn't get the time to write. Having said that, I hope you enjoy my new story as much as I'm enjoying writing it. Any and all comments can be sent through the link below. Also, thanks for your help Brian.

A Good Wife Shouldn't Drink.

If you're happy in your marriage, all I can say is, a good wife shouldn't drink. Let me start out by telling you a little about my husband and I, and then I'll get into why you shouldn't drink.

My husband Marty and I are both 35 years old. We started dating in High School and got married soon after graduation. We were both virgins on our honeymoon. We've been married for just over 17 years. We have two babies that are now both teenagers. Two children were all that we had planned for, so, soon after the last child was born, Marty went in and had a vasectomy. After his vasectomy our sex life went from so-so to all out wild. We started having sex maybe 5 nights a week. I loved the fact that I couldn't get pregnant, no matter how much sex we had.

By now I'm sure you're wondering what I look like. Let me see if I can describe myself. Well you know that I'm 35. My numbers are 34C-25-34; I'm 5'6" and 102 pounds. My hair is light brown and reaches down to my shoulders. I've been told that I look a lot like a young Marlo Thomas from the TV show, That Girl, if you know who she is? I don't really see it myself, but anyway. I started going to the gym soon after our second child was born. I'm happy to say that I'm just about back to my High School size. That is all except for my breasts, they have grown from 32B to the 34C that I now have. Marty just loves my bigger breasts.

Marty has always had this sexy panty fetish. All my underwear has to be silk, lace, sheer and sexy. I don't have one pair of granny panties in the house. Panty-hose is also a no-no. All my stockings are either thigh-highs, or stockings that have to be held up with a garter belt. For that matter, on our wedding day, Marty asked me to wear a sexy white corset, with matching white lace bikini panties under my wedding dress. It also entailed white stockings that hooked to the corset, and the traditional garter around my leg, for him to have the pleasure of removing. I went along with his request just as long as he was careful when removing the garter at our reception. I didn't want everyone there to know what I was wearing under my dress.

So this should give you some idea of our life together. I would say that about two years ago, I started to see changes in both of us. Neither of us are big drinkers. It only takes a few drinks to get me high. With beer, it only takes three and I'm all giggly. Marty is the same way, he can't hold it at all. So again, about two years ago we started drinking more at home than we ever have.

That was when Sam came into our lives. Sam is Marty's buddy that he met at work. Sam is a few years younger than us and in great shape, and he's single. Oh my God is he in great shape! He is maybe six foot tall and about 200lbs. I don't think he has an ounce of fat on his body. He has a year round tan; he's good looking, with great teeth, well groomed hair, and a gorgeous sexy butt. I mean, this guy has the looks and the physique of a male stripper. He is hot all the way around. I have had a few wild dreams about this man. He'll make any red blooded woman wet by just talking to them.

We live in a small town on the outskirts of Chicago. So our summers are short and our winters are way too long. We have an above ground pool with a nice deck around it, and a high privacy fence all the way around the back yard. So we can do whatever we want in our back yard, and our neighbors don't see a thing. I've been known to sunbathe topless when the kids are not around.

When Sam started hanging out with Marty, he was over almost every weekend for pool parties and bar-b-ques. Sometimes he would bring a date and at other times he was solo. He would always bring these fufu drinks for Marty and I to try. Things like 'Mud-slides' or 'Sex on the beach', there was even another called a 'Blow job'. We had so many kinds of drinks, I can't even think of them all.

After a few months with Sam coming over, I started to notice how he was looking at me. Like at home when I was getting out of the pool. His eyes would lock on to my wet bikini covered breasts. Or if I was serving them dinner or drinks, and happened to be wearing a low cut top. He was always stealing looks down my tops. Marty loves me to wear skirts or dresses when we go out. And I would say that 99% of the time, I'll wear them to keep him happy. It's the same when we go out with Sam. He's always stealing looks at my legs as if he's trying to look under my skirt. Especially on the few occasions that we have been places where we've had to go up steps. He's always happy to let Marty and I go first, and I know he's trying to get a fast look under my skirt from behind. I've never told Marty about this. Let's face it, he's a guy, and guys do that stuff. Plus, I kind of like the fact that a younger guy finds me attractive.

I had never really looked upon Sam as anything other than just Marty's friend. That is until a short time ago. We had a pool party this one particular Saturday. Sam showed up with this cute little thing on his arm. She was maybe 25, if that. Once again Sam was feeding us all these sweet fufu drinks. By early evening we all were feeling somewhat tipsy. Jo, Sam's girl friend, and I went inside to fix everyone more drinks. We started talking about how they had met and stuff like that, just girl talk. She just about floored me when she said that she just loved his big cock. Laughingly I asked, "So just how big is it"? Jo held her hands about a foot apart. I said, "You're kidding me"? "I'm not kidding". She said, giggling. "He really is big and really knows how to use it". "Wow, was all I could say". Then Jo added," I love how he always takes his time when we're in bed. He kisses me from head to toe and never misses one part of my body. Then we fuck long and slow. He's great in bed; I've never had a boyfriend like him before".

So that was the first time I ever looked at Sam in this new light. My nipples were hard, and I was even getting wet thinking about him and Jo, as I mixed up new drinks. When we went out to deliver the drinks my eyes kept going right to Sam's crotch. And wouldn't ya know it... The wet trunks he had on, made it easy to see that he was sporting a nice package beneath them. I have rather large nipples that really stick out when I'm cold or turned on. So after seeing the bulge in Sam's trunks, I looked down to see both my nipples standing tall. I'm sure the guys also noticed this, because my white bikini top didn't hide much.

As the night went on we all drank more and more. By 11pm, both Marty and I were three sheets to the wind. Sam and Jo were kissing and hugging on the patio like high school kids. He would squeeze her breasts from time to time and she would grab his cock when she thought that no one was watching. They finally got each other so horny, that they told us they were going to take off. After hugs and good-bye kisses, they left.

After they were gone, Marty and I started picking up some. I was so horny I couldn't wait to get him into our bedroom. Still dressed in just my skimpy little white bikini, I put my arms around Marty's neck and kissed him. I then said, "Hey big boy, your wife is very horny tonight and needs some help". Kissing me back as he played with my bikini covered bottom, he said, "Get your butt in the bedroom, I'll lock up and make sure the kids are sleeping".

Once in our bedroom I jumped into bed still wearing my bikini. As I was waiting for Marty I started playing with my hard nipple. As I was rolling my nipple around with my left hand, I slipped my other hand down into my skimpy bottoms. I worked my finger right down to my super wet slit. My clitoris was sticking up as hard as a rock. I just about came as soon as I touched it. I slipped one of my fingers deep inside myself, then after playing for a few seconds, I pulled it out and began to rub my hot, wet pussy juices all over my ever hardening and enlarged clit. I closed my eyes and started thinking about Sam and his big cock. This was the first time I had ever fantasized about another man as I masturbated. I'm not ashamed to admit that I do masturbate, but not a lot, and only when Marty is not around to take care of me when I need it. And it's always him that I dream about as I'm doing it.

Marty walked into the room and caught me with my hand in my bottoms. He said, "Hmmm, looks like the alcohol REALLY got somebody going".

"Oh yes, it has baby", I replied. I pulled my hand out of my bottoms and said, "Get over here and take care of me"!

Needless to say, he needed no persuading, as he almost ran to where I lay, somehow managing to remove his T-shirt and trunks, before falling into bed beside me ...as naked as a jaybird!

He kissed his way up my body, starting at my feet and ending at my mouth. We kissed hard and hot, as his fingers were working on untying my top. Once my top was gone he went to kissing and sucking on my hard nipples. God it felt so good, I started to imagine that it was Sam sucking on them. I was holding his head in place as he nursed one nipple then the other. I moaned,"Mmmmm yes baby that feels soooo good".

I then felt him untying one of the strings that were holding my bikini bottoms together. I raised my butt up off the bed so he could remove my bottoms. Once they were gone, his fingers went straight to my hot and wet vagina.

He sank two fingers inside me and moaned, "Mother fucker Jackie, your pussy is on fire!"

"Mmmmm yes... I know" I moaned, as I opened my legs wide to welcome him between them.

Marty got on top of me and kissed my neck as he positioned the head of his hard cock between the moist lips of my vagina. I was so wet. All it took was a little push, and he sank all the way inside. I raised my hips up off of the bed so that I could take all of him deep inside of me. He put his mouth to my ear and groaned, "Oh man, does your pussy feel good tonight! So hot. So wet". Then he started to fuck me, using nice, slow, deep strokes.

I closed my eyes and moaned, "Oh God yes, that feels so good" as I started meeting his pumps. With my eyes closed, my mind went straight back to Sam. Don't ask me why, but I started thinking that it was Sam screwing me right then. And I was going to make sure he enjoyed what he was getting. I wrapped my legs around Marty and started thrusting up to him as I kept moaning, "Mmmmm fuck me, mmmmm yes fuck me". It wasn't long before I was moaning and pleading with him to go faster. I'm not too much of a moaner during sex, or even dirty talk, but tonight I sure was.

Marty liked this change in me. He moaned "Holy shit Jackie that booze really got to you. I've never seen you this turned on before"!

He was right, man oh man, and all those fufu drinks had turned me into a wild woman. It didn't take long at all for me to reach an orgasm. And I was loud! I was lucky not to wake the kids with all the noises that I made as I began to cum, feeling it rip through my body like a tornado! I can't be sure, but I may have even yelled out Sam's name, as I pressed hard up against Marty and moaned out, "OHHHH YESSSSS, YESSSSSS OH GOD I'M CUMMINGGGGGGG".

My orgasm set Marty off also. As I was still cumming, Marty pushed deep inside me and started pumping his sperm into me. I worked my wet vagina up and down his hard cock as I tried to milk it dry.

Marty rolled off of top me, panting for air and said, "Fuck Jackie! You were a great fuck tonight, God that felt so good; you were getting so into it"!

I gave him a kiss and told him that I was glad that he'd enjoyed it. I then told him that he sure knew how to make me happy in the bedroom.

I would say that in less than two minutes, Marty was out like a light. I was just lying there next to him, flat on my back and thinking, what the hell is wrong with me? Why was I having this fantasy about Sam as my Husband was making love to me?

Well, the mind sure is a funny thing. Again I couldn't get Sam out of my mind. I started thinking how Jo had described their love making. I looked over to make sure Marty was passed out. I started rolling my hard nipple around with one hand as the other dropped between my legs. I slipped my index finger inside my vagina. I was so hot and wet with Marty's sperm leaking out of me. Then my mind went even further into the gutter.

I got out of bed and went to my panty drawer. I started digging around in it until I found my vibrator. I'll describe my vibrator to you. It feels like hard rubber but not super hard. Maybe firm is a better word. It's about 9 inches long but not that big around. If I put my thumb and index finger together and make the OK sign, that's about how big around it is. Its white flesh colored, and looks and feels just like a real penis. It holds two C type batteries and it will rock my world. Marty and I were messing about on line one night and came across it at some sex store. He ordered it up and we have had a lot of fun with it. He thinks the only time it gets used is when he uses in on me. Truth is, I use it a lot when I'm home alone and horny.

Still slightly drunk, I stumbled into the bathroom to wash my toy. Once I got it all cleaned up, I held it under the hot water to warm it up. God, when it's been warmed up, it feels just like a real penis going into my pussy.

I got back into bed next to Marty as quietly as I could with my hot vibrator in hand. I checked one more time to make sure that he was still 'out'. He has never watched me masturbate and I wasn't planning on letting him watch tonight. I feel that masturbating is a very personal thing, something that a person should do alone.

My vagina was still leaking cum as I ran the head of my toy up and down my wet lips. Oh my, it was so hot and it felt so good. I looked at Marty one more time, and then closed my eyes. I moaned "Mmmmm Sam; fuck me", as I started slipping it into my aching pussy.

Sam was so deeply embedded in my head. Again, just like when Marty and I were screwing, all I could think about was him. I was so wet from Marty's cum and my own juices, that I soon had my toy deep inside me. My toy is longer than Marty's cock, so it was easy to act like I was getting another man's meat. I started out with long and deep slow strokes. In a very short time I was pumping that toy in and out of myself at full speed. I was working it with my right hand as the fingers of my left hand were rolling my hard little clitoris around. I didn't even turn on the vibrator. It felt so good that I didn't need it buzzing.

In my mind Sam was filling me with his hot hard cock. I lifted my butt up off of the bed as I fucked myself harder and faster. The room was filled with the sounds of wet sloppy sex. I started moaning louder and louder, "OH YESSSSSS... YESSSS, OH GOD YESSSSSSS!" I couldn't wait any longer. I pushed my toy into my throbbing pussy as deep as I could and yelled out, "OHHHH GODDD... I'MMMM CUMMINGGGGGGGG".

My God, I had a great orgasm thinking about Sam. I pulled the toy out to find it covered with my juices and Marty's sperm, all mixed together. Checking to see if my yelling had woken Marty, I then turned it onto the low buzz setting. I knew that I just had to cum again, so I rubbed the slick head of my toy all over my clit. In less than two minutes I was cumming again. I then put my toy under my pillow and went to sleep, feeling exhausted, but very satisfied.

It was hard to act normal around Marty the next day. I felt like I had cheated on him last night. Like I had never had sex with him at all, it was all Sam last night. And again today, I couldn't get Sam out of my mind.

After a few days, I more or less managed to put the Sam thing to the back of my mind. I say more or less, because I couldn't resist the temptation to grab hold of my toy a few times, and have some fun while thinking of that man. So I was thinking that it had to have been the booze that put these thoughts into my head. Why else would I start to fantasize about another man?

A few weeks later, Marty asked if I would like to go out this coming weekend to a dance club in the city.

"Just you and I", I asked?

"No, with Sam and his new girl friend"?

"New girl friend, what happened to Jo"?

"Sam is a player, he don't keep any girl for long. He likes to play the field and stay single".

"Okay, sure, is this a nice place or a dive"?

"Nice place, a dress up place. That means you'll have to wear something very sexy for me".

Smiling, I said, "Oh I see, sure, I can do that".

"Great. Skirt or dress okay"?

"Sure, why not, I like to dress sexy for you".

"Good, Sam is going to drive, so I we can sit in the back seat and grope each other all the way there and back".

Laughing, I gave him a kiss and said, "Sounds like you have this all planned out".

Saturday had arrived and I was getting ready to go. Marty had been bugging me all week as to what I was going to wear that night. All I told him was that it would be sexy but not too slutty. I took out my cute little black slipdress that's made of silky stretch velvet. Its low cut to show a lot of cleavage and very tight around the bust. Then right below the bust, it flares out and ends a few inches above the knee. I hung my dress in the extra bedroom before going into the living room to remind Marty of the time.

I hit the shower in our bedroom as Marty did the same thing in our other bathroom. After my shower, and wearing just a robe, I sat in my bedroom doing my hair and make-up while Marty was getting himself ready for our night out. Once he was dressed, he kept bugging me as to what I was going to wear. I told him to get his butt out of there and let me get dressed. I'd surprise him in the living room shortly.

Once I was alone I started getting dressed. I dropped my robe onto the bed and walked nude over to my dresser. The first thing I took out was this little pair of violet, silk string bikini panties. I stepped into them and tied the two little strings that hold them together. Next was a little matching violet lace, front hook, push up bra. This little bra just barely covered my nipples, and left a lot of my breasts showing. I just love the way it pushes my breasts up and together. I didn't have a matching garter belt, so I decided to wear thigh high stockings. I rolled on a pair of black stockings. They reached all the way up to about an inch or so below my crotch. This was good, seeing how my dress was a little short. The stockings have lace tops and even a back-seam that made them look even sexier. I then sat on the bed and slipped on a pair of sexy black spaghetti strap sandals with a 4" micro stiletto heel.

I looked at myself in my dressing table mirror, and really liked what I saw. I knew Marty was going to flip out when he saw the sexy underwear I was wearing. I opened the bedroom door and yelled down the hall, that I would be ready in a minute. Once I saw that the coast was clear, I stepped into the hallway, and made my way to the extra bedroom to retrieve my dress. I stopped in front of the full length hall mirror to look myself over. I was checking to see how well my butt looked in these sexy little panties. I turned this way, then that way and liked the look. Happy with the way they fitted, I started on to the bedroom. I then got the shock of my life. There at the other end of the hallway stood Sam looking at me. He had been watching me checking myself out. I covered myself as best as I could with my hands and arms, and ran into the extra bedroom.

I could not believe that Sam had just seen me in some of the sexiest little underwear that I own. He even gave me a thumbs up as I ran into the bedroom. I was shaking as I stepped into my little dress. Once zipped up and ready to go, I didn't know what to do. Do I just walk into the living room and act like nothing had happened? Or go in and ask if he enjoyed the show. God, I didn't know what to do. Do I tell Marty what had just happened? My mind was going wild just then. I was so embarrassed that I was even thinking of not going out at all.

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