tagErotic CouplingsA Good Working Relationship Ch. 04

A Good Working Relationship Ch. 04


Chapter 10

The words ring around in my brain but I don't quite believe what I just heard.

"No we can't... you can't fuck my pussy... that belongs to my husband... I would be cheating on him...we can't!"

I look at her incredulously.

"You cannot be fucking serious? I just had my fingers shoved into your cunt and arse and my mouth all over your pussy and clit... and that's not cheating? What cock teasing game is this Caroline? Do you get your kicks by leading blokes on and then pulling a cock block like that at the last minute?"

She attempts to sit up and I let go of her legs although I really want to strangle her with them. She has the temerity to have a smile on her face as she reaches for my cock and I try to pull away only to find that she has laced her feet behind my back and pulls me closer.

She reaches a finger up to my mouth as if to silence me and I see the smile transform into a smirk. Her voice is low and husky and laden with lust.

"Paul... I just said you can't fuck my pussy..."

There is a pregnant pause and we gaze at each other... me with a quizzical look as I try to decipher what she means and she with an all-knowing grin.

She still has hold of my cock shaft which, surprisingly after the shock of her statement, is still rock hard. She runs it up and down the length of her pussy which is a swampy mess before angling it lower... against the rosebud of her arsehole... my eyes widen with understanding... her heels pull tighter on my back and the head of my cock slides in through the tightest opening I have ever felt. I close my eyes at the sensation.

She groans.

"But I didn't say you couldn't fuck my arse... Godddd... that feels good."

She moans as I flex my own hips and now that I'm onboard with the idea I reach out to grab her waist with both hands and pull her towards me. I am now more than half way in and the feeling of warmth surrounding my cock is intense.

I look back down at her. She is wriggling her buttocks as she pulls with her feet and another inch slips in and I glance down at the obscenely stretched anal ring around my shaft.

Fuck! That is the kinkiest and sexiest thing I have ever seen. I have never done anal... no willing partners to date... yet here is my beautiful mother-in-law taking me by the back door and loving it.

Despite not being fully seated within her I withdraw slightly and she hisses and I look up. Her eyes are closed and there is a small grimace on her face.

"Caro...are you all right... am I hurting you?"

She opens her eyes which are now heavy with lust and nods.

"Yesss... but I love the burn as you pull back... don't worry... you can be as rough with me as you like... fuck my arse like you want to rip a new one. It's not meant to be gentle... GODDDD... yesss... just like that."

Taking her words literally I had pushed back in vigorously and pulled out just as roughly watching her sphincter stretch and deform. I meet her gaze again and grin maniacally at her as I piston into her again.

"Ohh... Paul... yeah... fuck my arse hard..."

She looks questioningly at me.

"Have I taken your anal cherry? Was this a first time for you? Is it good... do you like bum fucking me?"

I nod, slightly embarrassed at her porno dialogue.

She grins triumphantly and releases her feet from around my back.

"Well in that case let's do it the way it is meant to be... arse up... face down."

She backs away from me and my dick leaves her arsehole with a loud farting noise. We both chuckle and she grins back at me.

"You can't fuck an arse without some musical accompaniment! Now go and get something for lube. We will both get sore if you don't."

I dash for the bathroom and pick up the complimentary bottle of body lotion. Not perfect but better than nothing. I wash my cock which is looking like it has just spent a few minutes in a shit-pipe before applying some of the lotion as I exit the bathroom to be greeted by the sight of Caroline's bum high in the air and her face and shoulders on the bed.

She has two fingers of one hand shoved into her anus and three of the other in her pussy. She is gasping her way towards an orgasm and I don't know whether she is even aware that I have come back into the room. I decide to help her along and step behind the upturned buttocks and roughly pull the fingers from her arse and line my lubed cock with the hole they created.

I slide forcefully in and pull her back with my hands on her hips.

I am now balls deep and I feel the back of the hand in her cunt against my scrotum and the fingers moving through the membranes between pussy and arse.

She wails like a banshee and I can feel her body start to twitch as the climax takes her. She collapses forward pulling me down with her by my cock locked in her tight anus. She turns her head to look at me.

"You fucker... you could have warned me. You could have given me a heart attack."

I smirk back at her.

"The only way that was going to happen was if I had pulled your fingers out and not put my cock in to replace them!"

She grins back at me.

"You took so long getting the lube I thought I would start without you."

"Yeah, sorry about that. I was... err... a bit... you know... grimy."

She laughs.

"Second rule of arse fucking... you always gather a bit of the contents. Next time I'll make sure I have a good enema before hand. That way we can do a bit of arse-to-mouth. I just love the taste of me on a cock."

This statement should have made me think on more than one level but I was enjoying the feel of her rounded buttocks against my groin and abdomen and that, coupled with the thought and feel of my cock ensconced in her tight bum, prevented the intrusion of any doubts just then.

We have fallen so that her legs are between mine which makes it more difficult for me to move especially as our feet are now off the bed so I shuffle us both up the bed feeling every clench of her wonderfully tight rectum and sphincter as we move. I am not sure I will last very long from the physical sensations and the sheer taboo nature of the coupling with my mother-in-law.

Especially a mother-in-law who is revelling in having my sodomising cock buried deep in her bum.

She reaches an arm back to pull my face against hers and we kiss voraciously, tongues duelling and lips bitten. She wants more action in her arse and starts to undulate her hips and bum back against me and I feel her hand back in action against her clit and pussy against my balls.

She is obviously multi-orgasmic and on a hair trigger herself as I can feel, rather than hear, deep groans coming from her chest as we kiss.

Disengaging our mouths I manage to pull us back up into the doggy position and adjust my legs so they are inside hers and I am now free to move and start tentatively at first. This is not what she wants and thrusts her own hips back at a quicker tempo.

We get out of sync and I slip out and we both groan in frustration. She reaches back to pull me back in though her, now, gaping anus.

"Just bang me... don't be gentle... I won't break... just fuck my arse hard."

Who am I to disobey so I go balls deep on the first stroke and she mewls her satisfaction as she moves back perfectly in sync and my hips hit her buttocks with a resounding slap and I see her flesh shudder from the impact.

"Fuckkkk... yes... like that."

I reach forward with one hand to grab a handful of hanging breast and use my finger nails to grip the hard nipple. The feel of her tit in my hand adds exponentially to the eroticism of the act and I'm getting ever closer to coming. She gasps her approval and the pace and power of our rutting increases and the sound of the collisions of our bodies sounds like I'm smacking her bum.

This gives me an idea and I deliver a resounding wallop to her buttock with the other hand. Her head comes off the bed and she wails through gritted teeth.

"Fuckkkk yesss... smack mummy's slutty arse."

I almost miss a beat.

What did she just call herself?

She has obviously been watching too much porn.

However, even though she is not my mother it just highlights the taboo nature of what I am doing with her that it tips me over the edge and I join in the pretence.

"Fuckkk... I'm coming mummy... coming in your bum... fuckkkkk!"

With that my motions go spastic and I am trying to bury myself as deep as possible into her clutching rectum as my cock jets countless streams of sperm into her bowels.

She hears my cries and I sense the fingers on her clit speed up until she too screams her release and once again we slump forward completely drained.

Eventually our breathing returns to normal and I feel the weirdest sensation as the muscles of her arse expel my flaccid cock. I roll to the side and lay on my back staring at the ceiling. Caroline does not move and the sound of a drunken snore tells me she has fallen asleep so I gently get off the bed and go to the bathroom and clean my funky, gritty cock. I stare at myself in the mirror and all of the doubts that I should have had before and during the time my cock was buried deep inside Caroline's bum start to rise into the forefront of my brain. I look away, embarrassed at the smirk that is still on my face but is rapidly being replaced by self doubt and worry.

I go back and lie on the bed as far as possible from Caroline and pull the covers over both of us and stare at the ceiling some more.

There is a scene in When Harry Met Sally... no not THAT one... where Harry and Sally have just made love for the first time and Meg Ryan is sleepily cuddling into Billy Crystal with a goofy, post orgasmic, it-was-wonderful look on her face while Billy Crystal has one of abject, what-have-I-done horror on his. I have no idea what expression is on Caroline's face as she is turned away from me but mine mirror's Billy Crystal's to a 'T'.

What the fuck have I done?

I have fucked my boss' wife up the arse.

There is no excuse... well maybe...

It was with her agreement; she wanted it just as much as I did.

At least I didn't anally rape her.

But she was drunk... didn't know what she was doing.

Well I didn't drug her or ply her with drink.

It was spontaneous, it wasn't planned.

She likes it and the S&M bits (at this my back and shoulders remind me of how much she likes giving as well as receiving)... and the porno dialogue... and the fake incest... she is one fucked up woman!

Nope... none of that excuses it.

She's your mother-in-law and you boss' wife.

What happens next?

She wants to do it again... she said so.

Has she done it before... and does Maurice know?

What if he finds out this time?

How will she explain where she was?

I have no desire to hurt Maurice or screw up my working relationship with him... yes I know I should have thought about that before I fucked Caroline in the arse but things sort of got out of hand... OK... I still have no excuses.

Maurice has been good to me as he recognised my talents early on and had tried to recruit me for many years before I finally succumbed. It was me who had delayed the process as I feared accusations of nepotism and Sarah and I had been married for 7 years before I gave in and joined WHG. He has not taken sides during the separation and at times seems to side with me, although only in private. I guess he doesn't want to add to the drama and distract from my shit-shovelling activities.

One thing is for sure; he was suspicious about Caroline's and my departure together so I need a way to disguise that. With that thought I have bright idea and get out of bed and dress quickly, hoping I don't smell too sweaty and funky from the night's activities. I go back down to the party which is still in full swing although some people have drifted away.

Maurice is there with an attentive audience at the bar, mostly middle-management but also Marisa and Sophie. He sees me approach.

"Ahh... there you are... thought you had run away with my wife."

The audience chuckles politely at his joke although his gaze and voice tone don't necessarily give me the sense that he was joking. I try and keep some levity in my voice and smile.

"No Boss, I couldn't afford to keep her in the luxury she's used to... definitely not as I'm getting divorced."

The audience find my response less funny and they are trying to work out if there is a possible jibe in it at Sir Maurice for the behaviour of his daughter. I see Marisa look at the others and then at me with a quizzical gaze that asks 'did you just insult him?'

Maurice grins evilly.

"Yeah, just remember that... the Whittingham women have high taste in men."

Most of the audience are now definitely interested as this not-so subtle insult back at me has been noticed.

I decide to leave him with a dilemma while I still can.

"Anyway... she was feeling tired and emotional so I let her use my room to rest. She was asleep when I left so perhaps leave her until the morning... I'll go back home so she can use the room."

For those who don't know the expression 'tired and emotional' was a coded expression for 'inebriated' used by PR people for politicians, royalty and celebs back in the 60's and 70's and British newspapers would print the words alongside a photo of a famous person face down in a gutter. These days there will be a video taken by a mobile phone of said person staggering before actually falling down so everyone can see they are as pissed as a fart.

No one believed it back then either.

Maurice nods as he realises that I have presented him with a no-win situation as he can't carry on a conversation about his drunken wife in front of an audience.

"Mighty good of you; she has been a bit stressed of late. Thank you for looking after her."

It seems like he bought my story.

Did I just dodge a bullet?

Chapter 11

Well, I did and I didn't.

I might have got away with it with him but I certainly wasn't home free with Caroline and a text early the following morning was the first clue of how deep a pile of shit I was in.

  • Where r u

  • Home. R u feeling ok?

  • Sore in all the right places J

I didn't know she knew how to use emoticons.

  • Sorry.

  • Next time we can use proper lube. JJ .The room is booked until 12. U cld come back now.

Fuckkkk! She did want to do it again.

I thought she would write it off as a drunken experience and we would make like it never happened,

I didn't answer straight away but decided to be a coward.

  • I have guests. I'll talk to you later.

  • What time do they leave? I'll come by with lots of lube! JJJ

Looks like she only knows one emoji!

This was getting out of control so I rang her.

"Caroline... it's Paul."

Her voice is pleased and eager but slightly sarcastic.

"Yes, dummy, I have CallerID... when can we get together?"

"Err... I'm not sure that's a good idea... I managed to convince Maurice you were just a bit tired and..."

"Don't worry about Maurice... he knows..."

"WHAT? He knows about us... already?"

"Not 'us' exactly... but he knows that I take lovers and accepts that's the price of him not being able to get it up anymore. He doesn't want to know who it is just so long as I'm discrete and don't let them fuck me in the pussy (chuckle)...I don't think he knows how much I like it up the arse... or the S&M"

I was astounded... shocked... horrified... appalled and still not off the hook.

I paused for a long time.

"Paul... are you still there?"

"Yes... I'm just trying to get my head around this."

She giggled.

"I'd rather you get the head of your cock through my tight arsehole!"

"I'm sorry Caroline... this isn't a laughing matter from where I'm standing. I can't do it again... if Maurice ever finds out our working relationship will be buggered. I would have to leave."

She goes quiet and when she answers her voice is cold and malevolent.

"Well the one sure way to prevent him finding out is for you to bugger me whenever I want it."

Her laugh is ironic.

"Did you see what I did there... buggered... bugger. Oh never mind. I suggest you think about it and maybe drop by tomorrow on your way home when he is in Stockholm and you can let me know your answer."

I felt trapped and reluctantly agreed.

Just as I was about to disconnect the call she giggled mischievously again.

"By the way you won't need to bring any lube... I have plenty here. Ciao, darling."

Oh Fuck!

Chapter 12

The sound of the wheels coming up on the Gulfstream brought me out of my reverie and when the seatbelt sign went off and India started the bar service I got up to stretch my legs. I regretted it almost immediately as India was fawning over me from the first moment and I was thankful for the interruption by Marisa.

We made our way back to where I had been sitting but this time we both got called over to the table at the back and I saw a pout of frustration appear on Marisa's face. I smiled gently at her.

"Don't worry we will have plenty of time to chat when we get to the estate... that is if you don't spend it all with Hugo."

My teasing had the desired effect and I realised that you can see coloured girls blush.

The rest of the flight passed busily but uneventfully. However, things got a lot more eventful after our arrival.

The customary first act for international travellers, whether on business or not, on arriving at their destination is to switch their mobile phone from 'Airplane Mode' to whatever setting will get them quickly to the pile of spam sitting in their email inbox, the missed calls from the tele-marketing companies ("No, I never made a claim for whiplash damage in Outer Mongolia") and messages from harassed partners whingeing that the downstairs loo is blocked again.

In my case I resisted until I had got through the arrivals procedures including a cursory customs check (No, I don't have any weed. I'm expecting to be showered with the stuff once I get outside) because I knew that a big pile of telephonic shit would descend on me as soon as the Great Mobile God realised I was back online and I wanted to avoid it for as long as possible.

What was the cause of this impending faecal avalanche?

Just before I had switched to Airplane Mode on departure I had sent an email to my solicitor asking that all my soon-to-be-ex-wife's jewellery be taken into consideration when assessing the value of what each party would take away from the marriage.

A case of light the blue touch-paper and retire (in my case for several thousand miles).

Only after the phone had bleeped and buzzed many times did I dare look at the damage.

3 missed calls from Sarah

3 voicemail messages from Sarah

10 text messages from Sarah

5 emails from Sarah

2 emails from Sarah's solicitor

1 email from my own solicitor

I sampled the first voicemail from Sarah as I knew that would just about cover all I needed to hear.

"You absolute shit... you fucking shit... you cunt... how dare you... you shit... they were gifts... you shit... you gave them... to me (sob)... you shit... they were gifts of love (sob)."

Yep, that covered it although the use of the 'C' word was a departure from normal behaviour for the daughter of a knight of the realm and I had expected more sobbing to emotionally blackmail me.

I agreed with her. They were gifts from me to her and I had given them to her as gifts of love as would be expected in any loving marriage. Yes I was a shit but the total cost of the jewellery over the 10+ years we had been together was about £100000 including £5000 on a diamond necklace for last Christmas purchased, so it transpired, on the same day she had been off fucking her Life Coach. Somehow all the many (lovely) boxes of Liquorice Allsorts and (useful) golf gloves that I had received in return would not make a very big dent in that disparity of assets.

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